New Jack City: It’s Time To Celebrate the TIME in Overland Park


Fellow Overland Parkers. Your pain, suffering and seemingly eternal shame is finally at an end. Your voice has been heard. You asked for it, you demanded it. You wanted to stay on time and keep up with the rest of the metroplex. And guess what?

Santa has brought the greatest gift ever—albeit a little early —to downtown O.P.

The world famous Overland Park clock tower has been transformed and is actually keeping time again. Kansas City time, no less.

Not only do the clock’s north, south and east faces now give the correct time, the renegade west-facing clock that’s been stuck forever and then had its hands removed altogether, is back ticking along—RIGHT ON TIME.

Praise be to Chronos, the mighty god of time!
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2 Responses to New Jack City: It’s Time To Celebrate the TIME in Overland Park

  1. smartman says:

    WORLD FAMOUS? Who bestowed that distinction on the OP Clock Tower. I’m guessing that as far as clock towers go on the world wide fame scale it’s not in the Top 100. If it was you’d think it would have been running like a champ all the time to entertain the tens of thousands of tourists from around the world that travelled to the OP to see it and eat at Mi Ranchito.

    Allow me some creative license. Instead of a cuckoo bird coming out to chirp on the hour it should have a wife coming out to get “gonged” doggie style by the “plumber” who happens to look like Craig Glazer.

    Please correct me if I’m wrong about the clocks status in the world of global timekeeping.

  2. Hearne Christopher says:

    I think Jack had his tongue embedded fairly firmly in his Herzoginkartoffeln inhaling cheek

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