Glazer: Chiefs Threaten Scribe’s Big Bet & Romeo May be Kansas City’s Juliette

Well, it happened…

The Chiefs made some big news for once, for the first time in years. They beat the undefeated Green Bay Packers at Arrowhead. Huge upset. One the Packers may not recover from. Their defense has been poor all season, Aaron Rodgers looked terrible and the Pack looked very beatable.

Reminded me of New England towards the end of their unbeaten run – they were just worn out.

The Chiefs defense showed up big. They had a good running game and quarterback Kyle Orton played mistake free football. They executed the perfect game plan. And Romeo Crennel may have won the Head Coaching job for next season.

It was a nightmare for your humble scribe, as I need one more loss to win my season bet and was sure this would be it. How could it not be? But it wasn’t. Now I need God’s Squad and Tim Tebow next week at Denver to win it for me. Christ!

I give credit to a Chiefs team that is building a good defense.

With a good quarterback this core unit could challenge next year. Drew Brees would be nice at $60 million for three years, if he would come here. He’s a free agent, but everyone will make a run at Drew. Most likely it will be hot and then cold with Kyle Orton.

Today he was good, but history shows he is only a notch above Matt Cassel.

So he’s likely not the answer.

We’ll see.Meanwhile, let’s give credit where credit is due; the Chiefs won and got some respect today.

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8 Responses to Glazer: Chiefs Threaten Scribe’s Big Bet & Romeo May be Kansas City’s Juliette

  1. harley says:

    my predictions
    one of the best games in’ve been to in years…playoffs were incredible back in the day…but this was fun…
    Brees will never leave new orleans…its his town…
    Chiefs will still look for a head coach. Keep romeo as def. coordinator…bring in big time coach (if they’ll come
    here after all these messes) because hunt doesn’t want to take a coordinator and make him a head coach and
    go thru the same crap he went thru with haley. He wants someone with head coaching experience..and while
    romeo won a huge game…pioli doesnt want to waste time on a guy without a winning record…romeo may have
    been good for one game..its a whole nother thing with an entire season…but he can stay as def. coordinator.
    Orton goes free agent. cheifs may keep him and dump palko and stanzi both and bring in a third stringer
    . I sat behind the cheifs bench yesterday and heard the problems on the offense which were not unusual because
    of the changes during the week with a new qb. However…this team need some offesnive weapons…another big
    time receiver and lineman and a backup tight end. The pa kers defense was horrible…has been rough all year…
    and chiefs used that to their great advantage…
    chiefs win out and go 8-8…highly doubtful…but since okaland is at home…denver away i look for 1-1..and
    7-9 season…still good with whats happened.
    I think glaze is still in good shape with his picks so it comes down to the final weeks…and glaze as all
    smart gamblers always say…I should have quit while i was ahead….gamblers never win in the long run.

  2. harley says:

    glaze…next week is oakland in kc
    not tebow…a tough game but winnable by kc.

  3. kcfred says:

    was the head coach in Cleveland, therefore he has head coaching experience.

  4. Bob Mcintosh says:

    Another year and another losing prediction for Glazer. What did he say Chiefs would just win 2…4 games.

    Hey what happened to the days when Glazer could generate at least 10 comments???? Now hes getting like 2. But I see Brandon’s numbers are going up. Maybe Glazer needs to write about children watching him have sex.

  5. Kerouac says:

    First Providence, now Comedy…
    It’s hard to prevail when the opposition is Omnipotence vs Bears, & Chuckles the Clown’s- “a little song, a little dance, a little seltzer down your pants” in the form Green Bay’s concern any regards the bigger clown act they took the day off against, kcindy; no ‘mo’ as in motivation the culprit. Another failure the hometown team to win, another example the playoff bound Packers could care less till then.

    A questionable call went kcindy’s way, one-time aberration a new coach to replace the other like-career loser afore him, a shooting of the wad via 4 fgs and 1 legitimate score (GB had two) suggests the letdown come next Sunday will be… immense. orton was better than ca$$el for a day – but then so too did Rome fall, in a. #8’s track record affirms he too is but a mirage: average today, subpar the ‘morrow.

    So while the greatest franchise pro football history the Packers persist toward an inexorable 2nd consecutive World Championship, another season of naught embraces kcindy…my team. 42 be number the years now and counting, no post season this no hope the next and no reason for making whoopee atall, really. Such is the sorry lot kcindy, ad nasueam, ad infinitum… R.I.P.

  6. TRUTH says:

    That piece of paper gets shredded… worthless… Worthless, just like you gLazer… the L is for LOSER

    How funny that after we started keeping track of your BS, you have “suddenly” sucked at betting….
    Facts be known…you sucked all along…but were telling lies….
    then you called youself a betting GOD???? AAHAHHAHAHAHAHBWAAAAHAHAHAHA…….
    LMBO!!!!!! morelike betting DOG!!!!!!


    Chiefs win out…. Glazer’s bragging gets him what he deserves… NOTHING, NADA, GOOSE EGG….

  7. Hearne Christopher says:

    Depends on the topic, wild man. Plus I blocked a couple of the depraved guys IPs to keep things halfway clean here.

  8. Kerouac says:

    This ‘L’s for you bschnoz

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