Glazer: Scribe Watches NFL Season Grind to and End & This Week’s Picks

The NFL season just goes too fast…

Seems only yesterday teams and fans across America just knew that this was THEIR YEAR! In the end reality sets in and most of the same teams are back in the playoffs. And only four or five of them have a real shot to win the Super Bowl. Very few surprises.

This year the big surprise is the Cincinnati Bengals. The San Francisco 49ers are also a surprise – not for winning the division – but for having one of the NFL’S  best records. The Detroit Lions are a bit of a shocker, but not as much. People like me saw this one coming.

Now the letdowns of the season…

Number one is the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles are a big bust, as is quarterback Michael Vick – from dream team to last place. San Diego was also below what most had thought. A soft division should have been theirs for the taking with just 10 wins needed. Didn’t happen.

The Chiefs, well they’re ending as most in the know expected, 6 and 10-ish…

An 8-8 season would have been a great year for this below average Chiefs team. There’s just too much turmoil. They did get some big breaks playing wounded teams, the Colts, the Raiders (game one), the Bears – all with no quarterback.

So yeah, 3-13 was more like who this year’s Chiefs were. They did improve at the end to an average team or just below.

I will pick the weekend college games I like and do the Bowl games on Sunday for the rest of the year.


Denver -3 over KC

Giants -3 over Dallas

Eagles -2 over Washington (tease the 6 with Niner’s)

49ers -4 1/2 over St. Louis Rams(tease with Eagles)

Bills 16 over Pats (tease 6 with Packers)

Green Bay 9 1/2
over Detroit (tease with Bills)

Why the last two? QB Tom Brady is hurt and may play a limited role in the game. Anf the Packers may rest some guys including Aaron Rodgers but will still try and win. So it should be close. That said, the Pack has nothing to play for really and neither does Detroit they are a 5 or 6 spot wild card.
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9 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Watches NFL Season Grind to and End & This Week’s Picks

  1. bschloz says:

    Hey Glaze….these games are long ways away…get dirty with us and pick UCLA V. Illini
    Really good college games coming up– love Okie St..
    I think Hearne has your Packers game posted wrong…don’t forget the + and –
    Chuck need you to break down pros for tomorrow…can win pool again need every pick to matter …no spreads neceassary need winners

    Happy New Year Glaze— good job blogging this year.

  2. Kerouac says:

    ‘It is finished’…
    Not so much John 19:30 as 6-10: Tebow 24 kcindy 20

  3. chuck says:

    Philly is favored by 6.5 overr Washington. Take the Eagles, they win by 14.

    Detroit is favored by 3.5 over Green Bay, Green Bay is going to completely lay down for this, plus Detroit NEEDS the win, or else their first playoff game is away at New Orleans. They do NOT want to go to New Orleans.

    Baltimore is a 3.5 point favorite over Cincy in Cincy. Cincy wins the game by 6.

    Tennesse is a 3 point favorite over Houston. Houston is floundering, Yates is iffy, take Tennessee they win by 7.

    Glaze is right, the Chiefs were more like 3 and 13.

    Lets hope they lose, they move to pick 7 in front of Miami if Miami beats the Jets.

    A Guy I know, who says he knows (Yeah I know total bullshit) in the Chiefs front office (Probably emptys the waste baskets at night.) says the Chiefs are angling for Sam Bradford witha trade to St. Louis, St Louis is taking LUCK. Hey what can I tell ya…

  4. chuck says:

    oops, obviouusly take detroit

  5. Craig Glazer says:

    Those Are Correct
    Green Bay is a 3 1/2 point underdog to Detroit at home…so if you tease it, you get 6 more points so Packers plus 91/2…is right…Vegas thinks Pack will lay down, I don’t, and Detroit doesn’t need the win either…they are locked into a road game as a wild card.

  6. chuck says:

    Thats right Glaze
    But New Orleans for your first game??

    Just sayin…

  7. Craig Glazer says:

    Good Point Chuck
    Likely Detroit wins, but by 10? Not sure…Pack may play hard first half?Not sure…you make a good case.

  8. chuck says:

    Happy New Year Glaze!
    Happy New Year everyone!!


  9. chuck says:

    Ouch! I lost 3 outta 4 !!
    That Green Bay deal was sumthin.

    I am beginning to wonder if A Rodgers recievers are even better than we think they are.

    Tennesee allows a junk TD.

    Woe is me. 🙁

    Gotta get my money back next week. 🙂

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