Glazer: Two Backup Pro Bowlers for Chiefs Says it All

Yep, Derrick Johnson will finally go to Honolulu on January 29th…

He sure did earn that trip. And Tamba Hali will return to the Pro Bowl. Both as back-ups. Hali did not play last year so this time he will likely see some action.

Nobody on the Chiefs offense even got a sniff.

Oh the guy we fired, Brian Waters, he’s going to the Pro Bowl but from New England. You know, the guys who have home field advantage in the playoffs. Brian was sure sad to leave, right. He was past it – uh-huh – pro bowl guy.

Dwayne Bowe is not on the list (he was last year).  Bowe may yet make it as a reserve if one of the other guys is hurt or can’t play. He too was a shadow of himself last season. Bowe scored only five touchdowns this season – last year he had a boatload.

When your best offensive player isn’t being called, that tells you loudly how bad your offense has become.

All the talk about, "Who will run this team next year?" – does it even matter? 

The division will remain weak. Our defense could be solid. We could win the division with just an OK offense and a B defense – 9 or 10 wins – that’s not unlikely.

More than we want to hear it, Matt THE FRANCHISE will start again next year. Kyle Orton is performing for TV as a try-out quarterback for five or six other bad teams. Kyle is still fairly young, and is a solid B- quarterback. The Vikings and 6 other lousy teams will likely offer him a three year $15 million or more package.

Will the Chiefs? They would have to dump Matt.

We all agree Kyle is a step up, but barely. They are both low level play-off quarterbacks if the rest of the team is average or above. That is likely what the Chiefs will be next year. Maybe.

Without a quarterback – and we don’t have one in sight – no team will go deep in the playoffs or to a Super Bowl.

So this Chiefs team – barring a miracle – is out of any real Super Bowl race for years to come.


That’s the best we can do. So if that makes you happy, have at it. For me, it’s been just too long a wait. One average team going to one post season game and getting smashed. Like last year. It just doesn’t thrill me anymore. Twenty years since a post season win for the Chiefs, half century since a Super Bowl.

My Lord.

What more do you fans expect for 100 bucks a ticket and $10 dollar beers?

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13 Responses to Glazer: Two Backup Pro Bowlers for Chiefs Says it All

  1. harley says:

    glaze is a fake
    he can sit and knock the team but never supports them When was the last time you went to a game?
    Did you ever pay the parking.
    the only support you gave the cheifs was when there was a buck in it for you…so don’t b.s. us.
    You’re like the other 250000 armchair fans…don’t support the team but beat the hell out of them
    with your keyb oard.
    Instead of plating the team from afar… go out and supoprt the team…you’re not even qualified to giv e
    stats or data to support anything you say. You say the same old worn out lines that non fans say all the
    For those of us who go out and cheer the team…who go to 1 or 2 away games a year…who put our money where
    our support is…we say shut the fuck up to all your bandwagon fans.
    Everything you shout out is just drivel. Provide some facts or stats to back up what you say and not the
    opinionated b.s. you write every day.
    Wht makes you think this is not a future playoff team. For once in your life…stop trying to genralize and b.s.
    people with overdone phrases and crap. Give us some stats about when the team is operating at 100%..
    when the team is together and patched together…when a new winning coach is hired…that they can’t
    be a playoffi team. If you were to know anything beside the crap you write you would find that stats and
    data point to this team become very successful with a ffew pieces.
    Of course you have never paid attention to facts or statistics…you write the same old shit you wrote back
    in october…..please stop writing the same old garbage and present some intelligent info to back up the
    nonsense you write here.

  2. kcredsox says:

    Took me 2 minutes to find out Dwayne Bowe had 15 touchdowns last year instead of a boatload. At least do a little research Craig.

  3. paulwilsonkc says:

    You always know its harley….
    when the post is a mile long as a result of disconnected sentence wraps. Harley, it you go to the

  4. Craig Glazer says:

    I See
    Boys I have used stats and facts often, even here. So Bowe had 15, agreed, boatload wasn’t being lazy it was effect, that failed. My point is still the same. You know my picks were very good, my preseason teams almost all landed where I wrote they would. AFC..New England was my pick, but I said, “The Steelers show up somehow, they are like 4-3 and end up 12-4 and are in it” that ended up being true…I also picked Ravens, Jets,Texans, Chargers….was wrong about Jets and Chargers..I said it would be the same teams with maybe one suprise…looks like it wil be Denver or the Raiders…likely Denver. In the NFC I said Packers, Saints, Atlanta, Detroit(the suprise, happened) and Eagles would blow it cause Vick was over rated and would be injured early…happened. I said Dallas was also over rated and would not win 10, true. Hey nobody can call it all.

  5. Hearne Christopher says:

    Sounds like a boatload to me. Especially compared to five.

  6. kcredsox says:

    Wasn’t trying to bash you
    but, if you state that he had 5 touchdowns this year, may as well state how many he had last year. Otherwise just say he had a microscopic amount of catches this season and a fuckload of catches last season.

  7. Riley says:

    Be very very gentle on craig
    Everyone be very very gentle on craig, he is very sensitve and can not handle any criticism.

    Of course he can dish it out and insult everyone in sight, but he does not believe in fair play……
    and he get s away with it…. you see, when your BFF runs the web site…. you can talk all the shit
    you want…. and if/when anyone replies to your shit, they can delete it. Pretty sad state of affairs.

    So for sure, no one point that after losing the bet in the bowl games this week he had another sub 50%
    weekend, but shhhhhhhhh… dont tell him or he will throw a temper tantrum and have you delted…… such a fucking joke.

  8. Hearne Christopher says:

    Craig takes plenty of hits, including yours above. Don’t worry, he can take it. We’re not going to allow lowbrow, crude and distasteful utterances though. You can get that anywhere.

  9. Craig Glazer says:

    Fake Riley Guy
    We know you are the same guy, just not being as nuts, thats fine. You like to keep downing my picks, thats fine. The year is still in the 70% plus area, thats an A. I don’t see you posting your genius picks. Chuck does and has done decent. My first six weeks were crazy great over 90%, that gave me a strong overall start….the end is tougher. Last year I only missed one play off game. I picked KC just to make everyone happy, they got slammed. The rest won. I had Green Bay early and late. When you say He’s a loser, and all that, people that read and follow my picks know thats not true. Saying my Chiefs under was “lucky” if it was easy why didn’t everyone pick under 71/2? Or Dallas under 10 or Detroit over 6…all won…so dude I know whats up. I don’t bet all these games. You can hate all you want, but when someone is on it, they just are. I try and give people looking to bet a game online, Vegas, or pools my picks thats all. I find using the teaser is a big help. It saves many games…6 points can be huge. To be a money winner you have to pick at over 60% to cover the vig and you need balanced bets…in other words you bet 100 on Green Bay and win, but you lose 200 on the Jets, so the numbers don’t balance and overall you can win at 60% but lose money pending on your larger bets. Conversley you can win with under 50% if you win the big bets.

  10. Riley says:

    70% is an A???
    “”year is still in the 70% plus area, thats an A.””

    uh, since when is 70% is an A?

    Well, I guess that is the problem with being an uneductaed ,silver spoon brat.
    When the Keys are handed to you, and you dream you earned somethings…
    you grow up cluless and cocky, but ignorant of reality… and I gues that explains gLoser..

    Check it everybody….. glazer says 70% is a “A”…. BBWWAAAAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!!!!!

    LMAO….yeah 70% is an “A” heh heh.. that explains a lot about you spoiled boy.

    It is easy to have your supposed 90% record whne you are making up point spreads…. but low and behold, ever since we have started actually keeping track, you are running at 25%-45%…aandthat is even with you “made up spreads” …and last week was another debacle for you

    We noticed how you said nothing after blowing your “expert pick” on Missouri’s bowl game…
    so for the record …it was ANOTHER LOSER!!!!!! LOSER WEEK FOR the gLoser….. read, know own up to it.

    Now run off and whine that the other kids are being mean to you…. spoiled little no know nothing cry baby brat.

  11. Craig Glazer says:

    Hater Every Time You Comment Your Little Brain Shows Up
    HATER: 70% is betting games is an A. clearly you know nothing abou this. It’s not a history quiz…70% puts you in the money, a winner. Jimmy The Greek was at under 70 % nearly every year, still was a master pick’em guy. Thats how it works…where in the F do you get 25-45% Whack Job? Go to the archieves and look at the picks, brain dead. Also how am I silver spooned? I was born rich? Really, wish that were the case…my brother and I created comedy not our dad…we took over his closed biz in 90 and made it a hit by ourselves with Grandpa Benny and little dough…the rest is all us….Hater, do me a favor…LISTEN, LEARN, WRITE DOWN…BYE

  12. balbonis moleskine says:

    one reason I love the trainwreck for this site is that glazer fits the DSM-IV perfectly for narcissistic personality disorder.

    sometimes I think we are all being trolled by him with his stories of grandeur and awesomeness, coupled with his thin skin.

  13. harley says:

    lay off glaze…70% is huge
    any one who says hitting that high on the picks (and theyre published) is stupid,.
    The guy had a hell of a year…his picks show it.
    L:ets see what you guys can do….publish your picks for the playoffs and lets
    see who hits the numbers.
    as far as biz..glaze is right…he’s an entreprenuer…and sometimes it works out…sometimes
    it don.t i point out that he’s had his ups and down…but thats what dreamers like him and i get…
    sometimes we win..sometimes we lose.
    But if you’re not in the game of life..and i can tell that the guys writing crap on glaze arent…come out
    and tell us what you’ve done…spell out how successful you are….or give some real facts and
    figures instead of trying to beat down the guy.
    I will be the first to jump on glazes statements…but in this instance the guy is hot hot hot…
    and he’s right. Say what you will…insult the guy all you want…he has proven he knows how to
    pick games..i only wish i bet on them and won money.
    and no the guy wasnt born rich…lots of sweat in his businesses….he’s a gambler…and i hope he
    wins with his deal at the legends…why would anyone want to see someone fail?
    Stop the harassing comments…they’re unneeded…if you want to see if you’re better than him…
    put up your picks and lets see who wins…put $500 on it..put you money where your mouth is
    ….and stop the b.s……

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