Jack Goes Confidential: Steven Spielberg Dishes Up Top Notch Family Fare

The WAR HORSE is rated PG-13 because it contains battlefield sequences that may be too intense for young kids.

Having said that, let’s applaud director Steven Spielberg for delivering the type of epic adventure film here we just don’t see much anymore.

WAR HORSE is an odyssey-like story of a boy’s pursuit of his horse Joey which has been drafted by the British army by an England on the brink of joining the European conflict World War 1.

This is vintage Spielberg storytelling with memorable performances from what are essentially unknown actors.

Some of the scenes of the horse on the battlefield will tear your heart out as movie meister Spielberg manipulates us to the hilt. And that’s a good thing!

All in a sweeping portrayal that can only be fully enjoyed on the big screen.

WAR HORSE is must-see movie fare—and I’m proudly raising 4 out of 5 fingers.

It gallops into theaters this Sunday (Christmas Day) citywide.
Happy Holiday everyone.

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