Sounds Good: Katlyn Conroy@RecordBar, Drakkar Sauna@Jackpot & Beena@ Jardine’s

All of the shows I’m recommending this week are at Jardine’s because, well, Beena threatened to stab me in the heart with a trident if I crossed her (again). 

You guys all know how she can be, right? 

I heard that one time she caught an employee taking a non-approved bathroom break and so to make an example, she murdered their whole family on stage in front of everyone. 


Then, as if that wasn’t enough, she locked the doors and made all the remaining employees listen to jazz for, like, an hour and a half…with no booze!!

Just be careful out there guys, you’ve been warned…


Friday, December 16th

Katlyn Conroy and Hidden Pictures at the RecordBar in KC

You may recognize Katlyn as one part of the local indie pop group Cowboy Indian Bear, who last weekend played a benefit with the Noise FM, and a few days before that opened for Florence and the Machine at the Midland.  But this is Katlyn’s deal on this night.  Her strong vocals lend themselves to melodic indie tunes, so that’s what I would expect from her on this new project where she enlists the talents of Hospital Ships’ Jordan Geiger

Also on the bill is local favorites, Hidden Pictures, a poppy band from Lawrence that combines nice songwriting with, at times, a minimalistic approach combined with warbled harmonies.   

Saturday, December 17th

Drakkar Sauna at the Jackpot in Lawrence

Despite the vicious rumors floating around about a month ago, the Jackpot is not done with their live music biz.  It’s a good thing, too, because over the years they’ve got some good acts and filled their fairly small room with hipsters pretty regularly.  I mean, who could forget the Arcade Fire show there several years ago?  So it was a relief when December 1st came and went without incident, with bands still adorning the tiny window marquee. 

Drakkar Sauna brings their old-timey brand of Lawrence folk storytelling to the stage Saturday night, for what is sure to be a "local" affair.  Yep, a lot of the college kids are gone, but the locals that have been around know that the Sauna boys can bring the hootenanny when they feel so inclined. 

Oftentimes using a single mic sitting in between them, mustaches flapping in the wind, Jeff Stolz and Wallace Cochran blend their yelping with a variety of instruments including the accordion, foot tambourine, and others to create a lo-fi whiskey soaked party.
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4 Responses to Sounds Good: Katlyn Conroy@RecordBar, Drakkar Sauna@Jackpot & Beena@ Jardine’s

  1. sdf says:

    Didn’t they use that same technique at Guantanamo?
    Making the prisoners listen to jazz until they soiled themselves? Thought I heard that somewhere…

  2. Rudolph says:

    Way to try and kiss your boss’s ass with the Jardine’s spoof. Really hilarious! You and Kelly should form a comedy duo and tour Jardine’s.

  3. paulwilsonkc says:

    More Disinformation!!
    She put the family on stage and made them take turns killing each other. Again, she was not directly involved in pulling the trigger. No harm, no foul as they likely all hated each other anyway! Thats why God gives you friends, as an apology of messing up your family.
    I actually found this attempt at separation funny, in a really sick kind of way. There is no escape from the implosion, so you might as well do what I do… and use humor as your lifeline. There’s going to be life after Beena, and again, I’ve always liked her. She’s never done anything to me personally, its just going to be interesting to see how you handle this in the coming days. Cause trust me, its gonna need a back up strategy.

  4. Hearne Christopher says:

    Don’t look now, but somebody’s “red nose” is showing

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