Glazer: Scribe Calls Upon Great Santa to Win Bet, Guide This Week’s Picks

Thanks to this site and Johnny Dare, the Craig season bet is on the line for the next 8 days…

The Chiefs play Oakland tomorrow and Denver next weekend. The Bronco’s may not need the game, if they win and the Chargers lose this weekend it’s over, Raiders win the division. So Denver might not play as hard at home next week – I don’t know. So I likely need the RAIDERS, THE HATED RAIDERS to help me…Damn. Who knew?

Last week I sucked on picks, the worst of the year. But overall, the year has been very good. Let’s get back on track, shall we? Ok, lets do it.

All I want for Christmas is one Chiefs loss…Santa, oh Santa…..


Still soft until next week but we got our local guys playing like Missouri so…

I think the Tigers win but fairly close, NC may cover.

North Carolina 11 1/2 (tease with So Miss) 6 on each must win both to win Over MU

So.Mississippi -3  over Nevada (tease)


Oakland 9 over KC (tease)

Rams 18 over Steelers (tease with Oakland)

Chargers 3 over Detroit

New Orleans – 7 over Atlanta

San Fran -1 over Seattle

Green Bay -5 1/2 over Chicago (tease with Saints)
so in this bet Saints are -1 over Atlanta….

Merry Xmas…Santa PLEASE….

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21 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Calls Upon Great Santa to Win Bet, Guide This Week’s Picks

  1. Everyman says:

    Uh, did you just beg Santa for a Chiefs loss? really?
    So in reality you are not the gambling guru you have cracked yourself up to be.

    So even if the Chiefs lose, then you have no bragging rights, correct… I dont
    see the Chiefs losing tommorow, or next week, but if they do, lets hope you are
    able to keep your mouth in check.

    Actually keeping your big mouth in check might be a good rule for you from now on.
    The facts are out on you….. you are not really the smart cool guy you have pretended
    to be, are you junior ? So how how about take it down a notch, try to have some class (LOL)

    We all know that without your daddy handing you the keys you would be washing cars.

    Good luck to the Chiefs, but if they lose (and this guy gets lucky), lets hope he does not
    act as if he is some kind a betting guru…. (as last weeks picks proved)… Give it a rest junior. ummmkay?

  2. chuck says:


    All week the Raders have been 2.5 to 3 point favorites over the Chiefs. Where ya gettin 9???

    They got Pitt at 14.5 over the Rams—Rohtlesraper is banged up bad. He isn’t gonna play.

    I like the Chiefs to cover, I like the Rams to cover too.

    Dallas is a 3.5 favorite over Philly—-The Eagles stomp them.

    Cincy is a 4.5 dog at home playing the Cards. The Bengals wwin the game.

    Carolina, at home, is a 5.5 point favorite over Tampa. I think they kill the Bucs. Kill ’em.

  3. bschloz says:

    Orton The Franchise
    Scribe …I told you about messin around betting against Pioli.
    I see Red lots and lots of RED I’m mean KEROUAC RED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Not sure about the bowl games….Like your pro thoughts ….maybe tease the Under 34.5 on Pitt instead of the side
    Also don’t like Chargers pick…Lions get well today.

    Chuck ..I like that Eagles pick …rode that one last week to 🙂
    I’m convinced Jerry Jones house is haunted

  4. harley says:

    changing the subject glaze…
    we went out for cocktails last night. Started on the plaza…then moved thru waldo…then out south.
    I’ve not been out drinking in a long time…but i will tell you this.
    Sorry…i know you like to roll thru the city with your hotties glaze but the thrill is gone.
    Just no energy iin this town. Lots of people just standing around…no guys working the
    girls like you’re famous for glaze.
    I noticed lots of groups of women…huddled together. How can any guy break into the groups and
    work one. Its like in the jungle…the lion sees a pack of antelope and find the one thats slow and sick and
    goes after it. But there were lots of slow looking antelopes if you knwo what i mean.
    My girlfriend said its different now. Every broad was constatnly working the cell phone and texting.
    How can they expect to get acgtion when they’re working the keypad and not working the floor?
    Its just so differnet. They can’t put down the phone…they can’t stop texting…who the hell are they
    texting and how come none of them are talking trying to get laid.
    It astonished me. My girl says that everything is non direct communication…but hows a guy to
    pick up on someone if they’re constatnly screwing with the cell phone. Amazes me.
    so I’m starting to see how the town has changed…and how social situations have changed.
    Is anyone getting laid out there. I know chuck isnt but can someone explain to me how this
    all came about.
    I can see these bars eventually closing down. How can they survive on just a few night.
    Are they paying rent. Or is the margine so good on booze that they can be profitable .?
    But things have changed in 15-20 years…and it jest seems that these people are lacking real
    communication and face to face interpersonal skills…glaze…whats going on out there in the real world?

  5. harley says:

    is that jr? clip that dogs nails for gosh sakes.
    nice photo…but glaze where is jessica? I’m headed to vegas for new years.. my.girls 40th birthday and
    i’d like one final pic of jessica in 2011. thanks in advance.

  6. Craig Glazer says:

    Chuck It’s A Tease Chiefs Are Now Favored
    Remember we are adding 6 to each side…Chiefs are a 3 point favorite, they were never an underdog, early in the week it was 1 point fav on KC…Harley its Xmas Weekend very slow weekend tonight will be even way slower, nobody out, many places closed…but yeah its not a strong night life city, it has dipped over the years…also no population growth and tons more places to go spread all through the town…

  7. harley says:

    so glaze and mermaid and maureen…
    people in this town need to know where the action is. Mermaid is rock star so she probably can
    write about nightlife. She probably needs to help chuck with his social skills since he hangs out in the
    basement most of the day and night.
    So in 2012 give some details about new spots because even joco is getting booorrrrrriiiiiinnnnnngggggg..
    although a new country bar is coming and new night club is opening….so maybe thing will pick up
    happy hanuka glaze…does your famioly celebrate hanuka with the menorah?

  8. Craig Glazer says:

    Mississippi is the favorite in the game with Nevada…so the tease with NC over MU should be Mississippi -3 over Nevada….sorry Hearne will correct it..

  9. BS says:

    just pick the games with the real spread
    no one wants to dick around with teasers

  10. chuck says:

    Good to know that Harley/JoJo got his hand outta his pants
    long enough to get his finger on the pulse of KC’s night life.

    After an extensive fact finding mission around town with his imaginary girl (?) friend, such pearls as these were dropped at our feet.

    “Every broad was constatnly working the cell phone and texting. ”

    I’m thinkin they probably saw ya comin Harley/JoJo, and wanted to look busy.

    Then there is this.

    “and it jest seems that these people are lacking real communication and face to face interpersonal skills”

    Yeah, I gotta admit, Harley/JoJo is a go to guy on this subject.

    And this…

    “My girl says that everything is non direct communication…”

    Harley/JoJo. its like your imaginary girlfireind, non direct.

    And this…

    “Its like in the jungle…the lion sees a pack of antelope and find the one thats slow and sick and
    goes after it. But there were lots of slow looking antelopes if you knwo what i mean…”

    No, I have no fuckin idea what that means. I am picturing you and a water buffalo, not an antelope, but, thats just me.

    Finally, this…

    “I can see these bars eventually closing down.”

    No doubt as I type, Neil Cavuto is rushing into the studio with breaking financial news thanks to this gem.

    Thanks Harley/JoJo for the early Christmas present laugh.

  11. chuck says:

    Typical “Meat” response Harley/JoJo
    3rd grade ad hominum insults that would embarrass a kid at recess in the Kansas City School District.

    Pigs and dolphins are pretty smart.

    I really believe you are smarter than a pig.

    But not by much buddy, not by much.

    You have a happy holliday.

  12. Walter says:

    Chuck and Harley, get a room already, or bathroom stall…
    or whatever you homos are doing theese days. It is obvious
    you two are hot for each other…. as it sickens the rest of us.

    btw- harley it is obvious you are gay…
    NO ONE (no straight dude) mentions “my girlfriend ” / “My girl” as much as you did above.

  13. Kerouac says:

    bschnoz said – “I see Red lots and lots of RED I’m mean KEROUAC RED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    – colorblind much?



    : )

  14. Craig Glazer says:

    IT WENT LONGER than I expected, the Chiefs ended up being an average team with a good D, but still, the CHUMPS…nice Xmas victory…exciting game….to all that hoped I would lose, I forgive you,…..bye

  15. bschloz says:

    Kerouac & The Humble Scribe
    Nice Win….fun game.
    Tanners was rockin— Like Ravens and 9’ers in Super Bowl… I’ll call Ravens to win it all!

  16. Merle Tagladucci says:

    Patriots and Packers in the Super Bowl. Lock it in.

  17. chuck says:

    New Orleans wins it all.
    Mark Ingram has a big game. Drew has time, and takes down the Ravens.


  18. Craig Glazer says:

    Decent Day, Like Some Of Your Picks
    At seasons beginning we said Chiefs 5-11 or 6-10, that seems to be it…we said Packers/New England, I still like it…NFC goes through Packers land, they are banged up, but I like them…Chuck may be right about Saints….funny its a long road, rocky but kinda usually ends the way you saw it day one just takes lots of twists and turns….like life itself.

  19. LMFAO says:

    And cue up glazer flapping her lips, talking bullshit, it is waht she does best.
    All mouth glazer.. first begging Santa for Raider win… then saying “of course”.
    LMAO at this little girl…. take it somewhere else girly girl. You are no guru,
    you were lucky to win, flip of the coin. Dont even dream you you have any skill, at any thing, especially picking bets.

    Facts are, the NFL over time rules should be changed to be like college ball. Flipping a coiin is Bullshit.

  20. Craig Glazer says:

    Yes Chump LMFAO Boy It Is Skill
    See punk it takes guts and balls to put up money on what you believe otherwise its lipservice what you you do, nothing….unlike you, I continue to strive towards my goals, a book, done, a film, done more films done, one on my life, happening, opeing comedy clubs, done…see how that works…on air radio, funny guy, done, write here for thousands, done….see lop head LMFAO boy….oh yeah I was right about the Chumps too….they went under 71/2, Dallas under 10 and Detroit over 6….hmmm…no skill, and prey what is yours, watchiing men like me get things done while you bitch and moan and do…..nothing but bitch and moan….winners don’t win every time..they don’t…but they keep on fighting til they do…LISTEN, LEARN, WRITE IT DOWN…bye

  21. LMFAO says:

    Confusing luck with skill, and balthering about it?? LMAO
    BBBWWWAAAAAAHAHAHAHAhahaahhaha, read your own column, you words, you wrote. silly girl.

    You were BEGGING, praying, hoping, sweating for a Raider win…. you got lucky, and now look at you…… shame shame shame… doing your typical BIG MOUTH BS. You are such a funny little girl. You are a clown, you make us laugh..ahahahahaha…. even a stopped clock clock is right twice a day….

    read your own groveling, hoping, praying… begging Santa, anyone to help your patheritc ass. You got lucky, you know you got lucky,,, but you cant admit that… it has to be more than that…… to make up for your small vagina and personal insecurities…. grow up little girl, get your first period, become a woman and stop acting like the spoiled brat. You need bitch slapped girl Slap some sense into that stupid head of yours.

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