Glazer: Scribe Shares Pal’s Along Tongue-in-Cheek Tim Tebow ‘Grip’ Story

I had Christmas brunch with my childhood pals, Joel Weinberg, Jeff Spero and Mike Epstein. Mike later forwarded this piece and photos today.

I’d written about my arguments with Joel about the Chiefs. This was Epstein’s answer to the Tim Tebow question. Hey Tim, is she on God’s Squad? If so, ME TOO….

Check it out:

"Denver Bronocos quarterback Tim Tebow has NEVER fumbled!

In 2007 at Florida Tebow was awarded the Heisman Trophy as a sophomore, the first time ever the award has gone to a second year player. In addition to his amazing passing, running and TD stats he had NEVER fumbled the ball. How is Tebow able to hold on to the football so well?

What grip does he use?

Turns out Tebow’s grip training technique was inspired by his girlfriend of 2 years, Amber.

"I really have to say, with her help and training support, I have been able to strengthen my grip, with either hand," Tebow says. "Even if I barely have any piece of the ball in my hand"

Note the grip on the football shown at the right.

"But I feel that I can still improve my game if I stick with Amber’s training method just one more year"

Introducing the Amazing Tim Tebow Grip Master Training System!

Any questions? I didn’t think so."
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5 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Shares Pal’s Along Tongue-in-Cheek Tim Tebow ‘Grip’ Story

  1. smartman says:

    Funbags Not Funny
    More like head in the ass dontcha think? Tim’s virginity and chastity are BIBLICAL. While I really do respect that type of mental and physical discipline I am concerned about damage to his prostate and other reproductive man parts if he’s not letting some steam out of the valve manually or through those nocturnal emmissions. If God didn’t want us masturbating he wouldn’t have given us hands, buddies, harley,fat girls and priests.

  2. Fred says:

    Those pics
    That chick in the opening photo was never his girlfriend. Just some chick at a party. And that pic is at least three years old. The chick in the bikini is not the same chick as on the front page. This was debunked by sportsblogs at least three years ago.

  3. Super Man says:

    Big Boy, Big Hooters
    I now have more respect for Tebow. Playmate bod.

  4. Porter says:

    Tebow Is A Dork
    My uglyh uncle gets more puss than this idiot. He sucks as a quarterback.

  5. Cabral says:

    That’s Lucy Pinder morons
    The girl in the bikini in this story is a British glamour named Lucy Pinder. He’s never been associated with her. Great research KC

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