Glazer: Scribe Lays His Money on the Line for NFL Playoffs

Boy, seems like just a few weeks ago the season started, doesn’t it?

And still no snow. No big suprises really; the top four teams are all there, the Packers, Ravens, Saints and Steelers. I said they’d be and they are. The other teams that we talked about, Houston and Detroit – the new kids on the block – are also there. Baby surprises are the Bengals and Denver. The New York Giants and Atlanta Falcons were expected to land with less force and they did.

I counted out favorites such as the Cowboys and Eagles and sure enough, they both failed. So here we are, and picking the Super Bowl winner will not be so easy.

Three teams have made nice, positive moves with "new stars" to carry pull the load. Tom Brady and New England needed the help of a new, great receiver and got  tight end Rob Gronkowski. And he made the difference. Without him no home field advantage.

In New Orleans, they got "giant help" from a 6’8" monster at tight end named Jimmy Graham and in New York Eli Manning can count his lucky toes he has Victor Cruz. Aaron Rodgers may lose the MVP award to Drew Brees, because the Pack suffers from NO NEW STARS. They seem a bit worn down, and their defense is awful as is New England’s. Yet those two are the Vegas favorites even now over the hot Saints.

The Packers are 1 1/2 to 1 to win it all, New England is 3 to 1 and the Saints are 4 to 1. At the bottom Denver and the Bengals and at 20 to 1 the New York Giants are not a bad long shot…

Pro Football Playoffs:
Pittsburgh -2 over the Broncos (tease you get 6 points)
Saints -4 1/2 over Detroit (tease with Steelers above)
Bengals 8 over Houston (tease with Giants)
New York Giants -3 over Atlanta (tease with Bengals)
College Bowl Games:
Kansas State 15 over Arkansas 9 (tease get  6 points)
Alabama 5 over LSU (tease with K State)

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26 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Lays His Money on the Line for NFL Playoffs

  1. FACTS says:

    for novelty use only… not meant as actual advice
    I am not going to waste too much time with your work of fiction …. in short ….
    YOU CAN NOT make bets after a bowl is complete… but nice try betting the KSU gaem….
    and as far as your other spreads/teases….sorry they dont jibe with reality, looks like mystery theater 2000……

    Maybe yuour BFF Chuck will sort it our for you….. but this is nonsense….. but you have fun with your fiction, if it makes you feel better…… but NOT TRY EVEN ATTEMPT TO try to tell anyone here you picked ANY games correct.. this is for novelty use only.

    actual spreads….. I know about the +6/-6 tease…
    but I cant figure out how he gets Bengals 8…. oh well… no big deal.

    105 ATLANTA FALCONS 49 47 / 47.5 / 46.5 47.5 +130
    106 NEW YORK GIANTS -3 -15 -3 -15 / -3 -3 -05 -150

    107 PITTSBURGH STEELERS -7.5 -9 / -9 -05 / -8.5 -05 -9 EVEN -380
    108 DENVER BRONCOS 35 35 / 34.5 / 34 33.5 +310

    101 CINCINNATI BENGALS 38.5 38.5 / 38 / 38.5 38 +175
    102 HOUSTON TEXANS -3 EVEN -4 -05 / -3.5 -05 / -4 -05 -4 -210

    103 DETROIT LIONS 58.5 58.5 / 59 59.5 +435
    104 NEW ORLEANS SAINTS -10.5 -11 / -10.5 / -10.5 -05 -10.5 -575

  2. Glaze's best friend chuck says:

    @ Facts-thats interesting, who ya takin????
    Houston is a three point favorite over the Bengals. Cincy has a QB. Houston does not. I like the Bengals.

    New Orleans is 11.5 over the Lions. The over should be some number squared to the 10th power infinity. I like New Orleans.

    The Giants are a 3 point favorite over Atlanta. Atlanta is a terrible road team. Take the Giants, my longshot pick 15 to 1 to win the Superbowl.

    Pittsburgh is a 9 point favorite over the Broncos. God wants you to take the points and Denver, so do I.

    Full disclosure—-All season I was about 2 outta 3, with a bad weekend last week (sheepish smile on face…) of 1 outta 4. Tennessee choked.

    Me and my best friend Glaze are gettin drunk on our winnings tomorrow night. 🙂

  3. Facts says:

    Dont be a litter bug or degenerate gambler
    Who am I takin? This weekend? No one…. therre are no locks.

    I am not a degenerate gambler. I do not need to bet every weekend. I wait and wait and wait…. and I look for “LOCK” Then I bet 10x on one bet. and they always (usually) win. It based on passed results… coaching styles… which team NEEDS to win versus a team can take a loss…… but I understand if someone is writing a novelty article on gamblinmg they need to make up spreads, do teasers etc etc …that is fine… it is juts not for me.

    Some goofs always offer have many many choice/guesses/darts…. e.g. in the stock market we have this clown Jim Cramer, he will give you 20 stocks a day to buy….. that is nonsense. One only needs to find a stock, everyt once in a while….e.g. like Net Flix, One needs to constantly watch and not invest until one decides that it has hit bottom (end of the year selling etc etc ) and is now ready to bounce…buy a 1000 shares… make 15,000 in a week…and people think betting football is a way to make money 😉 …. uhm…ok…what ever you say.

  4. Facts says:

    If you dont get it, then there is no use explaining any more.

  5. Facts says:

    should say….
    IF you read other columns on KCC, you might notice that people who are NOT so freekin serious seem to have more fun.. and they dont tend to attract comments/people to put them in their place.

  6. chuck says:

    Gadzooks Glaze, you just called some one a dumb bell.

    I am the dumbell, I took the Bengals. 🙂

    Up my nose with a rubber hose!

  7. KU Forever says:

    Good Observation Glazer
    Yes, It seems good teams need new blood every two years to continue to shine. New England and The Steelers have done that well for ten years, but only New England had a new HOT star this year, the Ron Guy. You noticed that, sharp call. I followed you all year, I do what a tease is most people who ever bet do as well, don’t let this guy get you going again. You had a great year Craig, look forward to next year with you. Who do you like to go all the way?

  8. Packers Nation says:

    Packers Win It All Again
    Green Bay will take it down again. I think you picked them before the season Glazer. I know everyone loves the Saints, they will fold at our home field, count on it. Yeah Fact guy his numbers are correct from when he may have written the picks, Cinn. Bengals were +3 but ended up +4. The Giants were -3 at home and still are so if you teased it, they would be +3, so that is correct, K-State, who got killed, were 9 or 10 so yeah with tease 15, correct. Watch my Packers go all the way. Aaron Rogers is MVP not Brees.

  9. Perry Watson says:

    How KU Forever, Packer Nation, Tiger Tail and Downtown Davey all seem to show up at the same time on Craiger’s stories. Seriously? We’re expected to believe that his worthless pieces draw the same crowd each time? Seriously? Are we expected to believe that the same people comment on his stories each time? And they all have the same, remarkably poor syntax? Holy shit.


    Oh, and anyone remember that one time that he forgot to log out of his character’s ID and he commented AS someone else on his own story? Jesus. What a sad clown.

  10. Ridley says:

    Wow, look at all that weird stuff Craig blurts out when he throws a temper tantrum. Where do all of those crazy ideas come from? It seems like he may be telling us just a little bit too much about himself. Too much information. Does KCC have a psychological test they give to potential story writers, to see if they a mentally able to the job? Because Craig seems mentally unfit for online activities. He has severe anger issues, he seems dangerous. I supposethat can be expected from ex-convicts. Be careful if you are around him.

  11. Scooby says:

    Craig is a dumb bell
    Gadzooks shaggy

  12. xxMillerTimexx says:

    I don’t care how many bets he drops
    I just wish he would stop calling himself the “Scribe” It is stupid

  13. kcredsox says:

    Glazer off the wagon already?
    I thought we were supposed to get a kinder and gentler Glazer this new year. Hearne, you said you were going to make that happen.

  14. kcfred says:

    I never post as anyone else. Never. And I still would not in a million years trade my life for yours. NIce customer service Craig. Until you get a thick skin, you’ll go nowhere.

  15. Craig Glazer says:

    Hater Fact Moron
    Again, my picks have been on here since day one of College/NFL season. The first few weeks were unreal at plus 90%, sure it went down after that, holding that number is not possible, nobody has ever picked ten or more a week with the spread and done that well all year. Yes the last few weeks have been up and down, but moron, nobody who reads this doesn’t know how well we did most of the year. You are a hating clown so, you just make up what you want. This week was not so good, but now there are only a few games left. The year will stay over 70% with just a couple more games to pick. Hopefully we can improve on that….we allow pick advice nobody said go gamble thats up to you…I don’t make all these bets…these are my picks…do what you want to with them or nothing at all, its just entertainment. On air guys are wrong MOST of the time but never take responsibility for bad picks all year…and on TV the spread usually does not come in….they pick like four or five games…much easier…

    So keep on hating clown boy….like I said if its all so bad, move on, go somewhere else you like better, we’ll live without you, bye.

  16. Hearne says:

    Keep it clean, ladies and gentlemen
    Uh, or else…

  17. Facts says:

    what you just deleted was clean.

    You are now censoring… just to be censoring… and protecting you BFF glazer, while allowing him to name call, talk BS etc etc etc etc

  18. not Craig Glazer says:

    Hater glazer Moron
    To hearne and everyone else,
    You can thank me for exposing glazer’s gambling bull shit.

    I was ignoring him for a long while….. ignored his posts….
    then he started this gambling bull shit talk….I still ignored…

    Then he started ROARING, SCREAMING that he was some
    kind of guru…going 90% for the year…… so….sigh….. I had to
    come to the rescue of the people either too lazy, or too ignorant
    to keep track of his bets….and LOW AND BEHOLD….. the week I
    started keeping track he goes 45%….then 60%…. then 25%…… then 0%

    Why was no one else keeping track of his lies?

    How did I know he was full of shit? because it is a FACT – it is damn near impossible
    to make long term money betting NFL football. Long ago I used to bet the NFL a lot…
    and it is a lot harderthan it it is rigged. There are guys who get paid a ton of
    money for good picks…and they still get it wrong….

    Then gLazer started crowing how he was some kind of guru. I knew that
    was BS…… mainly becaue I know he is not very smart….. maybe lucky but
    not very smart.. I knew he could NOT be going 80-90%….THUS…. I STARTED KEEPING TRACK.

    And sure enough…… he is full of shit… he was always full of shit… he is 20-40% on the year. (A COIN IS 50%)

    THE MORAL? ….as I said a month ago…… dont be fooled into thinking you can make money doing this.
    There are too many people who are a lot smarter than you or I with inside information betting aginst you,

    Of course it is fun to give glazer (or any bragging gambler) shit… they always crow when they get lucky
    and say nothing when they lose (notice this week)(if I had said nothing, niether would he)

    Hearne, you need to apply the discalimer “THIS INFORMATION IS FOR NOVELTY USE ONLY”
    or you might open youself up to liablity…. You dont allow stock market advice..why allow gambling advice?

  19. Hearne Christopher says:


  20. Facts says:

    Please what?

    The dude holds himself out to be a 90% gambling expert and then he goes 0% on the weekend, and we should just ignore that?

    gLazer attracts all the trouble he gets…. he sends out writen invitations…… then he whines and acts surprised when trouble shows up? If he would mellow out, and quit acting like he is something special, I am sure people would stop putting him in his place.

    His only reply to LOSING ALL OF HIS BETS this weekend… is to say …”herp derp, these are not bets I made, these are just picks”
    what the heck?

    You cant see the nonsense of that? Why do you even allow that crap here?

  21. Craig Glazer says:

    This Is The Last Warning
    There will be not others. Next you get dumped for good hater. You have made your point, but the continued foul language can’t be on here anymore. You write the same thing over and over and over…we are glad you proved I haven’t one a game….you are a gambling genius and clearly I am not. Thank you for showing us how smart you are….anyways one more of these and its bye bye.

  22. xxMillerTimexx says:

    Easy folks
    Glazer is about to take his ball and go home to mommy. So please chill out for a liitle while, the only thing worth reading on here is Lefty and people bashing Glazer. So for the love of God, just give him time to settle down.

  23. Facts says:

    everyone is laughing at glazer the loser
    “”This Is The Last Warning
    Craig Glazer 04:25:17 PM – Mon. Jan 9. 2012

    There will be not others. Next you get dumped for good hater.””
    LOL…. OK tough guy…….. but….. arent you going to count to 3?

    You start trouble, talk all big, then you fail and you cant handle the truth. That the the facts.
    You have as foul mouth as anybody on this board, so do not play innocent. Everyone is laughing at you.

    Dont talk the talk, if you cant walk the walk. You went 0%. period.

  24. Facts says:

    I have all the respect in the world for Hearne, he is awesome……..

    …… but gLazer is pathetic, a real loser.
    This site was MUCH better before gLazer starting writing articles.
    gLazer poisoned the well. gLazer is bad for business.
    gLazer starts trouble, and then crys to mama when people are mean to him.

  25. Craig Glazer says:

    Really Hater “Glazer Is Number 4 Most Read Website Writer”
    Really Mister nobody coward with no name but 100 fake ones, who is a punk. Our site is number 3 in the midwest trailing on the KC STAR and the Pitch….Hearne is number 3 most read website writer, I am number 4, in the area…hmmm, so I hurt business, really…but hey you help make us top notch your stupid comments get lots of laughs…Keep it up just watch your language….thanks for playing…bye P.S.. might try calling into Dare, 98,9 when I am on, you can go at me on the air, they will let you see how that goes…but you are too big a little scared mouse, right? Right.

  26. Facts says:

    Poor poor craigy. Didnt your Mommy and Dddy love you. Why are you so angry?

    Why do you do and say all these crazy things? You need to calm down before you give yourself a heart attack, and more importantly you need to get off the drugs which are rotting your mind and the steroids which are rotting you body. All these crazy threats and insane comments you make, man, you are nuts.

    I wonder why everyone else see this, except poor little craigy? poor kid. It is really is very sad to watch his decline/demise.

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