Stargazing: Skies to Become No Spin Zone, More Phat for KC & Reefer Madness

The Sheraton people are going to stop the spinning restaurant on top of the former Hyatt Regency downtown.  It will be used for private parties and special events. They say the days of the spinning restaurant have come to an end.  From now on, if you want to spin while having dinner, you’ll have to try your luck at a trailer park in April.


The Chiefs officially named Romeo Crennel head coach of the team. Crennel will be wearing many hats as he will run the team, assist in drafting players, bolster the offense and occasionally sub for BELLY BOY.


A report last year says Marijuana use among kids has hit a 30 year high…so to speak.


Kelly Urich hosts the morning show on The Point 99.7 FM
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