Hearne: The KC Confidential Comments Section Cleanup

To the majority of KC Confidential readers and commenters, I salute you…

Instead of one or two word, anonymous putdown comments (like a certain local blog) or allowing no comments at all (like another), KCC gets mostly some pretty entertaining and thoughtful comments. The "stage names" may shield their identities, but most KCC commenters think things through and bring something to the table in the way of suggestions and/or criticism.

They may get carried away with the ALL-CAPS button or unleash an ungentlemanly word here or there, but for the most part they’re an important ingredient to the overall mix of ideas and viewpoints on this site.

Then there are the odd haters…

Let me rephrase that – the twisted, sick-sounding commenters who darken this site on occasion with crude language, scary senses of humor and vile expressions. Often directed towards Craig "meet me after school" Glazer.

While these outbursts are fairly rare, a little goes a long way.

They’re disturbing to read (before I can delete and/or block them) and it’s kinda frightening to think there are losers like this actually walking about free in society. And the sad reality is that all it takes is one loser to mess up the sandbox.

So I’d like to apologize for the odd such comment that slips into the site. We are still working on the transition to a new format that will allow for better screening of these idiots.

Meanwhile, I’ll keep Glaze under control and look forward to moving forward, sans the depravity.

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18 Responses to Hearne: The KC Confidential Comments Section Cleanup

  1. paulwilsonkc says:

    Thats a great change
    and a fine modification to a great site. When it becomes personally demeaning, sick attacks or sounds like it was written from an institution, enough

  2. Packers Nation says:

    Nice Work On Picks Glazer
    Followed you all year, you did slow down at the end, but maintained over 75% for the year, tough job, good work. Yeah the Chiefs with no quarterback can only tease their fans. I agree, but we have the best in Aaron Rogers, if he went down, we’d be 8-8. Quarterback is everything in the NFL, everything. Look at the Colts no Manning no wins. New England would be like 5-11 without Tom Brady. So the Chiefs have a core team but no leader.

    Again I agree its Matt back at the helm and maybe a low level playoff team at best. If KC had the number one defense it still wouldn’t take them to the Super Game. Today its offense, points. Green Bay, my team has a crap D this year, but likely we win it all cause of Rogers, if not us Saints with Drew, he is top notch as well. Pioli has to find a quarterback somewhere somehow or its more of the same at a bit higher level thats all.

  3. Short term memory much? says:

    @ Packers Nation
    ‘New England would be like 5-11 without Tom Brady.’
    You don’t remember when Brady went down in the first game of the seasons and Matt Cassel led them to a 11-5 record?

    ‘Quarterback is everything in the NFL’
    You don’t remember Trent Dillfer being the quarterback of the Baltimore Ravens team that won a Super Bowl?

  4. Sherman says:

    I read most of the comments and I never read anything I would define as frightening or depraved,,, not as depraved as someone who pays hookers for sex as their kids watch. Most of the comments I see are more reflection back on the posters here.

    hearne,for some reason you are blinded to how messed up your BFF glazer is. That dude has some serious problems, and you are “Paterno like” in turning a blind eye to them. Be careful, you have no idea the damage he can do to you. If choose to ignore the warnings, then you can expect no sympathy when HIS shit hits YOUR fan…., although come to think of it, you will probably protect him just like you do all your buddies, heh… that is kind of sad for a guy who exposes people for a living.

    Look in the mirror, the answers are there.

  5. mermaid says:

    Can’t take the heat…
    If you are writing on this site you are going to get bad comments. Craig needs to toughen up a bit. I never take anything to heart. If you do then you shouldn’t be writing. Besides it’s alot of fun reading them. Don’t censor too much because it will take all the fun away. Even when Harley is putting me down I just laugh because I find it hilarious. Craig is the only one who cries about it and it’s ridiculous. Unless someone is threatening your life I say go with it. KNOCK ON WOOD!

  6. Merle Tagladucci says:

    “‘You don’t remember Trent Dillfer being the quarterback of the Baltimore Ravens team that won a Super Bowl?”

    Ah yes. The one time in the modern era of football when a team won the Super Bowl in spite of having a below average QB. Twelve years ago. Hasn’t happened since.

  7. Mark X says:

    ” …scary senses of humor and vile expressions.”

    Dang, I missed it! Could you provide a link?

  8. Dixon says:

    I hereby profess mu love (admiration) for mermaid, she is the awesomest EVER!!!!

    More from mermaid… less from EVERYONE ELSE….. esp less from a certain “supposed scribe” (lmao at that notion) who has ultra thin skin combined with a SUPER BIG EGO, love of names dropping, love of boasting and love of talk shit and insulting everyone in sight but whines like a little girl, at the drop of a het, spilled milk when people reply to his trash talk.


  9. Hearne Christopher says:

    Will do

  10. Hearne Christopher says:

    Not to worry. There are plenty of edgy, put down comments here and they will remain. There are limits though for the odd, ultra crude, ignorant ones. Just saying…

  11. Hearne Christopher says:


  12. kcredsox says:

    +1 for Mermaid and Dixon
    -1 for Craig and Hearne

  13. Cliffy says:

    Hearne is lazy. Craig is stupid. Add a fat person to the staff and you are the perfect reflection of modern America.

  14. harley says:

    heanre…hope you clean up this site..
    I will do my part…hopefully you will do yours.
    If not…i will. I will enforce the rules on here..come hell or high water.
    Thanks…have a happy new year to you and your daughters….
    be careful out there…drive sober and see ya in 2012…
    your friend

  15. Mysterious_J says:

    How about tackling the racism too?
    Instead of just defending your asshole buddy Glazer, how about also…you know…discouraging the racist assholes who haunt the comments? Of course, it could be that you LIKE racism.

  16. Hearne Christopher says:

    Nope. Gotcha covered

  17. Dave says:

    Testing … testing … testing
    Hearne is a douchebab … testing … testing …

  18. Dave says:

    Douchebab? Sorry. Fat fingers. Obviously meant douchebag. Testing … testing … testing …

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