Stargazing: Pipeline Smackdown, Return of Chocolate Ale & Erin Lanigan to KCC?

A proposed oil pipeline from Canada through Kansas has been rejected. Mainly, because it wasn’t something Kansas could steal from downtown Kansas City, Missouri. Governor Brownback says he’s willing to allow the pipeline to be built, but only if it goes through the middle of several Planned Parenthood clinics.


A Shawnee Mission West student got a perfect score on her A.C.T.  To give you an idea of how difficult this is to do, more than a million students take this every year and less than one tenth of one percent get a perfect score. Erin Lanigan did it this year.  She also plays violin and is on the school’s literary club.  Congratulations Erin!  We’ve got an internship waiting for you here at KC CONFIDENTIAL.


Boulevard‘s wildly popular Chocolate Ale is back.  This year’s recipe will contain slightly more cocoa. Last year it was going for $100 a bottle around February 14. For $100 I could buy a fairly attractive date for Valentine’s Day.


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3 Responses to Stargazing: Pipeline Smackdown, Return of Chocolate Ale & Erin Lanigan to KCC?

  1. paulwilsonkc says:

    Chocolate Ale – whats the hook up?
    I need some for a gift, any way to go about getting to the head of the line?

  2. Beer Guy says:

    @ Paul
    You have to call individual stores to see if they are taking a waiting list, or just get lucky. My wife actually found a couple of bottles at Sunfresh in Mid-town last year after it had sold out at most other places. I am a craft beer geek and this is a good beer but definitely not worth the hype, IMO. There are other Boulevard Smokestack beers that I’d rather drink.

  3. balbonis moleskine says:

    ….in a glass by itself
    If you want chocolate ale, go to Lukas Liquors in OP or State Line (across from Mercedes Benz). This year they are making 4500 bottles instead of 1500 bottles.

    About Half of those bottles are going to Lukas Liquors. So start there.

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