Leftridge: Tales From the Tweet: Pioli Perverts Privacy & Darvish Does Dallas

Well, it’s been awhile since I cracked open the ol’ Twitter and had a looksie, and because of the absence, I expected a cornucopia of information to come cascading down upon my head as soon as I logged in. Twitter, however, had different plans. Namely: there wasn’t a whole lot of anything going down. Despite being in college basketball conference play, baseball arbitration coming and going, and the NFL playoffs being in full bloom… crickets.

One thing that was being tweeted and re-tweeted, however, was reaction to the recent Kansas City Star expose by Kent Babb about the frighteningly “Russian factory-like” working conditions at One Arrowhead Drive. Since you’ve probably already read the piece—and if you haven’t, you should—I won’t rehash it in painstaking detail. Even if you haven’t read it, you’ve probably heard the key pieces: decoy candy-bar wrappers left on stairs to test employee laziness. Spy-thriller tales of bugged rooms and tapped phones. Constant, paranoia inducing monitoring of all comings and goings. Todd Haley trading in his grimy, sweat-stained ball cap for a tinfoil hat.

So what do local radio people have to say? Well, it depends where you work. If you’re with 810, you said nothing.

@getnickwright (Nick Wright, 610am)
“The #Chiefs have done a decent job of buying off some local media, so this story will be minimized by some… But here’s the thing…
If it’s true, then Pioli is committing a felony. If it’s not true, then former AND current employees believe he is. Either way, huge issue.”

I agree that it’s a big issue. It needed to be told. If nothing else, it paints a very vivid portrait of life behind the scenes with the Kansas City Chiefs. It helps explain why the Chiefs are looked at the way that they are, the reason they can’t land a big coach, the reason free agents are probably a little leery of coming here. Big story. Well, unless you’re Wright’s station-mate, Bob Fescoe.

@bobfescoe (Bob Fescoe, 610am)
“Why do you care, as a fan, what happens behind the doors of arrowhead? #chiefs”

Um, because it directly affects what happens on the field? Wait… was that a real question he just asked? Dear God.

“How do bitter ex employees bitching about their old bosses really give you anything credible to digest? #chiefs”

Um, because there are a bevy of them? This isn’t poor, misunderstood Groundskeeper Russ, in charge of weed-whacking, pissed off because he came in hung-over one too many times and was finally shown the door. This is like, 245 people who left—or were let go—who came forward with tales of shenanigans that would make J. Edgar Hoover blush. Whether it’s felonious or not, I don’t know; most of my knowledge of legal matters begins and ends with punishment pertaining to the possession of bath salts, and the age of consent on a state by state basis (let’s hear it for Mexico, folks, where the age of consent in most states is “12” or “puberty.” Viva la molestacion!)

But is any of this surprising? No, not really. Knowing what we already knew—that the Patriots’ organization—and thereby, the Patty-Lites—build and operate with a crippling amount of secrecy, smoke and mirrors, I found the whole piece was kind of a… yeah? So?

Oh sure, it’s shitty, but a lot of people reading this work a lot of shitty jobs where they have super-shitty bosses who would LEAP at the chance to play secret agent man.

So where does this leave former head coach Todd Haley, aka the Craziest Sane Person in the Room? Well, still out of a job, for starters.

@adamschefter (Adam Schefter, ESPN)
“Former Chiefs HC Todd Haley visiting Jets today. Jets could team Tony Sparano as OC, Haley as asst HC, to repace Brian Schottenheimer.”

Sparano? Haley? Man, God really hates the Jets, doesn’t he? But wait! Haley’s got multiple irons in the fire…

@evansilva (Evan Silva, Rotoworld, NBC Sports writer)
“It’s now considered "doubtful" that the #Cardinals will hire Todd Haley, according to the Arizona Republic.”

Er, scratch that. And the first Tweet was from January 11th, I should point out. So maybe NOBODY wants to give Haley a job. It’s a good thing he (probably) knows how to sell weed, what, with all of those young chirrun at home and whatnot.

But as important as the Chiefs’ saga is, it was blown straight out of the water with this little nugget of insanity that dropped a few days later:

@RobLowe (actor St. Elmo’s Fire, sex-tape with underage girls)
“Hearing my fave, #18 Peyton Manning will not return to #NFL. Wow. #Colts”

That’s it, I quit. I’ll NEVER break as big a story as this, even if I spent all of my time trying to break stories. What a scoop! Rob Lowe: actor, sex symbol, NFL insider.

What does Nick Wright think about breaking stories?

“Here’s a tip for the other sports station in town… Don’t try to "break news", even minor news about TV appearances, it’s not your thing.
Trivia, laughing at bad jokes, inane debates with flattopped TV guys, barbecue tips, racing, etc. that’s more your speed. Stick with it.”

Um, yeah dude… you missed the biggest scoop of the year. YOU WERE USURPED BY ROB LOWE. How freaking embarrassing.

With all of the ridiculousness surrounding off the field football happenings, I’ve almost forgotten that there are actual games going on this weekend… actual IMPORTANT games, you know, the kind that decide who’s going to the Super Bowl or whatever. So how are the participants gearing up? What kind of insight can be gleaned from checking their feeds?

@PatrickWillis52 (SF 49ers, LB)
“Just relaxing with the lil sis n bro watching lion king with them. We Waiting on mom to finish cooking. We hungry lol”

@JustinTuckNYG91 (NY Giants, DE)
“11 guys playing as 1 are HARD to beat”

@RayRice27 (Baltimore Ravens, RB)

“Just picked up a box of @TakeaSheet @RiteAid and got one free – #BOGO offer ends Jan 31st #GetYourSheetTogether”

@AaronHernandez (NE Patriots, TE)
“Life isn’t measured by the amount of breathes we take…it’s the moments that take our breathe away!!”

Uh, yeah… thanks, guys. I suppose I’M the idiot for actually expecting any of them to have anything perceptive to say. Just "breath", Lefty… you cannot control the Twitters, you cannot control the Twitters.

And finally, because I had no way of squeezing these in with any particular relevancy, I present the two best football-related Tweets of the past month:

@rainnwilson (actor, The Office)
“Kyle Orton looks like Bob Dylan.”

Disagree. I think he’s a little more Dave Grohl than Robert Zimmerman.

@Englishscope24 (Kim English, Mizzou basketball)

“HD tv does not help Norv Turner’s neck!”

Couldn’t agree more. The best college athlete on Twitter strikes again.

With all of this crazy football talk—you know, stuff about the Lion King, candy wrappers and burned, leather-necks—I almost forgot that baseball’s hot stove was chugging right along. The Royals set free-agency on its ear when, late last month, it announced a big-name, earth-shattering signing that took everyone’s collective breath away.

@goldbergkc (Joel Goldberg, FSN’s Royals Live)
“Royals sign Yuniesky Betancourt to one year deal. Dayton Moore says he will serve as a utility infielder who can play SS, 3B, and 2B”

@Buster_ESPN (Buster Olney)
“Trashing Yuniesky has become internet sport–not that far removed, at this point, from making fun of the kid with glasses in the lunch room.”

Yeah, what Buster said. Look, Yuniesky Betancourt isn’t going to make or break this team. Oh sure, he’s not the ideal starting shortstop on a World Series contender, but he’s not GOING to be our starting shortstop and, deep “breathes” here folks, the Royals probably aren’t going to the World Series this year. Yuni is nothing more than a bench warming backup who can spell our starters a couple of times a week. I have no problem with this signing at all.


The big news in baseball signings, however—the ACTUAL big news—was the Texas Rangers’ signing of one Yu Darvish, the Japanese pitcher who launched a thousand pun-filled headlines.

Yu Better Believe It! Proclaimed the Dallasville Yokel.
Yu Betcha! Said the Texas Reader.

Eh, you get it. What I DON’T get, however, is the insane contract he received, or for that matter, the insane contract ANY Japanese player receives. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that the only Asian-born player who has remotely lived up to their hype is Ichiro. And for every Ichiro, there are a thousand Dice-K’s, Kuroda’s and Wang’s.

@jazayerli (Rany Jazayerli, dermatologist, baseball writer)
“Very excited for Yu Darvish. He’s half-Iranian (not Arab) and I don’t know if he even identifies as a Muslim, but beggars can’t be choosers.”

Wow, so Yu is half Iranian? That sounds like a really dead-end version of the old Abbott and Costello routine.

“So Yu is half Iranian?”

“No, I’m actually half Egyptian, though.”

“Oh. I see. Very well, then.”

Speaking of baseball in foreign lands, the other big news that broke last week was filled with betrayal, deceit and confusion. That’s right, I’m talking about the Toronto Blue Jays releasing veteran third-baseman Mark Teahen.

Okay, I’m yanking your snow-blower cord there, eh? Though they DID release Teahen—and I hope he catches on somewhere—the real news of which I speak concerns one Roberto Hernandez Heredia, better known stateside as Fausto Carmona, (probably former) starting pitcher for the Cleveland Indians.

@JeffPassan (Baseball writer, Yahoo!)
“Fausto Carmona/Roberto Hernandez Heredia has come from the DR to the US for 10 straight years with a fake identity. That’s staggering.”

Yeah, and if I rooted for the Indians—God help me—I’d be pissed. Carmona Heredia is actually 31, not the 28 he was purported to be. Statisticians will typically tell you that 28-to-29 is the sweet spot for a major league pitcher. For the vast majority, and with few exceptions, it’s downhill after that.

You know, unless you’re Jamie Fucking Moyer.

@jcrasnick (Jerry Crasnick, ESPN)
“#Rockies sign Jamie Moyer and #Mariners ink Oliver Perez. Who’s next — Floyd Bannister?”

Jesus-shit-the-bed, Jamie Moyer is older than dirt. He’s so old, his birth certificate is in Roman Numerals. I mean, he’s so old, he used to pitch to Jesus in Pony League. He’s SO OLD, he’s like… 49. Wow.

(By the way, those last jokes were stolen from Sinbad, the greatest comedian ever, so if you didn’t like them, please email him at sinbadderthanbad@hotmail.com and voice your disapproval. Thank you)

And finally in Hot Stove news, the Red Sox took the biggest shit in the pool by doing the following:

@DKnobler (Baseball writer, CBS)
“Bob McClure will indeed be the Red Sox pitching coach, as @JimBowdenESPNxm reported.”

Uh, yeah. So have fun with that one, Beantown.

And we close it out with some classics. First, one of Bulldog’s terribly unfunny “no truth to the rumor" jokes, this one from late last month:

“There is NO truth to the rumor that Haley’s agent is calling the national media claiming Todd is responsible for Orton’s success on Sunday”

Never gets old, Bobby. Never. Gets. Old.

Some tweets from Anthony Bourdain and his crazy Russian friend Zamir during  their December visit to KC:

“Consumerism is not such a bad idea if you can have amazing KC Topic hamburger with fried onion and pickled cucumbers at midnigth …”

Let’s hear it for Town Topic, everybody!

“very honoured to inspire the Chiefs to show fantastic game-Hali was the best and I feel the Red is my real colour now! Only upwards ,KC!”

I love his passion. When you’ve got the weight of a crazy, drunk Russian behind you, anything is possible.

And finally:

@NoReservations (Anthony Bourdain)
“WTF!? FM radio in Kansas City is actually good!”

Wait—WTF station were you listening to, Tony?  I’m being serious here. Radio EVERYWHERE is a vapid wasteland of non-stop advertising and nauseating shuffling of the same 50 songs, no matter WHAT station you listen to. Somebody must have been using an iPod and messing with him. That’s the only logical explanation.

Oh wait, before we go—Javier, what’s on tap for the evening?

@JavierArenas21 (Chiefs CB)
“Flamin hot cheetos and free willy”

From his mouth, to your ears.

Thanks for stopping by, everybody. Come back next week at a later date, when I unleash the power of the Iron Sheik upon you. That’s right—THAT Iron Sheik. Like his Twitter bio says: “Greatest Iranian Entertainer of all time. I fuck your ass and make you humble.” You don’t wanna miss it!

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10 Responses to Leftridge: Tales From the Tweet: Pioli Perverts Privacy & Darvish Does Dallas

  1. Smartman says:

    Peekaboo I Si Yu
    Can’t wait for the first Phyuk Yu! headline. No shit on this next one, new phenom in Japan is a 16 year old pitcher named Poon Tang.

    You never see Scott Pioli and Mikhail Gorbachev together.

    Nothing funnier than NFL players quoting motivational posters out of the Sky Mall magazine. I guess it’s encouraging that some of them can actually read and that Sky Mall is available on private charters.

    There IS truth to the rumor that Bob Fescoe is the new voice in Massengill commercials.

  2. xxMillerTimexx says:

    Great stuff Lefty
    And for the love of God, can someone tell Fescoe that his “there is no truth in the rumor” jokes suck and were stale the first time he told it, let alone the FREAKING 100th time he told it.

  3. Brandon Leftridge says:

    You’ve won THIS round, Smartman…

    Well done.

  4. Brandon Leftridge says:


    I thought the ridicule on this (third? fourth?) rate blog would suffice, but obviously, I was wrong. All we can hope is that he’ll *eventually* see the err of his way.




  5. chuck says:

    “The Day Of The Jackass”

    CLARK HUNT: *on speaker phone* “Scott, if your not busy, could you come in here?”

    SCOTTPIOLI: *walks in office, with computer key logger in hand* “Whats up Clark?”

    CLARK HUNT: “We lost to the Jets 35 to 10. Carl Pererson left a message on my phone.”

    SCOTT PIOLI: “What did he want?”

    CLARK HUNT: “No one says anything, there is just giggling.”

    SCOTT PIOLI: “Check out this key logger, we can see what any employee in the building types on their computer any time we want.”

    CLARK HUNT: “Really?”

    SCOTT PIOLI: “Yep, I have already installed it on every computer in the building.”

    CLARK HUNT: “No shit? Wow! What are people saying?”

    SCOTT PIOLI: “That little shit in the mailroom thinks we should fire Tod Haley and play Kyle Orton.”

    CLARK HUNT: “We did get killed by the Jets, and we have lost the last 5 outta 6, could we have done anything differently?”

    SCOTT PIOLI: “What else can I do?!?! Jesus!! I got Scott Martin, Dan Meers and Joel Collier all wearing wires.”

    CLARK HUNT: “Who is Scott Martin and Dan Meers?”

    SCOTT PIOLI: “Scott is assistant Groundkeeper and Dan is Mascot Coordinator.”

    CLARK HUNT: “Ummm, ok, but isn’t Joel Collier still your assistant?”

    SCOTT PIOLI: “Yes.”



    CLARK HUNT: “Your gonna fire Todd Haley and play Kyle Orton arn’t ya”

    SCOTT PIOLI: “Yes.”

    CLARK HUNT: “I love the Patriot Way!”

    SCOTT PIOLI: *smiles*

    CLARK HUNT: “Unfuckinbelievable, we are paying a guy $8.00 an hour in the Mailroom to run our whole fuckin team!!!”

    SCOTT PIOLI: *smiles*

    CLARK HUNT: “What a savings!!”

    SCOTT PIOLI: *on Clark’s speaker phone* “Todd, can you come into Clark’s office please?”

    TODD HALEY *steps into the office furtively, looks at the ceiling*

    CLARK HUNT: “How are you doing Todd?”

    TODD HALEY: “I am untamed, I need a leash, I am insane, I need a shrink, I love brain, I need a leech.”

    SCOTT PIOLI: “lil wayne?”

    TODD HALEY: “Yeah. He speaks to me.”

    SCOTT PIOLI: “I have to speak to you too.”

    TODD HALEY: “You can’t fire me, I have made an offering to the Dark Lord! Woof! Woof!!”

    SCOTT PIOLI: “I told ya, ya dyslexic fuck, that didn’t work.”

    CLARK HUNT: “What?”

    SCOTT PIOLI: “He slaughtered and dismembered a dog for Santa.”

    CLARK HUNT: “My god!! Our Yorkie has been gone a week!!”

    SCOTT PIOLI: “Don’t worry, I’ve got it all on film.”

    CLARK HUNT: “Sweet baby Jesus…”

    SCOTT PIOLI: “Comes with the territory Clark.”

    TOD HALEY: “Am I fired?”

    SCOTT PIOLI: “Ya know what we have in this building Todd?”

    TODD HALEY: “I think I saw Oliver North on the way in just now.”

    SCOTT PIOLI: “Hats.”

    CLARK HUNT: “Yep.”

    SCOTT PIOLI: “Out the fuckin ass with Chiefs hats here, ya know that Todd? All sizes, all shapes, all fuckin colors for anyone, anywhere, anytime and you gotta wear that ‘Imma homeless bum with 2 bucks in his pocket, 20 year old Frank Ganz special. Fuck you, your fired.”

    TODD HALEY: “Your firing me for wearing an old hat? Now there is some fuckin irony pal. My hat, the franchise and this years record.”

    SCOTT PIOLI: “On your way out, send up that kid from the mailroom, we are cuttin costs again!!!”

    CLARK HUNT: “You Scott, are a fuckin genius!!”

  6. Smartman says:


  7. chuck says:


  8. Orphan of the Road says:

    F’n brilliant.

  9. chuck says:

    Thanks Orphan, Smartman—
    I hope bschloz is wrong, I got $30.00 on teh Giants.


    Clark Hunt should take the 32 Million he saved under the cap, and put it on the Pats. Now THAT would really be “The Patriot Way!!”

  10. Ridge says:


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