Glazer: Scribe Lays Down This Week’s Picks as Chiefs Prepare for the Worst

Well sports fans, your humble scribe wants to let you know nothing has changed at Arrowhead…

The Packers – like I told you the Jets would do – will dance on the Chiefs Sunday. They will cover the 13 1/2 point spread. And that’s the VEGAS SPREAD (, not 14.

I see this as a 38 to 13 game with the Packers winning. That Chiefs Defense only works well on bad teams or wounded teams. The Pack lost one good receiver, other than that, say good night. Packers.

There are some low level college bowl games Saturday and one NFL game.

Oddly and I can’t remember the last time there no college bowl games on New Years Day. Everything’s moved to January 2nd, Monday. Odd, huh?

Pro Football: Here it goes….
Dallas -7 over the Tampa Bay Bucs on Saturday Night
Bengals -1 over St. Louis (tease with the Packers)
Packers – 7 1/2 over KC Chiefs (tease with Bengals both teams must cover to win)
Giants -1/2 over Washington (tease with New England)
New England -1 1/2 over Denver and Tim Tebow (tease with Giants) must win both to win.
bonus bet:
Baltimore -2 1/2 over San Diego

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28 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Lays Down This Week’s Picks as Chiefs Prepare for the Worst

  1. balbonis moleskine says:

    Im kinda disappointed you didn’t do a comprehensive list of bowl picks.

    Chiefs are +13.5 dogs at betUS. I also notice they don’t allow your teasers.

  2. chuck says:

    Take it easy man. Sheesh…

    Hey Glaze- I think the Chiefs close to within 11. Packers 35, Chiefs 24.

    The Pack gives up 5 yards a rush. The Packers will in no way be afraid of the Chiefs, so they will let the Chiefs run the clock down to shorten a game they know they will win anyway.

    Plus, they will run plays that will keep A Rodgers safe, especially late.

    The pack will give up enough garbage points for the Chiefs to close with in 11 IMO. 🙂

    The Eagles are a 1 point favorite at home against the Jets. They should stomp the shit outta the Jets. Philly28, Jets 10.

    Your dead on with the Balt pick. The Chargers will never ever be the same. They are done a year earlier than I though they would be. Sorry Kerowhack–your guys are melting down as bad as the Chiefs.

  3. Kent says:

    “I also notice they don’t allow your teasers.”…. of course they dont, this is all just weird glazer’s fantasy,
    something he dreamed up to make him feel like he is something other than what he is, a nobody / blowhard.

  4. chuck says:

    Vegas insider, has the Chiefs at 14 under.

  5. Kent says:

    wake up chuck
    Isnt it fkn hilarious how chuckyboys KCC “award” went to his head….. chiming in on every thread… LOL

    wake up chcuky… it is imaginary….dont tell people what to do….. you are a nobody.

  6. chuck says:

    I got nothing else to do.

    Its cathartic and I like to gamble a little on the NFL.

    I’m ok with being a nobody.

  7. David Epstein says:

    Sorry Boys Glazer Is Correct
    Clearly none of you gentleman bet anywhere. Teasers have been around for decades. I bet them with my bookie here, in Vegas everyone does them. Clearly you guys don’t travel. Also most online services take them. It’s normal. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news: Glazer is correct you are wrong.

  8. Mark Dubowy says:

    I Live In Arizona, Teasers Are Taken Everywhere
    I think you are all the same guy, not that many people are this stupid. You need to research before you comment wrongly and often people. Craig Glazer is 100% right, teasers are done everywhere. I go to Vegas twice a year and often bet them on basketball and football. Everyone does. So please be quiet your ‘uneducate butt’ is hanging out, way out.

  9. Jorges says:

    heheheh.. How funny is it when glazer posts on his own threads? pathetically funny

    The funniest part is it is so dang obvious, he has an M.O. that impossible to miss. Come on glazer… take your pick…post your drivel at the top in the main story, or in the comments…. BUT NOT BOTH….geeezz dude, come on man….. I am embarrassed for you, and I dont even like you.

  10. Downtown Davey says:

    In Your Effort To Hate Glazer At Least Be Correct
    I am not a fan or foe of Craig’s. However when he is right he just is. Clearly you just hate the guy for who knows what reason. Teasers are real, Hearne this is where you should come in and write something on it or comment. I used to bet football, lost way too much, but my bookie did teasers. In Vegas teasers are at most casino sports books. Jorege or whoever you are this week, you might want to be right before you yell wolf. Craig is telling you all the truth from what I see on these games. I don’t check the line anymore but it seems right. What is throwing you is the 6 points off, up or down thats the tease. Look you might want to find another way to hate on Craig, this isn’t it. He is right.

  11. Craig Glazer says:

    Everyone Is Fake? Not Me!
    Hey nameless hater dude. First you haven’t made a real bet in your life. Clearly you live in Mom’s basement and are a fairly boy. I know you are Johnny,kcfred,SuperDave, all morons. Of course there are teaser bets, if you knew anything about betting and you don’t you sure wouldn’t be that stupid. SECOND, where were all you cowards last Monday. Jardines remember. You had your shot at me, punk coward fairy boys, now just go pee in the weeds. There were a couple comment people there, seemed nice. All the cowards like these fools stayed in the basement and hide. I’m always around if you have something you want to talk about fairy boys. Always around. For the love of God do some checking before you write down things that prove you are basement bugger eaters, please. Better yet just go away. Nobody will miss you, trust me. In the future……LISTEN,LEARN, WRITE IT DOWN….bye.

  12. Craig Glazer says:

    ToNight I am 100% A God
    Dallas covers, I win…no tease just a win…100% correct….A God…..bye haters…eat some more buggies.

  13. chuck says:

    Glaze, if you are God, then give our very best to
    Christopher Hitchens.

    For that matter, send him back.

    Tell God to take some fuckin idiot like Kent, or Kunt or whatever his real name is. Its a shitty deal for God, but then, he is God after all, and if anyone can suffer fools, it may as well be the God that sent them.

    RIP Christopher Hitchens.

    We will be here, struggling that much harder to see.

  14. Ralph says:

    Actually I mispoke, it was not luck tonight.Tampa Bay is 4-9 and have lost 7 in a row, so glazer picks whomever Tampa Bay is playing against and then calls himself a god for guessing that correct? Really? That is god like behavior? wow. just wow. That actually verges on certifiable behavior.

  15. Super Dave says:

    I Don’t find Glazer funny
    I have a life Glazer and coming to Jardines to see you is so far down on my list of things to do you have no clue.

    I only post under this name in KCC and no others so you are wrong.

    So if I was you I would watch what you say towards me or about me based on unsupported evidence from now on. I will not remind you of this again.

    Hearne! ban me if you want but get Glazer under control. I doubt you will be real happy in the way I do. You know who posts what in here and who is posting under several names. Things have been semi calm in here but if Glazer wants to start attacking people again who are not in anyway attacking him with slander I promise I will deal with it.

  16. Quinton says:

    Have sympathy Super Dave, Glazer is not well.

    Craig has many many problems, some due of his life long substance abuse (still going on) problmes, some due to his mental instability. Craig’s many personal issues have caused him a many other problems including having a hard time functioning among normal people (wears sunglasses in dark bars to avoid eye contact), troubles paying his gambling debts, maintaining long lasting relationships ( he frequently visits to prositutes)(and is trying to cure his S.T.D.s) and many mnay other issues.

    Craig is working on these issues and doing his best, so please be gentle on him.

  17. KCMonarch says:

    Three minutes
    Ever notice the comments supporting Glazer appear back to back and are always three minutes apart. They almost always say the same thing. “Craig is 10% correct.” “Love your writing Glazer, you make some good points.” etc.

    Craig, spread your fake comments out by a few hours or so or at least a half hour. Hell at least this time you let ten minutes go by before following up under your real name. The fake comments make you look even more pathetic than the sophomoric blogs that precede them.

  18. chuck says:

    The misplaced venom and vitriol directed at Glazer
    on this site is astonishing. Pinch yourselves folks, you don’t actually know the guy.

    Fundemental attribution errors and a fierce defense of a nom de guerre, which include veiled threats and hyperbolic 8th grade insults, speak a great deal more to the twisted and sick personalities of the folks penning such acrimony behind a curtain of anonymity than the intended victim of same.

    For Chissakes, how peurile and idiotic can you be?

    Super Dave’s menacing rhetoric is straight out of a bad movie with a Pro Wreslter. —

    “So if I was you I would watch what you say towards me or about me based on unsupported evidence from now on. I will not remind you of this again.

    Hearne! ban me if you want but get Glazer under control. I doubt you will be real happy in the way I do. You know who posts what in here and who is posting under several names. Things have been semi calm in here but if Glazer wants to start attacking people again who are not in anyway attacking him with slander I promise I will deal with it.”


    What the fuck are you talking about??

    Ya gonna put on your “Super Dave” crime fighting tights, go up to Stanfords and start some shit? REALLY?? To defend the honor of you Super Dave persona?

    Seriously. Get some fuckin help.

    Here is some news. You, the person who writes as “Super Dave”, are a complete unknown to all who read this blog, therefore, you the actual person sitting at the keyboard, should not be insulted by anything, especially an off hand comment about morons.

    In my opinion, you guys who scream in CAPS that Glazer, or Hearne or (Fill in the Blank) is a “Loser”, or is going to “Get his ass kicked”, or his “Food poisened” are in need of a hug.

    The only positive thing to come out of this stupidity, is that you must, at some point, be far too embarrassed to EVER show up in person to rectify the oh so egregious insults to your fake personas.

    If you actually have anything to say, that in any way brings an interesting or revealing insight on articles here on this blog, then say it.

    If you dissagree with points taken on this blog, then respond accrodingly, without threats of violence or bovine, predictable 3rd grade insults which are played before uttered dring recess all over town.


  19. Check says:

    Uh chuckyboy, reality check time. You need to go back and read you own peurile scattered comments all over this board, for years. You have never missed a chance to lash out at anyone in sight, so put a lid on your advice. btw- sucking glazers mangina will get you nothing.

  20. harley says:

    for christ sakes….show some brains you idiot
    the games not even over and you’re calling glaze a bitch..a cword…come on…he’s a gambler and all
    gamblers lose…especially today when there were many upsets.
    Don’t you losers get it. Glaze is what he is…won’t change…the hair..the glasses…the attitude..
    the ego…the responses…so stop trying to change him…ain’t gonna happen.
    In fact he thrives on it.
    Noone can deny the fact that glaze has done great on his bets this season…incredible…and thats
    what he writes abbout. There may be some overblown comments where he hypes himself but thats
    the guys modus operendi. He is what he is…and nothing will ever change.
    disagree with him if you want but use facts and figures. If he’s wrong…hey he’s a gamble and gamblers lose
    in the long run.
    Why get yourself all wroked up trying to hate this guy….won’t affec t him…he’s teflon.
    As for bbbbwwwhhhaaaa who write the clip at 3:07.right after the game finsihed…did you run to the
    computer to write that comment on here. What a loser…big time loser. I can see you running up the
    steps at your moms house from the basement to get on the computer to write that…what a loser you
    If you want to disagree with the guy use intelligent ideas and fact…not a single game in over 50 games over the
    season….he’s had a hell of a year with his picks

  21. John says:

    He called himself God, he deserves all the bad things headed his way. period.

  22. better pro says:

    L = LOSER
    You asked us to keep track, we have and you are not very good at this betting thing.

    g L a z e r , The L stands for LOSER

    After 3 bets decided, glazer, who calls himself GOD, has won 1 bet.
    That is 33%, That is amazing, AMAZINGLY BAD…. and faaaaaaar away from his claims of 80%.

    glazer = joke= laughing stock = PATHETIC LOSER

  23. Craig Glazer says:

    ToDay I am 100% A Dog
    Lost all bets…. I lost, I am a teases win…0% correct….A Dog…. The haters were correct, I suck…I will now eat some more buggies.

  24. chuck says:

    Half Time in SD–
    I am 2 outta 3 and probably (Although I havn’t checked 3outta 4 all year long)

    I am not gonna give you dumb ases any more picks. Seriously, I need some love, a hug, fuckin somethin…

    I picked three games, told you the Chiefs would cover, gave you the reasons, told you the Jets would suck, and at halftime, the Ravens still are not out of it, and I am pretty fuckin drunk.

    I think, although I have had a couple of beers, that I am 3 outta 4 all year long.

    Serioulsy—-“L = Loser” ???

    better pro ???

    John ???

    Ok, no diss, I am guessing you guys had zero male influence in your lives.

    Seriously, I am not being a smartass, I am trying to make things better in your day to day lives.

    If you win a bet (Which, by the way you didn’t, you just took pot shots from the side lines with no money on the line.) you DO NOT humiliate, or in any way, diminish the loser of said bet.

    You cushion his/hers loss, and remark on the viability of said bet.

    You are a gentlemen, and indeed, should feel empathy, for in fact, you have lost bets before (Probably just me, but I am thinkin you folks, who revel so very much n a Glazer failure, have huge empty holes in you lives, no diss, but I really think that is true, and in fact I am honestly sorry that your lives center so very much around hate for some one you have never met, no kiddin.).

    Open the car door for your mom, wife and girlfriend if you have one.

    If you don’t have a wife or girlfriend, your immediate concern, in my opinion should be to get one.

    Girls are very cool.

    One of the best ways to attract a girlfriend, or a female, is to be magnanimous and understanding.

    This is hard to fake over the long term. So don’t. Actually try and walk that mile.

    In my opinion, you guys who hate Glaze so much (I am NOT Being a jerk here, I am trying to help. Its a blog, and this is the best I can do. One more time, I am not being a smartass. Really), have problems with girls.

    Don’t misplace your anger, at least over the long term.

    I know at first, you will hate me, but remember, the truth invites scrutiny.

    And, my friends, it will set you free.

    You do not tie your ego, or your identity to the loss, or the win, and in fact, remember, that gambling is in fact a gentlemen’s game.

    I will probably be wrong next week.

    After all, it is an uncertain world.

    Here is what is certain.

    The respect of your peers, admiration of your foes, and love of your family, if you countanance defeat with grace.

    Just my recent opinion.

    God Bless.

  25. xxMillerTimexx says:

    Wow Chuck
    Did Glazer get you a hooker or something? Why the love all of the sudden? I mean I don’t care, I just read the comments on this site. But, Glazer is not the most lovable person, he comes off as a stuck up prick. But I don’t hate him, or even dislike him. But saying that people don’t like Glazer because they have a problem with girls? WTF is that about? But you are right there needs to be more positive things on this Blog, but that starts at the top.

  26. chuck says:


    But no.

    The incessant negativity is bad, imo, for the guys who irrationally hate him.

    Its fuckin weird.

    I really do think, maybe I am wrong, but these guys who incessantly post weird hate-o-grams on a guy they don’t know, have issues that have nothing to do with Glazer, and if fact (Of course I am guessing.) have daddy problems.

    Glaze would be no fun at all, if he tried to be anyone other, than GLAZE.

    I just think it is weird, that guys focus so much hate for an interesting personality.

    The world is a boring and mundane place, imo, without folks with personality and wild takes on life.

    So, it is just my opinion, which is worth shit, but it takes all kinds to fill up the freeway.

    I like the idea, of Glaze, blowing by me in the right hand lane, in his Corvette, or, whatever the fuck he bought.

    Makes me smile.

  27. Hearne Christopher says:

    Lotus Evora

  28. Craig Glazer says:

    Cool Harley and Chuck
    My lord, even Harley is down with being normal. Thank you Harley. Chuck has always been a voice of reason. As for the haters: yes I had a poor showing one of four, worst ever, first below .500, but would any analyst pick Chiefs over the Pack? San Diego(well Chuck did on this one good job) over the AFC top team and best D, Baltimore? Or Skins over Giants? So it was upset Sunday, happens. I lost, no excuse really. I am very bummed Pack lost to the Chumps, no flight to Vegas yet, need a loss, hope its Oakland, don’t want to wait for Tebow time…messed my Xmas up. I think its still 75% Chiefs will lose one more, thats all I need. Who knows, the NFL is tough to pick. I had a great year, over 78% so far, it gets hard towards the end, injuries, upsets, worn out teams, hard to say…..this year will be very hard to pick from here forward but I will continue…as for the haters: oh well, as Chuck put so well you don’t really exist, nobody can take anything you say seriously due to being a fake person, not real, don’t exist….if you want to be tough use your real name, but you won’t. You guys make fun stuff to read for others, to laugh at YOU not me. So have at it, basement boys. I’m kinda busy with lots of stuff besides just this, fun though….Harley good call man….you are not a bad guy….Chuck is a good man….happy holidays even to the haters….bye

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