Glazer: Scribe’s Holiday Flashback to His Daze in the Joint

Nobody wants to go to prison…

However you do meet some great characters at those joints. But it’s kinda like getting stuck too long at the neighborhood bar with only the one chick waitress and tons of guys that won’t shut up. This time of year I think about some of those inmates, either free, dead or back in the ‘crap house.’

Christmas was always a joy in the joint…

One year they came around with a box of gifts, NFL coffee cups. Yeah, I took the Chiefs cup. Must have been in 1986 or 1987.  We saw lots of Chiefs games because the Raiders, Chargers and Broncos were in the Western Division with KC. I spent all my time in West Coast prisons so lucky me. Winter Sundays with the Chiefs. I kept that cup for a few years before a Raider fan stole it from me and used it for rock throwing practice. Damn, I wanted that cup for a memento – oh well.

Oddly I made some great friends in the joint.

Seth Jaffe, an actor, now with his own reality show, Relapse. Seth plays the lead counselor. In prison we saw him in a few films, including a small part in St. Elmo’s Fire. Seth wrote my comedy sketch for Toastmasters. I won the region with it and it got me two furloughs. We are still buds to this day.

I also met Warren Anderson, one of the nations bigger weed dealers. He was an American living in Asia and a cool cat that took me for a ton of dough in ‘gin rummy’ and too many other card games. I had to buy him a tennis racket in prison. Today he owns part of the beach area in Bali. He lost everything he owned during his 8 year stay in prison, but bounced back on the outside. New wife, kids, owns restaurants and even a 24 Hour Fitness on his Island. He’s quite a success story. That is rare with guys who leave prison. I may go visit him this year. Sounds kinda cool.

There were some name guys, like Ivan Boesky, the  richest man to go to prison.

He was in my small dorm room at Lompoc for about a year. They used his character in the movie Wall Street. Too bad Ivan was not as cool as Michael Douglas. Ivan was a cheap bastard. I didn’t really care for him much.

There was Ed Miller, the first FBI man to go to prison. I met him at Lompoc, tough joint. He was in lock-down next to me. Poor old guy. They gave him a life sentence for selling training manuals to his Russian girlfriend. The old fella had just found a cute girl for once in his life and that’s what he got, LIFE.

I felt sorry for him and wonder if he’s still alive. Maybe the biggest name was John DeLorean. I spent a couple hours with John, he was leaving Terminal Island in Long Beach as I was coming in. I guess he did about 90 days there during his trial. Sharp dude. You never hear about him anymore, or Boesky.

There was Giuseppe Morello, a handsome low level mob kid who got out, became a gigolo in LA, married well, retired and inherited a small fortune. He was one of the lucky ones.

Paul Toomey was a San Diego Lawyer, great guy. He was about 10 years older than me and in the joint for giving advice on how to launder money to some offshore dealers. He got three years. We hung out in LA and San Diego together. He took over his brother’s business in Long Beach, then went back to prison for dealing in gold and silver contracts. I guess they didn’t have enough gold or silver to back up the certificates they sold. He’s out now – never hear from him anymore – but he did come to my wedding in 2003 and then I never saw him again.

Aaron Binder was about 25 years my senior and a pleasant man who was In for "racketeering." He was president of an LA corporation that raised more money than was needed for a new FED EX. Then some money went south and he took the hit. I think  this guy was maybe ‘not guilty’ but I’ll never know. He became like an Uncle to me when we got out. His wife and he let me stay with them when I moved back to KC. Saved me lots of money. He was partners in film group with John Voight, the actor. Aaron even owned a bowling alley in Santa Monica. He too was at my wedding. Aaron died of brain cancer a few years ago. I flew in to say goodbye to the man.

I wrote a screenplay on Club Fed that was optioned by John Heyman (Passage To India) go figure. I used all these characters in the screenplay. Mine didn’t get made – a script that sucked did – with the same name. Oddly Seth Jaffe played a convict in the film. My pal. Oh well.

These were some of the rare breed who had a shot at a good life when released.

I know hundreds more who didn’t.

Most went back to prison, some are dead and a few did well. Prison in some ways is like the Army, you make friends that you believe will last forever. My best joke on stage at Boron Camp in 1988 was, "Hey my girlfriend said, Craig I love you, I will wait for you, forever. I never knew how long forever was….it’s 29 days."

Happy New Years to everyone and all my prison pals….hope things go great for you all in 2012!

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44 Responses to Glazer: Scribe’s Holiday Flashback to His Daze in the Joint

  1. harley says:

    best article ever. Now i need to go read king of sting. You’re a lucky dude…got out and made good. congrats.
    Knew a guy…got paid millions to take a rap for his family. I always wondered would it be worth 16 million to
    spend a year in prison. Now the guys busted.
    would love to read more glaze….you’re getting much better at this “journalism” thing.
    Maybe the star should pick you up (lol)
    happy new year.

  2. Paul says:

    Thanks Craig
    Good article Craig. Thanks. We tend to forget that there are many good people behind bars.

  3. Craig Glazer says:

    Thank You Harley
    Harley notice I never mention you as a hater anymore, you are so funny and entertaining. Some days you like me some you don’t, same with Hearne, thats fine. You raised a question most men think of, HOW MUCH MONEY IS IT WORTH…I had to go for taking just over one million from the feds in a sting, they didn’t get it back so they were pissed. Of course little was left after all the paid outs, lawyers, setting up the sting, so on…was it worth one million? NO. However a million a year at a lower level camp or mid level prison? YES. Danger is low at prisons with a level4 and down. At level 3/4 most guys are in for 5 to 25 years. 80% drug dealers, some bank robbers, few violent guys. So even though its walls, cells, dorms and average food, you can deal with it, fairly safe. Level 2, walls, fences, but guys are near going home or to a camp so behavior is pretty good, a few fights, maybe one stabbing a year, overall safe. Better food less men, decent, all dorms. Camp, cakewalk, just fence, food is above average, usually, better grounds, more to do, better inmates, less morons, more guys with some dough and education there, like 5-10% guys doing ten years or less, or guys coming down the system like I was nearing the end, also a few furloughs to the outside every year or so….Tommy Chong even did 9 months in at age 72, so its pretty safe, and one million a year there, not too bad, hard to get laid by a girl, but can be done, visits, a teacher, so on…i was at the Watergate Camp, BORON, we had a pool and tennis courts…the truth is they were terrible, nobody ever went in the pool, it was small, what good is a pool with no chicks. The courts were used, several other prisons have tennis, just crappy courts…overall prison is bad cause you waste your years and life away in there in a world outside of one that counts…I am an achiever, I did a ton in the joint….toastmasters prez. graduated college…wrote and sold two screen plays from prison, had a few affairs with prison female staff and air force staff and even a phone operator, and in two prisons became a prison leader with my groups, yep in prison I was eventually a big deal, hard to do as an ex cop and ex robber of drug dealers, we are pretty hated in the joint, but I did it. There were always some who hated me, but maybe less than hate me on this website, hah. Happy New Years

  4. Tom says:

    Dont confue being lucky with ebing talented,
    “”These were some of the rare breed who had a shot at a good life when released.

    I know hundreds more who didn’t. “”

    And again, you act like you are hot shit, something special….. all on your own
    News flash, you are lucky.

    It is not hard when you have a job in the family business waiting for you whne you get out, most dont…..

  5. chuck says:

    Great story.
    Gimme more.

    Happy New Year!


  6. smartman says:

    Coffee Cup?
    When I think of coffee cup I’m thinking ceramic mug. You know, the kind you could use to make a really nice shank. Hell, even if it was a polycarbonate plastic you could make a nice shank. Good to know the feds were so concerned about prisoner safety way back then. A buddy of mine did 10 years in Hutch from 82 to 92. They never got anything that in your wildest dreams could be fashioned into a weapon.

    Let me know when your back in town Harley. I’m ready for you and your buddies to come kick my ass. I’ve got some nice surprises for you! Gonna make a Die Hard movie look like kids playing with GI Joe.

  7. paulwilsonkc says:

    this touches so many families
    I have an uncle by marriage, CFO for a major developer in Ohio. Using vafrious projects and assets for additional bank loans to do more development. CEO telling him, “just sign this saying its really worth $20M instead of $9M, no one really cares…” If you do that 20 or 30 times and the feds start picking up your curbside trash every week, someone cares. He’s sitting in prison now for 11 years. Someone DID care.

    The worst part is he did three of those years in county jail awaiting trial and then sentencing. Then, trips to Court to testify about his boss in HIS trial.

    So, now he’s in a “camp”, but he’s 57 looking at 10, no parole. Wife in poor health, adopted son who has disowned him for the most part. His wife is the real victim, she lost everything. He was the breadwinner, not her. House, furniture, cars, gone. He does a blog email newsletter… its depressing to read. Camp or not, cant be worth what he has lost.

  8. Tom says:

    Film business / family business / whatever… you had a job waiting for you.
    Stop acting you are better than the other poor guys who were NOT born with
    a silver spoons in their mouths. You are are a lucky, spoiled, big mouth, POS,
    non stop bragging is all you do…. it is very revealing about the truth of you…… fkn sickening

  9. Craig Glazer says:

    Hater Tom
    I give up Tom/and nine other names….you are right I have had it easy, just luck, no talent, all I do is brag, uh, lie all that….happy now…go find something else to do with your time.

  10. chuck says:

    My brother did 5 years in Cameron for Firebombing.
    After he was there for a while, he had access to all kinds of dangerous stuff.

    I think after a while, they try to figure out who is violent and who is not.

    My brother was extremely dangerous, but he never caused any problems in prison.

    Go figure.

  11. Tom says:

    I give up Tom/and nine other names….you are right I have had it easy, just luck, no talent, all I do is brag, uh, lie all that….happy now

    I guess we will see…..

    Lets see if your predictions go 25%-45% again..but you claim they are 80% (btw 80%= B)
    Lets see if you can write a story without dropping names every sentance
    Lets see if you can write story that actually does something besides let you masturbate to it as you re-read your lies and bullshit.

    Lest see if you can write something of substance and quality and tells us something NOT ABOUT YOU.

    Look at your fellow writers here at KCC, see what they do…LOOK, LEARN, ADAPT….DO SOME GOOD !!!!


  12. Dog says:

    Glazer Writes About His Life Cause It’s Wild
    He is on this site I think to continue to tell us his wild life. Have to admit the boy has lived an insanely crazy life. So he is giving us points of view from the wild side. Hey he writes sports and goings on not about him, but the readers seem to demand the stories or insight from his world. Thats all. Dad a few months at Jeff City, hated it.

  13. Tom says:

    And if you do some good… and improve your stupid writing….. I will shut up….. and I weill NEVER even ask for a thanks from you.. I dont give a fuck… I will change my name again…… and that is that…… I do some good and move on….. No bragging…. no self promotion… just doing good for the sake of making it all better…… TRY IT, YOU’LL LIKE IT

  14. smartman says:

    Beretta says
    Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. I still have one friend in the joint. He’s 5 into his 15 for drugs. Got offered a deal to go witness protection. He turned it down. Feels like the Feds won’t be able to protect him. Guys in prison told him that the cartels find people they can pay to find out where you get relocated to and they just come and slice you up.

    His family is keeping it together will help from friends and relatives but not a peso from the guys he could flop on. Used to be there was honor among thieves. No Mas.

  15. Dexter says:

    yeah yeah yeah uh huh,,,, uh ok sm, looks like sm want to try to write movies too, too bad he has seen too many and has nothing original to offer. It is time for sm to change that name around 180 degrees, dumbwoman would be more appropriate, no no no, dont want to insult the ladies here, so how about dumbboy, yeah that is about right, dumbboy.

    cartels, witless protection, switching prison upon orders, yeah, uh huh, fill in the blanks to hollywood script writing

  16. Orphan of the Road says:

    Half my class were KC cops
    Another third were criminals. We were all pals growing up. Saved Easley’s ass in a game against St Pius, dude would have killed him with the sack. Another spent twenty in the joint for murder and did a triple homicide less than a month out.

    When my scufflin’ days were going strong in KC I probably knew half the force. Some folks figured out I was more trouble than I was worth and I left the petty shit that could have gone big behind me. Thirty-years away softens the view. But I still think of some of those who died rather than figure out dying ain’t no way to live.

    Got busted for weed twice. Once the ride-along academy cop dumped the bag on the ground. The real cop was pissed. Another time we did 35-hrs in city jail. The narcs found out we had a trace and didn’t bring charges. In the cops defense, he did get a second-degree burn from the hash pipe on the floor of the car.

    Being an ex-con is a heavy burden to carry when looking for work. There are ex-cons and then there are serial ex-cons.

  17. balbonis moleskine says:

    Ed Miller was not in prison for life, nor was he in for giving books to a Russian Girlfriend.

    He was in prison for ordering illegal break ins to conduct surveilance on the Weatherman and other groups in the 1970’s. After the Church commission investigated Hoover’s FBI, they threw a couple to the wolves. W. Mark Felt (who was later revealed to be Deep Throat) and Edward S. Miller were convicted by Carter’s Justice Dept of conspiracy to deprive US citizens of their constitutional rights. They were both pardoned by Reagan once he took office.

  18. chuck says:

    @ balbonis moleskin
    That is very interesting stuff, thanks.

  19. harley says:

    family member doing time. Hey wilson..nice family. What barn were you raised in. Nice family wilson…you prove
    you are white trash. Family got no house…furniture…no money…hahaha…sounds like you’ve got a great bloodline
    wilson…hahahaha…just joking!
    And chuck…your brother did 5? Great chuck. How many did you do. You come from a white trash family too.
    No more jokes about me chucky…you are another working class low life slob. we’ll see smartman doing time for shootings in his home area…the ghetto1
    You guys are all from the same low life trailer trash…..
    and you have the audacity to bring other people down to your level.
    Hell i thought you guys were upper crust high dollar family guys. You guys talk a good stick but now we know you
    come from thev depths of humanity. All your families are convict…now thats funny.

  20. Bradley says:

    Not COOL
    3% of this country in either in the system or in jail out right.
    There is nothing cool or glorious about it. Anybody bragging about doing time,
    or knowing people who are doing time is not much of anything. Think about it. It is not cool.

    If you are a convict, you never get to vote again.
    You never get to own a gun again, you are no longer , well, you know what you are.
    There is no glory in this topic, there is nothing cool here. Prison is not cool.

    Dont le me catch any of you convicts talking politics, it is none of your business.

  21. Craig Glazer says:

    Not True Bradley Old Son
    A: you can vote, I do, you can only NOT VOTE IF YOU ARE ON PROBATION OR PARLOLE…once off you can vote…I even was set to run for Mayor, we have had several convicts in politics including Congressman…now some of that has just changed…one man who was a convict from prison was ADAM CLAYTON POWELL, congress…so life isn’t over Bradley…you are right about couple things….no its not cool to go to prison, and it is harder on you when out, that is true. In todays world you can baley get work with a felony conviction…some of that is wrong, a young person who had a small drug bust should not have to live with that forever…I’m sure you did som drugs Bradley huh?

    Everyone in prison isn’t evil. There are some decent men and women in there, some shouldn’t be there at all. Yet you again are right overall many, most of the people in there are jerks and belong there, maybe 70% but boy that 30% really gets screwed huh.

    Prison and law enforcement today is just big business, not a big dif, between cops and robbers, never was…there are good guys and bad guys on both sides….its a never ending battle…and yeah we do need law enforcement…but sometimes it goes too far…

    “SIR I pulled you over tonight cause you crossed the lane without using your blinker. I see your seatbelt is not on. The speed limit is 55 you were doing 63. We been drinking tonight?” Yeah he’s really trying to serve and protect huh. It’s about the money Jimmy.

  22. paulwilsonkc says:

    Oh, sorry, Harley, thought you were on a “flight”
    One more time for the learning imparied, then Im DONE wrestling with the PIG.

    1. Uncle by marriage, not blood line, moron

    2. Broke white trash? Aim that statement at Craig. Ask him what happens when, in the case of my Uncle, youre a $500K CFO of a major development firm, then the Feds come after you. You lose your job because your CEO is also under investigation, in his case. You then have a 3 year Federal criminal defense to pay for. Craig can tell you, thats not a $125hr ticket fixing attorney. I’ll let him edumacate you on that too. Then you go to prison leaving a wife behind who was a stay at home Mom… and didnt work. Thats white trash? Moron.

    3. Craig, bring your little buddy here up to speed…… because to be a 1%er….. he’s not real bright.

    Im done wrestling in the mud with you, girly man. Trying to comment with you involved is a lot like teaching a PIG to sing. It wastes my time, and in the end, just pisses off the PIG. I mean, moron. Find me… or shut up.

    Oh, just kidding. hahahahaha (see how smart you sound?)

    I’ve got a new found respect of Chuck. He, like me, doesnt try to hide. In fact, Chuck, I’ve got a lot of friends who came from over that way. Kunkler, Wilbanks, Winkler… all did very, VERY well.

    You know what Harley doesnt get? The people who do it, who have it, dont have to spend all day trying to convince themselves and others. This is boring. Im not going to address him any more. Now, if he shows his face and comes out of hiding…. different story. But, I’ve laid the tools at his feet to do so…. and he does what every other bully does… backs up and calls more names, hurls insults. One last offer and Im done. I’ll buy the concrete and leave it in my trunk for you. That way you or your “partner” dont have to stop at Lowes or get your Pinto dirty.

  23. Craig Glazer says:

    Be Cool Boys
    Paul is right about many things. A real federal defense is huge bucks 6 to 7 figures….100 thousand and up, that might not even be a trial, just a plea. Mine was bout one hundred all in, we did not go to trial, in 2001, I did go to trial in 1984, it was 75,000 plus the apeal was another 25,000 that was back then. My trial in 2001 would have been 150 g’s at least maybe 250 if it went long, plus the original fee. Most people can’t afford that so they get a public defender, plead guilty, or cooperate what have you…95% do that…it’s big bucks. It hurt.

    Paul makes another good point, you lose everything, your wife, family business, belongings, usually, unless you are only gone a year or so…after that, good luck. I lost everything I owned, cars, clothers lost it all. Gone baby gone. That was in 1984, in 2001 I only did half way house and house arrest, didn’t deserve even that, but what can you do…better than ten years at Leavenworth…remember the feds control the court, even if the judge likes you, they can get around them with appeals, judge changes, on and on…or file more new charges, they wear you out and take all your money and then some…they are God. Do not screw with the FBi, IRS or the federal government, they will beat you 99%of the time….I fear them, if I do you should. They kicked my ass, twice. They got my attention. Believe you me.

  24. paulwilsonkc says:

    Thank you, Craig….
    Its nice to hear someone who gets the INTENT behind the original posting I put up. This isnt a WHITE TRASH problem as your friend (Im sorry), Harley said. My Uncle is a long, long way from that. It just gets easier and easier to “sign a form”. And in his case, no one got hurt! No defaulted bank loans, no developments that went under….. nothing. They ran a thriving construction and development firm…. they just happened to not be totally honest on what the papers said. But no losses for anyone….. until the Feds indicted them. Then, of course, it all crumbled and the people who were behind them DID lose it all then!! But not when it was oeprating and it wouldnt have.

    Now, 10 or 11 more years for him. Ohio made an example out of him and his boss. This was a new deal up there, they were going to make sure it stopped with them. Of course, it wont. No good behavior, no nothing. He’s going to do it all.

    He’s a CPA with a full resume of CFO jobs behind him. Whats he gonna do when he gets out? Nothing like that.

    Like I said earlier, thanks for telling an honest story about how it is. It happens to good people all the time. And youre right, Im not a fan of the cops…. and there is a fine line. Some times, a non existant line. His life is over. His wife may not live to see him get out. His son is so disappointed he’s disappeared on the family. Its hard on everyone.

    Thank you, Craig.

  25. Orphan of the Road says:

    Well all I have to say chuck is this
    If harley has connections in Northeast I’m sure they dance at Baccala’s. Or maybe it was harley and his crew who beat up Kendall Korr in the late 60s?

    Pop a top on a Schlitz Tall Boy for me. I’ve been accused, from time to time, of giving white trash a bad name. You know that Jesus was a Capricorn riff?

    Just have to pop in this cd on NYE, Knuckleheads is sold out. I’ll catch them in May.

    The trailer park blues
    The aluminum life
    With my trailer park dog
    And my trailer park wife
    The world is flat
    It leans to one side
    It’s fifty feet long
    And ten foot wide

  26. paulwilsonkc says:

    You crossed the line, Harley
    You can say anything you want to me, about me… but you dont come after my wife… or my kids.
    You have a lesson coming.

  27. paulwilsonkc says:

    If you have Harleys contact info, email it to

  28. bschloz says:

    Always thought the NE was somewhere around Ward Parkway…is that the hood now? So confused
    Harley “The Blogfather” dude you are going Full ass HAM on KCC…I love it….you and your new buddy the Humble Scribe should do a podcast or some shit.
    Buy me a $25 10 in Vegas you know I’m good for it…let me know if it hits….check that make it a $35 10…… check in often… I’m sure the Scribe will walk you thru a teaser bet.

    Happy New Year to all my KCC buds Smarty, Chuck, Hearne, Scribe, Blogfather, Jack, Mark, 🙂

  29. Raymond Chadler says:

    Harley’s name is JoJo
    and he has business with car dealers on 103rd st.

    I am not sure what kind of business.

    I really don’t think he would be that hard to find, if ya make some effort.

    He probably makes an impression.

  30. paulwilsonkc says:

    Well, thank you, Raymond…
    Thats a working email address, so if you have any more, feel to leave it. I’ll find him OK…..

    So, he works with car dealers, huh? My, my… how 1%? Thats ULTRA impressive. Maybe he does finance, or pin stripes. Or paintless dent repair. I can hardly WAIT!!!

    Im on this one. He crossed a line, I’ll get the details on who and what he really is. Then we WILL have some fun. He forgot to check who he was really dealing with while he was busy shooting his mouth off.

    I’ll pay for the call if he will call collect from his room and prove he’s at the Wynn. (702) 770 + his room number.

    I already talked to one of the concierges I know there. He can also come in person to anyone at the concierge desk and ask for me. They’ll take the message and get it to me. Just another way to prove it. If he doesnt, we can safely assume he’s lying about his big NYE weekend. Not that we dont already know that.

    Thanks again, Raymond, feel free to email anything else.

  31. Downtown Davey says:

    Heavy Stuff
    You guys are going at it. Stop.

  32. mark smith says:

    Harley what happened to that honeymoon in Vegas?
    I figured by know you would be in Vegas, catching it up the coat by some chick with a kickstand and baritone voice. You say working class like it’s a dirty word, which leads me to one conclusion…..if it cost a quarter to shit, you’d have to throw up. I figure you for a state raised ass hat, probably sucking up disability payments for some kind of mental disorder. Judging from the manic frenzy you get worked up in, Threatening people, knowing full well you aren’t going to bust a grape in a jelly factory. Screaming in caps. Calling yourself a one percenter. It’s time to come clean. You still live with your mother, or possibly in some low income studio. You smell like corn chips, shit, and fear. You haven’t been laid since your sister joined the Navy. That said, you are always good for a laugh, at your expense, natch.

  33. Super Dave says:

    Oh come on stop the stupidity
    A fool’s mind is at the mercy of his tongue and a wise man’s tongue is under the control of his mind.

  34. paulwilsonkc says:

    Mark, youre so close to being right
    …its not even funny. And judging by the emails coming to, there are at least 6 people with pieces to the not so elaborate puzzle. By next week this should hilarious in epic proportions when this clown is exposed. Should have never put his mouth in gear without engaging his brain first. I’ll start releasing pieces….and I bet he apologizes in 5 languages. And that will be impressive given the lack of mastery of his native tongue.

    Super Dave, Chuck, I’m sorry. Didn’t mean to get that out of hand, but he crossed a line I don’t allow. All bets off after that. But I’ll honor what I said….not addressing him on here again. So I apologize.

  35. BS says:

    Gotta love this site . . .
    bunch of old guys constantly seeking validation and threatening each other.

  36. harley says:

    wow,,,never realized i was a lightning rod
    first off..i want to aplogize. Don’t know 5 languages..only know one.
    I’ve been on here for a long time. And many of us “old timers” would insult
    each other to no end and not take it personally. It was the way of this site.
    As it’s grown more and more people have some on and these new
    people have not felt the same way. They have taken the insults
    And rightfully so. I have tried to never insult/attack anyone who didn
    t do so first to me. I may have gone wrong sometimes. With hearnes new
    policy which i mentioned many times I thought a lot of the crap would stop.
    The comments directed to glaze were especially brutal. I would critisize the
    guy for his writings and opinoins. Many people outright came out and
    tried ro destry the guy even though he put his own name on this site.
    I defended the guy many times.
    I always said everything on here was for fun and enjoyment. Maybe i was
    wrong. To some people comments may have been beyond fun and gotten
    personal. But since few people put their real name on here it wasn’t directed
    to anyone personally or to a known person.
    So to anyone who took the comments wrong..i apologize.
    To wilson? who ever you really are…i replied to comments and may have
    gone too far. To tht i say I’m sorry. This site has been out of control
    for a long time and i had been the subject of many many negative comments
    (almost as many as glaze) but since they were not coming from “real people”
    i took it with a grain of salt.
    Everyone, including myself has gone overboard. I am very opinionated
    and coming from a debate background loved to exchange ideas and facts
    and stats. I used many in my comments. But i too was the receiver of many
    harsh…personal attacks towards me and family. Because i didn’t take it
    personally and it was common to see onthis site i blew it off and followed
    up with a counter attack.
    But obviousl;y some people didnt see it the same way. I can understand.
    I can feel what they felt. So to wilson? and others i apoligize for making those
    comments. They crossed the line. And I knwo that even if we are
    anonymous that sometimes they sting.
    I don’t undersand how glaze and hearne take it. I guess it comes with the
    territory. The public hate and disgusting comments against people who use
    their real name was out of control. and glaze would battle back.
    And i defended him.
    Other personal issues that i have faced in the last 2 year may have also “clouded” my judgement in writing
    things on this site.
    But I’ve always said that it would be a blast to have beers/drinks with anyone on here because i am a fun
    guy/have some great stories and the people on here have incredibly great senses of humor and
    are entertaining (like smartman).
    so please accept apoligies for over the top comments. I hope this will begin a new era for this site.
    I don’t feel comfortable posting on here anymore so this is my final post. You won’t ”
    have harley to kick around anymore”….This month i helped over 20 needy families thru my charity work
    and rang the bells for s.a…i guess i’m better off spending my time doing that then writing
    on here.
    So to wilson? i apolgize for any thing written. I don’t knwo you …never met you but if you find out
    who i am call me and lets get together. I’ll buy lunc h…get you a glass of that champagne you liked..
    and we can become friends.
    Mermaid..i was upset when you took one of my comments wrong. I would never hurt anyone during their
    parents passing. Been thru that..know the hurt. I’m sure this holiday is tough for you. Lost both my parents
    within 16 months and know the pain. take care..and remember you can never replace them And also know
    this…when you get in trouble…or you really need some help…go ask them for it…they will give you peace…they
    never leave you.
    glaze..gotta give you credit as i always did…you are one of kind. Dont change…enjoyed the storeis but as i always
    said…stick to what you know best. And of course give my happy new years cheer to the lovely jessica.
    I won’t be on here. But i do hope that hearne will control this site. It has grown dramatically and it has always
    been a fun fun place. But everyone needs to understand that a human being is at the other end of the comment
    and tone down the harsh language. and words can hurt.
    as for wilson? whoever you may be…my plane leaves this afternoon as since you’re tight at wynn (its my first time
    there..usually stay at palms or mandalay bay) and you know the top guy can you get me some comps at the
    incredible buffet they have there …just kidding! But i do want to express apologies to youand your family.
    …i know how it feels…maybe some day send me a note …..
    hope to meet you in person some day…not to fight….but to hopefully figure out how this entire thing got out of hand.
    so finally to all my disciples…followers…fans and readers…harley is signing off. Its been fun but the
    potential to hurt someone is just too much. Enjoyed the ride…wish everyone a happy and prosperous
    holiday and be careful driving out tonight…its amatuer nite…and noone wants to see another accident.
    love to all..
    and to hearne…have followed you for years. I sometime wished i could be a writer (but i’d have to take a
    course at penn valley in grammar)…keep up the great work…and keep writing those great articles.
    And of course by commenting buddies (chuck/smartman/etc)…be careful…don’t make a mistake thinking
    that because you don’t know the person you’re respoonding to that it doesn’t hurt. It can and does.
    For those of you who thought i would finish off with a short article…you were wrong.
    take care..harley

  37. Craig Glazer says:

    Well Done Harley/JoJo
    Now that was a strong and kind piece Harley. Great way to end the year with some warm words. Yeah I too am sick of the hate campaigns launched for no reason really. As I have said, most of the haters to others don’t even know the person really. I saw a show about websites and comments on TV, this type of negative response from others is normal. When you look at other sites, my word, almost every comment tells the ‘known person who it is about’ to die, or “I hate you”….it’s strange. I mean people hate Tom Brady, WTF, why? Life is a tough road for EVERYONE, even the rich and famous suffer and are unhappy much of the time. I’ve always thought the happiest folks live on a farm in Iowa, thrilled they won that blue ribbon on a cow in a contest….thats all they ever wanted. Must be nice.
    You have a nice New Years Harley. And all the haters. Like Harley I really don’t want to hate anyone, lifes too short and too hard to add another wheel of emotion that is dark.

  38. Closing in for the kill says:

    I love it when guys find Jesus in prison
    on death row, or, just fold under pressure.

    Sounds like Mr. Wilson and smartman were crashing thru the underbrush and beer cans out side of Harley’s trailer.

    Harley is not going anywhere.

    Get ready for new, disgusting and insulting diatribes by way of a new nom de plume.

    I am going to suggest “Fiat” as an interesting double entendre.

    That asshat could’t get a Harley off of the deck if he layed it down anyway.

  39. bschloz says:

    Say It Ain’t So
    Fans and Disciples holding round the clock vigil in front Watts Mill Price Chopper.
    Vow not to leave until Harley’s next post! #OPC

  40. paulwilsonkc says:

    apology acceped, harley

  41. balbonis moleskine says:

    I have been a 1%er. Not that big a deal. I made a shit load of money at Sprint

    If you were a director at sprint, like you say you were, you were not even within spitting distance of the top 1% of the population. Top 1% of income earners is 2mil a year. If you were a director you made probably 150k/year at Sprint before your inevitable downsizing.

  42. paulwilsonkc says:

    moleskine, i stand corrected…
    I never once thought $2M was tbe benchmark Harley was using. No, given that figure I never HAVE been. You can make more than $150 at Sprint as what was an E13, especially when you add the bonus. But you are correct, theres only ONE way out…. layoff. I went trhough 11 in 10 years, last one got me. But, my tenure there taught me all I needed to go out on my own and do better. Mariam Pepper wrote a great article on me when I left….. very inspirational. I had wives of laid off men calling me for days asking me to talk to their husbands about the positive side of being laid off. Did me a lot more good than them!! Thanks for the correction and I conceed, you are correct. Hearne is now the only 1% guy.

  43. Doolittle says:

    I have never heard of someone who is so proud of, and re-hashes his days in prison like CG….

    Seems like a monthly mention here.

  44. jeezloueeze says:

    Buy a hooker and lie to her.
    I guess all of you Walter Mitties have to feel good about now… Kinda like the 300 lb hooknose who posts lovely pics scabbed from the Macy catalogue……. Post it and they’ll come pine’n and you can find “true love”. So sad, Maria! Save it for a Rainy Day!

    A sure chick-flick hit. Glad to know our resident “screenwriter” and “movie producer” reads and writes this here blog. GIANT blockbuster potential here! Especially for “one of the producers” of a mega-hit documentary.

    Hey Glaze; you’re hired with all of the perks and responsibilities of your last producer gig! Now run out and grab the pizza quick! I hate it cold.

    Hey Harley; are you REALLY scared by some anonymous gangster? Me too. I can’t stop the shiver and shake. That’s entertaaaaaaaaaaaainnnnnnement 🙂

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