Glazer: Scribe Takes a Very Deep Breath and Unleashes Sunday’s NFL Playoff Picks

Tom Brady may be the best-looking athlete / superstar of all time!

He’s in his seventh Championship Game, which is unequaled. And if he wins Sunday, he will, enters his fifth Super Bowl. That’s never been done before either. Brady then – win or lose – becomes the best quarterback of modern times, passing our former QB Joe Montana.


I mean, what can you say bad about Brady? Anything? Oh yeah, besides, "I hate New England, they win all the time." So do the Yankees and that’s what it’s all about.

I know many of you want the Brothers Harbaugh Bowl. Two head coaches with fantastic seasons, Jim and brother John Harbaugh, will face each other in the Super Bowl if their teams win Sunday. San Francisco and Baltimore.

But I say right here and now that both are done.

Look, these are all outstanding teams capable of winning it all. I just want some zip, some excitement. I also think Eli Manning has started providing that as well. Still it’s a bit too late for me to like him all that much more. He’s a square in my book, but a good improved quarterback, no doubt.

Eli is a nice guy, but he’s totally boring.

I like the New England Patriots to take Baltimore and their boring offense down.

The harder pick is taking the Giants on the road against sure to be COACH OF THE YEAR Captain Comeback. These 49ER’S are for real. That’s a toss up game, but I like the fact Eli has two new weapons at receiver.

So I take the Giants in a tight one – really tight.

It’s so tight, let’s tease to be safe.

NEW ENGLAND is a 7 point favorite (as of today) over Baltimore in game one…so lets take the tease and knock off 6 points to:


The San Fran boys are 2 1/2 point faves but I like the Giants, so let’s take the Giants and 6 more tease points to 8 1/2…

GIANTS 8 1/2 over San. Fran. 49er’s….

Here’s a bonus bet: Do the above, but since the Pat’s game is first take them straight up at -7 for a few bucks on the side.

Enjoy the shows…both games are tough picks….

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9 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Takes a Very Deep Breath and Unleashes Sunday’s NFL Playoff Picks

  1. chuck says:

    Hey Glaze, I though we already did this…
    Giants win it all again.
    chuck 02:48:47 PM – Tue. Jan 17. 2012

    The Giants are 3.5 underdogs to San Francisco. Today on ESPN, Jerry Rice said that Alex Smith is no longer the Alex Smith of old and now he commands respect in the huddle and will continue to light up any defense he plays. Maybe if Mr. Smith was going to Washington to play the Redskins this week, he could light it up. But, he is home, drunk with success over his team’s victory over the Saints and picturing himself holding the Lombardi Trophy.

    He can indeed, hold the Lombardi Trophy if he goes to the trophy case at Candlestick park and requests the privledge. He is the current QB of the 49ers, so if he is polite, teh janitor will get it out for him. Meanshile the 49ers will not be adding any hardware to the trophy case this year, so take the Giants and the points.

    The Pats are a 7.5 favorite over the Ravens. Brady eats them alive. Take the Pats.


  2. Orphan of the Road says:

    The forces of evil meet for the AFC title. Perhaps some Puritan law on the books keeps Ray Lewis away from the field but defense wins titles. Maybe Ed Reed will fall in the shower. They keep it closer than people think with the D and Just Another Joe Flacko pulls a performance out of his nether regions.

    Ravens at least beat the spread.

    Eli is hotter than a porta-potty at Jone’s Beach on the Fourth of July. And the defense is healthy and swarming. You hold this years Packers under 21 and you have done something only the lowly Chiefs have accomplished this season.

    Smith is still Smith, he didn’t gain any skills. He won’t get help from Eli like he got from Drew.

    Giants head for another SB with the best defense in the game and a QB who is hot.

  3. bschloz says:

    Fun fact: A team that defeats the defending Super Bowl champs..and plays following week on the road is 0-14 SU.
    I like Ravens and 9ers. to win.

  4. xxMillerTimexx says:

    Glazer is picking the Pats and the Giants
    So I would bet the house on Ravens and 49ers.

  5. Craig Glazer says:

    go ahead
    do it.

  6. harley says:

    glaze is hot..
    despite the tough ending of the season..glaze had a big season..probably the best i’ve seen…but he should
    hae quit and taken his money after 8 weeks..but you’ve got to give the guy credit…lots of it for
    being on every week thru the season..and he hit the new england game today…ae you going to do anything
    woith bball?
    .2 questions..
    1. are you ffamiliar with bio idential hormone replacement therapy..know you take supplements…i heard this
    stuff is know anything about this therapy…?
    2. what about super bowl…give us ealy numbers …

  7. Truth says:

    This type of delusion is why America is so fucked right now.
    This is a microcosm. Lies, BS, self delusion, perpetuating the lie…
    all the things that make most humans hollow shells with fake facades

  8. Craig Glazer says:

    Thank You Harley For Noticing
    Yep it was tight as predicted but we got em both…New England is the Champ I think…this time

  9. Pats Fan says:

    check the facts
    This is Brady’s 6th Championship game, not 7. The year that Pats played the Giants was in 2008 (the 2007 season).
    Other than that, I agree with you picking the Pats.

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