Glazer: King of Sting Dabs Away a Tear & Sends Out Holiday Best Wishes

With the Lone Ranger it was, "How did you get to be the Lone Ranger?" 

With me its, "How did you become the King of Sting?" Well, it started very early in life for me -very early.

When I could barely speak or walk, my Grandma, Nanny Mary, took me to see the Disney movie OLD YELLER.  Around 1958 or so. The picture starred Fess Parker (of Davy Crockett Fame), Dorothy McGuire, Tommy Kirk (Musketeers) and my favorite kid actor, Kevin Corcoran, a Disney super star at like age 9.

Chuck Connors (of Rifleman fame) had a small part in it. Chuck traded Kevin a puppy for a frog. And while Kevin’s dad, went off to sell cattle the boys stayed home to keep an eye on mom.

While Old Yeller kept an eye on them all.

There was lots of action, mean bulls and later a rabbid wolf that was loose on the prowl. Old Yeller was deeply loved by the family, especially Kevin. They even slept together. He was a wonderful, sweet dog. He even had a song about him they sang throughout the film.

I loved that song and I loved Old Yeller.

Who wouldn’t? He was everyone’s best friend.

As the film drew near the end, the rabid wolf came to kill the family and their livestock. He was mean, he was ugly and he was a killer! Old Yeller wouldn’t let that wolf harm the family he loved, so Old Yeller fought that wolf to the death.

Old Yeller won, but he was badly hurt though. He slowly got sick with rabies and Kevin wouldn’t hear of putting down the animal he loved so deeply. No way. He would mend Old Yeller back to health no matter how long it took. But it didn’t work out.

One day Kevin went into the cage to see if Old Yeller was better, but the dog was so sick he growled and even tried to bite the boy. Old Yeller was so ill, he didn’t recognize Kevin at first, but when he did he stopped. Kevin’s older brother saw this and knew he had to be the man of the family at 12.

He took the dog we all loved and shot him – he killed Old Yeller.

I cried and cried and cried.

I was so shocked that I asked my Nanny, "He’s not really dead is he?" She wanted me to stop crying and said, "No, its just a movie." 

To me though it was real. I was sad for weeks.

I got a puppy, Tiger, and had him until I went away to college. I became a strong animal lover. I could never hurt an animal. They are so warm and nice, cats, dogs, horses.

Funny, I didn’t always feel that way towards people.

Once in a great while they play OLD YELLER on television and I still watch it. I watched it last year with my dog Junior.

No, thats not how I became the King of Sting, but it’s why I was not a killer.

I loved Old Yeller too much. When I hold my dog, I often think of Old Yeller, and what a great friend he was to those people and that kid.

Even ‘bad guys’ can have a heart….Merry, Merry Holidays to All of You!

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17 Responses to Glazer: King of Sting Dabs Away a Tear & Sends Out Holiday Best Wishes

  1. Mark x says:

    Get over it …
    You should have listened to your Nanny … it’s just a movie…

  2. smartman says:

    PETA Says
    You’ve tortured a lot of beavers, bearded clams,hairy mussels and brown eyes.

  3. Yorkie says:

    What a fucking pussy. Grow up little girl, this is not your diary, it is a public blog.
    You are a fucking embarassment to yourself to your family, to hearne and this blog.

  4. chuck says:

    Don’t feel bad Glaze,
    I cry during a commercial if there is a dog in it.

    Just saw Sound of Music last night again. Tonight, Forrest Gump. No way I’m seeing that stupid horse movie from Spielberg.

    Embrace it dude.

    It is what it is.

  5. rkcal says:

    How many bad guys had a nanny?

  6. siddhartha says:

    sounds familar!
    That nadia/beena gal is sounding kinda crazy. And she’s definately ‘a yeller.’ I think she might have rabies. Now tell us again???? What do we do when this happens?

  7. Craig Glazer says:

    Hope You All Had A Nice Day and Night
    Merry Xmas to all and to all a good night…bye!

  8. Stephen says:

    dude seems like a lady
    Always thought glazer was supposed to be a dude,
    but the more I read this sniveling whining drivel, it seem he is she.

  9. HARLEY says:

    what are you doing on christmas day?
    what are you people doing. Posting on kcc on christmas day…can’t stay off the site?
    Its a day to be with family and friends…people take a break.
    Enjoy your loved ones for one day…
    chuck i can understand…with his wife it would not surprise me that he
    would NOT want to spend time with her. But that’s his problem
    …not mine (thank god).
    So to all my fans…readers…disciples and followers (if hearne was to do a google analytics
    test instead of using some phony athena ranking site) he would see that my writings are
    probably the most read and commented on.
    Wishing each and everyone of you (including chucky if he can get off the recliner and stop drinking
    the cheap beer) a very happy new year.

  10. Royals Fan says:

    I Knew You Had A Heart Glazer
    Younger then you, but saw Old Yeller when I was about 9, cried. Love dogs, have one. Glad you are an animal lover, makes me see you have a kind heart. Good.

  11. Lance the Intern says:

    Low T….
    Classic symptoms.

  12. Taco says:

    Clarify, Want the tandem to cease with hearne running this place on his own again,
    without fking glazer’s constant UN professional dear diary type of entries. Limiting
    glazers diary entries to once or twice a week would be a good idea.

    Bet you…. upon reflection, 2-3 years from now, you will see this is a GREAT (obvious) IDEA.

  13. ganer says:

    “King of Sting” Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #635,727 in Books
    Spielberg and Coppola battling over movie rights

  14. Hearne Christopher says:

    Think that was his grandmother

  15. Craig Glazer says:

    Hey Same Guy Hater
    Hater with nine names: A: King of Sting is now nearly four years old, of course in time the numbers dip, for a year we were in the top 100 of several million books, so much so that Eisner/Eastwood/Lorenz bought the rights in 09….in 011 they renew those rights again, which they are, likely they make the movies in 012…to be even at 600,000 of several million is decent at this point…when and if the movie comes out, it will jump back to top 100 or better….I will have a new book out next year on comedy, I think it will do very well…as for all the other noise, hey, “THE DOGS BARK AND THE CARAVAN MOVES ON” …..BOW WOW little doggies…LISTEN, LEARN, WRITE IT DOWN…BYE..

  16. Craig Glazer says:

    Hater Tim,Taco and All Same Loser Guy
    At what point will you just stop and say…”Glazer is so much cooler, better and smarter than me. Yes. Glazer gets woman and always has way out of my league(I have none). Glazer NEVER spoke to me cause I am a nobody loser. Lets see hairpiece attack, you mean like losers Frank Sinatra, John Wayne, Bogart, Bruce Willis, and 007 James Bond, Sean Connary? Those losers? Psst, by the way mine is not exactly a normal hair piece hater…but why explain AGAIN. Yeah when you have my body, ladies, movies, books, comedy clubs, night clubs, on and on….give me a call til then….you are a that spelled right? OK…shmo…is that right? ok….hater/loser, there you go…bye…

  17. Lance the Intern says:

    Just thought I’d point this out.
    A study conducted in Finland showed that being single for an extended amount of time makes your memory suffer. They studied 1,400 people at age 50, then waited 20 years before studying them again. What they found after graphing up the results was interesting — those with the most notable descent into forgetfulness and dementia also tended to be the people who were single for most of that time, whether divorced, widowed or just ugly. The sharpest minds belonged to those who stayed married.

    Low testosterone, baldness, AND incipient dementia. More’s the pity.

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