Glazer: God Hates Denver and Tim Tebow, Loves Tom Brady and New England

The Lord pissed all over Tim Tebow yesterday…

He let New England and the best quarterback of all-time, Tom Brady, destroy Denver and Tebow. It was ugly and it was fast. Brady had New England in the end zone in two minutes. By the first quarter’s end it was over.

New England had 21 points – game, set match.

Tim did manage to fumble once to set up a New England score early on. Good one. Yep, God surely hates Tim Tebow and his legion of fans. He let them die, in public, on national TV, for all the world to see.


First off, as nearly half of the educated world will attest to, there is no God.

There also is no boogy man, Santa or Easter Bunny. Unless you include the ones at the toy store. You can even buy a baby Jesus picture or a plastic cross ensemble for your dash board. They’re at most CVS’s and K-MARTS and they’re cheap – there you go Tim.

I like Tim Tebow, he’s a good, young, rookie quarterback.

He’ll be back next year and will lead his team into battle hard for the division title.

And he’ll get better. Tebow had a great year and according to polls, is the most popular athlete in America.

Brady plays next week in his 7th AFC title game, a record. He may go on to win his fourth Super Bowl eventually, tying Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw. He is without any argument the best quarterback we will ever see.

And that includes, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, Montana, Big Ben, Rodger the Dodger and all comers. At least for now. Tom has now been at the top for 12 years which is hard to do. It’s never been done at this level. Aaron may get there one day, but that’s a long shot.

Brady made Tim Tebow look like the rookie he is.  Yes, I know its his second year in the NFL, but his first as a starting quarterback.

Look out Aaron and Eli, here comes the judge, TOM BRADY.

Oh yeah, maybe God loves Tom, have you seen his wife? Have you seen Tom? I rest my case.

P.S. New England 45 Denver 10.
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18 Responses to Glazer: God Hates Denver and Tim Tebow, Loves Tom Brady and New England

  1. smartman says:

    Who Dat Say Dey Aint No Saints
    Oh ye of little faith, knowledge, spelling and writing skills. Depending on which of the hundreds of worldwide polls you wish to consider somewhere between 72% and 85% of people on this planet believe in a GOD.

    Even the most noted secular scientists and aethiests give pause when considering the possible existence of a CREATOR or SUPREME BEING. Maybe not a GOD in the way Christians, Muslims, Jews or Mormons, et al believe but an ENTITY nonetheless.

    As for the Old Testament smiting laid on the Broncos by the Patriots, the Bible, Torah and Koran are filled with wonderful lessons regarding failure, redemption and triumph. Worst case scenario, a lot of people’s faith got tested yesterday. And it doesn’t change the FACT that the world would be a BETTER place if we were all more Tebow-like than Glazer-like.

    The NFL has been milking the Tebow cow for all the wrong reasons. Doing God’s work doesn’t involve selling #15 jerseys on

    All the Hoodie and Boy Wonder did yesterday was put the league back on the righteous path that teaches us that hard work is necessary to manifest our talents and build unshake-able FAITH. The Lord helps those that help themselves.

    The Broncos do have some soul searching to do. As bad as things got you would have thought that maybe Brady Quinn might make an appearance. He’s Irish and went to Notre Dame. That’s gotta have some pull with God, right? The whole fucking country of Ireland went to war over God. Touchdown Jesus ain’t at Notre Dame for shits and grins.

    No, it’s clear the Broncos can’t toss Brady Quinn into an offense designed pretty much for Tim Tebow. That, more than any other parameters may weigh significantly in how the Broncos approach the QB position in the future. Lord only knows.

  2. Merle Tagladucci says:

    “somewhere between 72% and 85% of people on this planet believe in a GOD”

    63% of those people are morons.

  3. harley says:

    worst article ever…
    brady did not make tebow look bad…the defense of patriots/josh mcdaniels inside secrets/the cornerback play
    of new england/and the play calling of the denver offense made tebow look bad.
    However that was only the game….tebow met with a young man who hada severe injury in a game an
    hadpics taken with him andhis family…a special effort on tebows part to brighten up the kids tough life.
    Now that tebow’s season is over…you and the rest of the sports writers (alhough I don’t classify you as a sports
    writer)can go back to writing about
    players stomping on opponents heads…players and drugs…nfl player domestic abuse….players getting
    shot and killing people in strip clubs….players cheap shotting other players….players selling drugs…
    players using illegal substances…nfl players and guns….nfl coaches and players driving under the influence…
    players beating up fans…nfl failing to provide adequate coverage for former players…owners trying to
    stiff players medical bills due to concussions…those arevwhat you like to write about…the dark side.
    So when a great story comes around…you can’t stand hate a positive story about a player who
    was doubted and who was the true underdog..but who captivated the nation when the nation needed some
    good news about a good person.
    now go back to your prison ..drugs…nightclubs…poontang…stripper…strip club…and hottie stories…i’ve always agreed
    its what you do best.

  4. Dog says:

    Tebow You Broke My Heart
    I believe in the lord Craig and Tim Tebow, I was so bumped he got his butt handed to him, maybe next year.

  5. chuck says:

    Glaze, Merle, I luv ya, but you are spititually bereft.
    That is just my opinion based on your posts. I luv very much. In addition , I am a guy who Loved Chris Hitchens and his book, “God Is Not Great.”

    Still… This blog is opinion, expressed. A never ending Op Ed for all of us Hoi Polloi, a catharsis…

    The new Harley, is very cool. Redemption, forgiveness, that is the America that I love. JMO I waited, and thoght that Harley would say some horrible sexual things about my family, and, my kids. He did not. I know that you (Harley) asked for my thoughts on your attacks, but I kinda feel (Maybe I am wrong…?) that you will not say horroble things about my daughter anymore. I hope not, I would much rather make friends than have enemies.

    That said, I think, imo, that Harley says it pretty well.

    Nah… actually, Harley says it perfectly.

    Professional sports in America is infested, imbued and infected with a thug culture, that permeates, and destroys those ignorant lemmings, who in their starfish, dumbfuck Hip/Hop/Holocaust “I’ve gotta a video on World Star Hip” brain dead lets rob a liquor store fucks, that, in its stupidity, and our stupidity, glorifies that fuckin thug life and apologises for same.

    For me, it is hard to comprehend how far America has fallen in our MTV/BET ideas, the new poisenous Zietgeist that forgives the eisegesis, the revisionist history that destroys all that came before in a paroxysm of stupidity and out dated bullshit which in the face of violence and estruction, calls for more, yes more sacrfice on the alter of of the PC God which now rules our fuckin Orwellain thoughts.

    Tim Tebow, is all that is good.

    Full disclosure— I have no particular affiniation with any established religion. I was raised Catholic, but I have sure as fuck sinned, so I am no longer welcome.

    I am geussing, maybe you guys would like Tebow more, if there was film of him jumping into a swimming pool of uncut blow.

    We are all conditioned, at this point, to forgive shit head fucks like Ray Lewis, Snoop Dog, Puffy, Ice Tea and a fuckin litany, a galaxy of violent, murderous thugs, who will fuck and kill your grandmother, so that we can be “cool” and hate on Tim Tebow.

    The anti-hero shit is way the fuck played out. The Anti-Heros are killin our asses, day and fuckin night, while we fiddle.

    Tim Tebow is the guy who throws himself across an innocnet bystander during the Independence Mall shooting yesterday. Now I know, that that premsie is unprovable, but it is my opinion.

    Tim Tebow is the guy who always defers to his team mates. He NEVER pulls his fuckin jersey up in the end zone, because he represents, honestly, a team first identity.

    Tim Tebow is the antithesis of shit head fucks like Pac Man Jones and Rae Curruth. So sure, we gotta hate him. The mainstream media hates guys like Tim Tebow. They never amek the news, because they are not breaking in to your grandmother’s house, raping her and killing her. Tim Tebow is not news. He is home. He isn’t fuckin up the flora and fauna on TMZ, so he is anathema to the 24/7 news cycle.

    Hey Glaze, fuck the new goddamn cocksuking Zeitgeist and the fuckin horse it rode in on.

    Its fuckin America, and the Jedeo/Christian concepts that I was raised on, are personified by Tim fuckin Tebow.

    Fuck the new America in its fuckin ass. And fuck the

    I could give a fuck less about Tom Fuckin Brady’s girlfriend. Some dumbass fuckin bitch who looks good and knows how to walk 50 fuckin feet. Brady is a great NFL QB. Tim Fuckin Tebow is America.

    One more time, fuck the new MTV/BET America.

  6. chuck says:

    I won the bet.
    Wish I would have lost.

    FUCK the new America.

    God Bless Tim Tebow.

  7. chuck says:

    Its 205 BC and Scipio Africanus
    shoulders his way through the crowded streets of Rome, unrecognized and happy for that. A working class military hero, he is in no need of recognition. He is content, he feels that breath, that expiration of breath that one feels when there is a job well done, and, now time to reflect.

    Scipio has named, bred and paid for his own army in Sicily. They fought, they won. The Republic of Rome, pecuniarily insouciant by way of birth, as opposed to blood and sweat makes the safe decision, as do all politicians. Scipio’s utilitarian instincts, overcome any philisophical personal arguments that logic would dictate. He is content. He is happy.

    Carthage lies in ruins, and the Roman hegemony, must be, and should be, by way of Roman blood, be eternal, like the city of Rome.

    The cries of the dead, the dying, his friends, his equals, his subordiante brave in battles freshly remembered resonate in his mind as he walks these streets, thinking not of his place in the history of this city, but his efforts and the efforts of the dead and the dreams that were, and are still now, worth dying for.

    Scipio is our father, our grandfathers and our grandfathers fathers who fought, bled and died for an America that Tim Fuckin Tebow, would not even be noteced in, but is now ostracised and ridiculed for his Judeo/Christian faith.

    Pax Romana you dumb fucks.

    Or, you dumb fucks can just live in a Rap Video.

    If this is 410, then fuck you Alaric, fuck you.

  8. xxMillerTimexx says:

    Damn Chuck, love the fire
    Tell them how it is. America was made on God, Guns and Guts

  9. fuck you too says:

    deep throat chuck
    Chuck, team leader on the glazer cock sucking team,
    gotta get that comment count up, eh, cock sucking chuck schmuck you stupid fuck
    schmuck, YOU and your buddy glazer are what is wrong with America

  10. chuck says:

    @ fuck you too
    you may have missed my point.

    I did not agree with the Glaze.

    I fuckin love the Tebow, and I believe he is what is right with America.

  11. chuck says:

    @ deep throat chuck
    I am “Tebowing” in the face of your opprobrium.

    Tebow is the personification of all good things.

    To counter act, the knee jerk reaction of what I just said, I offer this—There is an old Arab Proverb, that says your friends are like a pile of dust in your hand, you pick out what you like, or love, then, blow away all the rest.

  12. mark smith says:

    when did it become a bad thing to be a good guy?
    Clearly this post , like 2/3 of everything penned about tebow, isn’t about football, or his ability, lack of, etc. It’s like those others. Meant to insult,mock, and ridicule someone with a strong faith in something that the detractors fear and loathe. I’m not sure if god exists, I’m just sure there isn’t anyone alive who can prove he does, or doesn’t. Atheists are more smug and arrogant than most fundamentalist of Christians. They find offense in the first hint of god, but never miss an opportunity to insult anyone who believes. Taking cheap shots at tebow is easy and popular. And predictable. If god had nothing to do with the tebow streak, shouldn’t writers and um scribes be giving him credit for winning? In closing, this is probably the biggest turd you’ve written. And that’s saying something.

  13. harley says:

    way too much hoping for bad things to happen…
    I wonder why people are so mad? Why? anger is going to kill you! I read where people were hoping tebow would fail because they felt he got too much attention…why? Great guy…may not be the best qarterback…i don’t agree with his religiosu beliefs… but
    he is a good person trying to do good things…and how many times have you heard a player in the nfl be grateful that he gets an opportunity to play…and always talks about his teammates…coaches and fans…why do people take glee in seeing him
    Why do politicians hope that obama fails? I don’t get it. He’s the president. They wanted himto fail from day one..before he ever did anything in office. If he fails, the nation fails. We have more people uninsured..more financial problems…more people out of work…i don’t get it. Why hope he fails…we need those loser politicians to work togehter as a team to get this country going again. Again..people want to see others fail!!! and thats on both sides of the aisle
    In the stock market…used to be that when we put money in the stock market we invested hoping the company we bought stock in would grow…add jobs..prosper and become bigger. Now we’ve got wall street crooks putting money on the fact that a company does bad…whats that about. These people bet that a company will lose to meet expectations…has problems so they can profit from the company’s misfortune. Wall street bet against the investments they developed and sold. Why? And with the wall street crooks and their micro computers they can outsmart the smaller investors and wreck the markets daily.
    What is going on? chuck is right…why can’t we together work together for all to prosper.
    Where has the idea of “common good” gone? What has happened. It’s pathetic…and those who played us and drove us into this dtich that we are now coming out of…did they suffer/go to jail/NO! wHAT HAPPENED TO ROOTING FOR THE GOOD GUY. HAVE WE BECOME SO DEVOID OF HEART? DO WE WORSHIP WHAT IS WRONG..BAD..DO WE BECOME IMMUNE TO THE BAD THINGS WE SEE GOING ON EVERYDAY? HAVE WE BECOME LOSERS?

  14. Orphan of the Road says:

    Greed, guns and gasoline
    That is the American mantra, Christians who love the God Almighty they will kill you to prove it. There is but one true God, the god of Christianity. And they have hundreds, thousands of denominations to support their belief.

    Tebow’s parents are as looney as owl shit. But it appears Tim came out of that ordeal pretty much unscathed. If he were to worship an deity with ten heads or 50 gods, what harm does it do me? None.

    There are those who cry out for tolerance, while what we need is to be oblivious.

    God, hairy thunderer or cosmic muffin, answers all prayers. Often the answer is NO.

    I believe in a higher power, Jesus is pretty cool but a lot of his followers are bat-shit crazy. While good men will do good and evil men will do evil without religion, it takes religion to make good men do evil things.

    When Jesus come to town, all the working folks around
    Believed what he did say
    But the bankers and the preachers, they nailed Him on the cross,
    And they laid Jesus Christ in his grave.

    This song was written in New York City
    Of rich man, preacher, and slave
    If Jesus was to preach what He preached in Galilee,
    They would lay poor Jesus in His grave.

  15. kcfred says:

    Well done. Quit taking the NFL seriously about the time Ray Lewis was allowed back on the football field after murdering people. Quit taking the NFL seriously when the Kraft/Goddell alliance began to form where the Pat’s play by one set of rules, the rest of the teams another. The game is stacked. And Chuck, my man, unload anytime. You’re comments were right on. Tebow seems real, genuine and NOT a hypocrite. “We build them up to tear them down…” should be ESPN’s mission statement. Don’t get me started on how ESPN has fucking ruined it for everyone else. Tim Tebow has character and class and will use his fame for good. Suggs, Lewis, et al will use their fame to fuck you up.

  16. Kip says:

    A win for Tebow.
    “For to those who are perishing the message of the cross is foolishness, but to us who are being saved it is God’s power.”

    Are you perishing? God’s saving grace is amazing. Better than drugs, sex and alcohol!

  17. Orphan of the Road says:

    The Wages of Sin
    I was praying last night when an angel broke the line
    She said I’m gonna have to put you on hold for a time
    I said hold like hell, let me talk to the boss
    She said sorry, sinner, it’s the boss’s day off
    And I realized then that the wages of sin
    Was two bucks an hour and working weekends

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