Jack: Anybody Up for a Christmas Goose?

My wished for Christmas present this year probably won’t show up under the tree…

Come to think of it, what tree? Bah, humbug!

Were it to, however, It would come from a kitchen instead of a chimney, accompanied by the most incredibly, wonderful aroma.

I’m wishing, of course, for a great, crisp Christmas Goose dinner complete with potato dumplings, gravy and red cabbage.

OK, so I’m German already.

You may recall that I recently returned from the Mother Country where I’d hoped to top off the trip with that much-missed, beloved holiday tradition, a Christmas Goose Extravaganza. A wish that came really close only to be spoiled by a bad case of food poisoning in my pursuit of other European delicacies. So much for my planned pig out—or goose-out — if you will.

In Germany, Christmas is all about the goose. Just like turkey dominates Thanksgiving in this country.

By the way, unless you’re up for a bit of goosenapping at one of the many suburban ponds and lakes, a first class Christmas goose will set you back a pretty penny. A fresh 10 to 12 pound free-range goose from D’Artagnan in New Jersey will set you back a cool $185.99 plus shipping. The Christmas geese at Whitney Farm in England are sold out. Even a frozen Sassafras Farms eight to nine pound goose goes for $90 and $10 handling.

On the home front, German restaurant Grunauer  in the Freight House District dishes up goose from time to time. Grunauer won’t be open Christmas Day but say they may have it Christmas Eve, based on availability.

Anybody up for a good goose?

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5 Responses to Jack: Anybody Up for a Christmas Goose?

  1. Lance the Intern says:

    I’m German, too…
    and when I read the line “unless you’re up for a bit of goosenapping….”, I thought it read “unless you’re up for a bit of gooseSTEPPING”..

  2. Cheers says:

    Merry Christmas Jack
    Cheers to one of the best on KCC, good ole Jack P
    Thanks for all the good reviews this year, and over the past years .


  3. chuck says:

    happy holidays jack

  4. randyraley says:

    I know of a couple Christmas Gooses you got when you didn’t even have to leave the station. Or the studio.
    Ho! Ho!
    It’ll be in the book. Names will be changed.
    Miss you Jack.

  5. Super Dave says:

    Miss Grandma’s Cooking
    Anybody up for a good goose?

    Not had that Jack since the last dinner Grandma made before she got sick and later died. I was way to young to ever sit and have her teach and share her ways of doing good ole home German cooking. I have tried myself but have never mastered the taste I am looking for when it’s done. If it was goose you wanted wish I had known earlier and could have put you with some locals who could have taken care of you for fresh dressed bird. Ahhh the good ole days when the older members of the familys did a Christmas dinner that time can never take from ones memory.

    Have a Merry Christmas Jack

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