Mermaid: From Pet Chipping to Human Chipping, The Fix Is In

RFID, I hadn’t thought much about these letters until the recent Wal Mart scandal…

The one where the company is embedding chips in clothing – mostly underwear and jeans – to "keep track of inventory."  Radio-Frequency Identification should be something you start thinking about a lot these days.

Is it Big Brother or a helpful chip for times of trouble, such as a bad accident or a kidnapping of a child?

I for one find myself slightly sick at the notion of a chip being embedded in my skin. But this is exactly what the government is planning on implementing starting in 2013 as part of President Obama‘s healthcare bill.

If you are just hearing about this for the first time, listen up.

RFID has already been approved by the FDA and is a doctrine written into Obama’s new health care plan which states that everyone in the American population must have it for "medical purposes."

I don’t know about you but this has all the markings of a Fascist movement to me.

As a matter of fact, it scares the living daylights out of me. We already put these chips in our dogs and cats so I don’t know why I am surprised they want to do this to humans.

I can think of some good it could do- Alzheimer’s patients wandering off, a kidnapping, an unlocated murder victim- but it stops there and becomes an evil spawning that I really want no part of.  I suppose we will all have an identifiable number.

Doesn’t this conjure up visions of the Holocaust or George Orwell‘s 1984? Does to me.

The year 2013 will be approaching quickly and we should all be asking some questions. Who will submit to this? Who will resist? Will states require citizens to comply and what happens if we refuse? Will we be refused medical treatment if we do not have a chip? What will the parameters be and how will it be used? Will the states and government abuse their power?

Wake up and smell the bad coffee because I am not making this horror story up. Read it and weep.

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23 Responses to Mermaid: From Pet Chipping to Human Chipping, The Fix Is In

  1. Challenger says:

    Hi mermaid, good to have you back. Seasons greetings. 🙂

    on topic…… some see/say these things are “mark of the beast activity”, from the bible,
    if one wants food/shelter/ assistance, one must have the mark/chip/666…… etc etc etc

  2. KCMonarch says:

    The only thing being implanted here is paranoia.
    A little hint. If you’re too lazy or ill-equipped to research the “facts” for your blogs, at least check before posting something you read in an e-mail forward. You might save yourself from looking silly.

  3. Orphan of the Road says:

    I laughed so hard I cried
    I know vetting a subject isn’t at the top of the list of things-to-do-before-I-submitt-a-story, but just the minimal SNOPES check should be mandatory. Of course in you type in RFID mandated by Obamacare you will get nothing.

    Thanks KCMonarch for the proper wording and for the link.

    Now for an easier subject, who was the first President of the United States ROFLMAO

  4. smartman says:

    Never Gonna Happen
    You have failed to do your research on this particular subject. This is not a fait accompli. Far from it.

    Mandatory installation of RFID in humans will NEVER happen in the USA or in other countries for that matter.

    The AMA, Congress, United Nations, Human Rights Watch, ACLU and dozens of other global consumer, health care and human rights organizations are on the record opposing this “technology” and are prepared to go to court. Like myself I’m sure there are a few million Americans that would go to war over this.

    Even the whack jobs in the 11th Circuit Court have informally and “off the record” voiced their opposition to this type of intrusion on our liberties.

    In the most extreme cases of released felons and sexual predators this technology is being opposed.

    Voluntary installation is being questioned; though most modern pacemakers have the capability of
    providing remote telemetry including location.

    Beyond tracking the technology exists for chips to monitor blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugar, blood enzymes and many other body functions.

    IBM is developing artificial intelligence technology that could be used to download information into the human brain. You could get a college education downloaded in 10 minutes instead of 4 years. Since that effectively could put the NEA out of business and shut down the public schools that might be worth considering, depending on who’s choosing the curriculum.

    Considered against other issues like cloning and embryonic stem cell research this is an area where technology is light years ahead of necessity or demand.

    The most important reason this will NEVER come to pass is that the information could NEVER be properly secured. A black market for chip stealing and swapping would certainly emerge disrupting an already complex and complicated system.

    Stick to reviewing frozen cocktails.

  5. Farmer says:

    “” Mandatory installation of RFID in humans will NEVER happen in the USA or in other countries for that matter. “”

    Yeah and THEY WILL NEVER…..

    They will NEVER mandate that everyone MUST submit to have thier balls/pussy fondled before you get on a plane.

    They will NEVER allow the Prsident to order the killing of a US Citizen…

    They will never have road blocks where they can force to to submiot blood if you are suspected of drunk driving.

    They will NEVER round up a group of people and mass kill them…..


    You dont have any fucking idea what they will or will not force you to do…
    open your fucking eyes, this shit, and worseis happening or in the works, right now. WAKE THE FUCK UP.

  6. HARLEY says:

    we have enough freaking idiots on this site. come on..take away her ability to show her
    stupidity. Please stop this..your site has been dogged enough with the suicide….jardine
    …fox 4 conspiracy…and glazes rants.
    Please..this girl has no brains. Sorry but if you write a stupid ass article like this you deserve
    to be called what you are…a liar and a loser.
    You give this wman a byline andl et her write this phony crap which i expect to hear on
    fox news or washington examiner.
    Please…hearne…don’t let this broad continue. she is a sweet girl (seems like it) but when you
    let her write this trash you become a loser also.
    There are a few things that cause concern in the health care reform, but being forced to have a microchip implanted in you is not one of them. The section you are referring to has nothing to do with implanting chips in people. Clearly, you don’t even understand what a Class II and Class III medical device is. This section of the bill clarifies what was put into place under the Safe Medical Devices act of 1990. It was then modified in 1997 as the Food and Drug Administration Modernization Act was signed.

    Briefly, a Class III medical device is a device that is life-sustaining or life-supporting (like a pacemaker or a heart valve). A Class II device is a device that requires additional qualification but not as much as a Class III device (like an X-ray machine).

    It’s best to do some research and have an idea of what you’re talking about. People, on both sides of the aisle, need to quit listening to the scare tactics of media blow-hards.

    Again, this has nothing to do with sticking microchips in people. The purpose is to have proper records and reporting of malfunctioning Class II and Class III medical devices. Not so scary is it?

    You are not a doctor…you’re not a scientist nor an intellectual. You are wrong. Admit it and go back
    to tanning…PLEASE…PLEASE…PLEASE….no more idiots writing stories pretending to be halway

  7. mark smith says:

    sorry I’m late to the Alex Jones soiree
    but the haberdasher didn’t have my tin foil fedora ready. Obama care is as fucked up as a soup sandwich. If you want to see gubmint in action as far as health care goes, just look into the V.A. hospitals. That said, this black helicopter big brother shit is nothing new. ever since 9/11 it’s become increasingly more far fetched. I have neither the time or inclination to walk around afraid of a boogeyman that doesn’t exist. There is no shortage of scary shit happening in this country, in this city. Computer chips and paranoia aren’t on my list.

  8. harley says:

    please go back
    to reviewing cocktails. It requires no thinking on your part.
    Just sucking down an ice cold drink while you sit in a chair. tHANKS…
    your first really important story and you blew it big time. Wht topics are next…
    how breast implants affect the judgement of females? Wow…heavy stuff.
    At least thts something you know about.
    As far as chip implants wow……..
    Okay we’ll forgive you on this one…but please stop the stupidity….

  9. smartman says:

    Sounds like you’re getting a little too much Alex Jones in your diet. Since the TSA implemented searches after 9-11 I’ve probably traveled over 1000 days. Never had my balls touched ONCE and I’ve got a nice set of balls.

    President’s have been whacking US citizens for a long time. It’s one of the perks of the job.

    I’m not up to speed on DUI laws in all 50 states but I think you have a choice of blowing or having blood drawn. I could be wrong. Don’t drive after you’ve been drinking, NO PROBLEM.

    Other than the debacle with David Koresh and the Branch Davidians in Waco or the Japanese internment camps during WWII when did the US round up and/or kill people in a non-military action?
    I agree there is a fine line between what is advanced in the name of public safety versus a reduction in our liberties but keeping terrorists off of planes and drunks off the roads are certainly in the cause of public safety.

    So chill out, it’s all gonna end on 12/21/12 anyway.

  10. Craig Glazer says:

    Mermaid Is Entitled To Her Opinion
    People: we have had lots of outside the box stories, o.k. If Mermaid wants to inform us of what ‘she believes’ may happen, so be it. Have to admit its kinda interesting, huh. I wrote about our cell phones eventually being our I.D.’s to law enforcement and more, you guys didn’t think that was odd. It’s an interesting take on a world gone whack at times. Calm down.

    P.S. I read lots of warnings on “I’ll never read this again…you will lose your readers….dump Glazer…dump Heare…without Greg Hall you are toast…truth is we increased 300% trail only The Star and Pitch in readers now…so we are doing something right, huh…just think more people are reading you guys….right Harley!

  11. harley says:

    mark smith….wrong again
    go ask any veteran what they think of va medical care…the truth is that 80% plus rate it as excellent to good.
    Higher than private health care..
    Ask seniors about medicare or social security…also highly rated…far above private retirment or private
    health care.
    So stop trying to use b.s. to run down some very successful and very appreciated government programs
    that have been the only safety net for millons and millions of americans.
    Get your facts straight…or stfu.

  12. Farmer says:

    Mermaid is great… but dump glazer ….

    smartman…. you dont know jack shit. When ever people start with the tin foil hat talk I know they a monkey covering their ears eyes and mouth….. From iphones being tracking devices to …. ah ….. you know what?…… no matter what I post you are in denial….. you know everything……. you know there is no NWO, there is not conspiracy…Americas is not in trouble…. we are not borke in massive debt…… the middle class is not being dwindled…. naw …not at all…… go back to sleep…….. it is good enough to call yourself smart… and believe it….. all you need.

    DUMP glazer……. keep mermaid…. at least she can write an article that does not sound like a girly diary entry….. she writes without name dropping, without telling us how great she is and without telling us lies (e.g. glazer’s fake betting spreads)(what a piece of shit glazer is)

    MERMAID IS GREAT!!!!!! harley is lamer than glazer…and that should not be posiible in nature

  13. smartman says:

    Get on the bandwagon Craig
    Mermaid may be your friend but she’s still an IDIOT with this post. Maybe it’s true about birds of a feather?

    HUGE difference between cell phone tracking/pinging and suggesting that it’s settled law that we are all getting chips implanted.

    You forgot to mention that KCC trails TKC too. Not that it matters in the ad revenue war.

    Whether the goal is readers or revenue it doesn’t help the credibility cause with this kind of crap. Mermaid ain’t Maureen Dowd or Christianne Amanpour, hell she ain’t even Betty White. Give her some trade dollars and let her review the chicked fried steak at The Well.

  14. mermaid says:

    I will rephrase..
    The health plan requires a national medical device registry with a class II device that is implantable. What are some other classII implantable devices? Never say never. It is a distinct possibility and people might be willing to do it as they are in Germany right now.

  15. Orphan of the Road says:

    You will find the plan to which you refer was a bill which did not pass. Delve a little deeper, run your thesis through SNOPES or another reliable site.

    We know Hearne’s ideal is the National Enquirer and your story fits into that model.

    HR 3200 is the bill which mentioned implants used during surgery to be studied and tracked regarding their capabilities. It didn’t pass so whatever it contains is merely fail legislation. Try pacemakers as class II implantable devices.

    With all the information people put on Facebook there is no need for anything as complicated and pricey as a chip.

    Just as some people go to the mega-church to avoid thinking for themselves, there will be sheeple who submit to the dumbest things because they are willing to give up some freedom for the possibility of some protection.

  16. mark smith says:

    harley you are a retard
    Im a veteran, I go to the V.A. Fact… in the past 6 years the VA unintentionally infected over 100 veterans with HIV and Hep C . It was in the real news. Virginia V.A. infected 70 plus veterans through poor steralization of colonoscopy equipment. The V A sucks, Obama care is a joke. The govt. has no business involved in health care, although I’d be ok if they gave you a free lobotomy. Fact, you come on here and do the internet version of a monkey flinging poop at the zoo. One minute you are riding Hearne and Glazers dicks like Liberace in a peter patch, the next minute you are calling them liars and morons. Pick your fights harley, know your limitations, they are legion. Most importantly, stick with flinging poop and picking ticks off the other monkeys. Leave the real talking to the grown folk.

  17. harley says:

    MARK SMITH…MERMAID…STFU.. many infections lead to death in non va hospitals…hundreds of thousands…
    how many quaks cause death in regular hospitals…hundreds of thousands..
    Youhave no facts to back up your statements…you have no stats to prove an invalid point that
    you made…you know that 80% plus of veterans love the va…yet you comeon here as one of the
    fools and bitch and moan about everything. Don’t go to va then…go to a non va hosiptial…good luck
    there mark where you’re chances of dying go up 100 fold. And if you don’t like it…then stop using va
    health care. As far as obamas program…2.5 million young adults are now insured who before if they required
    medical care we the taxpayers would foot their bills. On top of that millions with prexisting conditions can now
    get insured and not have to go without insurance because of obamacare.
    So mark…present some facts..i will debate you with stats and figures..not the garbage you’re vused to slinging
    out in other words buddy get a brain.
    As for mermaid the mental midget STOP OPENING YOUR MOUTH! YOU’VE DUG A DEEP ENOUGH HOLE WITH

  18. HARLEY says:

    read this…
    It is a distinct possibility and people might be willing to do it as they are in Germany right now.
    quote from mermaid…
    someone…is this the product of the jo co school systems? Please “they are in germany right now”…does she
    mean the nazis…is she referring to hitler and goebbels…is she reffering to something secret?
    please..please….hearne save the girl and delete her entire story.

  19. mermaid says:

    I haven’t been the first to write about this topic nor will I be the last. You tube it – everyone from Dianne Sawyer to yes Alex Info Wars has done a piece on it. I think it is a very interesting topic of discussion. The fact that Germans are doing it without a second thought is interesting. I find it to be a very interesting debate and a topic that needs more research. I also find it forthcoming that Wal-Mart has been putting chips in clothing. How is that even possible? How did they get permission to do that? Besides I was getting so sick of the Beena Jardine saga I knew this would take everyone’s mind of that silly topic. As far as you’re concerned Harley you have issues so I take anything you say with a grain of salt.

  20. siddhartha says:

    Lessons learned.
    Learn from this episode:
    1) Do better research.
    2) You are out of your element on this kind of subject matter. Back to the shallow end for this mermaid. Socializing, gal perspectives, Mermaid stories, cougar tips and new spots in town.
    3) Every writer needs an editor. Why did Hearne hang you out there on this one and allow you to walk the plank? He must have known this story was deficient. Why did he green light it? Hint: he did the same thing with Beena here. He values KCC sensationization over friendship.

  21. harley says:

    sorry mermaid…didnt mean to make reference to
    your intelligence. Maybe hearne needed to curtail this article and save you from the
    onlslaught of kcc commenters.
    but girl…you are out of your comfort zone talking bout b.s. like this. You did no
    editing…no background work and put out the same drivel you find on right wing
    site. In other words you failed horribly.
    Okay…here the thing…do a briliant article next time on shopping…hair color…the effect of
    implants on womens brains…how to dress after new years…new shoes for $800 a pair..
    the best tanning lotions for air skin…your favorite plaza hangouts to go after rich old men..
    i mean do something signficant and that you have experience in and then write in and hopefully
    we will all forget about what a disaster this story was.
    Happy new year sweetheart…wish you good luck in 2012…but pleas…please…please..please…
    stick to what you knw well.
    All if forgiven….luv ya.

  22. Johnny says:

    Great article Mermaid.

    When you have so many morons trying to shout you down, you must be on to something

    Great to have you back 🙂

  23. lou says:

    Acid induced feedback/smart pills

    Well, if the idea/reality of implanted RFID’s cause concern, then Novartis’s smart pills will amp it up further:

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