Glazer: Scribe Straps on His Protective Cup & Plunges Ahead into NFL Playoffs

Vegas seems to have no problem with this year’s NFL playoffs picture, PACKERS ALL THE WAY…

Yep, unlike you and I they see no problems. Green Bay is almost even money – 1 1/2 to 1 to win it all again. But clearly many people now like the Saints and they are 3 1/2 to 1 with New England the second best pick at 2 1/2 to 1.

We all know the Pack and the Pats have very poor defenses and Saints are maybe average.

So why are the Saints not favored?

Simple. On the road at Green Bay, the grass, the cold, playing outdoors, all make for a tougher road to get to the Super Bowl than New England will battle. That’s the Vegas thinking. Me, I was on the Packers all the way last year and this.

But yeah, the Saints and Giants do scare even me!

The Packers need to find that D.

These look to be some of the most interesting playoff games in years. Maybe it always feels that way, huh?

By the way Denver is still a long shot – a very long at 35 to 1 – to win it all. And the Texans are 25 to 1, the Giants 12-1, the Niners 12-1 and the Ravens are 61/2 to 1.

Hey, if I were in the sports book room today, I’d throw a couple hundred on those two or three long shots….could happen.

But as of today I am sticking with the Packers and New England. If the Saints smash the 49ers and Pack just gets by Giants, I may have to take a closer look at next week’s championships, but here we go. These are tough calls, by the way.

Doesn’t it bother you, for example,  that the BIG TIME SAINTS are only a 3 1/2 point favorite over San Fran? Is this a trap game? I say No! I don’t like the 49ers offense.

Saints -3 1/2 over the San Fran 49ers

New England -7 over Denver (tease bet w/ Houston)

Houston 14 1/2 over Baltimore( this is part two of New England tease adding 6 to each)

New York Giants 14 1/2 over the Packers (tease with Saints)

Saints 2 1/2
over San Fran..on a tease(with Giants game)
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26 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Straps on His Protective Cup & Plunges Ahead into NFL Playoffs

  1. harley says:

    glaze…you’re wrong again…
    brady is freaking out…tebow wins saturday night…
    steelers made mistake playing man on man defense…new england will play zone defense..
    makes no difference…divine intervention is taking the donkey….
    I know you’re an atheist…but remember one thing…never bet against god!

  2. bschloz says:

    HARLEY Is right again
    I like all the dogs this week.

  3. Craig Glazer says:

    I Don’t Believe
    Even pretend God’s don’t care about football and who wins. Hey stranger things have happened, but Denver is on the road, at New England, looks like curtains for Timmy and crew…hey I like Tim, he will start next year and be even better…he’s a rookie really, looks good, will only get better, but not Brady better.

  4. kcfred says:

    I HATE the Broncos, but at least they don’t cheat. Now many Superbowls has New England won since they got busted for cheating?
    How does New England get to add Josh McDaniels(the guy who drafted Tebow) to their staff after the season is over? That would be like the Texas Rangers adding the Cardinals pitching coach before the series. How the hell does that work?
    “We’ve got inside information on Tebow”-Tom Brady Cheating muhfuggas!
    Denver rushed for over 200 yards before they fumbled 900 times in the previous game. New England defense is VERY suspect. If the Broncos can hang on to the all, they’ll keep it away from Brady and win. No one will beat Green Bay though.
    Pack and Ravens in the SB.

  5. Orphan of the Road says:

    They have a shot at the upset. The New Jersey Jiants are hitting on all cylinders now.

    Of course Tebow will start next year. What choice do they have with what happened this season. If they get someone in to work with him maybe he can be OK. As much as like to see Gruden’s face crinkle when he talks about Tebow, T is an NFL QB.

    Not For Long

  6. harley says:

    the truth about god and tebow…
    “god doesnt really care who wins the game…he does care about how you act after the game”
    Dont be against god. The point spread is way too big!

  7. chuck says:

    bschloz, your gonna lose your ass on the donkeys
    The New England offense is sick. That offense will make Tebow sick too, he will have to hit the bathroom 316 times, cause he ain’t gonna light it up like last week against a wounded Steeler team. New England wins, and the Donkeys do not cover the 13.5.

    Last week, after the Donkeys won, I thought, if God really loves Tebow, there will be some really shitty weather in New England (Remember the “Tuck” game?). Well, the weather is great at three out of four sites (Green Bay will have a high of 25 degrees.) and Green Bay ain’t that bad. No real wind, no precipitation, no real weather factor in any game.

    Welker has an iffy knee, Decker is out, so a push there, kinda.

    Gotta tell ya though, I hope I am wrong, I would love to see Tebow crush these guys. But, this ain’t “A Wonderful Life”, and there will be no Deus Ex Machina this week. 🙁

    B. J. Rajji is running his mouth and telling ESPN that teh Giants offensive line is no big deal, one of the poorest he has played against. The Giants are 8.5 dogs to the Pack in Green Bay. Green Bay has Greg Jennings back at full speed. I realize that the Pack went to sleep in Arrowhead and the Chiefs were lucky, but still, pressure Aaron Rodgers, and you have a shot. The Giants can get the pressure to cover the spread, and I think, win the game. No repeat Glaze.

    Houston goes to Baltimore and is a 7.5 favorite to win. Houston has no QB. They do have A Foster and B Tate. Too bad. Terrence Cody and Haloti Ngata are brutal, throw in Terrelle Suggs, R Lewis and Ed Reed (Reed is nicked up, but this is a big game, he plays.) and the Ravens curb stomp the Texans like we DVRed the Alamo. Ravens win by 10.

    New Orleans has never won a road playoff game. The 9ers didn’t allow a running touchdown util week 13. Week 13!!! Wow!! San Fran has Frank Gore and Kendall Hunter and a great defense. They are good on both sides of the ball, Harbaugh for the 9ers should be coach of the year. Frisoc’s Vernon Davis is one of the best Tight Ends in the game. Frisco will grow the grass on the field an extra 2 inches to slow down the Saints receivers. Alex Smith has had his best year as a pro. The Saints never play as well out doors. Frisco is a 3.5 under dog. The Niners are a Home Dog and Home Dogs always surprise you!!

    No they don’t. The Saints win by a touchdown.

  8. chuck says:

    Excuse me guys, houston is a 7.5 underdog.
    Ravens win. Houston does not cover.

    JMO 🙂

  9. really? says:

    @KC Fred – calling the Pats cheats is tired. Players from teams across the league have come out and admitted that their teams did the same things as the Pats, the Pats just got caught. Have they won a SB since then? No, but they did go undefeated in a regular season and Playoffs only to lose a fluke game in the Super Bowl and they continue to win the division every year.
    The NFL has allowed McDaniels to join the team so apparently they see nothing wrong with it. How is that cheating? No one really thought Denver was going to be playing NE this weekend anyway. Pats vs. San Fran in the Super Bowl, Pats win by 6.

  10. harley says:

    glaze saw this on sports ill.
    In the past four playoff seasons, there have been 16 games in the Divisional Playoff Round. The home teams have won five. Correct, the road teams are 11-5 SU, but only one is favored this year
    didnt know this.

  11. Action Jackson says:

    real spreads
    Excuse me guys, houston is a 7.5 underdog.
    chuck 04:01:18 PM – Fri. Jan 13. 2012

    You are correct sir, and the other spreads are off as well….
    and oddly enough they are all off in glazer’s favor, as usual…. imagine that.

    At least we got you looking Chuck….good job

    For anyone who cares….here are the real spreads.


    1:00 PM EST
    113 HOUSTON TEXANS 38.5 38 / 37.5 / 36.5 35.5 +280
    114 BALTIMORE RAVENS -7 -7 / -9 EVEN / -9 +10 -7.5 -340
    HOU-QB-Matt Schaub-OUT TV: CBS

    4:30 PM EST
    115 NEW YORK GIANTS 51.5 51.5 / 52 52.5 +260
    116 GREEN BAY PACKERS -9 -9 / -8.5 / -8 -7.5 -320
    TV: FOX

    I am about done arguing with glazer. How he can still act cocky about this, after blowing
    it so baddly for the last week (going 0%) and sucking baddly for the last 5 weeks is beyond me.
    He is a 25% over the last 5 weeks, and 45% on the season…… yet he is still blatherring…. what a joke.

    When he went 0% last week, he started stammering…..
    ….. “herp derp, these are not my real bets, these are picks”… uh yeah…..umkay.

  12. randyraley says:

    Really? That’s cool you are a pats fan, but it’s common knowledge here in St. Louis The Patriots knew what play the Rams were going to call before they called it in the Superbowl. They cheated and they got caught, to say it’s OK because the other teams do it is ridiculous. Every player on that Rams team swear they were cheating. The Patriots admitted as much later when they got docked half a mill.
    It cost St. Louis a ring. While that doesn’t mean much to you, but it would have been nice to have been repeating SB champs before the bottom dropped out of the franchise. So, deny all you want and that’s fine, it’s your opinion, you’re a fan. The argument may be old with you but still talked about to this day here. Not many Patriot fans here. The Rams knew they cheated and so do the Patriots. I lost all respect for Mr. Kraft and the whole organization since then. I hope Tebow sticks it up the Patriots collective asses. And I HATE Denver.

  13. bschloz says:

    12th Man
    @Chuck…yeah I know Denver is a reach, just think 2nd round of the playoffs everything tightens up a bit. 13.5 points at least gives me 7 or 8 minutes of satisfaction.
    Also Foxy and Hoody like to burn clock…so no bullshit bad beats at the end of the game…if Pats are up 7 to 9 …ball is going into the freezer.

    Saints game should be interesting…….I am showing 9’ers +4 right now… 7 pt teaser would be 9’ers +11 and under 54…

  14. chuck says:

    @ bschloz

    I usually hate over/under bets, but the over under for San Fran – New Orleans is 46.5

    Frisco actually IS jackin with the grass to slow down N.O. I would bet the under, if someone put a gun t my head.

    By teh way Glaze, here is an explanation of the Packers, Saints, Patriots defense—-

    They are a fast break team and actually want the other team to score a field goal and get off of the field so they can hang 7 on ya.

    Don’t get me wrong, they all wish they had the 85 Bears D playin for them, but they fast break, just like Indy has done for a decade.

    Its all offense, with a nod to the D with respect to turn overs. The D takes big risks, until you are in teh red zone.

    Just sayin…

  15. Johnny says:

    3 bets… 2 losses so far…. 33% is best you can do now
    LOL, why torture yourself? Since we actually started watching you have
    NEVER done better than 45% on any wek..and had a 0% and a 25%….. admit it… the jig is up.

    THE MORAL? you are not very good at this? be a man… admit it…. and cut the crap

    BET 1 = LOSE
    Saints -3 1/2 over the San Fran 49ers

    BET 2 = ?
    New England -7 over Denver (tease bet w/ Houston)
    Houston 14 1/2 over Baltimore( this is part two of New England tease adding 6 to each)

    BET 3 = LOSE
    New York Giants 14 1/2 over the Packers (tease with Saints)
    Saints 2 1/2 over San Fran..on a tease(with Giants game)

    I wonder what kind of lame excuse glazer will have for going AT BEST 33% this week.

    Kind os like a contractors book of excuses why the won show up that day…. never ending BS

  16. Craig Glazer says:

    Hater, My Line Is The Real Vegas Line
    I use which is the average line with all top vegas booking places on the strip…so its 100% correct, remember I use the tease alot and I know that throws you Hater, with your G.E.D. and all….my % for the year will end at over 70% one of the tops in the nation, some weeks aren’t as good….but hey its better than anything you did, you picked, lets see NOTHING…you are just a loud mouth hater, guy with a fake name…LISTEN, LEARN WRITE IT DOWN BOY…BYE.

  17. Lover says:

    glazer is the hater here.
    You are the hater, with all you snide smart ass, white trash insults……. grow up junior.

    It is not our fault you will have ANOTHER 0-33% week…that is on YOU …. YOU LOSER.

    AND NO…. you are NOT at 70%… you have been saying that 70% BS for 6 weeks we
    have watched closely…. and in that time you have gone 25%, 0%, 40%, 60%..33% 25%
    and that drags your average WELL BELOW 50%… somewhere down to 25-40%…

    Isnt it interesting before we started watching you blathered on and on and on and on and on…
    about you having a 90% record…YEAH RIGHT….THAT IS EASY IF NO ONE CHECKS….
    I hadnt been checking until you WOULD NOT SHUT UP….. and then we started wtaching….
    and for 6 straight weeks since we have watched… YOU HAVE SUCKED!!! and still you keep talking… what a goof

    Admit it boy…. you are not very good at this….give it a reast.. quit your stupid bragging….STFU.

  18. smartman says:

    Two Opposing Viewpoints
    The HATER line is usually adopted by people serene in their refusal to acknowledge what they’ve done to inspire the hatred. This is a line mostly utilized by teenagers because it requires a slightly sociopathic narcissisn to imagine that literally everyone who criticizes you is jealous of your wonderfulness.

    When people who troll act surprised to discover that their intentionally obnoxious work had the desired effect of annoying a great deal of people, you can generally write that off as more trolling.

  19. chuck says:

    @ lover
    Dude, even if your right about Glaze’s pick percentages (I am guessing your the only guy to actually do RESEARCH on this shit.), so what?

    Its just good fun trying to guess ahead of time, the outcomes of the games on this weekend.

    Don’t take this so seriously.

    If your percentages are correct, than fuck with Glaze with a little good natured humor, or some sarcastic remarks that give every one a laugh, including Glazer.

    Chill the fuck out, and for chrissakes get a girlfriend or something…

    Use that energy for something positive, or, if your gonna live in negativity (There is a place for that too.), then find a truely evil cause or idea to destroy.

  20. Lover says:

    LOL, so you guys have nothing to say to glazer about his lies?

    Chuck, you know that glazer if BSing about these numbers,
    he has done very poorly since we started watching…. I am simply pointing that out.

    I am not telling lies, I speak the truth. If you cant handle the truth, too bad you. grow up.

    glazer is one of the nastiest posters on this board, have you read his hate?

  21. Lover not a Hater says:

    chuck 11:28:33 AM – Sun. Jan 15. 2012
    Its just good fun trying to guess ahead of time, the outcomes of the games on this weekend.

    Don’t take this so seriously.

    Uh, I was on the sideline for the first part of the season, I didnt look, I didnt care,
    I had stopped reading glazer’s crap…… THEN HE STARTED CROWING!!! BIG TIME BSING!!!!


    He started this…. I am willing to finish it…..

    Glazer lies about everything… he is so full of crap… it gets old…
    He needs to STFU ……or he should expect people to pioint out his lies….

  22. chuck says:

    ok, thats fine.
    Ya wanna take something seriously.

    Forget Glaze’s bets.

    Lets kill the new bullshit culture of lies.

    Lets quit makin excuses for violence and a sub culture that will destroy our children’s and grandchildren’s lives.

    You can do that through sports metaphors and sports stories.

    Bets are just bets.

    Facts are facts.

    Re direct your energy, in a more reasonable direction.

    JMO 🙂

  23. Lover says:

    Wouldnt it be nice if people like you on this board would STOP assuming they know jacksht
    about what a person does/ has done ….other than what is posted on this board… people assuming
    one’s educational level, sexual orietation, where they live…. you dont know sht.. stop acting like you do.

    You dont know what I do, what I ve done, and I dont crow about about the good I do….. I do it for good’s sake. Try it.

  24. chuck says:

    Did I mention that the Giants would win???

    Oh yeah—thats right, I did.


  25. chuck says:

    houston was a 7.5 underdog–
    so I broke even.

    But, in all honesty, the giants (Read above) were my favorite to upset, as they were last week.

    The only bets I have made, are only 25.00 and 50.00 bets.

    I can’t hang with the Glaze.

    I am about 2 out of 3, but really, it is as much luck as any thing else.


  26. chuck says:

    BTW–hey lover (That feels creepy)
    I am just sayin…

    Your efforts in my opinion, seem misguided.

    Shit, maybe you are right, and there is an international, “CIA get the brothers hooked on crack” conspiracy.

    Mea Culpa

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