Glazer: Scribe Forecasts Super Bowl Combatants & Ponders Next Year’s Chiefs

All but one big dog has fallen…

Only the New England Patriots and Tom Brady remain of the teams with elite quarterbacks. Moreover, only Brady and his Pats are truly viewed as a "new style, high scoring team of the 2000’s." In other words, tons of points combined with a poor or average defense will take you all the way in today’s NFL.

Not so fast.

Green Bay was almost everyone’s favorite, including mine. But last year they also had a strong defense by season’s end and this year they couldn’t find one. Quarterback Aaron Rodgers has been tabbed as the NEW top gun, ahead of Brady, Drew Brees and Payton Manning. But other than Brady, all are now GONE from the post season, including Rodgers who got jacked by the New York Giants last night.

Turnovers by the high scoring Packers and Saints led to their deaths. Good defense and solid offense took the Giants, San Fran and Baltimore to the AFC and NFC title games. Only Brady remains as the high scoring warrior.

Of course, his team is not the favorite to win it all.

The Chiefs once had a high octane offense in the early 2000’s with Trent Green and a huge offensive line.

And they went nowhere in post season – never won a single playoff game. They had the league’s worst defense. Now they’re moving back to Marty Ball, more ground game and a tough defense. Maybe, just maybe this is the way to go for the long haul. Make no mistake, you need to score. Eli Manning is proving to be a pretty darn good quarterback who can light it up as well.

The Chiefs clearly are going the way of Baltimore and the 49er’s, a good defense, an O.K. quarterback and a good running game. If Jamaal Charles comes back like he was before, it might just work. The Chiefs could win 10 or 11 games and get in the post season. Then we’ll see what happens.

Hey, the Giants were just over .500 and may win it all. Who knows?

So with four teams left, who do I like? I am a big Tom Brady fan, so I’m taking New England in the AFC. And boy, the NFC is so hard, two very equal teams, so I’ll go with the home team, San Francisco to edge out the Giants. As of today, anyway. We’ll see by Sunday. Could be a wild finish with no real favorite.

At this point, any of these teams can win it all.
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15 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Forecasts Super Bowl Combatants & Ponders Next Year’s Chiefs

  1. what are you looking at? says:

    I’ve checked several sites ant the Pats are by far the favorite to win it all. 44% VS 21% for Giants and San Fran.

  2. Orphan of the Road says:

    Will Tom Brady
    Dedicate his Super Bowl win to Christopher Hitchens? I might take the soup then…

  3. Craig Glazer says:

    Correct On Pats
    I didn’t mean that they weren’t the overall fav, my mistake you are right, Pats are 2 1/2 to 1 to now win it all. The Ravens are the long shot right now….Pats are a 7 point fav at this time to beat the Ravens and San Fran is 3 over Giants…at this time, this may all change by Sunday a bit…

  4. what are you looking at? says:

    I agree it will probably be an interesting weekend and as a Pats fan, even as the overall fav I’m worried about the Raven’s D. I do think they come in with a focus that they haven’t had in the last few years though and I think Tom is hungrier for a SB win than he’s been in years.

  5. Craig Glazer says:

    Yes I liked the way Tom looked this past week, crisp, hungrey and on it…with the new tight end as a big target, I think this gives Tom the edge that Aaron didn’t have with his receivers, his tight end got fat and sloppy and blew the game, leaving Rodgers with less places to go with the football….Brady was in the same boat til he discovered his big tight end…works….so for that reason I like the Pats…I also think Tom going and winning his fourth Super Bowl makes him the best of all time…will be his fifth Super Bowl, nobody has done that…

  6. what are you looking at? says:

    Brady is definitely at the top of his game right now. Can you imagine if the Pats had the type of D they had back when the won a few Superbowls? That would be super scary. It’s been a fun decade. I grew up in New England back when Steve Grogan then Tony Eason were the QB’s and it’s been amazing to see what they’ve done under Kraft and Bill/Tom. They’ll always be my team but it still would be awesome to see my adopted home team, The Chiefs, make a turnaround like that too. It starts at the top though.

  7. Martin says:

    Why would you think anyone would care what you think about the NFL when you can not even predict better than a coin toss? What do you DREAM your results were for the last 7 weeks? We know what they were, we kept track, we just wonder what you imagine them to be.

  8. Craig Glazer says:

    Hater, One Of Best In Nation
    Hater Martin, Johnny and 175 other hater names…my % for the year is 72%…maybe no longer number one in America but surely up there. Cause you have proven you have never made a bet or done anything much in life, this means little to you. Guys like Jimmy The Greek were usually in the 60% range…which pending on what you bet maybe his people just broke even or a bit above. 70% and up is very good. We did hit a road bump most of the last five weeks, with college ending, pros get tough in last few weeks, injuries, worn out, off field issues, et….happens…these playoffs are very even, nobody can really be too sure on these calls. Its up for grabs right now.

    People care what I think cause I am good at this, the fact that the last few weeks have been off doesn’t change the entire year. We had one week of 9 pro picks all correct all….very rare…in the first five weeks I missed only 4 college picks at 5-8 a week…unreal…but that can’t last all year….and as you don’t know cause you are a moron…I picked three season calls on teams over/under…..also very good…Chiefs under 7 1/2, Detroit over 6 1/2 and Dallas under 10…it all happened…not easy….

    Also hater because I am so “good” next season I will pick before the weekend on Fridays on Q 104.s and Mix, maybe I will do it with Johnny if he wants…nobody gets them all right…know what you are so sharp lets see your picks… year, lets start with this seasons final four games and Superbowl……there you go hater dude….

  9. chuck says:

    The Giants win it all again.
    The Giants are 3.5 underdogs to San Francisco. Today on ESPN, Jerry Rice said that Alex Smith is no longer the Alex Smith of old and now he commands respect in the huddle and will continue to light up any defense he plays. Maybe if Mr. Smith was going to Washington to play the Redskins this week, he could light it up. But, he is home, drunk with success over his team’s victory over the Saints and picturing himself holding the Lombardi Trophy.

    He can indeed, hold the Lombardi Trophy if he goes to the trophy case at Candlestick park and requests the privledge. He is the current QB of the 49ers, so if he is polite, teh janitor will get it out for him. Meanshile the 49ers will not be adding any hardware to the trophy case this year, so take the Giants and the points.

    The Pats are a 7.5 favorite over the Ravens. Brady eats them alive. Take the Pats.

  10. Martin says:

    Alllow me to repeat the question.

    Over the least 7 weeks what was your winning percentage?

    I mean, what do you imagine it was? NOT the season, becasue we did not follow you until 7 weeks ago, so
    we have no way to verify your lies before……”What was your percentage over the last 7 weeks, since we have kept track?”

    Simple question….. Over the least 7 weeks what was your winning percentage?

    As a follow up question….

    Next year, when you do as poorly as you have done since we started verifying
    your picks, WHAT EXCUSE WILL YOU USE?… will you scream hater at everyone?

  11. Martin says:

    and by the way… it wasnt just a “few weeks”……. you have been below coin flip odds for 7 weeks… probably more.

    Still I wonder what you imagine in that little head of yours….. what lies are you telling yourself?
    please tell us…… and remember… we kept trsck…..WHAT IS YOU LAST 7 WEEKS NUMBER?

  12. Martin says:

    Hey chuck, does this sound like someone “just having fun?”
    Hater, One Of Best In Nation
    Craig Glazer 07:51:19 AM – Tue. Jan 17. 2012

    I am so “good” next season I will pick before the weekend on Fridays on Q 104.s and Mix, maybe I will do it with Johnny

    You said he was just having fun with this, and needs no verifying… hmmmmm? he sounds like he is pretty serious to me.

  13. chuck says:

    @ Martin
    I just don’t think it is that important.

    Glaze is an interesting guy, who has led an interesting life. He is NOT know for his sense of humor, at least on this blog. No big deal his stories about people he has known in Hollywood and prison are sometimes really good.

    I really don’t think anyone cares enought to look up Glaze’s perrcentage of wins. If in fact, there are people spending money on his predictions, then, that is their responsibility.

    I usually bet 20 to 40 bucks here and there, and although I like to read what Glazer has to say, I make my own decisions on what to bet on.

    If you are annointing yourself a de facto kcconfidential Diogenes, I wish ya luck with virtue in this room.

    Once a day, you should do what I do. Go to the bathroom mirror, look at yourself, and realize thay your jsut another dumb ass fillin up lanes on life’s freeway.

    No big deal.

  14. xxMillerTimexx says:

    Chuck, I think you are fair
    But I also think everyone’s beef with Glazer is legit. You cannot be called out and then call everyone a “hater”, back up what you said. Trash talking people because you got called out is bush league. I think people the problems with Glazer’s betting record is not way out of left field, because frankly, since everyone has been watching his picks have been horrible.

  15. Jerry says:

    bush league is a good way to describe glazer. he talks a lot he talks way too much, but he can not back it up.

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