Glazer: A Black Eye for the NFL & Black NFL Players / The Drug Bust

NFL players – and especially NFL players of color – took a knockout blow yesterday…

On Wednesday, Chicago Bears wide out Sam Hurd was busted by the DEA for buying one kilogram (2.2 pounds) of cocaine. On top of that, Hurd had ordered 1,000 pounds of weed and up to 10 KIlograms of coke per week. That’s a wholesale value of just under a million bucks a week. Meaning this guy is a major supplier to dealers. Many of the dealers we are told being current and past NFL players.

In the double digits according to the Feds.

I heard about it first on 610 Sports with Nick Wright (and by the way, Nick and I made up).

Nick made two important comments. ONE: a guy buying this much ain’t selling a bag of weed to his pals. This is serious weight – Scar Face weight. SECOND: many other players will be named, this could be the worst criminal event ever for the NFL – way worse than the Michael Vick scandal.


Heres a player, Sam Hurd, making $5 million for three years, nearly $2 million a year. And that’s not good enough? Most television stars don’t make that much money a year. And Sam’s a third string receiver – he’s only caught nine balls so far this season. Two million bucks? Scar Face Time…

You remember the Chiefs go-to-prison group; Tamarick Vanover and Bam Morris. Dealing, stealing cars etc. This is much worse.

The majority of NFL players today are black. And as Sports Illustrated wrote: "Almost all of the these players are broke or declare bankruptcy within five years of leaving the NFL."

Wow, each year 30 to 50  former players are arrested for drugs, stabbings, shootings, beatings and so on.

Look, steroid use is almost understandable in a League of MEN TOO BIG AND TOO MUSCLED UP.

I use them legally because I’m older and can get a prescription for steroids. If you are under 35 your body usually produces them naturally.

But dealing recreational drugs at these levels is pure greed and really stupid.

Lets hope no Chiefs are involved. Sam was buying the coke at $25,000 a kilo, and that’s high. So it almost had to be pure stuff. His boys would probably buy it, cut in half, then cut it in half again. The weed at $450 a pound was also probably good quality and would be sold at $1,000 or more a pound. Weekly.

That would supply this entire city and Chicago. These are huge deals.

Another black eye for the black athlete, which proves that being paid millions of dollars still doesn’t work. You still need an education which ALMOST NONE OF THESE PLAYERS HAVE.

Nick I’m sorry, but it’s true. These players are dumbasses for the most part.

Sure there are exceptions, but very few. The results have not been good so far off the field.

And now Sam will rat out everyone he knows.

I was a drug agent and I can tell you he will give up his mommy not to do the 40 years to life.

After he’s done, he’ll still get 15 years. What a shame. I hear he’s kinda a nice guy.

Two million dollars a year. Not enough, damn.
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22 Responses to Glazer: A Black Eye for the NFL & Black NFL Players / The Drug Bust

  1. chuck says:

    If I study Jay Z, will I get a PHD???

    I am not sure why Glaze is all of a sudden pining for the affections of Mr. Wright.

    Fuck him.

    Glaze your right, “Nick I’m sorry, but it’s true. These players are dumbasses for the most part.
    Sure there are exceptions, but very few. The results have not been good so far off the field. ”

    For every Neal De Grase Tyson and Ben Carson, there are hundreds of thousands of Markus Lee’s.

    It just is, as the man says, what it is.

    Lowering standards and social engineering laws that try to change basic human nature have not, and will not work/

    Here is an idea.

    Legalize drugs. End the stigma, the criminalization, marginizalation, and ruination of a drug bust on a person’s life, and tax the product, that will NEVER stop being used in a free society. NEVER. STOP. BEING. USED. EVER.

    This will dramatically free up space for violent offenders to put away where they belong.

    DR. SHOCKLEY: “Thats is a sow’s ear.”

    CARRIE BRADSHAW: “No you moron, its a silk purse. Everyone agrees, it is a silk purse!”

    DR. SHOCKLEY: “How ironic. I know that it was very, very expensive.”

    CARRIE BRADSHAW: “Of course it was expensive you myopic, last century idiot, its a silk purse!”

    DR. SHOCKLEY: “You look as worn out as your ideas. Ya wanna get some breakfast?”

    CARRIE BRADSHAW: “Will there be bacon?”

    DR. SHOCKLEY: “You bet, its everywhere.”

  2. harley says:

    glaze $450 a pound is dirt cheap…
    thats $28 an ounce…thats incredibly low…..please check and report back.

  3. smartman says:

    It’s not what you do.
    It’s what you get caught doing. By the way, nice job maintaining your journalistic integrity and patting yourself and that interminable douche Nick Wright on the back. Classy. You’re a regular Walter Windshield.

    I’m sure Brother Holder will sweep all this under the rug so as not to further damage the integrity of the black male athlete. Raping white women, killing dogs and movin’ some drugs is just another day in the hood. Unless this was a government operation like Fast and Furious, maybe called Ebony and Ivory. You know, to track the flow of drugs into the country.

    If the feds had the balls to fully investigate the NFL and NBA they could shut down both leagues under RICO.
    Lots of shock and awe over the bust but only dead homies keep secrets. No way the guys he played with in Dallas and Chicago didn’t know something was up.

    I’m sure the cartel hombre’s in Mexico will be sending up some death squads to silence a few voices before anybody can rat on anybody.

    Legalizing drugs is not the answer. Truckloads of cigarettes and booze still get jacked and provide tens of millions of dollars in revenue to criminal enterprises and similar losses to the insurance industry but it doesn’t matter because those costs get passed along to the consumer.

    Now that the war in Iraq is over how about declaring war on Mexico? We would be welcomed as liberators as most Mexicans live in fear and they’ve got oil and real-estate.

    It’s a sad statement about our country when white people no longer control the major criminal enterprises. Hell, we don’t even control the White House any more. It’s all Crips, Bloods, Democrats, Le Emme and MS13.

    The FIVE FAMILIES have all been shut down by the Feds as a way of helping the Mexicans and Knee-Gars put some cash back in the hood and the barrio.

    At least one of the white cops on the KCMOPD is taking the fight back to the corrupt black racist regime being formed inside that corrupt entity.

    Sorry Woody but this land is no longer your land or mine.

  4. Harley is Stupid says:

    Math Bitch
    A Kilo is 1000 grams in a kilo. There are roughly 28 grams per ounce. So if the kilo Costs $25000. That would make it $25 a gram and $700 an ounce.

    Harley thank you for the short comment and you need to work on accuracy. Oh yeah JOJO I think you owe me money!!!!

  5. JB says:

    Reading Bitch?
    Nice work on the math. Of course, Harley was talking about the weed, so what you said has absolutely nothing to do with what he said.

  6. Jockoo says:

    Dare and The Glazer
    Good story Glazer. Just wanted you and Dare to know we here at the restaurant listen to you guys every week on 98.9. You two are the funniest MF’s ever. You guys need an one more hour after Johnny at ten, or better yet at drive time. You guys need to be on more than a couple times a week together for an hour. Really when you two are on, our entire staff stops and listens, love the comic but you two are a smash. How do you guys NOT KNOW THAT! More Dare and THE GLAZER, its too good. Threesomes, Pastors,Chocolete Becky, Black Bitch, Your Family, Dare’s Family on and on…wow what fun shit….more please. Screw the Chiefs.

  7. Queen Bitch says:

    Nice Call Jock
    Feel the same way. You two got something better than all the other morning shows. EACH OTHER. Your stories are off the chain boys. Nobody can top the Glazer with his insane life, better yet he ain’t, they are true, I think. Johnny you two should do more, that guys right.

  8. Not in my opinion says:

    ‘many other players will be named, this could be the worst criminal event ever for the NFL – way worse than the Michael Vick scandal. ‘
    Tell that to all of the innocent dogs Vick killed.

  9. mark smith says:

    you can take the thug outta the ghetto
    but you can’t take the ghetto out of the thug. We see it all the time. Multi millionaires who somehow manage to go so broke if it cost a quarter to shit, they’d have to throw up. We saw it with Vick and we are seeing it with this latest nimrod. If they aren’t shooting someone or themselves in a club, they are trying to play dope slanger. It might be a huge scandal if it were Peyton Manning or Big Ben. As it is, just another instance of some shit heel that couldn’t get out of the shit heel mindset. As for Vick, he seems to have turned it around, or appears to on the surface. But the kind of weight this latest guy is charged with, as you know, in the fed system that’s Kingpin, 30 years or more type weight. Start the clock until someone blames this on his upbringing, jim crow, or anybody but Hurd. Lastly, 450 a pound is mexican brick weed. Not high quality or even close .Even at 100 pounds a pop, 450 is shit weed. But definetly for resale at that kind of poundage.

  10. jimmyd says:

    if you’re buying 1000 lbs of chronic at $450 a lb…you’re getting really good stuff. Glazer knows what he’s talking about

  11. jackoo says:

    What happened Glazer?
    Use to be you could more then a dozen people to comment even with you using fake names like jockoo. Looks like the Brandon could is starting to take off.

  12. mark smith says:

    maybe in the 1980s
    Glazer and the pope may be infallible in your starry eyed rubes view, sadly in this case he may be basing his opinion on something from his admittedly distant past. 450 wont hardly buy an ounce of good weed today. I smoke it ,purely as preventive medicine in case I get glacoma, plus it makes capt crunch taste better. 450 a pound is Mexican shwag. If you like mold and grasshopper carcasses its a good buy. Otherwise its shit weed for the masses. Nobody is saying glazer doesnt know about crime. He just isn’t right about this one thing. So put your Pom poms away, and quit swinging from his sack.

  13. chuck says:

    Legalize drugs smartman.
    Come on buddy. You would deny Paulie Walnuts a couple of 18 wheelers full of coffin nails? Vaffanculo!!

    The comparison from a few highjacked trucks to the all out war in Mexico and millions locked up in teh USA is a stretch imo.

    There is a HUGE prison industry in the US.

    The War on Drugs is actually a bigger failure than the Kansas City School District, with the same exact future.

    Death, destruction and a continuation of the status quo.

    Its costs a ton of money, and drug laws are passed, enacted and enforced arbitrarily and capriciously from state to state.

    Its such a fuckin loser.

    Just sayin…

  14. Harley's my bitch says:

    Jb? Or bj!
    Where did harley say it was about weed. Nobody gets rich selling weed. Ask Craig

  15. Black Barbie says:

    Craig Why You Down On The Brother
    Like white people don’t sell and use drugs. I see it all the time at work. Come on now, it ain’t just the black man. I smoked weed with you.

  16. Taco Time says:

    Barbie You Rock Baby
    Go get Glazer Barbie, he is a fool sometimes.

  17. Radio Man says:

    Glazer/Dare Need A Show
    Don’t like the Glazer, not down on Dare, but have to admit, those two are by far the best two to listen to on radio in Kc maybe anywhere. Funny beyond funny. Stern doesn’t have those stories, nobody does. I like the after show idea or drive time. As far as this bust, are you suprised, not me. The amount is unreal though, weekly, damn, big time. 50 million a year wholesale, big stuff.

  18. Pro Hater says:

    Greg Hall Has You Two Beat.
    Glazer you might be a big deal on radio but Greg Hall took all the readers to his site. He kills you and Hearne. I read him daily, he gets 20-60 comments daily. You suck. You know nothing about sports. Your picks are bullshit. You lie and make up spreads. Hearne backs his old girlfriend, the truth came out on the front page of the Star today. You both suck.

  19. Dog says:

    I’d Like Some LB’s At 450
    Hell a bag of good bud is that much. Must be some nice shit.

  20. KU Forever says:

    Missouri Will Go Down To Jayhawks
    Without Taylor we will still beat them. Just wait.

  21. Hearne Christopher says:

    If you think Greg’s site is kicking KCC’s butt, why don’t you run both Web sites thru and see how we both rank.

  22. JOHN says:

    Are black people the only the only players in the NFL to use drugs or sell drugs? Sure they caught a man buying drugs and talking about selling/sold them. Prove it in court BITCH!!! And enough with the white people rule the world dumb shit because if you do know, there are alot of white people who fall to the injustice thats goes on in America today. And dumbass since you like to point the finger at people try pointing it at the Steelers (white) qauterback I think he likes to rap young white girls…

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