Glazer: Scribe Stamps Seal of Approval on New 38 the Spot Hottie Crystle Lampitt

Good news Kansas City…

At long last we have a new, smoking hot babe to replace Holly Starr on 38 THE SPOT. I’ve seen her and I can assure you she’s gonna get some major, citywide play.

Since Holly got married and had a kid, Jack FM personality Nycki Pace has been filling in and doing a great job. Nycki’s been on the air since September, but her job at 38 THE SPOT as spokesmodel ends tomorrow. As many of you already know she’s the wife of Q104 host, Mike Kennedy.

So who is the new "It Grrrl" in town?

Her name is Crystle Lampitt and man, oh man, what a beauty! Move over Penelope Cruz. Or as Jim Carey might say, SMOKIN!

38’s endlessly long talent search totally paid off. Crystle was born in Cairo, Egypt and spent her childhood in Indonesia. She moved to KC with her family in 2000 and has been in the entertainment racket ever since. She’s modeled and appeared in international ad campaigns, TV commercials and print.

And get this, she studied film and media at KU and graduated with honors in 2009.

In addition to her entertainment work, Crystle even found time to teach pre-school in Sydney, Australia.

KC will now have a stand out hottie to brag about. One that’s in the news, on TV and on the scene.

From the Midwestern, girl-next-door beauty, Holly Starr to the exotic-looking Crystle – great work 38 THE SPOT!

This lady will light it up for everyone.

PS: Crystle, I’m still single and at KSHB and 38 THE SPOT all the time…let’s get together.
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23 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Stamps Seal of Approval on New 38 the Spot Hottie Crystle Lampitt

  1. chuck says:

    Now there is an Arab I could spring on.
    Is there a snake in those bushes in that first picture.

    I’m just worried about her safety, you know, deer ticks…

  2. paulwilsonkc says:

    Let’s “work” together?
    Is that whats its called these days? I’m sorry, as TRIBE pointed out, I’m clearly a wee bit behind.

  3. nunya says:

    Needs to …..
    …eat a sammich or two. A twig could provide a better profile.

  4. smartman says:

    Down boy!

    Studying FILM at KU is like studying chivalry at Glazer U.

    At least a dozen or so local horny hotties with the same exotic look on

  5. Craig Glazer says:

    Really I Give Her a 9
    9’s are hard to find, you guys would kill to have a girl like her, please, she is a keeper boys…at least for now, haven’t heard her voice yet, we’ll see but looks are strong, very strong

  6. smartman says:

    I’d give her a 69 but she looks like she might be packing a burning bush. No likey, no licky.

  7. mark smith says:

    as the years have rolled on
    I find a well developed, curvy type of woman trips my trigger .. This chick is no doubt a looker, but she’s too fuckin thin.Looks like she has been on a steady diet of Air and Opportunity soup. . She’s got that ancient asian curse, NoAssAtall. Go down on her and you might chip a tooth.
    And who the fuck grades women on a scale in this day and age? Next you’ll start asking for her sign, show her your etchings and shit. Drop the Brut and step away from mustache wax.

  8. expat says:

    glazer you forgot…
    …people in KC like buffalo chicks

  9. balbonis moleskine says:

    finally we have upgraded to a thinner gauge of TV presenter. Holly kept making me think I had my TV on H-fill or Stretch

  10. KU Forever says:

    A KU Grad Who Is Hot
    Thats the ticket KC, yes. Love it.

  11. legendaryhog says:

    Give that girl a sandwich…… my sandwich.

  12. harley says:

    1. Nice girl. She beat out the hottest young woman in kc..alicia…who will go bigtime soon. And she’s also
    an MU grad….so i am a little disappointed.
    2. Nobody…noone…no woman will ever be able to replace Holly.…sweet and charming!
    they will all just be filling the position.
    3. Glaze…get out more often. Many hotties in town out south. get outv of jardines and kck and
    angels and westport…come out and see what class/style and beauty are all about in joco.

  13. paulwilsonkc says:

    Im desperately trying to land this Jardines gig. I beg you, please dont start asking people to LEAVE before I even manage to buy it! If its JUST Craig youre asking to leave, fine, but if this is going to turn nto you standing at the front door handing out PLEASE LEAVE slips, that would just be hurtful. Man, I thought we’d kissed and made up.

  14. harley says:

    wilson? with you running jardines
    I’m sure it will be the hottest place in town…lots of hotties for glaze and hearne and even chuck!
    Hopefully you get that darn thing bought before 2020 so we can all come down for free drinks!!!!!!
    I can’t wait…free booze for harley…and i can’t wait to meet beenie.

  15. A Pee Party says:

    Life’s full of cycles
    Hearne, PLEASE remove this Glazey blog line before this nice fine woman reads it and flees town as soon as she realizes she has attracted the King of Sleazy Thing’s'” attention. Like some real-life monster conjured from the insane images that once inspired Stryker to concoct “Der Sturmer” porn, this affliction upon KC only suggests the oozing, prolapsed underbelly of an ulcer that inflicts our otherwise loveable metropolis. Children sceam and women cry and gentlemen mutter.

    Grab your exorcist and head to “The Legends” for the outing. wake, and oh-so surrealistc afterparty.

  16. chuck says:

    @ a pee party
    Gotta admit, that Abraham Van Helsing rant is pretty funny.

  17. slick rick says:

    Holly had it all
    Good for Holly for getting married and having a baby but we want to see her back on TV. I agree with the above posters, no one will ever replace her. I too, like my women with some curves. Holly worked until she was just about to pop with that baby and she even made pregnancy look hot. Holly!! Come backkkkkkk C’mon Glazer- don’t you have some pull?

  18. slick rick says:

    Oh yeah
    Forgot to add: saw Ms. Star recently and she looks even better than she did before she had that baby. Dam* she is gorgeous! KC women need to take lessons and then come see me

  19. Esq. says:

    To “balbonis moleskine”
    She was pregnant you f’ing moron. Get a life, you loser. Jealous girls make me sick, I’d rather eat a chocolate covered cockroach than have to hang out with jealous girls. I guarantee she was still hotter than you the day she delivered that baby. My wife is pregnant with our 5th child right now, pregnant is beautiful. But I do hope it’s our last. I need a second job and I’m an attorney LOL

    Glaze- loved hearing you and the guy from Full House on Friday. He was f’ing hilarious!

  20. ryno the dino says:

    Glaze, the truth
    Glazer you think every woman is hot espesially ethnics. (think black barbie) if it walks and has a heart beat she has a shot with u.
    Never heard of this girl dont really care anyway. Holly was the real McCoy though- hot to trot, killer bod & actually could talk sports. My kinda girl!! Midwest is best IMO
    I don’t really watch that station anyway, so I dont care

  21. Brandon says:

    Asian Persuasian?
    I think I saw this girl when I dropped my wife off to get her nails done. Not buying the international commercial, etc. but spin it the way you want Glazer since you are buds with 38. From what I understand, the spokes person for 38 is there for the sole purpose of eye candy -ness. Hence, buh-bye Nicke Pace. About time. Perfect example of a face for radio. Sticking to the facts, Star raised the bar and no doubt ratings for 38. KC respects her and showed the love in newspapers, mags, radio etc. pretty much every facett. This chick is delusional to think she will have the opportunites presented. The midwest is likes the curvy,smart, girl next door. Good luck to her and 38. They will need it.

  22. Craig Glazer says:

    Hey I Am Expert Not You Guys, So…
    From the photos she looks very strong….I can say this most of you guys have never had a gril like that…of course I have, but we all knew that, still do….so my opinion counts and some of you guys need to come back to planet Earth…too thin, right I’ll tell her when she comes in…I always like Holly, we like each other, and maybe had I met her a few years back, we’d have dated, well at least for a bit, she made the right call…..she’s a good girl…

  23. PB says:

    Hot as far as I can tell. Do prefer my women a little thicker though, but I also like her exotic/ethnic look so she’ll do.

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