Starbeams: Rolling Roof, Rolling Streetcars & Rolling with the Punches

While in Washington, D.C., Kansas City mayor Sly James was told by the U.S. Secretary of Education that KC has the "worst school district" in the nation.  Mayor James is trying to get the city to take over the district, the interim superintendent says we are "not the worst district…" 

Meanwhile, thousands of KC students are left wondering, "Where is Washington, D.C?"


The mayor was in D.C. to ask for $25 million in federal aid to build a new streetcar line downtown.  Why don’t they just ask for $25 million less in parking meter change and maybe more local residents would go downtown?


More proof that soccer is taking over:  Sporting KC will have seven nationally televised games in the upcoming season.  The MLS wants to reward the team for a strong finish and the league also wants to show off the fancy Livestrong Sporting Park.  Some fans were upset because weather became a bit of an issue toward the end of last season. 

A lot of people don’t realize this, but Livestrong is situated by to Kansas Speedway and lines up perfectly for a giant rolling roof!


Kelly Urich is the morning host on The Point 99.7 FM

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