Today: Neverending Jardine’s Saga, a Mother Weighs in on Firing Rumors & More

Amidst the back-and-forth tales of Jardine’s firing its entire staff lies a single, glaring contradiction…

The local news media – including this site – bought into and reported that owner Beena Raja had fired the Plaza jazz club’s entire staff. That fifteen people had been unceremoniously turned out on the streets right ahead of the holidays.

Nevermind that none of that had been confirmed with Jardine’s. Or later, when Raja was finally cornered she denied it, saying the general manager/cook had resigned, two staffers had been fired and another walked out.  Not surprisingly a local waiter blogger championed the staff firing story without even attempting to contact Raja.

Worse yet, a local TV news organization that has lead much of the news charge on Jardine’s woes employs a reporter who’s daughter worked at Jardine’s and is alleged to have been among the three servers Raja found drinking for free at 4 a.m. Thanksgiving morning.

None of the stories I’ve seen disclosed that potential conflict to viewers.

Now let’s get to the heart of the matter.

Was the entire staff fired or is it possible, as Raja maintains, that a handful of disgruntled staffers who quit or were fired told the remaining staff not to show up at the club because everybody had been fired?

Enter concerned Raytown mom Deidra Foley Sexton whose son has worked at Jardine’s for the past year and a half, earning his way through college. Against her better judgement – but in the interest of fair play – Sexton agreed to tell the other side of the story.

Did her son get fired by Raja?

"No he did not," Sexton says. "He never got a phone call saying he was fired. His friends from work called him and said everybody was just fired, so he assumed that he was fired."

Sexton says she’s familiar with Raja’s partying rep, but has no knowledge of her alleged outbursts of temper.

"I think she’s shown a lot of kindness until this situation," Sexton says. "My son’s worked there a year and a half and I’ve never heard him say she was a terrible boss.

"I feel so sorry for her. When this first started I didn’t understand what had happened and I was just so angry at Beena, like how could she do that? And now that I understand more about it, I just feel so sorry for her."

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67 Responses to Today: Neverending Jardine’s Saga, a Mother Weighs in on Firing Rumors & More

  1. kcfred says:

    “Worse yet, a local TV news organization that has lead much of the news charge on Jardine’s woes employs a reporter who’s daughter worked at Jardine’s and is alleged to have been among the three servers Raja found drinking for free at 4 a.m. Thanksgiving morning”.

    And here on KCC, we have a (former?) paramour of Beena, doing EVERYTHING he can to twist this story her way. Please Hearne, don’t play the “biased news reporting angle” when you have kissed this persons ass and went out of your way to discredit what a majority of commenters have been saying. This is a gossip site, but puh leeze don’t take the “newsman” angle whan you clearly have a dog in this hunt.


    Local Media Shitheel John Landesberg took a smelly dump on this story, too, but don’t bother reading it. John doesn’t have much of a grip on reality these days and I’m being polite.

  3. Mr G says:

    are you for real?
    In your 2nd sentence you admit to being ‘bought in” to the rumors, you don’t confirm them before you flap your lips (or pen) and then you have the balls to poke the other ‘news media’? On top of that, then you bring a grown man’s mommy into set the story straight.? WTF is happening in this town when someone earns money posting on this shit.?

  4. mark smith says:

    who is John Landsberg anyway?
    I read that BLC post, that guy likes you none to much Hearne. What exactly is his connection to the media? Other than ethical juggernaut TKC, who appointed Landsberg the voice of ethical reporting, reason and morality in the KC area? Ive noticed he throws out the term BLOGGER like it’s a booger stuck to his finger. Like a slam on the BLOGGER in question. What does Landsberg do, other than BLOG on his webpage, which by the way is by far the most outdated looking POS on the interwebs. Whatever the case may be, you are definetly not getting a fruit basket from him this year.

  5. Hearne Christopher says:

    Full disclosure, nothing more. I didn’t include that detail by accident. The difference being that unlike other news organizations and bloggers, I kept at the story until I could get to the bottom of things. Many news stories break with partial and/or incorrect information that is later updated and corrected,

    Nice to hear from someone so obviously unbiased in the comments section though

  6. Hearne Christopher says:

    Always good to hear from unbiased, anonymous comments people who want to be sure and add their unconfirmed two cents worth

  7. chuck says:

    kcfred, all due respect buddy,
    but Hearne has consistently admitted to his former relationship with Beena.

    Kathy Quinn, is the mother of one of the empolyees.

    I think Hearne’s point is, that it is Fox 4, who was running incessantly with a story, that at first blush, would seem a tempest in a tea pot to the general public.

    All local affiliates butter their bread and make bank on local news coverage. It is, as I understand it, the most expensive time they sell on an on going basis. For a local news station to bang the drum so repeatedly and negatively on this story, while not acknowledging a familial relationship with one of “The Fifteen”, is disingenuous at best, and imo, flat out deceptive.

    The fact that there is a hidden familial relationship with Kathy Quinn, slants the stories, does an injustice to “The 15’s” cause.

    Beena has engaged in subterfuge and has been evasive, but the News Coverage, from Fox 4, has been slanted, biased and agenda driven.

    Now we know why.

  8. siddhartha says:

    self indictment
    Hey Hearne!

    B4 u indict please refer back to your dec 3 headline!

    “Hearne; vaunted plaza jazz club fires staff, closes for repairs.’

    So I guess ur saying both aspects of ur feature article were dead ass inacurrate? It wasn’t actually closed for repairs and now that u want to backpeddle the staff wasn’t fired?

    Futher uve said over and over how stephens and the staff would be paid in 2 weeks. Their fucking tip money that beena stole!

    Jesus christ ur an incessant low rent!

  9. paulwilsonkc says:

    I have to side with Hearne on this one
    You guys know what a protagonist I’ve been on this topic. Some may say antagonist. Jordan happens to be one of our favorite servers. He was there when we got engaged, he was there the night I signed my first movie deal…and…wait, that wasn’t me. Anyway, Chelle was to sing with Dave that night. I sent Jordan a text asking if he’d be there so he’d have the table for our group. He answered from taking his finals, indicated he had no idea, given the rumors. Later he responded that he guessed NOT. So, I know he got word by phone from coworkers.
    It’s time to find a solution to this. I’ve dated some girls who I’d support after a breakup. That said, I really don’t think that’s been Hearnes sole motivation. He’s told what he believes are facts. We would like to buy the place. While that’s my vested interest, its not caused me to post fabrications. Let’s set that aside and invest those negative energies into making this KC icon not only what it was, but what it could be.
    Your turn, Chuck.

  10. Hearne Christopher says:

    For a dude named “siddhartha” you sure are clued out.

    I don’t have to back u,p oh challenged one, I wrote in this column that I misreported it along with everyone else at first hearing from only one side. And explained it further in a comment above.

    And it was Beena who said something like “The sign says closed for repairs,” not me. Read much?

    I already reported the correction a week ago that only two people were fired. Look, I know you’re probably one of the fired few, but as smartman (or Craig) might say, don’t bring a knife to a gunfight. You obviously don’t understand the difference between reporting what someone is quoted as saying.

    If you want to make really asute comments, swing for the fences. Catch me on something that’s real.

    And again, I didn’t say “two weeks,” Beena did. I quoted her. I also quoted her as saying that the former manager was not forthcoming with the records to finalize the payments. And I’ll add here that it appears some of the actors in this however many act play appear more concerned with stirring shit than resolution.

    Now give it a little more thought next time or take your rent elsewhere.

  11. Hearne Christopher says:

    Big hug!

  12. Hearne Christopher says:

    He’s been after me for years because I didn’t pay attention to him at The Star. That’s fine.

    Yeah, I wrote that a source said Harman hung himself, I followed up though as most news organizations do and corrected that. Landsberg reported that Star food critic Lauren Chapin was dead when she was alive and kicking in the hospital.

    He never checked and he seldom checks. He’s a media gossip dude with paper thin skin. I busted him here on KCC writing snarky posts under fake names. Which is fine, everybody does it, but he likes to pretend he’s a journalist because he was a cub reporter in his youth in Cleveland or someplace.

    Truth be known, he writes interesting stuff but it’s very light on facts often and most media people roll their eyes where he’s concerned.

    Look at his readership on and compare it to KCC’s

  13. Hearne Christopher says:

    Hey, he’s pretty hip for a guy who bops around Town Center in a high school letter jacket

  14. S. Durwood says:

    This story has had a good run I must admit. I have enjoyed it from the grave where it should join my rotting corpse. NOW HERE’S a GOOD QUESTION-After 10 years (this coming July) it has been 10 years since Wade Williams promised to reopen the Fine Arts Theatre in Shawnee. 10 FRIGGIN YEARS! I watched while alive and in my passing this guy extort money from various sources in order to open the old Aztec on Johnson Drive and he has done NOTHING! Let’s move from Beena to Beanhead. Come on Hearne, take the bait and bite this little doggie back….for all of us.

  15. Grant says:

    Bob Butler released a statement today that said the Wadester was re-opening the Englewood Theatre in Independence………..again……………for the fifth time. Riddle me this: Where is the draw there compared
    to Shawnee? He is probably double flooring grant money from both locations if you ask me. And get this: he
    is opening with a raggedy ass print of the Sound of Music because my sources tell me the good prints are
    being held for a new Hollywood release. The bigger question is how a city like Shawnee allow a cool theatre
    like the Fine Arts to just sit there and rot, right on the square? It’s a real sin to me as I have lived in the area for
    nearly 30 years and have watched this guy buffalo the city time and time again. No wonder people stopped
    going to movies at a theatre. You need a theatre to go to you know?

  16. siddhartha says:

    quit the bs
    First we know repairs were not the real reason jardoines closed. This was a lie.
    2) Dave stephens reported on his fb page ‘the owner fired her entire staff’. This is what he was told by the owner.
    3) You said repeatedly beena said the staff would be paid in 2 weeks. Why would she publicly say this and not do it?
    4) The jim needs to confirm it is more bs. She doesn’t have the money. She stole the tip money and daves door and it went up her nose or who knows where.
    5) Dave and the staff still aren’t paid and prob will not be paid.
    6) Hearne and beena lack scruples.

  17. chuck says:

    Couple things,
    Here is a video Bio of Kathy Quinn, of Fox 4 News (Mother of Caitlin Quinn, one of “The 15”.).,r:7,s:50

    (Sorry for the monster URL.)

    The video is very impressive, and Mrs. Quinn’s accomplishments are to be lauded.

    Mrs. Quinn has been in media all of her life, all over the world. Mrs. Quinn has won 1 Emmy and was nominated for another, her family owns a locally famous restaurant, her husband sings with “The Elders”, she is associated with various and sundry foundations, charity and professional organizations, she is very attractive and indeed has landed parts in 2 movies.

    As the video continues, we see Mrs. Quinn standing by her beautiful pool at the back of her expansive house out South. Mrs. Quinn, is well heeled, landed gentry. A Kansas City mover and shaker, with the power to make or break an average Kansas City citizen.

    Fox 4’s efforts, by way of Mrs. Quinn’s initiatves has, in the public square, broken a local butterfly on the a wheel of a petty, insignificant and personal dispute between an employer and employees that simply does not warrant 1/10th of the attention garnered at this date.

    Beena’s transgressions, character flaws and peccadilloes have now been endlessly examined under a public microscope provided and forced to the eye of we plebes in living rooms all across the city.

    Joining in the chants for Beena, Barabas and Hearne, are some who would be well advised to wash their hands of this issue, lest too much information is released. One of the agrieved musicians in question, certainly has, and has had, more than just a passing, platonic interest in Beena, and has some pretty dramatic exposure relating to their own peccadilloes, were these facts to be known. The money issue, that relates to these facts is embarrassing and negative.

    Pitchforks, torches and a Judas Cradle, may indeed be the order of the day. Jardine’s castle walls will fall, and the monster slain.

    That said, you have been manipulated by a powerful news organization and Mrs. Quinn’s sub rosa agenda. An ego driven, narcissistic agenda.

    Seems the rich are not so different after all.

  18. Hearne Christopher says:

    siddy, siddy, siddy,

    Put it back in your pants man, you’re not even in this game.

    Stephens “reported”? Dave Stephens is not a reporter. At best he “wrote” or better yet “alleged”

    Of course Jardine’s didn’t close for repairs. Every bar that gets a suspension or has some other problem puts that sign out. Where have you been hiding not to know that?

    You just go on and on with guesses where facts would better serve. Don’t you have something better to do? I mean, you are “siddhartha”

  19. siddhartha says:

    why r u suprised?
    First, chuck meet
    Tiny meet chuck!

    Where’s the beef? You steal the tip money from a local newscasters daughter, you are gonna get called out. Beena should have figured this into her thiefing! This is the way it works! Was anything inaccurate (other than the reporting on this site)? No! 41 AND 4 both covered it. So there goes your ‘it wasn’t worthy’ arguement.

    Jesus christ. By Beenas own admission no one will play there. So they are all over playing this? Ha!

    And if you want to get into tawdry how do u think Beena would do! I’m betting there’s more tawdry there than ANYONE else in town!

    Its real simple. Pay back the stolen money! Hearne declared ‘come and get it’ That was 1 of a long string of bs coming outa here. There’s no more cash, there’s no more cash flow and there’s nothing left! Yet u 2 want to shoot the messengers!

  20. Orphan of the Road says:

    Turn out the lights, the party’s over
    They say that all good things must end

    The beds have been made, only waiting for the chickens to come home to roost.

    Cue Simon & Garfunkel’s Silent Night (Six-O’Clock News)…

  21. chuck says:

    Perhaps a few more decades of meditaion under the Bodhi Tree will explain the straight line reference from bad publicity to a lack of cash flow.

    I don’t wanna “Shakya”, but Jardine’s pecuniary losses were excaberated by the incessant negative publicity from Fox 4 News.


  22. David Hayden says:

    Wow, you are really stretching it by trying to disprove all the stories by quoting a server’s mother. Unfortunately you have already explained why this is not surprising. Beena was not in charge of day-to-day operations until the manager resigned. The server did not complain to his mother about his awful manager previously because Beena was not the manager.

    I don’t recall Beena complaining when the prominent parents of her server were mentioning that their daughter worked there. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

    I also don’t think that for a moment anyone believes that their coverage was more biased because one of the employees parent’s worked there than your coverage has been by your relationship with Beena. You have admitted that she took too long to speak to the media. They mentioned in every story that they tried to contact her for comment. Her side of the story was not told by anyone else because she did not talk to any of them.

    I suppose someone at every station in town knows someone at Hallmark, Sprint, H&R Block, etc. Is any reporting on these compamnies inherently biased as well?

  23. siddhartha says:

    whats that i hear?
    The sage orphan is correct. The Raja Queen party is over. And what a party it twas. But shiva the diety of destruction is dancing to melodius jazz tunes of old. All’s that left of the Queen Raja era is a sorrid tale of deception, betrayal, theivery, abuse and hearne’s tarnished reputation. But after much needed destructuion comes rebirth. The phoenix will rise from the ashes! (Ops sorry, wrong jazz club) The winter solstice is the darkest day of the year. KC jazz club spring will soon be upon us! Rejoice all. Jardines will not only be saved but reborn and improved. The wioked witch of the east has been vanquished!

    Happy Holidays!

  24. chuck says:

    Mr. Hayden
    Just to ascertain, are you saying that Beena recieved Fox 4 publicity based on her daughter’s employment? Honest question I didn’t know that. That would in fact be a fair turn about. If Beena was getting the same type of news coverage from Fox 4, in a positive light, based on Kathy Quinn’s employment, then she could have expected some heavy coverage after the dispute.

    I had no idea, and had NEVER read or heard about Fox 4 and Kathy Quinn’s promotion of Jardines and Beena. Thanks.

    Also, you said, “I suppose someone at every station in town knows someone at Hallmark, Sprint, H&R Block, etc. Is any reporting on these compamnies inherently biased as well?”

    Yes, of course the reporter assigned to the case, or the story, should in fact recuse him/herself, if indeed he/she has a familial relationship with the company under investigation.

    Siddartha, lets hope Lord Shiva destroys the demon of ignorance on both sides of this story.

  25. chuck says:

    excuse me,
    I meant—–“Kathy Quinn’s daughter’s emplyment…”

    mea culpa

  26. David Hayden says:

    Which report did Ms Quinn not recuse herself from? Which report was her daughter interviewed for? By your own standards she behaved ethically in this situation.

  27. paulwilsonkc says:

    Just because I got a public “big hug”
    from Hearne.. I AM NOT GAY!

  28. balbonis moleskine says:

    pay the people
    All she needs to do is comply with the law and pay her waitstaff the money owed. No excuses. It doesn’t matter that the news was mean. Pay your workers. If you can’t pay the workers, close the club. If you are staying open to pay the past monies owed, that is a ponzi scheme (paying off old credit tips owed with old credit tips owed).

    Pay the workers. It isn’t an odd or unreasonable request.

  29. Hearne Christopher says:

    The station should have disclosed the relationship

  30. Hearne Christopher says:

    Fair comment

  31. Hearne Christopher says:

    Now you’re putting words in the mouth of the server? Who told his mom – not in this story – that he liked her?

    You don’t recall Beena complaining because you don’t recall practically anything she said since you were never a party to any of this until after the fact and you neglected to even attempt to call her for her side of the story. Stick to waiting tables and advising servers how to get better tips is my suggestion

  32. Hearne Christopher says:

    Fair enough

  33. paulwilsonkc says:

    Everyone Go Home, theres nothing to see here….
    Dear God in heaven… even “I” am getting sick of reading the same old things. They didnt get paid. They WONT get paid. Dave didnt get paid. Dave WONT get paid, regardless of all the promises to the contrary. We need to move on from here and accept that what was said is not and was not true. Lets move on to better days, help the ones fired to find work and lets allllll be like the happy little train engine who thinks he CAN!! Lets focus on that. There isnt another way this can be sliced and diced without a Bass-o-Matic. This has run its course. I’m SO bored with the same old responses I’ve been resorting to re-reading Glazers movie credits, Lotus specs, close encounters of the “C” list kind and shopping on line for sunglasses. Peace out.

  34. chuck says:

    Mr. Hayden
    So your saying you misspoke, that this comment, ” don’t recall Beena complaining when the prominent parents of her server were mentioning that their daughter worked there. Live by the sword, die by the sword. ” was just in passing.

    If in fact that is correct, then the comparrison of Fox 4’s relentless coverage and slant of the dispute, vis a vis some off hand remarks from the owner about Kathy Quinn’s daughter working there, is far from fair.

    The station, Fox 4, should have made known, that their ongoing relentless ocoverage of this dispute was based on their own employees grinding axe.

  35. Hot Carl says:

    Leawood John Landsberg
    Hearne, keep sticking it to that dipshit Landsberg. Saying he has a thin skin is like saying Stalin was kind of an unpleasant tyrant. Enough of Beena and Jardine’s…let’s get back to sticking it to Leawood John. His posts at are legendary.

  36. HARLEY says:

    all this crap over a dot head and some
    minimum wage workers.The new writers on here bore me. They use all this high faluting language and prose and its
    quite boring.
    chuck… wilson….hot carl…all these analogies…all these journailistic sayings…hayden…all you professional writers
    need to get into a circle jerk and spew your crap over each other. Its not direct…its like each of you is writing for the
    new york times and you’re out to win a literary award. But it all comes out as b.s.
    What happeneded to the short…no puns….pointed insults without the wordy b.s.
    Wilson talks about the bass o matic…chuck blurts out crap about lord shiva and demon ignorance…
    come on guys…not one of you is going to earn a pulitzer for your canny lines…because they are just plain
    boring and tired.
    So chuck…take that award you got and shove it where the sun dont shine. Please.
    Wilso and all the new writers stfu because we’re just a bunch of clowns b.s. ing each other about no real
    life threatening issues. So all of you just stfu or go put your qualityv jouranlism crap on some other
    Me and glaze are just poor writers…we both don’t know about the crap you guys use in your literary works
    on kcc. Tone the crap down…this is becoming a boring boring site.ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  37. harley says:

    I know for sure that
    chucjk…wilson…hayden…and hernia….are all closet queers. End of discussion.

  38. haRLEY says:

    hOT CARL…
    likes to do it too….another closet queen. Both glaze and I can pick you “guys” out at a hundred paces.
    Just don’t ask glaze to bend over and pick up the soap. He’ll beat the crap out of you in a heartbeat.
    Hot carl? Did you get that name down at buddies?

  39. harley says:

    Chuck…hernia deleted my comment about
    me and your daughter. Won’t repeat it but you know what happened.
    Merry chirstmas.

  40. chuck says:

    harley’s scintillating bon mots now in tow-
    We can all proceed with our day.

    Threatening soap message insults scrawled across our kcconfidential mirror, provoke the accompanying smell of sewage and are part and parcel of harley’s elequence and unintended commententing diuretics (harley’s feeble ripostes should be read within close proximity to a toilet.).

    Throwing feces from a tree swing, is harley’s high water mark.

    Back away from the bars, and let him enjoy it.

  41. chuck says:

    Now this is special—
    “All this crap over a dot head and some

    HARLEY 02:46:19 PM – Wed. Dec 21. 2011

    minimum wage workers.

    Nice touch Disraeli. Real smooth.

    Thats stayin classy.

    I am sure political office is still on the table harley/JoJo.

    Seriously Jo Jo, don’t ever go away, every one here loves kickin your ass.

    I read your comments to my dog. He just smiles and shakes his head.

    “Where are those meds!!!!!”

  42. chuck says:

    harley JoJo
    Look dude.

    Your just fuckin stupid.

    Its not your fault, its not mine, the other commenters, Hearnes, Glazers or anyones fault.

    It just happened.


  43. Mary says:

    Pay up!!!
    The bottom line is… pay the people you owe money to what’s due them!!!! Then this would all go away! The other thing.. Beena claims to have only fired 2 people.. fine. I wasn’t there, don’t know, but I do know she has a history of hiring//firing people and not even remembering it the next day. I believe it’s entirely possible she fired her staff and doesn’t remember it. That aside, let me ask you this… why would employees resign over 2 people getting fired? Most people are going to hang onto their jobs, especially this time of year, because they need them. Same with musicians. Beena fired several good friends of mine while I was working there, and completely screwed over Pat, her business partner, but I still continued to work there, despite the fact that I felt a moral conflict on the matter. Something has to be seriously wrong when all of your staff (fired, quit, or whatever) won’t work for you, and musicians, with a limited number of venues to play, won’t play for you. People don’t readily give up their sources of income for no good reason.

  44. paulwilsonkc says:

    Harley, Harley, Harley
    Please accept my deepest, heartfelt apology. I had no idea “bass o matic” came across as high faluting language or prose. Im not nor have.I been a NYT (that’s means New York Times) writer. From here on out if I comment I’m going to utilize two benchmarks to determine the level of repartee I engage in. If they are words not normally found in USA Today, Blue Collar Tour or Nascar color commentary.
    I am deeply hurt by your reference to me as a closet queer as I’m fully, 100% OUT! I think Hearne is the only one at least partly in the closet. The other two men I don’t know so I won’t comment. I do, however know, if those are their real names, I’ve never met them on Journalists Night at Buddies, where I serve as President Emeritus, Queer Commentators.

    I have to go. I’m boring myself to death proof reading this.
    Come join us some night, ya big hunk of hetro love and strength.

  45. emik says:

    I do not understand why some of you are giving Hearne such a hard time. This is some of the finest reporting I have ever seen. While the other outlets have an axe to grind and focus on unimportant details such as people not being paid, Hearne is objectively reporting the pertinent facts in a completely unbiased manner. You all will have to apoligize when he wins another Pulitzer prize and the Star begs him to come back!

  46. paulwilsonkc says:

    because he’s not the center of attention any more so STFU!!!

    “What happeneded to the short…no puns….pointed insults without the wordy b.s.?”

    Whoop – there it is! NEW AND IMPROVED! Twice the insult/half the high faluting prose.

  47. paulwilsonkc says:

    Chuck, look dude
    harley JoJo
    chuck 03:39:19 PM – Wed. Dec 21. 2011
    Look dude.

    “Your just fuckin stupid.”

    Chuck, I read this in the New York Times in the High Falutin Language section;
    Spend some time on the little things, like contractions, a shortened form of a word or group of words, with the omitted letters often replaced in written English by an apostrophe, as e’er for ever, isn’t for is not, dep’t for department.

    I added this just for you:
    You’re: contraction of you are: You’re certain that’s right?
    Your: (a form of the possessive case of you used as an attributive adjective): Your jacket is in that closet. I like your idea.
    Both can also be confused with Yore: Chiefly Literary . time past: knights of yore.

    We are privileged to read and post to a blog read by some of the finest thinkers, philosophers, movers and shakers in this community, we need to honor that by taking that little extra time thata makes the difference.

    I just returned from a writer

  48. Mary says:

    Excuse Me, Guys!!!!
    I’m growing really weary of having to wade through the irrelevant comments on this insult-slinging fest. Let’s stick to the real issues, please! 1. Have the staff/Dave Stephens been paid, and if not, why, and what are the excuses? 2. Why was Jardines’s suddenly left without a staff, especially during the most profitable month of the year? Whether they were fired or quit, something here is terribly amiss. 3. Musicians won’t play there (most of them, anyway). Why? Again, that points to something being VERY wrong. Let’s stick to these issues, please, and keep the childish insults to yourself…..

  49. paulwilsonkc says:

    Mary, here’s your answers – Hearne can Rebutt later
    1. Have the staff/Dave Stephens been paid, and if not, why, and what are the excuses?
    NO. They have not. Beena said her check book was open and ready; she only needed to know what was owed whom. Those hours are tracked, she had a pretty good idea without outside documentation, but nothing’s been paid.
    Dave – He has NOT been paid as of last night at 6pm. He was told he would NOT be paid. That

  50. Hearne Christopher says:

    And you know what happened, too!

  51. Hearne Christopher says:

    Hayden’s suggestion that everybody knows somebody is silly. Not everybody’s mother is a senior reporter at the station that is hammering a story where her daughter got caught drinking for free – illegally – after hours and not paying for it. And now is out of work and pissed.

  52. Mike says:

    just curious
    If Jardine’s gets sold, is the new owner obligated to pay Dave Stephens and the others or would Beena still be liable?

  53. paulwilsonkc says:

    mike, Jardines is incorporated
    Beena is shielded from personal liability, one of the purposes of a corp or LLC. Dave or anyone else would have a claim against the corporation. Collecting from it would depend on assets.

  54. Merle Tagladucci says:

    I cannot believe this story continues to get the run here that it is. Isn’t everyone tired of hearing about it by now? Does anyone really care that much?

  55. Hearne Christopher says:

    Very funny

  56. Hearne Christopher says:

    No offense, but obviously the answer is yes

  57. chuck says:

    Thanks so much Paulwisonkc
    Even better, this information,

    “I had to learn this the hard way; I don

  58. Mary says:

    Thanks, Paul
    Finally, some real answers that I can believe. Thank you, Paul. As for the childish insults, I guess the only way you could communicate with some of these people was in their own language that they could understand……. 😉

  59. Nadia says:

    If Paul wants to have his wife sing at a club, Jardines would be the answer. Dave did the engagment and Dave can sing to them every time he is in town.why not!! what is he gonna charge them?

  60. mike says:

    reply to “nadia”

  61. Mary says:

    At Least Paul Will Pay
    “Nadia”, it’s time to concede.. “Queen Raja’s” reign is over. Let somebody who REALLY cares about jazz, and not just their own inflated ego take over the helm. Beena (by the way, who does not = “Nadia”) is done. She should collect whatever dignity she has left and go back home to India.

  62. paulwilsonkc says:

    Nadia, “my wife” is busy ENOUGH singing…
    buying Jardines isn’t an answer for that. The only time she ever sings there is with Dave. She has her hands full outside of there. Dave and Nicole are personal friends of ours. He doesn’t sing to us. He hums some times, but its kind of annoying. Actually, he likes for me to sing to him. And for that, I get NOTHING!

  63. beena= Nadia says:

    Dear Mary,

    Nadia, dont need to be Sherlock Holmes to figure that out.

    I am an american citizen just like you.

    send me a ticket to India if you really want me to go. I would prefer 1st class.

    India is a great country.

    on your next travel, you should go.

    will hopefully teach you something.

    Have a Merry Christmas and try and be a better person in 2012


  64. Beena= Nadia says:


    I have carried you when you have passed out and fallen at several clubs over the years you worked for me. I did make sure you got home. At times you were so out that i had to get help . Dont forget your last few outings at Blayneys when i was in India. people called me and i still had people get u home.

    I have nothing against you.

    Pat Hanrahan is my friend and you may want to think about it before you talk about Pat.

    Actually. Pat and I are gonna start working together


    I ha

  65. Beena says:

    To All,

    You dont know the facts.

    I have paid everyone and treated everone with respect ( musicians and employees) and have paid more to all since 2003 when i took over and have hired more musicians and supported Jazz in this city and made Jardines what it is.

    I am not perfect. I do not claim to be.

    I think i worked to be who i am. Yes I am from India, but very proud to be an American.This country gave me the oppourtinity to be who I am.

    No regrets. You dont know me.

    I wish everone a Happy New Year!!!


  66. Mary says:

    Actually, I’m not I ha
    I don’t know who that is, I always have used my real name…..they must have figured it out (Beena = Nadia) independently from me. Like you said yourself, it didn’t take a “Sherlock Holmes”. Beena, on the level here, you were once a friend of mine. I know that. My biggest beef with you is for the way you treated Pat. He was probably your best friend, and you took him to the cleaners. If you guys have made up and you two are going to work together ( I’ll need to hear it from him first), then fine, I’m good with that. No more hard feelings. However, I”ll have to hear it from his mouth. And, still, you really should pay Dave Stephens and your staff the monies you owe them. As a former server yourself, you know as well as anybody what it feels like to get “stiffed”.

  67. Mary says:

    Good Idea
    By the way, you know how I love to travel. I really would love to see India some day. Can’t afford it right now, though… 🙁

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