Mermaid: The Dirty Dozen Top Champagnes for New Year’s Eve

The Top 10 (OK 12) Champagnes for New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is coming and you don’t feel like paying 100 bucks to go to a bar for the night but still wanna get your drink on and celebrate the new year or say goodbye to a really bad one.

Here’s my list of the top 12 (just couldn’t narrow it to 10) champagnes I love.

1. Moet & Chandon Imperial (same as discontinued White Star) Approx. $45

2. Charles Heidsieck Brut Reserve Approx. $45

3. Barefoot Bubbly California Premium Extra Dry (Good if you are on a budget) Approx. $9

4 .Veuve Clicquot Non-Vintage Brut Yellow Label Approx. $45

5. Laurent-Perrier Grande Siecle Approx. $85

6. Piper Heidsieck Cuvee Brut Approx.  $45

7. Schramsberg Blanc de Blanc Approx. $35

8. Schramsberg Brut Rose (Pink) Approx. $35

9. J.Schram Schramsberg Approx $75

10. Perrier Jouet Fleur de Champagne Rose (Pink) Approx. $200

11. Dom Perignon Approx. $150

12. Roederer Cristal Approx. $300 and up

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44 Responses to Mermaid: The Dirty Dozen Top Champagnes for New Year’s Eve

  1. Dixon says:

    Barefoot Bubbly California Premium Extra Dry (Good if you are on a budget) Approx. $9

    Barefoot bubbly eh? only 9 bucks….really? nice. sold.

    We did “the test” years agon on ultra pricey versus not so pricey, and my conclusion was, if one can find someone, like mermaid, who can turn you on to a good inexpensive bottle, go with it. thank you mermaid. have a Happy New Year and prosperous 2012.

    ……leans over and kisses mermaid on the cheek…… what a gal, we are lucky to have her 🙂

  2. harley says:

    i love champagne
    give a woman half a bottle of brut (at gomers goes for $29=$35) and shes good to go………….
    like the sweet ones best

  3. chuck says:

    I’ll have some more of that fuzzy wine.
    Of course Harley/JoJo likes Champagne for his “broads”.

    “give a woman half a bottle of brut (at gomers goes for $29=$35) and shes good to go………….” Color our intellectual ankles broken once again in the wake of today’s sparkling commentary from our resident gadfly.

    If any woman other than maybe Sinead O’Connor could relate to Harley long enought to let him buy her a bottle of “Sweet” (Think Napolean Dynamite here.) $25.00 champagne, than I’m a cage fighter.

  4. Ry says:

    Harley and chuck,
    Do you suppose you two idiots could/will ever add any of substance to the conversation? besides your constant homoerotic flirting. Give it a rest you goofballs…. tell us something…. add something…. do you have anything of quality to add?…. if not , then how about just shut the fuck up… it is not required to post just to fill space.

  5. chuck says:

    This was a test, of the emergency kcconfidential
    broadcast system.

    I wanna see what happens.

    Ry, its probably all ya got, but I ‘m not sure calling me a “homo” and telling me to stfu, is adding much either pal.

  6. Ry says:

    Yes it is adding something. It is adding to the conversation by telling you two that your lil gay flirting schtick with harley is growing old. You two children do it on every thread. It is as if you are afraid of not commenting.

    By me adding that, hopefully it will inspire you to act more mature and maybe you add some good stuff too. Stop the constant nonsense with harley. I am not going to argue about it, I put it out there, you do what what you want, just letting you know that your flirting with harley is a lot like a couple of kids in 2nd grade., but supposedly you are grown men.

  7. chuck says:

    Thanks Ry
    I’m capitualting and as Glaze says, writing it down and learning.

    Lets see, “Homo” and “STFU”.

    Got it.

    I just had to let it sink in.


  8. smartman says:

    Long Way To Go
    Funny, I picture you as an Asti Spumante girl.

    You obviously don’t know where to shop for champagne. Your prices are anywhere from 20% to 50% higher than I would pay.

    It would have been a nice touch to add some comments about “why” you rated each brand the way you did. At a minimum you could have “borrowed” some comments from any of the dozens of websites that offer such info. This report, much like your love life is incomplete.

  9. harleys therapissed says:

    harley likes the bubbles
    the roofies break down good in champagne, makes it easier to get your date into the back of the windowless van.

  10. harley says:

    damn…i’m catching up to glaze….
    in terms of losers attacking me after i put on a simple comment…i’m catching up with glaze.
    chuck must check this site minute by mintue because immediately after i post he’s got to
    throw in some assenine comment.
    and then there’s ry…whoever this ding dong is. never seen him before so i guess he’s using
    another name after failing to offer anything positive to the conversation again.
    Meermaid had a nice column and i talked about my preference to brut. Obviously chuck and ry
    don’t drink champagn and prefer colt 45 or thunderbird to drown away their daily problems.
    And chuck couldnt resist the chance to go after me for a simple comment about the way
    champagne affects classy ladies. Of course he’s got a dog at home so he wouldn’t know..
    Hearne our leader wants an end to personal attack. I prefer to use stats and data to debate the
    mental midget on this site.
    So while chucky and ry? are toasting their hogs at midnigt in their soon to be foreclosed homes
    in the hood…i’ll be sipping on great champagn with the 1% in vegas…shooting craps til 6am
    and winnng big big big to bring in 2012.
    Have a great new year…even chuck (we all hope you geet out of off those maxed out
    cards and eventually get sober after all those nights at coaches).
    So take care ..
    To all my fans/disciples/readers and followers (of which i see I have many) have a great new
    year and hope things pick up for the losers.

  11. HARLEY says:

    smartman is wrong
    no attacking mermaids love life…not fair. Its a newday in 2012 and we will keep the attacks only at
    those who attack us first.
    happy new year mermaid…nice article….would love to see yu again…its been about 8 years!

  12. Trent says:

    Wow, how pathetic is that commenter? Never says anything new, never adds anything of substance just repeats the same old blah blah blah, and he has no idea how little people care. NO ONE CARES…. about any of us, all we can do is add a tip.

    My tip?…ADD A FUCKING TIP …or something that matters

    Come on commenters add something people can use, no cares about what you, or me….
    No one cares about what you are doing/did/are. get real.

    Grteat idea for an article mermaid, keep them coming….. and lets hope for a better 2012

  13. Craig Glazer says:

    Well done, good information we need on New Years Debbie. Great response, you are a player in the game now, keep up the great work….love ya…Happy New Years.

  14. WTF??? says:

    mermaid is fine writing name…..
    Why would doucheboy feel compelled to “out” her name like that? 100% UNCALLED FOR, as usual for him.

    If someone wants to write under another moniker, let them, no reason to post that shit.

    We know being a narc comes very natural to you, but sometimes it is best to keep your trap shut.

    hearne why would you allow him to post something like that….. that comment should be deleted.

  15. mermaid says:

    To WTF
    Thanks for trying to back me up but calm down. Everyone knows who I am so no big deal. Anyone that goes to this site knows my name and why I use a pseudonym. Not trying to disguise myself at all.

  16. mark smith says:

    next we’ll all be required to wear name tags when posting
    Hi! I’m Mark.
    I get the whole “crackin down on the crazies” thing. The digs at a writers kids, family, etc. But when harley, who is more repugnant than Rosie Odonell in spandex, starts chastizing people for being mean, then it’s either a sign of the Apocolypse, or the weed my neighbor gave me was laced with PCP. Or, KCC is about to head off in a new, mannered, and boring direction. We have new commentors, Ry, the internet crossing guard. A new face of KCC readership. Reasonable, serious, mature. A thinker.
    Then there is Dixon, who, not for nothin, seems more dangerous than the “I hate niggers” guy on TKC. A little clue here for ya, Dix. This isn’t a chatroom message board from 2004. Gushing shit like ” ……leans over and kisses mermaid on the cheek…… what a gal, we are lucky to have her :)” is not only fey as hell, it brings to mind a 37 year old pudgy guy who lives with his mother and plays WOW until 4 in the morning. I’d cut that shit out if I was you. Then there is harley/jojo/miss manners. Clearly the docs upping his dosage has turned him into a cross between Winnie the Pooh and Bob (happy tree) Ross. Thankfully Glazer remains consistant by saying retarded shit that sounds like it came from a Lorenzo Lamas movie ” Great response, you are a player in the game now, ” . As my way of standing up to the MAN, and fighting the new kinder gentler comment section, I leave those I may have offended with the following salute . Blow Me.

  17. WTF? says:

    Okey Dokey, if you say so mermaid…..

    It just looked like glazer was trying to be a “glazer” again,
    and we dont cotton to that type of behavior round these parts….
    gotta keep em in line, or there is chaos… CHAOS I TELL YOU….. hehehe 😉

    You have a nice day now, ma’am, tipping my hat 😉 …. giddy’up

  18. WTF says:

    HEY NO LAUGHING!!!! THAT IS SO 2004!!! lmaoheheheehehe
    cant wait for Mark’s psychoanalysis of that one… hhehehehehe HEY!!!! NO LAUGHING!!!! THAT IS SO 2004!!!

  19. smartman says:

    Something tells me seeing you every eight years is probably good for most people. Speaking of which, it’s been that long since you’ve seen your cousin. While you’re in Vegas stop by and see her at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch. I hear she got promoted out of the donkey pit. And please, this time remember to tip her.

    Don’t you mean you’ll be crapping until 6 am? That’s what happened the last time you let Sergio the pool boy turn your rectum into a cream-pie. The manager at the Red Roof Inn told me they had to replace the carpet and the sub-floor in your room.

    You’re a 1%-er for sure. Just like those desert walking assholes Bernie Madoff and Lloyd Blankfein. And speaking of blanks don’t forget to make that monkey face thing that you do when you’re with your cousin. I know it makes her proud to think she can make the gelding trot.

    I love you Harley, in much the same way I love taking a dump in the morning after a night of Modelo’s and Mexican at Mi Ranchito!

    Don’t forget to pack your Hai Karate. The scent will remind your cousin of when your dad used to molest her when she was two.

  20. siddharths says:

    I’m gonna steer things back to the subject at hand.

    I’m not buying the premise. What? Mermaid went out and bought 4 or 5 dozen bottles of champaigne, drank em and chose these? Yeah, after her ‘ obama care will require implanted chips’ my bs antenna is extended. Fishy.

  21. balbonis moleskine says:

    did you people all go to high school together or something? creepy

  22. harley says:

    come on smartman..its 2012…hearnes new rule
    i didnt smak you down…actually your stuff is very funny…i didn’t every bring you up but now that
    you’ve said all that shit…you’re now my target.
    But smart man you’re not worth it. I’m on top of the world rolling into 2012…and my dad told me
    a real good line…”never get into a fight with someone who has less to lose than you”.
    And thats you. A loudmouth who thinks he’s funny. So tell us about yourself my smartman..
    where will you be on new years eve…seriously…and what do you do besdie tear everyone down
    with every comment.
    stfu smartman…we know who you are. Last time a meathead tried to screw with me we didn’t
    physically assult them…we simply tracked the animal down…we found where he lived…found
    what kind of car he driove. He did drive a nice one. We followed him one night and when he parked his
    car at a restaurant we poured a bag of cement in his fuel tank. After driving for about 3 minutes…his
    car went dead forever. Never figured out who did it.
    .beware of the harley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Drive safelty
    See ya in 2012 when i get back in town!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. harley says:

    northeast end guys dont get mad…we get even…
    remember that. We know where you are..who you are..and what you do.
    Northeast guys know how to f*ck people up.
    Happy new year….drive safely.
    And glaze…be careful…need some good picks for the playoffs…

  24. smartman says:

    You name the time. You name the place. One blow from my fist will shatter your face. Bring all your guineas, bring all your boyz, I’ll throw you all around like a box of cheap toys. I fear no man,least of all you. I’m callin’ you out bitch, whatcha gonna do? Keep runnin’ your mouth up and down side to side. The police report will read it was Harley that died. Multiple skull fractures, lead pipe up the ass. A real 1%-er, he had a lotta class. That didn’t mean much on a cold winter night, harley came to talk, smartman came to fight. The moral of the story for you peckerwood, don’t threaten a cracker that grew up in the hood.

  25. chuck says:

    Seriously, Harley/jojo/
    There is no one that read this blog, that doesn’t hope you get some help.

  26. chuck says:

    That notwithstanding–
    It would be my best day ever, to be your second, smartman, in the clutch.

  27. mark smith says:

    does this mean we wont all be singing Kumbaya at Jardines?
    damn harley, you made it almost a full day before you wen tbat shit crazy….again. Enjoy your vacation. Have a safe trip. And remember …No means No, even if it’s your sister, no matter what your father told you.

  28. paulwilsonkc says:

    While Harley Posts from an Institution
    with his name on his wrist band, oatmeal dribbling down his chin, sitting in a soiled diaper, he continues to prove he really IS part of the 1%, those who have all but totally lost their internal compass. The little men in white coats will give him his evening meds soon and he will disappear into the realm of his own personal nightmares.

    I’d like to drag you back to the actual topic, Mermaid.

    Barefoot ANYTHING is kind of hard to beat. They crank out a great value product at a reasonable price point. Im with the crowd that says $$ does not = quality/taste. I’d rather find a really wonderful bottle of $25 bubbly than sport my $100 bottle thats just ok but carries THE label.

    I do NOT, however, understand the facination with Veuve Clicquot . I just dont get it. It seems to be the current fad.

  29. mermaid says:

    You know your champagnes. I would say the Veuve Clicquot was last on the list. I do like it but the others all beat it. Schramsberg is soo good. I highly recommend it. Almost everything they make is awesome. I will be drinking J. Schram this New Years Eve. That is unless someone wants to treat me to a bottle of Cristal. Glad you got off the blog fighting! Pretty hot in here.

  30. harley says:

    you won’t know it…
    one at a time….wilson…smith…hood f*cker….
    happy new year.

  31. paulwilsonkc says:

    Mermaid, come to the Marquee NYE
    Dave Stephens will play, my wife will sing with him some and well have room at our table. You, Hearne and anyone else, stop by and say hi!

    For Harley and his bad ass NE pals, this would make it easy to find ME! Out front you’ll find a vintage red Benz coupe or a lightening fast white Cadillac SRX with vanity plates that will be a dead giveaway! Got those from my $11/hr working serf job you accuse me of having. Bring your friends, your concrete and have a ball! Mo is a reciprocal State, I’m well insured and WANT you to have yur idear of a gooood time you ole 1 percenter you.

    God….you cant make this crap up…no one would believe it!

    Tip your servers, drive safe, I’m here allll week!

  32. paulwilsonkc says:

    @smartman, dont waste your time
    I posted stating if Harley could rub 2 IQ points together, it wasn’t that hard to find me. The result? He didn’t, but 6 OTHERS did via Facebook, email and phone telling me they loved reading me and offering advice and contacts on a current project. Nice bunch of readers, Hearne.

    This time, I just removed the guess work. Vehicle descriptions, plates, location, VIP table for 10, not that difficult. I’ll even spot you the $35 for the general admission. I can’t do the $189 level, but I’ll get you in the door. I don’t pay, “Im with the band”.

  33. harley says:

    wilson…smartman,,,have fun slummin’ it saturday!
    wilson…if you have to hustle biz on facebook you’re not very successful. I get referrals on all my biz. I’m paying $350 a person
    at wynn for new years..I’ll tip the doorman $35!
    .hey wilson…i guess if you drive an old benz that $35 is big bucks brother. You 99% ers have fun
    popping corks at some dive. Wilson …when you make a few bucks call me. Or if you need a loan I can do that too.
    And when you depend on kcc for your business…you’re in financial trouble…so get a life and maybe next year
    you can make some money when the economy booms. Mentioned in earlier post that you still didn’t make no money
    this year…well keep eating hamburger helper in 2012…cause from the way you act you aren’t ever going to get
    out of the bottom. If you need some biz…kcc is not the place…and you’re a l-o-s-e-r,,,operating out of an apartment?
    now thats a successful man. Posting on this site at 1am…well buddy…you’re one big financial loser….or shall we
    say one of the bottom 40%ers….and maybe if you made some money you wouldnt have to pimp your wife
    at some simpleton party.
    Smartman…you can take the scumbag out of the hood…but you can’t take the hood out of the scumbag. WE call you
    guys peckerwoods. But you’re just a ghetto rat. Happy new year.
    hahahahahahahahah see ya later low life losers!
    Maybe when i have my next party with the movers and shakers i’ll let you 2 clean up after the party.

  34. harley says:

    someone coming here and seeing your posts at 1/2/3/4am would think you guys were celibate.
    Don’t you two have anything better to do at 1am than post here?
    Wilson…you pimp your wife out as a singer. She must be hot. At 1am you should be getting some of that.
    You’re probably one of those guys on the internet all freaking night and day while the wife is getting
    some action with someone else. Shut down your computer…take care of your wife…because I’m sure that
    she’s getting it from somewhere else while you’re googling. and please…don’t pretend to be successful…
    you said you made nothing in 2011…look to that in 2012…trolling kcc and facebook for clients is really
    bottom of the barrel business tactics. But if its the difference between your old lady staying with you
    and her leaving…you gotta do what you gotta do. I’m past that wilson
    As for chucky…sad buddy. Your daughter more ass than a toilet seat. hopefully things turn around for
    you in 2012. Maybe get out of coaches and get a life and maybe find another hobby for those
    early morning urges.
    And smartman…enough said…can you say ghetto rat…ghetto rat….ghetto rat…
    signing off for 2011…catching plane…
    love to all my fans…desciples and followers..
    oh and wilson…don’t be cheap…you really want to hit on mermaid cause your wife is bad in the sack.
    Mermaid…you need a successful guy…no married shmoes…wilson aint got a pot to piss in…
    and wilson is trying to get into your ________… moola…no __________!

  35. paulwilsonkc says:

    Any 1%er can use spell check and the English language
    My business doesnt come from Facebook, moron, just kind people offering advice on something you know nothning about.

    I was actually up at 1:00am reading a contract for a business acquisition, Mr. 1%er, you know the hours we have to keep sometimes, dont you? I mean, youre ONE OF US, aren’t you? Not everyone is a porn obsessed, Vegas trip planning wind bag like you, sitting on Travelocity trying to find the best 3:00am return flight, checking on baggage fees for your extra winnings…..

    No pimping of anyone. Dave or my wife. Just letting people know as they both have a lot of fans in KC. When your partner performs at Buddies next time, I give you a FREE PASS. Tell us all, I wont comment in a negative way that youre pimping your little friend..

    “Meermaid”, as you called her, got real feedback from me about a real topic, with real input and an exchange of ideas, something foreign to you. In your world, I bet that does constitute hitting on someone!! But, so does your favorite pick up line, “sis, you awake?”. Oh, Im sorry, youre the one who champagnes up your “broads”. I apologize.

    Maybe you better check the vintage Benz Market. And Websters for the difference in just “old”, as in your rear end exploding Pinto with Firestone 500 radials (vintage reference that will be totally lost on you) and “vintage.”

    I’d love to be a little mouse and follow you around. Youre enough hot air to keep balloon boy up for years, no wonder there was a comparison to you two.

    I love insults, has long as they have some validity or are funny. I thought it was you talking about attacking kids or family members.

    You may BE the doorman in Vega$, but youre not the $35 tipper. And anyone bragging as much as you about Vegas has Raytown written all over them. (my apologies to the kind and decent people in Raytown) Dont forget your gold chains, high roller.

    Your words give you away as nothing more than a compost pile, holding a grudge against anyone succcessful while you act OUT the game, hidden away with no proof of anything other than very sore fingers and jaws at the end of the day.

    And for the last time, Im EASY to find. You can find me and what I do in a heart beat. Do it or shut up, douche bag.

    Another incorrect quote. You dont avoid fights with someone who has LESS to lose than you. The phrase is, you dont fight someone who has NOTHING to lose. And, on that note, you dont wrestle in the mud with a PIG, either. About 30 minutes into it, you find out the PIG LIKES IT.

    Have a great day at the trough.

  36. Dexter says:

    Good Grief, 35 commetns and maybe 4 of them deal with the article, the rest are just …well you know…and thsi from a bunch who constantly tell everyone how great they are. I ma betting mermaid is juts impressed by every one of you.

    Have a Happy New Year mermaid,

    I appreciate the list… maybe next year, for fun add the cliffnotes version at the start…e.g.
    “Buy Barefoot, Moet or Dom depending on what/who you are hoping to accomplish/impress” end of story.but if hearne pays by the word…or is by the comment? If by commetns you could just throw a pie at what-his- name, peace sign poke that one guy in the eyes and bonk the other two on the head… that should get it going nyuk nyuk nyuk

  37. chuck says:

    paully…does your old lady do
    lines with dave? Heard he likes the rails. After Dave does your wife you can
    take her home. Really bad stuff you got to look at. Maybe your wife likes the african
    american stuff. She isn’t getting it at home while paully is trolling the porn sites for
    “business”. Hey Paully: Bring the stiff old lady over to coaches. Would love to
    smell that _______. And after Dave does her maybe you can pass her on to
    the rest of the band. Heard she loves the trom-bone! The consulting biz must be really
    slow since you’re trolling kcc for business. Maybe you need to put a gps on that
    skag of yours to keep her close to home. Nasty!

  38. paulwilsonkc says:

    Girls come by and meet my wife.
    she’s given up on the sausage. She’s gone to the other side. Maybe after she “plays” in the band
    she can whistle you a tune. Hey even if the women I invite for new years don’t show I can watch
    dave do it. Its really kinky and it’s fun to watch but I’m needing money to pay bills and I really want to
    pimp it out.
    If you see my benz with the vanity plate entitled “lesbo” stop me and lets chat. Or we can have coffee
    at starbuck and I can sift through the crowd if anyone needs any personal consulting work
    I usually work the post office or the internet so this should be lots and lots of fun.
    Hey gang. We’re going to a big new years eve party. Costs $35. I can only afford me and my wife
    but if i collect all the loose change under my “consulting couch” i might get enough to pay for
    1/3 of a person.
    Hey even if you can’t come don’t worry. Its going to be big night for us. First the $35 party and then we’re
    going to chubbys for the late night special for $3.95 grand slam.
    Come by. We’re gonna have a great time.

  39. harley says:

    wilson= loser
    yea right wilson. business acquisition at 1am…and it was so important and such a big money deal
    you stopped and posted on kcc. wow..tell me some more lies.
    You’re posting on here at all times of night. Better get the lady taken care of before you spend all
    your time online. Maybe get her the toy.
    Buddy you arent successful. No where near. The guys on here could buy you with their lunch money.
    Operate in an apartment. That must be really good for impressing those great cleints from kcc…facebook
    and twitter. Wow..a mover and shaker! NOT
    Now wish me luck in vegas you poor working class loser.

  40. Teacher Teach says:

    boys will be boys
    Q What is the difference between these commenters and an 8th grade boys school class?
    A. Nothing. It would not surprise me one bit if none of them was older than 14.

    going to vegas?….. yeah maybe on xbox…
    Either “mature up” your comments or stop BSing, boys.

  41. chuck says:

    I obviously didn’t write that.

  42. paulwilsonkc says:

    Chuck, I know it wasnt you….
    Looks like Hearne needs to spank Harley again. He loves using your name as a fake names and posting things. He thinks thats “hacking” As I said earlier, its not fun any more. Now… I see I run or own an apartment building. Interesting. I dont know where he comes up with it…. but one day………. his day will come.
    The fool still doesnt know a thing about me, but he can sure call names in the dark. Show him how to find you.. and he wont.
    Hearne, time to block some posts….

  43. paulwilsonkc says:

    Interesting, Harley took a break from $35 tips
    and his big winning streak in Vegas… to check KCC? Just because youre up at the boats using the computer in the “business center” of the hotel lobby… doesnt mean youre in Vegas, loser.

    As I said, Im done with you. I gave you every chance and hint you needed to find me… and you play your little game instead. Whatcha afraid of, son? So far, I operate from an apartment, troll of business on KCC, consult, hit on “Meermaid” and lord knows what else. ALL… wrong. Just like your grammar.

    Find out how the 5 largest or most pretigious companies in town found themselves in their new locations this year… and youre a step closer. But, you dont want closer… you like to hide in the bushes and throw rocks. Chicken.

    OK, I’ve followed up on all the remaining posts for you…. take care. I bet I can find you first. Wanna wager something on it, big spender?

  44. paulwilsonkc says:

    If you have Harleys contact info, email it to:

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