Glazer: ‘Full House’ Star Dave Coulier back in Town This Week at Stanford’s

Dave Coulier is back at Stanford’s this week…

It occured to me that Dave has been coming to our clubs here for well over a decade now. His long running TV show, Full House, was not only one of the biggest hits ever, but launched huge successes for all involved. The stars were Bob Saget,John Stamos, Coulier, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and Candace Cameron.

All of these actors went on to make millions after the show ended.

That might be a first and only in this biz. Usually it’s, "Hey, whatever happened to what’s-his-name from Miami Vice? You know, the black guy."  That kind of thing.

Look, just cause you don’t have more TV shows or movies doesn’t make you a loser. Some actors do so well they just retire or move into another business. A few, like Henry Winkler, become producers and make tons of money.

Bob Saget went on to star of America’s Funniest Home Videos. So did Dave, and now he’s the naughty mouthed comic, doing theaters along with some film and TV work. Saget did Stanford’s in Westport a few times in the 90’s. Stamos did several other TV series and ER. He recently starred on Broadway and made the tabloid rounds with his divorce from hottie actress Rebecca Romijn.

Trust me, John has no trouble with the ladies.

The Olsen Twins made several hundred million dollars on books, DVDs, clothes – you name it.

Dave did several other TV series including The Surreal Life with Flavor Fav, Talented Kids, and America’s Funniest Home Videos. Dave’s big money comes from the hundreds of voiceovers he does and lending his voice to cartoon series like Ghost Busters and the Muppet Babies. Like Saget, Dave does lots of comedy work as well, both corporate and club work. He just loves it.

Coulier and I became pals long ago. We’re about the same age, which helps. And we share some crossover life stories. No, not crime, Dave is Mr. Clean. Dave was having lunch with me in 2002 at the Cheesecake Factory on the Plaza when I got a sad call that my Grandpa Bennie had passed out in his car out on Westport Road.  I left Dave and rushed to the scene. My Grandpa, who I loved like a father, died in my arms. I was crushed. Dave waited three hours for me to come back – great guy – full of compassion.

And it was Dave who hung with me and Hearne that fateful night in 2008 that our editor and my co-writer here, tripped on the steps at Jardine’s. Oddly, the last time Dave and I doubled dated a year ago, we went to Jardine’s. I only go there a couple times a year, that was the last time before the recent KCC Christmas party.

Coulier has strong talent in comedy, acting, music and voices. He’s a rare cleancut entertainer who has made it all work. He even flys his own airplane!

If you like family humor and a true talent, here’s your guy, my friend Dave Coulier.

And yes, all three Full House stars, Bob, John and Dave remain best friends to this day – that too is rare in show biz.
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20 Responses to Glazer: ‘Full House’ Star Dave Coulier back in Town This Week at Stanford’s

  1. Facts says:

    Hey Dave, be sure to NOT take any gambling advice from this idiot gLazer.
    He will cost you your entire fee. He did not pick one winner last week, but
    he STLLl imagines himself as some kind of gambling guru. But the facts are…. he is an idiot.

  2. Downtown Davey says:

    Fan Of Full House And Coulier
    I am bringing my wife this Saturday, we already have reservations. I think she has a crush on your man Dave. Yeah what did happen to that guy on Miami Vice, not Don Johnson the other cop.

  3. paulwilsonkc says:

    Things Ive pondered over the years
    that this reminded me of. Clearly, if this guy is as clean cut as you say, he probably has a lot of balance in his life. But I’ve often wondered what happens to the guys who have “made it”, short term or long term, then find themselves doing something else they maybe didnt expect they would be? What does that do to the old ego, if you’re loaded or just getting by, by Hollywood standards?

    I practically lived in Boca Raton for a few years when I ran a division for a company based there. I always stayed at The Bridge on the intercoastal before I ended up with a condo down there. I check in one night in the late 80’s and who was the band on the lobby marque playing that night in the hotel lounge? KC and the Sunshine Band! Playing the hotel lounge! I went down to have a drink, listen to them and it was fine, but my constant thought was, not too many years back, you were playing sold out arenas all over the place. Now, you’re a hotel lounge act. How does “KC” feel each night, sitting in the dressing room getting ready to take the stage at The Bridge? Is the art so deep inside you it doesnt matter where you perform it, or is that a let down of some kind? Do you walk out on stage because you so totally love what youre doing it really doesn’t matter to you WHERE you perform your art, or were you too young when you hit it big and all your earnings went to corrupt managers, your 150 person posse and now you really need the cash?!?

    I’m sure Im the only one wasting time thinking about this crap, but its an interesting emotional dychotomy.

  4. Craig Glazer says:

    Good Question Paul, Well Put
    The age old question of what next when the party slows down! You called it right. Many performers don’t overcome the fall from grace so to speak. It’s nothing they have done wrong, its just hard to sustain fame and big bucks in the media/showbiz game. Most don’t. Just getting to the top is hard enough, even for a few years. Some, like Dave and crew have second chances, saved a ton of money and are not silly about always being a big star…

    Sadly most people can’t do that and the second half of their life is a mess. Doing a top comedy club is not the comedown that doing a lounge act might be…many top comedy stars like the clubs at times, new material, so on…bands, no, its just do a lounge or nothing. Its the age old “what have you done lately” the fall can be and usually is hard and mean. Other than Stamos, none of the three ever equaled their heat from Full House, but have made great income…the Olson Twins made millions but never really have done much TV/Film work since. Dave and Bob have worked steady and made large incomes, John has been a TV star ever since almost. So they are a rare breed. I could write a book on the falls of stars, but thats the norm. Lord knows I have seen too many in person, both in comedy and TV/film. Dave landed on his feet though.

  5. Mr Howell says:

    “the olson twins made millions but”….
    They made billions. On video, internet and tv. Those girls are worth more than any TV actors. As far as Dave, he’s pretty much hit rock bottom. Playing small town comedy clubs is a very steep fall in his career. And to be honest noone remembers nor cares about
    Full House. That was 30-40 years ago. But I’m sure has beens need money too so why not capitalize on what you did long ago. I mean if Jimmy Walker can feed his family based on a old tv show why can Dave do the same. I’m not into that old time tv has been scene. I saw the lady from Happy Days with my grandmother at the New Theatre and the only people there were senior citizens.

  6. paulwilsonkc says:

    The olsons – different story
    I read here while back that their fashion empire is closing in on $1B. Thats with a B.
    Anorexia aside, as a possible problem, at least they didnt fall into the child star flame out in a fog of drugs and drinking. They leveraged the name into a vertically intergrated market and made more than the show ever provided.

    I can see where stand up has to be different. Its instant gratification, they can make money, write new material and still have some fun with it.

    Sitting in a South Florida hotel, posh or not, watching KC… kind of made me sad. Now, if it was Harley and the JoJo Sam Band… I maybe would have giggled a little. This my last comment on this, you wont have paulwilsonkc to kick around any more!!

  7. Craig Glazer says:

    Hater Howell
    Same guy as fact guy, and one hundred hater names…first Dave Coulier could buy and sell you any day….he only does clubs cause he likes them, he doesn’t need the money…Mencia and Lewis Black did Stanfords over the last two years are they has beens? These guys make 10 to 30 grand a weekend with us…how much you make a week? Hater clown?

    The show ran from 87-96 not that long ago hater…Dave has been on TV ever since with cartoons and hosting shows and reality TV…he is a household name…so is Jimmy Walker….what have you ever done hater? Just hate your betters? Man if you think Dave and Jimmy are bums you must have me down as a bug…that makes you a zero….”the dogs bark and the caravan moves on” hey you just read teh Olsen Twins are Billion Dollar Babies…guess they are loseres too, huh.

  8. Harlow says:

    My Daughters Have ALL The Olsen Sisters Products
    We have CD’s, DVD’s, Clothes, you name the Olsen product we own it. Saw Dave in Westport, enjoyed the show, he looks great. Who is this person that says Coulier is a has been loser? What. We should all be losers like that Craig. Oh I bough two books Dave wrote. He signed them at Barnes and Noble about five years ago when he was there doing a promotion for the books.

  9. BS says:

    Full House
    What an abortion that show was. I don’t know if the writing or the acting was worse. Both were atrocious.

  10. Johnny says:

    How funny is it to watch idiot glazer swipe at air, dreaming there is only one person who deosnt like him?

    What an idiot. I am one of many here who consider glazer to a the dumbest fk to ever post on KCC…..
    but watching this dumbass swipe at air thinking it is just one person is sooooo funny… like watching a monkey at the zoo.

    Catch a clue girlyboy glazer, there are many many many who think you are just a foolish girl.

  11. Cliffy says:

    Poorly written and boring. Typical Glazer.

  12. xxMillerTimexx says:

    What is wrong with Glazer?
    He has been lashing out at people that are, honestly not saying much at all? Is the roids getting to him? That is not a joke, I honestly want to know. I knew a guy that took HGH and it damn near made him crazy, started beating his wife. Craig has the same signs of going off the edge.

  13. Craig Glazer says:

    Maybe If I Saw You Guys
    Really I am in the public eye daily, radio, TV etc…funny nobody else has said that, except the one hater with 99 names and xxMiller who is just a slight step above them…but thanks for you health concerns….I’ll keep an eye on me from now on…good job.

  14. Johnny says:

    tick tock
    Admitting there is a problem is the first step, but glazer may be too far gone to ever be able to see how messed up he is. Blaming others and lashing out at thin solves nothing, glazer should seek professional help. If hearne was a true friend, he would do an intervention and get glazer into rehab before he hurts himself or someone else. It is just a matter of time be fore he explodes, the clock is ticking

  15. kcfred says:

    Isn’t THIS the guy behind the pissed off Alanis Morisette’s pussy parade in the 90s? Is this the guy she went down on in a theatre?

  16. mermaid says:

    Say what you want…
    But Dave is really good looking and he plays hockey and he’s funny so he has more going for him than 99% of the losers in this city!

  17. The Tribe says:

    Don’t embibe with the scribe!
    I love how lazy glazy honors the ole saying, “Its not What you know, its WHO you know”. Even mediocre talents like the cast of Full House get The Scribe’s seal of awe. Speculation is they make lots of mmmoneyyyyy! So what if the twinners were WAY promoted…. Or were they simply great actors straight out of the womb?

    And if a NOT entertaining shit-com such as Full of Louse was the infant chickies’ springboard to billions; then you’d think a bigtime talent like the lazy glazy, what with his associate producer skills, his bar skills, his Valentino way with the ladies, and above all, his world class scriben, would have passed Bill Gates AND Warren Buffet by now, bankwise.

    Lazy Glazy, you let the cat out of the bag…….. Do you think those worthy Olsen twins would bitch about getting beat out of $5,000 by the death industry? The emperor has no money.

    And remember, lazy glazy, he who dies with the most cash wins. I wish you’d win today.

  18. paulwilsonkc says:

    Tribe, you amaze me
    First, he who dies with me most cash, or toys, or women or what ever…. it STILL DEAD! That doesnt look like a big win to me, but have at it, you may think you won at that point. But to wish that on someone…… thats so far over the top HARLEY wouldn’t have even said that when he was BAD Harley. I wouldn’t have either.
    You talk about haters…. man, hope you find some inner peace in there some where. Good lord.

  19. The Tribe says:

    Sorry to upset your wee sensibility Paul, My comments are what we in the business refer to as “comedy”, although they are a little lame for Bob Saget et al these days. Best stay away from St & Sons…. The acts would appall you.

    Lazy Glazey, you’d best stay out too. Too biting for your nervous sensibility.

    And besides Paul, Glaze and I are like THAT we’re so close. Didn’t you notice that “Scribe” rhymes with “Tribe”????

  20. paulwilsonkc says:

    Im sorry, tribe, my bad
    Oh, Im sorry again, my bad is so 10 years ago.

    I apologize for missing the comedy and that level of tightness you and Craig experience.

    Last two times I was at St & Sons, one, I was with the headliner, his girlfriend, my date and we had a GREAT time. The second, my son and I went to see Lewis Black, who I love. I know, LOVE is an outdated term. Ahhh…. Black was epic, as usual. The bomb.

    I do, however, liked his older stuff better, but thats likely because of my wee sensibility. I’ve suffered from wee issues my entire life.
    And with that, wee be out.

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