Today: KU Fans Stoked Over New Football Phat Man Despite the Critics

This is a very unusual season in Lawrence…

And not just the weather. Basketball’s well underway but everywhere you go the scent of pigskin’s in the air. There’s a new phat dude in town and KU football fans are getting restless. They’ve all but put Missouri in the rearview mirror and out of their minds. However, instead of dreaming about going to the Big Dance, they’re buying KU football tickets.

Go figure.

To some in KC, hiring new KU head coach Charlie Weis was downright dumb. Star sports columnist Sam Mellinger labeled it desperate, calling Weis a failed head coach on his fourth job in four years with really bad health.

Mellinger didn’t quite have the guts to come right out and say it, but Weis isn’t just phat, he’s fat.

Just like former KU head football coach Mark Mangino, the dude who inspired defunct Lawrence retailer Joe-College‘s infamous "Our Coach is Phat" T-shirts.

All that said, Lawrence is stoked and here’s why.

"So far, so good," says Lawrence promoter Brett Mosiman. "He’s brought a lot of enthusiasm back to KU football. People are talking about it in the middle of basketball season and that’s never happened hardly.

"They’re talking about possible assistant coaches and that kind of stuff. It looks like things are looking up for KU football, so we’ll see if any wins follow all of this enthusiasm."

Mosiman’s a die hard sports fan who just runs legendary Lawrence artist showcase, the Bottleneck. He also created the Wakarusa festival and is the force behind the Crossroads KC concert venue downtown.

"Since Weis came on two top ranked quarterbacks have committed to KU," Mosiman says. "So ostensibly we have two 5-star quarterbacks coming in over the next three years. And they should attract top receivers and all kinds of offensive talent. I mean, Weis is an offensive genius. He has like three or four Super Bowl rings and look at Matt Cassel.

"Cassel was terrible in Kansas City his first year. Then his second year he made the Pro Bowl and then he was terrible again this year. And the only difference is that during his second year he was under the tutelage of Charlie Weis. Tom Brady was a sixth round pick and Weis turned him into ann All Pro, Super Bowl-winning, Hall of Famer."

Let’s take a minute to refelct on ousted KU football head coach Turner Gill. Gill was one very popular cookie in LA – despite his horrible win-loss record – owing in large part to the fact that he was such a standup guy.

Is there anybody floating around thinking Gill got a raw deal and deserved another year or two to get KU on track?

"You will not find that sentiment in very many barber chairs," Mosiman says dryly.

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13 Responses to Today: KU Fans Stoked Over New Football Phat Man Despite the Critics

  1. sam says:

    ku fans get your facts straight
    1. the 5 star quarterbacks were stars 5 years ago. They have done nothing since. One is a 5th or 6th year
    player who has one year of eligibility left. The other is old also. He has 2 years left. So weiss goes the quick
    route bringing in 2 old qb’s who havent panned out.
    2. Hires a high school coach with no college experience at all. Hires a guy from a school that went 2-22
    where the players fought the coaches and the coaches fought each other. Brings in non winning loser
    coaches from notre dame along with weiss’s totally disastrous season at florida as offensive coordinator.
    3. Ku can’t get a break. The guy needs a rascal to move around in. Doesn’t bring his family to lawrence.
    How bad is this. Worse than anyone can imagine. And next year you lose missouri and texas a and m
    and pick up west virginia and tcu. That means more no win conference seasons for KU because the only
    teams they might beat are ISU and maybe one other team because most schools are losing their top players
    (osu and baylor).
    Good luck KU. You made another mistake. Next time you use an expert be sure the guy knows something about
    football. I don’t think this person you qoute knows anything about it. Or you are lazy and didn’t do any investigative
    work on the new big guy in lawrence.

  2. Mr. Hoof R. Tedd says:

    ku fans are stoked about this?
    Just more proof that kansas is a basketball school and its fans know nothing about football.

  3. Ku Fan says:

    Nice try hearne, but….. uh….
    Hmmmmm…… I will rate this a 1/2 point positive article for KU (still owing 84 1/2) and… 3/4ths a name dropping, butt kisiing article for your buddy, the goofball who runs that dump in the middle of the city, but somehow doesnt supply running water in the bathrooms, still uses porta potties, makes people stand in the bug infested mulch….. You know the place??…… hot as fuck in the summer… cold as fuck in the winter…. rainy as fuck when it rains… How many shows there have now been stopped due to danger of fans being struck by lightening……. but whgats-his-name doesnt give a fuck about fans or the the music, he is just anoitehr money grubber in the music BUSINESS, with an emphahsis on the BUSINESS MONEY…..he just rakes in the money. But word is getting out and hopefully more and more acts like Elvis Costello, Wilco, and other swear to never make their fans deal with that dump again.

    Now…. someday hearne if you can write a propeer artilce about KU proper, and make it positive without pimping any of your buiddies….. well, we are still waiting….. come on Wildcat…. you can do it.

  4. rockchalk_kc says:

    “sam” – get your facts straight
    1. Weis brings in not one, but two 5 Star QBS (coming out of high school) on the same day. Never happened before in the history of the program. Have either played a single down for KU yet? No. But KU fans know that both of these guys are absolutely better than Jordan Webb. Reason to be excited? Check.

    2. Hires a H.S. coach with no college football coaching experience. So you think every college football coach has to start at the college level? Disagree. You gotta start somewhere and Weis is giving “Grunny” his shot now. This is an excellent hire for KC-area recruiting, plus he did a very good job with the Miege program. Reason to be encouraged? Check.

    3. He needs a Rascal to move around + didn’t move family to Lawrence + MU and A&M leaving conference = worse than anyone could imagine? I’m guessing you ran out of material after 1 and 2, above. I tried to decipher what your point is here, but it’s clear as mud.

    He used a scooter at Chiefs training camp a few years ago because he tore two ligaments in his knee from a sideline collision and has had several knee surgeries because of it.

    He isn’t moving his family to Lawrence because his daughter, who has a developmental disorder, attends a special needs school that she enjoys and he doesn’t want to uproot and move her to Kansas.

    As far as MU and A&M leaving the conference – I don’t disagree with you that this creates a more difficult schedule for KU (and the rest of the “North” teams) because they are going to have to play all of the Texas + OK schools next year. This has nothing to do with the hiring of Charlie Weis, though, so what’s your point?

    As far as your “parting shots” … or whatever that babble was … that’s your opinion. I guess we’ll see how “the big guy” pans-out next season.

  5. balbonis moleskine says:

    when overmatched, air it out.
    If you are a top fight offensive or defensive lineman from KS or MO and want to stay in the area you go to KSU or MU, they consistently put OLs and DLs in the pros.

    The only way KU is going to compete is overcome their 30-40lb size disadvantage by snagging a few key position players and running the spread, pass happy offense.

    They just can’t line it up against KSU and MU and run the ball. Not gonna happen. And we won’t even get into what it looks like trying to run on UT.

    As for Weiss length of time at KU, I wouldn’t expect more than a few years. But KU is a stepping stone job anyway if you win too much. Weiss probably has a bad taste in his mouth from the Smithville Bus incident and is not moving here yet until it is clear it is panning out.

  6. sam says:

    at ku hope springs eternal
    keep wishing/praying/hoping. Won’t happen. From quarterbacks to defense the ku team is full of quitters.
    Charles can’t change that. Maybe in 5 years. Til then good luck. Its a great idea on KU’s part not to play
    MU. When mu gets reved up they will stomp KU for the next 20 years. Sorry guys. Just the truth.
    And yes they were 5 stars 5 years ago. Nothing since. And the staff is filled with big time losers (2-22?)
    Now tell me one game that you think KU can win next year. One conference game. Then bet on it.

  7. Rabbit says:

    Why quote that guy about ku???
    OOOOHHHhhhh….. because he just released his (utterly lame) line up for his wakarusa fest 2012.

    Come on hearne, couldnt you try to a least pretend to be a lil sneaky with this type of thing?

    “Craparusa 2012″….ALL the children will there to hear their favorite DJs playing the hits from their laptops.

  8. paulwilsonkc says:

    I like turtles
    Hearne, from what Im reading, you are in/accused of being in so many people’s back pockets, you shouldn’t need to work, write a blog, nothing. Maybe just buy a 3/4 ton truck to take all that money to the bank…

    You’re a credit to the 1%ers and I’m proud to know you.

  9. Babbit says:

    rolling eyes at hearne
    should read >>>>>
    KU Fan_ Stoked Over New Football….blah blah blah.

    One, singular, uno…. there is no plural…no fanS… when it is one person…. should read fan.

  10. Hearne Christopher says:

    I’m working on it, I’m working on it…

  11. Hearne Christopher says:

    Well, actually I spoke with a number of high profile KU fans this past weekend, but Mosiman was the one who said it best

  12. emik says:

    Is it just me or does Charlie Weis look alot like Chaz Bono?

  13. kcfred says:

    You said this guy was a “sports” fan. No.
    A “sports’ fan would be someone who can see all sides of the story.
    The guy you interviewed is a “KU fan” who has a distorted view of their own worth.
    And THIS is the dipshit responsible for the POS that is Crossroads?
    Even worse.
    I have NO respect for him or any of his opinions.
    I guess there’s no ass you won’t kiss, huh?

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