Hearne: Missouri’s Offer to Play KU in Football a Hollow Gesture

Add sports politics to the circus going on in Washington, D.C….

When Missouri told the world late last year it was leaving the Big 12 for the SEC there was no shortage of pissed off Kansans. Starting with comments by KU basketball coach Bill Self and continuing on to the school’s official Facebook page with: "Missouri forfeits a century-old rivalry. We win."

So as the final Big 12 KU-MU basketball games draw near, do the KU faithful still harbor ill feelings towards the departing Tigers?

"You’re funny," laughs Lawrence promoter Brett Mosiman. "No. None at all."

Because Kansas would have done the same thing as Missouri if it were in the same boat?

"The same boat as having short man’s disease or whatever?" Mosiman quips. "They clearly had issues with their self worth."

Shots aside, what about KU setting aside hurt feelings and agreeing to keep the basketaball and football rivalries intact as a non-conference games? Something Missouri has publicly stated it wants to do.

That would be stupid, Mosiman says.

"It’d be like playing Little Sisters of the Poor in basketball because they’ve been so consistantly below us," Mosiman says. "We don’t need them to sell out Sprint Center, KU sells out Sprint with anybody they play and there are so many other good teams out there KU can play. So why should we split half the revenue with MU when we can get Dartmouth to come in for a couple grand?

"It doesn’t advance KU basketball in any way. And it doesn’t matter if we beat them or if we don’t."

How about the football game at Arrowhead that Kansas City and Mo. politicians are so bummed about losing?

Doesn’t make good business sense from a Kansas viewpoint, Mosiman says.

"You don’t see a lot of Oklahoma versus Ohio State non conference games in football," Mosiman says. "And KU is not going to go out and play an SEC team for kicks unless they become a perenial bowl team – and when has KU ever been a perenial bowl team?"

In other words, KU’s rejection of Missouri pleas to continue the series has nothing to do with being jilted.

"Missouri thinks it’s all about them, but it’s not at all," Mosiman explains. "We’re not going to play Missouri anymore than we’re going to play Tennessee or Georgia."

Mosiman thinks MU’s pleas to continue playing KU ring hollow at best.

"MU wanted to come out of leaving the Big 12 smelling like they weren’t the bad guy when they left," Mosiman says. "Which they were. They just wanted to try and save their face with the fans and politicians. They wanted to make like they still wanted to play the game even though they knew it didn’t make any sense and they knew full well that it was never a possibility. So that was a lame extension of the hand, it wasn’t real."

Don’t buy it? Read on.

"Missouri had an intense rivalry with Nebraska the past several years and did you see them trying to keep Nebraska on their schedule?" Mosiman asks. Of course not."

The bottom line for KC on MU’s bailing in Mosiman’s humble opinion:

"MU did great damage to the Kansas City economy and it should be held responsible for it."

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32 Responses to Hearne: Missouri’s Offer to Play KU in Football a Hollow Gesture

  1. Super Dave says:

    Hey MU see ya later
    You know I have never cared what MU did or didn’t do. I went to KU as well as two other local schools but I call KU home. But if KU had wanted to go to the SEC then I would have not liked it.

    I just have always believed a school should stay in a conference in which the school is located myself. To me it then makes the games have a touch more rivalry to them. I am sure KU will still play MU but just don’t think it won’t have the excitment it once had least not to me.

    As for Mosimans humble opinion I disagree with him. But then that is nothing new either. MU moving conference wise is the least of the economical problems in KC-MO.

  2. Babbit says:

    Just one source? what would your J-school teachers say?
    A more honest headline would be “One opinion about _____ _______… what ever story you are doing.

    The other day you blathered some BS about Lawrence being your home away from home, yet you only quote one source for KU and or other stories?

    I feel sorry for you hearne…….. you used to be really REALLY good…. these days? …. not so much… kind of sad.

  3. Babbit says:

    If you insist on talking to this person…why not ask him about something he really know…….. e.g. putting together his concerts… or his view on hot concvert acts…….you know? something he actually does…. versus him jabbering about balh balh balh…

    Give us some insight…come on man…. Dont ask the pope about strip joints or millionaires about living on a budget

    So how about ask this guy some concert type of questions… who knows you might even convert to be a fan of his…

  4. sam says:

    same goes for mu
    why should mu go to arrowhead when they can retain all the revenue for football in columbia. Why should mu fans
    be 80% of the ticket buyers at arrowhead because ku fans quit on their team by october? MU can play georgia (where the
    city is expecting 200,000 people in the town for the game) or Alabama in columbia where they get 100% national
    coverage or Carolina or LSU. No mu has no bad feelings. Arrowhead and kc will survive. KU fans added nothing to
    the revenue besides tickets and concessions. They all drove in for the game (according to convention bureau) while
    MU fans from St. Louis and Columbia bought up most of the rooms overnight.
    MU has moved on. KU fans stop crying. The additional exposure MU will get will be tremendous. The additional
    tv revenues will be huge. And now we’re discovering that licensing rights have double in revenue for MU.
    So why beat a dead horse. In reality it was a good deal for KU also. Why get your head pounded for many many years
    by MU in football when you can schedule a low division school and get a win. KU will never make up revenue they
    got from arrowhead. I think they got one million dollars. With attendance at about 10,000 on that same weekend
    they were better off at arrowhead.
    So now self comes out and says the football revenue has to increase. It won’t. And basketball is maxed out
    according to self so the football team has to increase revenues or the program is in trouble.
    Stop downgrading our move. Did you see what LSU did…ran a full page welcoming MU to sec. INcredible!
    Never happens in big 12.
    A note to ku fans…prepare for problems. ESPN will buy out longhorn network. Its terrible. When that happens
    its say goodbye to texas/texas tech/oklahoma/OSU and ku will be left without a league. It’s going to happen.
    So stop with the cuts ku fans. MU is soaring. Money is coming in at record pace after sec announcement.
    We believe we can be a top university. Traditional midwest states are dying. All the action and money is
    gravitating to the south. MU moved because of that. The population is moving south to warm climates.
    The sec gives missouri incredible options that the present situation did not offer. This is a great decision
    for MU and its standings and it’s future.
    If you watched the chanellor he explained that athletics is the “porch” of a university. But that a university
    thrives with whats inside the house. Missouri is growing! Record enrollment. Record endowment. Record
    incoming cash. Record student recognition. Its an exciting time to be an MU alumni. Sports are important
    but as other schools have shown…you can have a great academic program along with a good athletic
    program and become a great university.
    What does KU offer. More of the same obscurity/failing university/lagging enrollment/huge budget cutback by
    brownback/and just an inferior non growth future.
    KU people. Come support mu. Come support a great future in education and athletics.
    After the final 2 games we’re done being rivals. Come support your neighbors and see what a world class
    university and world class planning can do to a university.

  5. chuck says:

    Follow the money.
    “Missouri thinks it’s all about them, but it’s not at all,” Mosiman explains. “We’re not going to play Missouri anymore than we’re going to play Tennessee or Georgia.”

    Patently absurd.

    A comparison of those 2 schools in place of Missouri and a 150 year old rivalry, with Civil War roots and generations of families who have insulted each other and had fun with the rivalry over that same time speaks to Mosiman’s self worth and his mistaken premise, unspoken, that we are all naive and unable to extrapolate the obvious.

    After the egos cool down, and everyone quits acting like jilted lovers and 3rd graders, the guys who write checks, will remember that this rivalry will indeed generate cash in Basketball and in Football.

    KU and MU will play, and they will play often in the not too distant future.

    Mosiman needs to go braid his hair, get a pedi, cause he is good enough, smart enough and Doggone it, people like him.

  6. randyraley says:

    No Dog In This Hunt
    I’m an Iowa alum. Mizzou had to do what they hard to do. Texas told the rest of the conference to eff off. So, Mizzou did. Sam hit it on the head. Alabama in Columbia? Yikes. This is big time. Mizzou will do just fine in the SEC. They’re South Carolina in football and (this year) as good as anyone except Kentucky. KU looks like petulant kids who didn’t get their way and will take their ball home. The “Big whatever” will only be together as long as Texas says so. I think Mizzou said no thanks. KU didn’t get the choice.

  7. Doctor says:

    bye bye mu
    KU is not and was not, the insecure, stuck in the middle of no where dump school that mu is.

    KU is close to KansasCity and draws on that. KU had no reason to want to leave the Big12.

    To morons thinking KU will be left in the cold,….are you paying attention? 2 new schools are
    already on board to replace defsctors with more to come. KU has been strong since the Big 6 Big 8 and now Big 12

    mu was the ugly step sister who thought she had a date, but the guy was actually looking for Nebraska.
    poor, ugly mu never got over that… and then was so embarrassed she had to leave home… quite pathetic.

    mu has never won a National Championship in any sport…. is and is an average school on any other measure.

    things going for it….. anybody ever heard of a little place called KU MEDICAL CENTER?

    mu fans are the losers in this deal. they got no money and they lost a brother to fight with.
    I for one wont miss thier childish rants….and hope they stop looking west… look south mu
    look to the the SEC …… it is all yours… have fun with that…… really dont care about you any more …bye bye.

  8. sam says:

    dr…thank you. But get ready
    You again as all ku alumni have nothing to talk about except a basketball program of which noone outside
    of topuke…eudora..lawrence…ottawa and johnson county care about. We saw during realignment talks
    that KU was scared to death of being left to fend for themselves. Even self was nervous not knowing where
    they were going.
    But texas will screw you in the end. And that’s the truth.
    The only sport that mattered to the nation was football of which ku has the worst team in ncaa.
    But KU has nothing there. They are a failing university. Flailing in the wind to be relevant…trying to
    keep the athletic program in the black but very much in the red. They are essentially rolling the dice
    with the fat man to bring back football.
    But KU fans/alumni never talk about anything but bball. Their school is inferior to MU. While Ku is
    dying…mu is expanding…profiting…and driving to be one of the top universities in the nation.
    Kansas is dying as a state. Boeing is leaving. 1 billion in salaries. No growth…actually population
    is not expanding. Industry is closing. They are a dying breed.
    The growth is in the southern belt. That’s one of the reason MU moved…plus the additional
    30-40 million dollars it will reap each year for the move. Essentially dr. you should stick to what you
    know best..and not attempt malpractice in an area you are stupid.
    Mu moved. Ku fans have been so upset about it. We nolonger need that rivalry. It was a beatdown the
    last 4 years and would continue to be one for the next 20 years. Why would MU want to continue to
    sell 80% of the tickets to the game…be an overnight inconvenience to it’s fans and watch their team
    beat up another bunch of quitters and losers.
    Remember dr. noone cares about basketball. Its almost right there with volleyball and track.
    Its a secondary sport and has no big revenue impact on a university. When your team sucks
    watch the entire athletic department go into huge debt.
    In september…MU gains a new branding status. Watch. Its huge. We have never
    needed KU or its inconsequential basketball team. The football team has shown itself
    to be the worst in America.
    Finally we say bye. Your fans have quit on the team. No more rants by KU fans. MU and the
    university are taking off for an incredible future. We don’t just talk football or bball.
    Now KU fans get used to it. There is not one conference game you can win in the next
    5 years. You are l-o-s-e-r-s,
    Watch us ku fans. We are growing/expanding and ready to be part of the best athletic conference
    in America…and while you think the sun rises and sets with baby boy bill we saw that noone in the
    nation cared about him and his program.
    Keep bouncing the ball. You are losers.

  9. bschloz says:

    sam…welcome to KCC. Good to see fresh new contributors to this site.

  10. Jim says:

    Harley……..errrr……I mean Sam
    You’ve shown yourself to be the quintessential MU rah-rah. Painting an image of what you think your University is or for that matter, was. You could NEVER get it done in football or basketball. Ever. You honestly believe that MU is this football powerhouse. If it wasn’t so sad, it would be funny. All the years Pinkel has been at MU, they have basically been a .500 team in the conference. OK, OK he is 5 games over .500. This is a powerhouse? This is a team with a bright future in the SEC? If you couldn’t get it done in the Big 12, how the hell are you going to get it done in the SEC. But, you should be used to 4th & 5th place finishes in a league. It’s who you are. It’s what you are. Regarding basketball, don’t even talk about it. If MU had the success that KU had in the Big 12, there would be no shutting you up. 11, yes 11, freaking Big 12 Championships and 8 BIG 12 tournament championships. MU’s record? ZERO league championships and ONE Big 12 tournament championship. Stop the nonsense about how great MU’s athletic program is. You have NOTHING to brag about in any sport. Don’t say anything stupid like basketball doesn’t matter. MU wants to beat KU so bad they can taste it. MU can’t stop talking about how good their team is this year. You KNOW they would love to win the league going out the door. Don’t act like you wouldn’t. You and everyone else in this league have been KU’s bitch for 15 years. They have OWNED you. They are your daddy. The difference between MU fans bragging about their awesome football program and KU fans bragging about their awesome basketball program is that KU’s trophy cases are FILLED with league and national championship hardware. Get over yourself.

  11. PB says:

    You Might Be Right
    When it comes to the football game, Chuck, but there is absolutely no monetary advantage for KU to continue the basketball rivalry as stated in the original post. KU sells out SC whether playing Colorado State, UMass or Davidson there at way less of a cost so why split revenues with MU for that game? Meanwhile, MU as host of the recent CBE tournament struggled to draw 10,000 to an arena located in its home state. Like it or not, KU owns the KC market and as said earlier, MU was just trying to save face with its hollow attempt to prolong the rivalry.

    Do agree with you that there is a strong possibility that the football portion might be revived if the Big 12 evers gets back to 12 teams opening up an additional non-con game, but until then, best chance at a meeting between the two schools will happen in the NCAA tournament as the selection committee won’t waste any time pairing up the two in a regional where a potential matchup could take place. Could happen as soon as next year providing both teams advance a round or two.

  12. Jed says:

    SAM = HARLEY ….so as usual….. STFU LOSER jojo you poor little insceure mu douche bag, take your SEC shit elsewhere… come next year people will refer to mu as much as they do Nebraska……. i.e. no one will care

  13. Jed says:

    I am still surprised at the cold shoulder SEC fans are giving mu. I read a lot of sports boards and SEC fans act as if some ginger midget has just trudged into their 2nd grade classroom, said ehllo, everyone laughed….. and then the midget weeplily shuffled to the back of the room, as the other could not careless, or looked forwrd to beating them up at recess.

    poor mu, I almost feel sorry for them.. they know they fkd up….. the devil you know is better than the devil you dont.

    mu = blemish on the SEC (juts like they regurlarly embarrassed the Big 12)

    bottom line____________ The SEC can have mu and all the problems that come with it.

    Thanks for the 12 million Dollar bye bye money mu …hahahahahahahahahaha.. I hear we are gonna buy a new jet for recruiting

  14. balbonis moleskine says:

    Being unable to root for your own athletic program without putting down the other school is a bad symptom of going to one of these schools. One is good at FB, the other, BB. They both think they are better at their best sport than they actually are. They have nearly identically ranked universities with nearly identically ranked business, law and med schools. They are both good schools, with nothing to be ashamed of. They both sit in nice college towns with little or nothing of note around them.

    And for the record, we got more than a couple thousand to play KU. They wouldn’t do a home and home in hockey, though. I’ll take Thompson area and the surrounding frozen tundra over Allen any day. 🙂

  15. Jim says:

    If KU thinks they are better in basketball than they really are with (11) Big 12 conference championships, (7) of them in a row, (8) BIG 12 Tournament Championships and multiple NATIONAL championships………..where does that leave MU thinking they are better than they really are with ZERO, ZERO & ZERO in either sport? Understand why KU fans laugh when MU pumps their chest out about EITHER sport? Nobody in the NATION has dominated either sport in their conference like KU has done with basketball in the Big 12.

    Imagine MU winning (11) Big 12 football championships in the last 15 years? Unreal.

  16. balbonis moleskine says:

    See what I mean? Impossible to look at your own school without dissing someone else’s. KU thinks they are better but they are not Kentucky, UNC or UCLA. They are a top 10 program, but not the best. You will see the premier programs attract the premier pros. KUs last person to be HOF quality is Paul Pierce. UK and UNC get a little better quality of player. Looking back at KU year over year it is usually a story of underachievement in the tourney. MUs story is usually that of overachievement.

    Being such bad sports in cheering for your respective state school is a bad habit that seems to be pretty unique to the midwest. Ive been to other big college matchups and it is much more collegial.


  17. sam says:

    KU FANS are thin skinned.
    I predict…ku is lost when texas shuttles out of big 12 in 2012-13. It’s gonna happen. When it does ku and
    billy ball is out of the league and out of sight.
    Not one single ku fan said anything beside negative crap about mu and positive about their little bball team.
    I spoke about the university…academically and athletically. I told information about a rising university and
    a huge increase in endowment/funding/licensiving rights/revenue/academic improvements/capital funding
    increases/recognition nationally of the research and developement/the top schools in at least 5 areas/
    improved campus facilities/updated and high tech improvements on campus/enrollment skyrocketing/
    1 billion dollar fund drive to be followed by another 1 billion dollars/alumni group records/a increase in
    school participation/upcoming season with quarter of a million fans coming for the sec opener/major
    college ralignment that puts MU in the top football conference/massive (over 200 million dollars) in
    trustee dollars donated/a new and probably the largest business school to come in 2014/
    i could go on and on and on about non sports related growth and opportunities.
    So what do jayhawk fans continue to talk about…freaking basketball…basketball…basektball.
    Thats why ku is declining in enrollment and funding. Its not just sports KU whiners…its the entire collegiate
    experience and the massive growth that mu is seeing…its not just about footballs and bballs.
    KU has notrhing outside a bball team filled with hucksters. Read my posts. They go further and more in
    depth about the entire university system and what dramatic changes and coming.
    KU fgans can’t say anything unless its basketball. Thats all that little school on the prairie has…nothing
    else. And when brownback cuts back funding…they’re in even bigger problems.
    KU can’t keep funding their athletic program because football is way off and bball has maxed out
    revenues Great you have a great bbball team. But who care except the mental midget of lawrence.
    MU is on the rise. Our goal is to be great in athletic..we have along way to go…but we also realize that
    the university apart from athletics is the driving force to be a great great university.
    KU fans…stop. You have nothing. Okay you have a good basketball team. Big fing deal. It means nothing
    in the real world. MU has a good bball team..porbably overated.
    Get a life KU fans…the world is not all about basketball. You are failing. You are losing.
    Come see what a great university is all about. I invite all my ku whiners to watch adn see the greatness
    that MU aspires too.
    YOu have basketball. See what that does to all the other thousands of grads. You are losers. Not just
    athletically but academically.
    Go back to the corn fields ku fans. Thats all you get. SEE YA LATER…WON’T MISS YA!

  18. Grover says:

    sam = jojo = harley
    Rolling eyes…… dude, try to hide your style, or post under your regular your name..

    Isnt it funny when goofballs do the big act… “IM LEAVING” blah blah blah….. but then come back?…. sheeeeesh

    KU RULEZ!!! mu sucks…… and soon no one will even care enough about that about poor mu.

  19. Grover says:

    oops… I mainly meant to say……


    GO KSU!!!!!!!

    Good to have faithful brothers to fight with……..

  20. paulwilsonkc says:

    welcome back,………..

  21. chuck says:

    Its just my opinion, but…
    I am sorry that Texas wrecked the Big 12.

    I am especially sorry, because, as an MU guy, with mostly KU friends in Kansas City, that I am going to miss the trash talk, the fun watchin the games with my KU friends and torturing each other over sports.

    The fact is, the KU MU rivalry, especially here in KC, probably brought us a lot closer together, than split us apart. Its sports amongst friends.

    Those games at Arrowhead, over the last few years, had the hairs on my arms standing on end, it really was electric (Insert chuck is bald hair jokes here.).

    No score in the Cotton Bowl right this minute, but this MU guy is PULLING FOR BILL SNYDER and the Wildcats!!

    Me, I will miss the Big 12, and I will miss trashin my KU friends when we occasionaly won a Basketball game, and when we won in football too.

    Things change.

  22. Grover says:

    mu? who?
    I usually think/know that chuck is a fktard/wrong…BUT….. what he said ….
    I am sorry that Texas wrecked the Big 12.

    I am especially sorry, because, as an MU guy, with mostly KU friends in Kansas City, that I am going to miss the trash talk, the fun watchin the games with my KU friends and torturing each other over sports.

    The fact is, the KU MU rivalry, especially here in KC, probably brought us a lot closer together, than split us apart. Its sports amongst friends
    …..is absolutely correct….. Those texas fuckers fucked this up….

    The BIG 8 was one big happy punching, fighting, screaming, insulting, bashing, fktarding, fuck you, fuck me, fuck all of us…you fucking mutha fuckenfuckers FAMILY…ONE BIG HAPPY FIGHTING BIG 8 FAMILY…. BUT!!!!!

    BUT The very second I heard that texans were going to join us …I KNEW sooner of later they would do their typical texas assholes thing…. I fucking HATE texas…and I mean I couldnt care less about that fucked state…. bunch of stoopid talking, ours is bigger, dont mess wit teaxas… gonnna move all the Big 12 championships to texas….and sure anough….. the texas fucked up the Big8/ Big12….

    BUT… misery left on their own…. gonna tale lil butt hurt balls and go to the SEC… and then try to imagine it will be better. No it wont. Yo umu fans did not get any of that fucking supposed money… you wont get any of the supposed benefits…… BUT…. BUT ….SURE AS HELL YOU LOSE THE FAMILY FIGHTS…… KU did not do that…and I wish the butt hurt mu morons would stop saying KU would join the stooppid ass SEC if we were invited …NO WE WOULD NOT……. WE HAVE CLASSS……. THERE IS MORE TO LIFE THAN SUPPOSED MONEY…….. WE ARE HAPPY IN THE BIG 8 BIG 12 …WHAT EVER…. We know we have it good.. WE STILL HAVE IT GOOD.. WE ARE GOONA GO NAME CALL AND FAMILY FIGHT WITH KSU …….. fine by me……. you mu pussies can go get ass fucked by arkansas and florida…and what ever other schools are in the shitty side of the SEC AKA THE WRONG SIDE OF THE TRACKS OF THE SEC…..that is what LSU BAMA AUBURN calls the division mu will play in…….. the wrong side of the tracks….

    mu bailed on the best deal they had….. poor mu fans…. trying to rationalize how it will be better .NO IT WONT… Youhad the best gig in the country a 100 years family fued…and it was fun…but of you dont wanna play anym ore…fuck you….just leave the 12 million on the counter and get the fuck out.

    NOW…back to rooting for those KSU assholes…I love to hate those fuckers…… mu who?

    GO KSU!!!!!! RETURN THAT FG…..2 PTS….YEAH!!!!!

  23. paulwilsonkc says:

    harleyiscool, sam, jojo
    Your carriage return and line wraps are still broken, your same ole style, less the personal attacks and 27 column inches of comments. What do you take us for? Just kill off SAM and come back as. Its really ok.

  24. sam says:

    Not one single intelligent comment..not a single
    one expressed about anything but at ku. I asked and said that the ku fans need
    to include some intelligent comments about their university other than bball. And as usual..none were
    I conclude that the ku fans are really fucking idiots who can’t carry on a intelligent conversation
    about the university outside of athletics. That is the reason KU is failing. That is the reason bill
    self come out and demanded the football program pick up revenue. Wonder why people hate ku
    fans (ksu and mu and oklahoma fans) because I won’t miss the conversation
    We left you ku…we are gone…so you’re no longer part of the conversation with me or other
    mu fans. Hearne brought this up because his buddy has some ridiculous opinions.
    and most importantly ku fans lack any ability to carry on a conversation about the real world
    outside of basketball.
    So on that point I say ….bye for now losers. See ya later…Won’t miss ya. You have nothing
    positive to say about that little school on the prairie. You are being left behind in the
    dust. Take care…conversation ends with my final message: BYE LOSERS!

  25. paulwilsonkc says:

    your final message? oh dear god….
    so we aren’t going to have “SAM” to kick around any more?

  26. Grover says:

    hahahahaha….. how funny is harley/sam/jojo as she says “Im takin my crybaby and going home”.

    okey dokey Nancy…errr sam, cya….. LOL…

    Used to be… today we would make fun of mu losing to KSU today…but….
    sigh…. who cares what happens to an SEC team…. but I will say, good job today KSU winning against that SEC team

  27. Grover says:

    KU RULEZ!!!!!
    ah dang it… forgot to say…

    2-0 IN BIG 12 PLAY!!!!!! AND LOOKING GREAT!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!! THATS RIGHT!!!!!! OH YEAH!!!!!! KU RULEZ!!!!

  28. plaza man says:

    Those cats sure looked good!
    How about those KSU cats! They sure looked powerful against a second tier SEC team! Big 12=losers! Is that the best you have?

  29. hahahaha says:

    wow. We know how to crank you ku fans and make you go nuts!!!!! Where were you during border war at
    arrowhead? Where were you when we were at arrowhead? Did you enjoy seeing your team get their
    ass kicked again and again and again!
    How many has beens are you going to recruit for the fat man?

  30. Hearne Christopher says:

    Ridiculous opinions? Few major football programs schedule top tier teams early on anymore. Bill Snyder practically pioneered the concept. When he started at K-State and they were still longtime doormats, some people criticized his building undefeated schedules going into conference play.

    Then all K State had to do was win a handful of Big 12 games and they were off to a bowl.

    Brett made an excellent point that it would be dumb to play Missouri every year as a non conference opponent. Totally put things in persepective with the MU- Nebraska series being an excellent example.

  31. Hearne Christopher says:

    There are a lot of individuals walking the earth that make excellent points and Mosiman just happens to be one of them. That you don’t happen to agree or like what he said is your problem. Not mine.

    I’ve been calling on people such as Brett to share ideas and viewpoints for years, this is nothing new.

    But I do appreciate your concern; cheer up, don’t be sad!

  32. PB says:

    Errr…Second Tier Team?
    I guess if you mean behind LSU and Bama, the two teams playing for the National Championship tonight and Arkansas’ ONLY losses this season, then yeah, they’re really a “second tier” team. I guess KSU should just be ashamed of themselves for losing their bowl game to a Top FIVE nationally ranked team..

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