Today: Former Jardine’s Owner Saddened by Events, Fox 4’s Tabloid TV Coverage

The past three weeks have been tough for Jardine’s founder Greg Halstead

Halstead opened Jardine’s in 1992 as a restaurant and bar, but within months realized he’d made a mistake. The joint was losing money and Halstead called his pal Ron Schoonover – the former manager of Kansas City’s Playboy Club – to ask advice. Schoonover was running a successful jazz-themed bar and restaurant downtown called The Phoenix. He greenlighted Halstead’s idea of adding jazz to Jardine’s mix and the rest is history.

In 2003 Halstead sold Jardine’s to its longtime manager and current owner Beena Raja.

And as Jardine’s 19th year nears – as turbulant as things have been – it remains Kansas City’s leading jazz club.

What Halstead doesn’t get is why Fox 4 News in particular took such an interest in the story. He ran into Fox 4 reporter Kathy Quinn at a local restaurant recently and discussed the matter with her, he says. Halstead declined to say exactly what was discussed in that conversation.

However, Quinn’s daughter Kaitlin was one of the three servers Raja says she found partying at Jardine’s at 4 a.m. Thanksgiving morning. Raja says the servers were consuming alcohol, illegally after hours and had not paid for their drinks.

Fox 4 did not disclose this potential conflict in the reports about Jardine’s I saw that it aired.

"They just butchered the place," Halstead says of Fox 4. "Channel 4 was the one who was all over it. But like, who gives a (damn)?"

Did Fox 4 go too far?

"Let me put it this way," Halstead says. "I was upset about it. I mean, it’s just a jazz club. This isn’t Jack Dempsey’s in New York."
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16 Responses to Today: Former Jardine’s Owner Saddened by Events, Fox 4’s Tabloid TV Coverage

  1. smartman says:

    Un Momentos
    First of all Kathy Quinn is a PIG but that’s got nothing to do with this story. She’s HIDEOUS to look at. Don’t they have a hair a makeup budget at Fox 4?

    Most people that I have talked to about Jardine’s KNOW that the problem is with the OWNER or more specifically BEENA.
    The nanosecond a NEW OWNER comes on board the place will be a CASH COW, assuming they run the place the right way and treat employees and entertainers with a modicum of RESPECT.

    When that happens I’ll be one of the first to put a huge dent in my Amex card.

    I’m glad, hell I’m PROUD, that the musicians, customers and service workers have said NO MAS to putting up with Beena’s psychopathic behavior.

    Certainly there are four sides to every story but in this case Beena’s side is pretty flimsy.

    The Golden Rule says do unto others as you would have done unto you. Beena’s just gettin’ back what she’s been dishing out.

    Time for Cokie to find a new LINE of work. Maybe a corner on Independence

  2. Merle Tagladucci says:

    It’s been interesting to watch this place turn into the Tim Tebow of Kansas City nightclubs these past few weeks. Over-hyped, over-covered and over-analyzed. Let’s drag out some more people who have history there and get their thoughts too. There must be some guy who worked part-time in the kitchen back in ’05 we can track down.

  3. harley says:

    my sources are telling me that there was huge rift created between jardines and marilyn maye…could
    it be another musician/singer got stiffed? Something is up and hopefully hearne will uncover more of this.
    I will keep my fans/disciples/followers and readers up dated via twitter and kcc.

  4. emik says:

    it is sad
    It is heartbraking to see such a fine virtuous lady such as Beena treated how she has over a little bit of money. All she has selflessly contributed to this city and all these ingrates piling on her. How is her Christmas going to be? We should all be worrying about her having all the essential things she needs to live such as a roof over her head, food, and cocaine.

  5. Hearne Christopher says:

    Well, since you thought of it, drag away…

    Seriously, you’re comparing the found and the guy who still hold the note to a cook from six years ago? C’mon Merle, we both know you can do better

  6. Hearne Christopher says:

    Pins and needles, dogg

  7. Hearne Christopher says:

    And people give KU a hard time over some of his punchlines

  8. Dirk says:

    …..NOT A PRETTY PICTURE when Hearne says “Do as I say, not as I do” to Channel 4. It is sad to see hypocritical, two faced people.

  9. Nadia says:

    its kind off getting boring on this site. all everyone has to say is the same things about beena, she is a drunk, and likes coccaine, the club was not doing well because she likes to party!!! i am sure it could be true.
    the truth, lets not forget , Dave Stephens like coke and he is doing it every time he is in town and dont forget Stan supplies grass for her.
    each for their habits and vices. we all do have one. Beena did make it happen for all to still keep talking about it. Can you do it?

  10. mike says:

    reply to “nadia”
    Maybe people would not care so much about the partying if they were treated like human beings and GOT PAID!! Dave Stephens paid his musicians even though Beena didn’t pay him.

  11. Nadia says:

    Talked to Beena Mike. She is sending Dave a bill of his unpaid tabs of food and alcohol for the last six months to be fair( after hours), and she did not quote me on a number. Its substantial.

  12. Nadia says:

    Emik, i know who you are and the cocaine lines are fatter when you do, and still says, did it just go up my nose.
    share next time

  13. Super Dave says:

    Unpaid Tabs????????????
    Ok that is a pure stupid ass comment.

    Now we have unpaid bills! Funny that wasn’t an issue when first check was written.

    So now we have a new person who claims to be on the inside as to what Beena is up to.

    Beena just sell the place and leave KC. Let someone else run the place who just might know how a place should be ran. By the way great way you trashed what appears at one time to be a great place to go for live jazz.

  14. emik says:

    to nadia
    I’ll have to hand it to you. There is alot of profound wisdom in what you just said. So much so that it was too far above my head to understand any of it.

  15. Hearne Christopher says:

    Channel 4 is not writing a column, dude. They’re supposed to be “reporting” news. That you don’t know the difference, combined with your just-off-work 3 a.m. post explains a lot

  16. ha says:

    whoops Beena! ( I mean “Nadia”), you accidentally said “did it just go up my nose”. “My”…You’re not supposed to identify yourself when using an alias.

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