Glazer: Chiefs Lose, Pull Scribe’s Chestnuts Out of The Fire

I know due to all the local attention I got for MY BET, most people wanted me to lose…

I had tons of calls last week during the Packer upset from "concerned" friends. Meaning their real thoughts were…I HOPE YOU CRASH AND BURN. Hey, that’s human nature.

Remember, almost nobody most of you readers know has EVER placed a bet in a sports book in Vegas.

Thus the confusion over the who, what, when, where and why of many of my teaser bets. Most people only bet with friends in pools or not at all. One percent or less have ever made a real bet in Vegas with a sports concern. Sure, they’ve lost at blackjack – so did my grandma.

But only the big boys dare to dare.

Speaking of which, I think Johnny Dare was pulling for me deep down.

Anyway, I’m not mad at the haters and the doubters. That’s human nature. It was a fun ride. My brother is in on the bet and we may just go out there and party with it for a few days.

It hurts more when you lose than how good it feels when you win.

Somewhere the birds are chirpping; somewhere kids are playing – but here in mighty Mudville the mighty Chiefs have struck out!!!!!! 

Sorry, losers lose.

P.S. They have built a good defense to move forward with and one day with a good quarterback they will soar.

Chin up and Merry Christmas!

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7 Responses to Glazer: Chiefs Lose, Pull Scribe’s Chestnuts Out of The Fire

  1. Thunder says:

    You got lucky…
    Yet here you are acting like it was a blow out Chiefs loss which you predicted.

    You are really pathetic. You did not predict that result.
    The game was tied, it went to over time, you lucked into a toss of the
    coin was luck, and yet here you are, blathering on and on…. sad, really sad.

    It would have been impressve, and nice, to see you say….
    “Wow , I got lucky on that one”:…..
    but no….. saddly, you read your own hype… ah anyway….. yawn….

  2. xxMillerTimexx says:

    “Almost nobody most of you” edit before posting either.
    “Remember, almost nobody most of you readers know has EVER placed a bet in a sports book in Vegas.”

  3. Craig Glazer says:

    My Point Exactly: You Are Two Guys I Am Talking About
    Hey Thunder who we know is the same guy as yesterday and before: YOU ARE THE GUY I’M TALKING ABOUT!!!! NO I DON’T THINK YOU EVER MADE A MEANINGFUL SPORTS BET IN VEGAS. WHY! You didn’t know what a teaser was or how to use it, again anyone who really ever does bet there knows all about the teaser bets, all major casinos use them ALL. You mentioned the STARDUST….gone, forgotten, open as a flea trap, once a great place, I stayed there when a student at ASU, yeah they used to let anyone with a car gamble at most any age in the 70’s anywhere too(I was never carded at age 18, by the way lost a small fortune as a kid but learned to pay hold em). You also say my lines are wrong when they are from a Vegas online source and you seem to not realize lines change all the time.

    You also said I was a Loser, that I missed calls on 65% of my picks, which today is over 74% total, which is outstanding and the evidence is online in these old archives for each call. Yes my numbers dropped but damn did you expect someone to go 90% for the entire year, I even said it was not possible to continue at that level, but six weeks had to be some kind a record somewhere. I have to use a spread, guys in the Star just pick winners on Pro Ball and local College for the most part. I still had a better average. I have picked nearly 200 games.

    Bottom line: you are the guy who routes for the star to fail, the divorce to come down, the girl to cheat on your pal cause his gal is way hotter than yours, who hates his neighbor cause he got a new car and you didn’t, and surely hates the Yankees cause they win too much. Sadly too many are that way….we all feel that way at times. Yeah yesterday could have gone either way….gut I had the awareness to look at who the Chiefs were at the end of last year, at the end of preseason, they were a stink farm, I said so and backed it up, as usual in these cases….luck, its always part of it, did the Chiefs improve, YES, I was impressed with their defense…still no offense…but they went from worst team in the league in first three weeks to maybe top 25, lower area, but still large move up….psssst, fake hater guy….I do what I am doing, my picks prove it…pssst….by the way a reminder and its online hater boy…Detroit over 6 wins, done, Dallas under ten wins, done, Chiefs under 7 1/2, done….I rest my case hater and company….as I try and tell you, LISTEN,LEARN, WRITE IT DOWN…want me me to bring you a WHATEVER HAPPENS IN VEGAS STAYS IN VEGAS t-shirt? It will make you feel better…bye

  4. Craig Glazer says:

    By the way hater, I do believe most adults that read this have been to Vegas at least once or twice…yet they never placed a sports bet…you didn’t. Just saying.

  5. rkcal says:

    Congrats on a solid year. As someone who’s both won and lost on sports in LV, I agree…………losing hurts way more than winning feels good. You have to take your heart out of it and bet with your head………too many people can’t do that. That being said, I really hope the Chiefs pull it together someday soon. This town deserves to feel good just once.

  6. Thunder says:

    gLozer said….
    “”By the way hater, I do believe most adults that read this have been to Vegas at least once or twice…yet they never placed a sports bet…you didn’t. Just saying.””

    and you would be wrong….. sporst books are NOT that big of a deal.

    Try to get out and live a little bit junior. It is a big ole world.

    When we go to Vegas, which is less frequently these days, … I make sports book bets, usually on games that are being shown on TV that night. I wonder why would this seem like such a big deal to you? My favorite book used to be Ceasers Palace, dont know why, maybe it was the grapefruit juice they use in their Vodka/gfj drinks…. they are all prety much the same… the lines are too close to worry about it.

    oooohhh… WAIT A SECOND…….Was this your first sports book bet?
    WOW!!! CONGRATULATIONS JUNIOR!!!! Welcome to the club boy.

    One word of warning for the noob, getting lucky on your first bet can be a curse.

    Once again, anyone watching this lil drama play of yours, knows that you predicted nothing.
    You got lucky….. Had the Chiefs lost to Green Bay, it would be different, but you got lucky on this.

  7. harley says:

    Glaze…i’ve been to vegas 100 times…
    spent 8 new years eves there…stayed at almost every top hotel including the sands..desert inn…riviera (great comedy)…
    mandalay bay…winn…bellagio.. mgm….green……I’ve gambled thousands of dollars (probably have broken about e en)…partied with A
    list celebrities that would make you jealous including vince vaughn and our mutual friend pauly shore…wayne newton…
    50 cents…eagles…daly….schummel….tech nine….stallone….and many more….but i’ve hardly played the sports book
    at any time and had never heard of teasers.
    I can recite every odd on the crap table…we’ve charted the roulette wheel (only real gambler would know what that is)…
    counted cards at nugget….killed the house with an hour long roll at the winn 2 years ago on new years eve…but i never
    really got inot sports betting and all the lingo and prop bets you take on those games. Just never though much of
    sports bets. Even in town i don’t bet sports…probably because i enjoy the games too much and to have money
    on them ruins it for me.
    You had an exceptional year…would like to know how you see the playoffs panning out….and drop by some money
    and I’ll place it in vegas fore you over new years.
    Have a happy new year…and good luck….hope you keep up the good work and that you and your kin stay
    healthy in 2012…because if you stopped writing who would the low lifes on here have to poke fun at and
    And don’t forget jessica….you seemed to have fallen short on new pics of her….stop being a scrooge and
    share her with your buddies.

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