Glazer: Nepotism, The NFl, Carl Peterson; Down & Out in Kansas City

It’s called nepotism…

You move up the ladder because a family member or good pal says so. Simple as that. Sure, some people have genuine talent, like Clint Eastwood and they slowly move up. But most Hollywood executives move up because of Uncle Bill or Aunt Jane. Same thing in the NFL.

"My son will make a great offensive coordinator." 

"Sure thing, Marty."

Hey, sometimes it works, but usually it doesn’t.

So Chiefs head guy Scott Pioli couldn’t control head coach Todd Haley. Scott wanted Todd gone last year, but Todd won, so Pioli had to wait. Scott brought  Matt ‘the franchise’ Cassel for 99 billion bucks so he gets to stay.

Yep, likely your starting quarterback for 2012 is Matt Cassel…again.

Interim Chiefs coach Romeo Crennel will likely stay on as Defensive coordinator. The new haed coach, like it or not, will be a failed-everywhere guy. A  TODD HALEY LIGHT like Josh McDaniels. He sucked at Denver and at St. Louis, but he’s tight with Pioli.

Enough said.

Liike law enforcement, the NFL is a business, nothing more. If a city will accept losing and being laughed at just to have a team – like we do – than so be it.

Our fans still believe and we still go to games. The Chiefs are THE news in this town, win or lose.

Why? Because the NFL has replaced movie stars, TV stars, Music stars and even "outlaws" as the No. 1 entertainment value in THE WORLD. Average players often make as much $7 or $8 million a year to sit on the bench. In Hollywood it’s pay for play. Only in the NFL can you fail at a high speed.

For example take Carl Peterson a failed GM here who will now get a RAISE if he goes to run the Miami Dolphins in Florida. A proven business guy but with little demonstrated ability analyzing NFL talent. My dog knew to keep Rich Gannon over Elvis Grbac in 1997. Had Carl done so….KANSAS CITY WOULD HAVE BEEN SUPER BOWL CHAMPS…for sure…but he didn’t.

Why? because Carl had all his dough riding on Elvis not Rich. So we give up a Super Bowl and Elvis was gone a year later. Then Rich was MVP for the Super Bowl bound Oakland Raiders. See how that works?

Since Hank Stram in the 60’s and very early 70’s, our football team has been a bottom feeder.

Yes, Marty Ball worked for five or so years, but no Super Bowls.

The Chiefs have had zillions of head coaches whose names we forget. Just like we will Todd Haley. Herm Edwards and Dick Vermeil  and many more. I’d name them for you but like I said, I’vfe forgotten them.  We’ve only had three general managers over that period though; Jack Steadman, Carl Peterson and now Pioli.

They all make millions, we pay the bills and we never even get close to another Super Bowl.

The fans take it up the butt again and again. What’s the solution?

Don’t go to games! Get on sports talk radio and bitch daily. Force them to care. If we yell long enough the Chiefs maybe will move to Oklahoma. Can’t win for losing, huh?

P.S. If Carl gets the $5 million a year job in Miami it will be because he’s friends with the owners. They know he knows very little about football but they don’t care. You go, Carl. I know, I know, "We have the best fans in the NFL, the best. We need to win for them," Peterson will in regards to his loyal fan base – this time in Miami.

Sound familiar?

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5 Responses to Glazer: Nepotism, The NFl, Carl Peterson; Down & Out in Kansas City

  1. chuck says:

    Cowher, Fischer, Gruden will not be here folks.
    A Coach is SECONDARY.

    Gotta get a QB, or there will be NO playoffs. Period.

    Gotta have a QB.

  2. harley says:

    bad story glaze…get back on track
    you can do better. This was nothing but a bitch session. We don’t need you to give us the same daily
    b.s. that we get from everyone else in the media.old..old same old thing.
    I am surprised that you have not written anything about my gator qb and mvp Timmy Tebow. I have never seen
    a rookie p;ayer get as much press and mention as this guy has. What he is doing is beyond anything we’ve ever
    seen in sport. He is the talk of every talk show/airport/football fan in america. He is a phenomenon. He is
    a huge star. and you know why….HE BELIEVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Fairway_scott says:

    interesting take
    Is nepotism a bad thing? Not necessarily.

    In the NFL, and football in general, it is absolutely the nature of the business. You just hope it is a home run for your team.

    For instance,
    Bill Belicheck = son of 33-year asst coach at Navy, Steve Belicheck
    Rich McKay = was GM of Bucs when they won the Super Bowl and was son of beloved coach John McKay
    Tom Dimitroff = son of longtime Canadian Football League coach — doing better than Pioli

    Then, there is the “not so much” group:
    Todd Haley = son of very successful Direct of Player Personnel for the Steelers Dick Haley
    Scott Pioli = Bill Parcells son-in-law
    Lane Kiffin = Monte Kiffin’s son
    Rob and Rex Ryan = sons of Buddy Ryan
    Wade Phillips = son of Bum Phillips — Wade is a good coordinator, bad HC
    Brian and Kurt Schottenheimer = ugh
    Clark Hunt = nothing to say. Would be nice if he knew even a little about KC

    Then again, it could be worse. They could be Andy Reid’s kids

    Carl Peterson worked for Dick Vermeil years ago. Carl then made sure that Dick got a huge payday right before retirement — nice thing to do for your former boss. Herm is in that little clique, too.

    Is it wrong? Probably not. It’s a family business, just like restaurants and night clubs, eh?

  4. Lance the Intern says:

    Glazer — it’s called nepotism only when there’s a familial relationship — otherwise it’s “cronyism”.

  5. Doormat says:

    Heard About Carl
    OMG, Peterson failed upward. So not fair, he sucks and now he gets to suck for Miami for six years for 30 million and a better tan. Give him credit, smart guy, can’t win anything.

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