Glazer: Scribe Screwed by Insurance Company in Brother’s Death

As many of you may know, my younger brother Jack was killed in an car accident in late October…

Jack’s car went off the highway at 9:10 PM on his way home from work. The toxicology report was negative; no drugs or alcohol was found in his system.

Jack had no life insurance, but he did have insurance for health and auto. I know many of you have never experienced this kind of situation, but we all are forced to face a family death at some point. Jack’s insurance companies did have "death benefits and medical payments" in their other policies. That’s something we all should consider, because Jack’s funeral was a bit higher than most because we had to buy a plot and so forth.

We contacted all the insurance companies – none of them called us about any monies due. And as we investigated, we found that three would pay a few thousand each if we sent them several items like a death certificate, a county court clearance saying we were his immediate family and some other items that take weeks to get.

All of which really did little more than delay the payment to the family.

We had Jack’s will and proof of death from the police, the funeral home, paperwork from the accident, the Jackson County Corners office and on and on.

But that wasn’t good enough.

Many of the people I spoke to on the phone knew who I was and most of them were located right here in KC. They all said, "We’re so sorry, we want to help you. If there’s anything else we can do, just call."

Yeah, right.

Many of them meant what they said, but were handcuffed by their company’s policies. Which is not a good thing for you or me.

When we are late with payments, we are turned into the wonderful credit bureau.

Then they destroy you with great care and no compassion. Even if you are in the right, GOOD LUCK. It’s, "Oh please send a letter….it will take 60-90 days…then we’ll review the papers…"

Translation: if a mistake against you is made, it may take months to get it off your record, even with a court order. I know, it’s happened to me twice in 20 years.

Most of our credit history in the three main bureau’s have goes back decades. In my case, like most of you guys, it’s gold, with all payments on time back to the 80’s. But I had two derogatory reports on paying off a hotel bill and a loan years ago. I won both in court, but it took years to get them off all three reporting agencies.

Wells Fargo had the loan on my car – one of two they held – and my brother was driving one of my cars when he was killed.

They were so sorry, they said. We’ve got your back, they said.

They did pay off most of the balance of $7,900 still owed on the car – all but about 400 bucks. No problem. I had GAP insurance and they would pay the rest.

Wells Fargo said we were good, I didn’t need to make anymore payments even though I still owed the $390.

"No problem," they told me. "You don’t need to pay that – we’ll get it from GAP – we’re in contact with them." 

I never got a letter or a call at work. I offered to pay the difference because was worried it might be considered a late payment. They told me not to.

Next thing I know, a couple weeks back my credit report showed A NEW  DEROGATORY COMMENT, FAILURE TO PAY OFF WELLS FARGO.

I was pissed.

I spent three hours on the phone trying to find a real person who could do anything at Wells Fargo. Finally I got an executive, she listened and agreed that I had been screwed.

I agreed to pay off the balance and they could pay me the GAP money when it came. They kinda liked that and told me I could pay over phone which I did. Now I’m still waiting for it come off my credit score and to get the email confirmation and letter they promised saying that they made a mistake.

What a nightmare and it’s still going on.

It hurt my home loan from being lowered…great…thanks.

Blue Cross, in a way, is just as bad. You’d think in death cases they all would be a little nice and try a bit harder, but NO. They hang onto your money as long as they can.

P.S. Geico, who was a back up insurance company, sent a check in five days from the call. We had the least money in them, and they questioned almost nothing. With just the funeral paperwork and police report they paid a couple grand in less than a week – best of all.

I could go on with Farmers headaches, but you get the picture. I’m sure all this is done to most people – how awful. Death is bad enough, but now I’m fighting a credit battle for no reason. I haven’t even received most of any money owed for the death benefits.

That’s probably par for the course, but lord help you if you owed these guys money or were a few weeks late. Your phone would never stop ringing and your credit reports would look like the Chiefs offense, uh, nothing good.
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  1. newbaum turk says:

    insurance companies
    There must truly be a special place in hell for insurance companies, especially health. They are truly scum of the Earth

  2. paulwilsonkc says:

    craig, give me a call or email me
    We are connected to the girl who is the exec in charge of the entire dealer and finance unit for the Central US, Chelle’s best friend from childhood in TX to now, up here where, she offices in OP. Can’t help on much else, but she’s the one who can knock down doors and make things happen inside Wells Fargo. 913 486 7082
    Been down that path. Lost my Dad, grandfather, who was more like my Dad than my real dad, grandmother, job and divorce. All in 13 months. Try that on for size. It was a game changer for me. I’m sorry for your loss….

  3. Johnny says:

    “”I know many of you have never experienced this kind of situation””

    I stopped reading after that line…. who does thie loser think he is?

    This classless piece of crap needs to be booted fom the planet.

  4. chuck says:

    What a pain in the ass, sorry Glaze
    but you are dead on.

    Its like your assumed a delinquent debtor, or guilty, until proven innocent.

    Years ago, when I was an electronics retailer, I turned thousands of claims for insurance customers and insurance companies by way of replacing products that had been ruined through fire, theft, flood and especially lightning damage.

    State Farm always paid right away, but, they had the most expensive premiums.

    All State was the worst. They were, in my opinion, falt out fraudulent.

    All insurance companies would delay, obfuscate and try to mitigate their exposure through things like incorrect paperwork, clauses in the insuurance the customer bought and didn’t understand, low ball offers after months of waiting, and misleading, disengenuous verbal promises that were never kept.

    After a while, I recongnized that these actions, were premeditated and taught to the claims folks ( I know, I know, I am NOT a quick study.) in order to extend and if possible avoid payment at all.

    In fact, what they really liked, was a customer who would threaten to sue. That cut off all communications and left the under represented (At thier own cost) customer and his/her lawyer up against a fleet of in house insurance lawyers who sure as hell knew how to hit a fast ball down the middle.

    Customers could contact the Insurance commissioner, and the Attorney General, but once again, big Insurance companies have lawyers on staff, that do nothing but figure out ways to kick John Doe’s ass in and out of court.

    On the Insurance Company’s side, it cannot be denied that many of the folks trying to collect, are lying and engagin in fraudulent activities.

    My experience, was, that for the most part, these folks were jsut normal dumb asses like me, who paid the bill and wanted their belongings replaced.

    I got to be pretty good at helping my honest customers work with insurance companies and figuring out ways for them to get an honest recompense for the insurance they bought.

    Still, the mindset of the insurance companies I have encountered, is wheneverr there is a claim, fight it.

    Johnny, what the fuck are you talking about? “”I know many of you have never experienced this kind of situation”” . That is a generalization. If it fits your situation, ok, it not then the readers would obviously be expected to empathize with Glazes situation, if it does, then Glaze offers his story for your comment.

    The galactic leap from our inference that this “does not” fit your situation, to your insults and admonition for some one to “remove” Glaze from the face of the planet, speaks more to your pathology and limited intelligence than to a percieved insult (?) by way of Glaze’s remarks.

    Just take it easy. Really.

  5. new sheriff in town says:

    Theres a new sheriff in town. We can track you down numerous ways. We’ll know who you are. Stop or we’ll expose you!

  6. kcfred says:

    Track ME down?
    What have I done?
    Putting comments on an internet site?
    Yikes? What, you’ll come for the kids and the dog, too?
    I was going to tell Glazer, that, in fact, I have been there when my wife died. Insurance companies are the lowest of the low. Their adjusters get bonuses out of fucking people over. Wife’s been dead three years and I’m still owed money.
    Geez, lighten up.

  7. James says:

    new sheriff in town 02:15:52 PM – Tue. Jan 10. 2012

    Theres a new sheriff in town. We can track you down numerous ways. We’ll know who you are. Stop or we’ll expose you!

    Oh yeah, that should be good for business here.

    I happen to agree the commenter being irratated with Glazer acting like he is the only to ever have to deal with something this. That is as absurd as him saying he is the only one to place a bet in a sports book in Vegas. As far as this whole article, I did not read where an insurance company was doing anything other than requesting proper documents to assure they are not scammed.

    Of course as we have learned, Craig thinks he is special and deserves special treatment and when he does not get it, he is going whine on his blog, and if anyone disagrees with him he is going call Reggie Hammond and “out people”. What the heck does that even mean? Are you going to ruin someone reputation? Waht rep? The problem here is not with the comment posters on KCC, the problem is Glazer’s attitiude. If he did not start trouble, there wouldnt be any.

    Good luck threatening commenters as a way to attract business to KCC

  8. T says:

    Sorry Man…
    Hey, sorry to hear this buddy…still think about you and bb jack often. lots of love and best wishes for 2012. Better days lie ahead of us I hope.
    xoxo ~T

  9. mermaid says:

    I have to agree…
    Threatening commenters is going to scare people from making comments good or bad. We love the good comments and sometimes we really love the bad ones. They are fun to read. Granted if I’m writing please refrain from making “bad comments” but really Craig should be used to it by now! He gets so touchy. I never let a comment get to me. I might not like one but I am not attacking whoever wrote it. They are entitled to their opinion. I was watching a show with WBC Shirley Roper the other day and man can she take the heat and let it roll off her back. People just yelling obscenities and just hating her and she just takes it. Either she is the most brain washed woman ever or she really believes 100% in what she’s saying. Back to the point Craig needs to watch her and learn and write it down!

  10. James says:

    I have to agree…
    mermaid 10:32:11 PM – Tue. Jan 10. 2012

    “We love the good comments”

    and good comments love you too mermaid. 🙂

    Cant wait for your next words of wisdom, you are the best!

  11. Winston says:

    I’m an insurance adjuster, we don’t get bonuses to deny claims….I understand the frustration bc this is a legitimate claim and the red tape is bs but it is there bc more than 10% of insurance claims involve fraud. Just file a complaint to the state dept of insurance…or better yet threaten to and that will get their attention, it always works.

  12. Craig Glazer says:

    I Did Not Write The New Sheriff In Town
    I assumed that was Hearne, maybe not, it was not me, but whoever wrote it, good idea sometimes. Mermaid, you have only written a few stories, and I know if someone is mean to you, it makes you whacky. I understand, but the haters I get are really off their rock and attack anything about me, my family etc…and use foul language etc…I usually ignore it, however when someone acts like I wouldn’t respond to them in person, thats not the case…again I didn’t write the comment about “we will find you”…
    I was listening to Nick Wright and he says often he has the same issues with comments….and he knows better but sometimes he goes off on them as well…99% of the time, the hater doesn’t know you, he or she just hates cause they hate themselves…you represent everything they are not…one…NOBODY LISTENS TO THEM…I understand.

    I write out of the box, cause I am…makes me different, my life was different, so that makes many people against you or dislike you. :Thats all….

    Paul and Winston THANK YOU for the great advice…I will follow that…its now been almost a month since Blue Cross mailed our check, locally, but no worries if we don’t get it by Thursday they will cut another check and mail that one…”oh brother” maybe they are broke, who knows these days.

    As for fraud, “please” yeah we made up my brothers death, a-hole.

    Again thank all of you for the advice, it is upsetting….I didn’t mean “you haven’t had this happen, the death….I meant dealing with big insurance companies to get paid or even let you know they owe you anything..” not I’m the only one who has had a family death, of course not….p.s. I asked Nick from 610 who is a major betting man, for lower amounts….he agreed, “you are right almost nobody he knew ever went into a sports book in Vegas…they bet with friends, online, a local book, or not at all….said even he only went into a sports book once to bet in Vegas” point is as I said few do that….one Vegas “ain’t’ next door…if we had local betting sports rooms and we will some day soon, of course that would be huge and popular.

  13. harley says:

    the real harley says..
    I read comments sections on political sights…news site…etc..and to say the least they are filled with hate.
    Why? I wrote some terrible comments…some that i would never say to another person. and other wrote
    comments that i know they would never say to another person.
    Someone wrote on here asking why would people use a fake name and hurl insults at other people
    you don’t know. Great question.
    I realized that words I say may have hurt people that i never met and people that may have been the
    salt of the earth. I would always say when i critiqued hearne and glaze that i could have a blast drinking
    and partying with these people..because really they seemed like cool people.
    Glaze gets way too much heat. The guy is only putting out football scores. Sure he’s wrong sometimes..
    sometimes he hits big time sometime he hits nothing. But why insult the guy over something so
    stupid. and to go after him when he’s expressing something personal…and to go after him for a single
    The world is filled with hate. People hate tim tebow..and I ask why. The comments on boards are
    terrible and hurtful. The guy has never tried to convert people…never tired to push his religion on anyone.
    I don’t agree with his religious beliefs but believe the guy is 100% real and an outstanding person.
    At the denver game he got tickets for a young girl who had over 70 operations so they could come see
    him play. and yet people used disgusting words against him. The internet boards are filled with
    insults…from people who never met the guy…never talked with him…but they just have hate.
    So calm down. I did. I realized that “words have consequence”…
    glaze is human..amnd yes we can agree to disagree on his picks…we can argue over who won the game
    and wy…but the tone has to calm down.
    We can have some fun ribbing each other…creating controversey but the attacks on a person are out of line.
    I learned it…so should anyyone who writes them.
    Life is too short to be angry.
    p.s. … that its 2012…need some new pics of the very beautiful jessica…thanks in advance.

  14. mermaid says:

    You can find some really pretty pictures of her in the local magazine “The Slammer”.

  15. chuck says:

    Mermaid shoots and scores!

  16. kcredsox says:

    Glazer and Fraud
    Why would anybody think a convicted felon would be trying to defraud an insurance company? hmmmm

  17. paulwilsonkc says:

    holy cow!! it’s the real harley…
    … and guess what? He’s REAL INTERETING? Who would have ever known had he not insulted the “salt of the Earth”?

    Welcome back, Scribe-ette! Great words. I’ve been guilty of the same. Same reason I tore into Glazer a few months back….. ut I, too, decided to temper that. We dont always know whats going on under the hood…. so I chilled out. And if you look up above, Im actually trying to HELP him!!

  18. Craig Glazer says:

    Good Call Harley/Paul
    Yes I can or we can take heat, or “don’t agree” or you are nuts but the deep hate for no real reason is awful on all these boards. Harley I agree about Tim Tebow, seems a wonderful young man. Paul I did appreciate your ideas…nice work you two.

  19. the real realy harley says:

    is lovely jessica,the hottie from woodside, the real one really in slammer magzine. I thought that
    was a mag with mugshots of people ….are you serious. Our lovely innocent sweet jessica has
    a foldout in slammer magazine. I’m on my way to 7-11 to get a copy right now!

  20. Craig Glazer says:

    Never Ends
    Oh brother…..ok….

  21. new sheriff in town says:

    You better fall in line and quit posting opinions contrary to anyone here (esp Craig Glazer) on KCC, or we will expose you. We will print your name right here on KCC for all to see. We will make you famous (as famous as this place can make you), heck we might even offer you a job writing stories here, Lord knows we dont have very high standards for that type of thing( we happily hire convicts and drug addicts).
    If you can get under Craig’s skin, make him cry to his mama, YOU’RE HIRED! When can you start? Is 3 stories a week too much?

  22. Tipper says:

    Slammer??…. I didnt touch her!

  23. paulwilsonkc says:

    Glaze, email me…
    we can fix the Wells Fargo issue in a heart beat. That may not be your big pole in the tent, but its ONE issue that would be out of the way. Sometimes just knocking one down feels like a victory for the day.
    I may want to bounce some other ideas off you as well with regard to all the other white noise Im working on. You’ve certainly been down that path 100 times more than I.

  24. Fran says:

    As long as you bring enough “white noise” for everybody.

  25. paulwilsonkc says:

    Im sorry fran….
    …..but theres a shortage of white noise.. and crawdaddys. Im temporarily out of season.

  26. paulwilsonkc says:

    I think “new sheriff in town” is….
    a little parody of me threatening to “out” Harley back in the good ole days.
    Funny, the first time. Repetitively redundant the second, third and fourth.
    But who knows, I may be wrong.

  27. Olde Sheriff Dude says:

    …. well, that’s just, like, your opinion, man

    Shortages of “white nose” always leads to an imbalance in the rate of conversation

  28. paulwilsonkc says:

    Its white noise – not nose, New sheriff dude
    …. and….well, my opinion is just, like, the only thing I have to offer, man

    Shortages of “a base line understanding of the topic” always leads to an imbalance in the rate of conversation

  29. Craig Glazer says:

    Update, No Payment Yet, Mailed One Month Ago
    A local payment was mailed according to Blue Cross on Dec 22nd, later it was told to me it went out Dec 27th…three weeks ago, this is a local mailed payment with the correct address from Blue Cross….clearly they did not mail anything…now they want to wait til Thurs…cancel check and remail in five days…unreal….I am shocked at this major KC companies coldness and lying…maybe they are in deep financial trouble….maybe all their payments are weeks late, don’t know….I will keep you posted, again, what a shocker….they agree payment is owed and was due long ago…they just don’t seem to care…I used to think they were a sound and somewhat fair group…clearly not….who knows when it will end with them, they fear nobody. Again what if your monthly payment to them was a month late….good luck…right….guess its the way of things today. I will let you know when it is paid.

  30. Johnny says:

    You need to borrow some money?

    Maybe try that title loan palce in the local strip mall.

  31. Cum-on and get in parellel line says:

    How does it feeeeeeeel? Tell me, how does it feeeeeeel?
    A scuzzy jail inmate, there for being a thief, is released after yuckking it up with the dispatchers (were any female?), and convincing 411 operators, to cum do the wild thing in a smelly jail toilet (UHHUHHUUHHH)

    Despite his own admission of $50-$250,000 rip offs (perhaps embellished a tad, you think?), he wrote a book, (sort of; the “scribe” would have, if he could have learned to write) and almost repented once, when the endless self righteous vainglorious drivel was at its most nauseating. Therefore, he deserves forgiveness and all of our love….

    This poor scud was victimized to the tune of maybe $5,000 by the perps at the insurance cos.. We should all start an “Occupy Poor Comedy Clubs” movement to seek justice, Justice, JUSTICE for our damaged pristineo !!

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