Today: Game On, KC Confidential Christmas Bash 5:30 pm Today @ at Jardines

The incredible lightness of survival….

Against all odds – or so it might seem – the annual KC Confidential Christmas Wilding will indeed go down at 5:30 p.m. tonight at Jardine’s. The troops will be out in force. Me, Glazer, Jack, Katie, Matt Donnelly, Mark Edelman, Tony the Tiger, Fitz, Mermaid, Tracy, Roger the Plumber,  members the comments hit squad and many more.

Think of it as a party out-of-bounds.

Flak jackets option.

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10 Responses to Today: Game On, KC Confidential Christmas Bash 5:30 pm Today @ at Jardines

  1. robertoe says:

    guest list
    You forgot to mention me and the kcmo pd narc squad!

    Nice job filtering all comments except queen raja today!

  2. Hearne Christopher says:

    Filtering comments? Don’t think there were any transgressors today. You were included in the comments heard. Didn’t see any Rajas

  3. Mary says:

    Sounds Like Fun…….
    Of course, I’m being facetious…wouldn’t come near this with a 20 mile pole.

  4. Tracy says:

    A lovely time was had, at the Harley-free zone
    I had a lovely time, was not poisoned and my car was not vandalized. Thank you, Hearne. Even tho I will not be returning to writing for KCConfidential, you were kind enough to invite me and Ben.

    Mermaid looked rock-star awesome. Bless her heart, she buried her Mom yesterday morning. Hearne was a pallbearer–albeit oddly attired. He has not slammed Mermaid’s mother. Yet.

    Craig wore his sunglasses even tho Jardine’s is darker than a Wyandotte Country road on a moonless night. It’s a wonder he doesn’t use a seeing eye dog.

    Chuck, wearing a Ralph Lauren sweater and a ballcap that did not promote any team, was beaming as he received the first travelling trophy for Best Commenter. The trophy is an original work of art by a student at Avila–two phalluses wearing boxing gloves. Chuck won hands down for artfully and elloquaciously taking on Harley and Smartman, neither of whom bothered to show.

    Chuck’s gorgeous blonde daughter, the Visual Manager of Anthropology, scoped out the possibilities with Hearne–look for her tryout columns soon. I have no clue what her day job entails–I asked if she logs in the eyeglasses of the employees, kind of like library books. She assured me it is much more than that. She does have great style and a killer vintage jewelry collection. She would not be writing about runway shows. Good, since none of our crowd has any interest in that. We’d sooner have to check into the Harley/JoJo wing of Two Rivers Mental Facility than that.

    MIA was Orphan of the Road and the much-anticipated Dena. And Rick–where were you, buddy? Writing your TMZ column or at church?

    Hope Beena is continuing to train her all-new wait staff for the grand re-opening tonight, as it took the newbies 10 minutes every time a guest stood at the bar, just to pour a glass of wine or a Stolly. No blenders were necessary. Oh, brother.

    Table service was much better, with cheerful promptness even for glasses of water. The shredded beef sandwiches were yummy.

    I’d post photos, but then we all know Hearne refuses to use captions, so what is the point?

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, KCC readers.

    Gone but not forgotten,

  5. chuck says:

    Tracy is back!!!
    I did have a nice time. Everyone was interesting and fun.

    The award is hilarious (Although I have never had a cross word with smartman, and really wanted to meet him.) and we laughed our collective asses off.

    Had to leave early for work and I am sorry I didn’t meet everyone else.

    I did get to hang for just a second in the ethereal and lofty presence of the Mermaid, and I spoke briefly with his majesty the Glaze.

    Thanks Hearne for including us in the festivities, it was smashing.

  6. smartman says:

    Et tu Tracy?
    Congrats to Chuck. He is the hardest working commenter in Kansas City. As WC Fields said, and I paraphrase, “I would not join any club that would have me as a member.”

    My body of work stands on it’s own. If it makes people laugh, smile, think or hate me; Mission Accomplished. No awards or recognition is necessary. The pleasure is all mine. Besides, I’ve already got a trophy with two phalluses from the Glory
    Hole-alujah competition at Buddies; in the hetero division. Mr. Jones rose to the ocassion to penetrate 4 studs with 3/4″ drywall and 1/8″ tile.

    I am curious. Do the phalluses have names? And why two phalluses? Wouldn’t a fighting phallus and a fighting vagina have been more appropriate for the wide diversity of opinion expressed here? Or, please tell me that one was black and the other white. That would be art imitating life.

    I’m still waiting for the launch of What’s up with that?

  7. Poe says:

    Informative Graph
    Just wanted to share…

  8. Dena says:

    Sorry I missed it
    I wasn’t feeling well and had my son come pick me up from work. Believe me, you don’t want no part of this.
    I will be attending the Knuckleheads benefit for Alzheimer’s this weekend.
    Anyone want to join me?

  9. Johnny says:

    my sincere condolences to mermaid
    Expressing my sincere condolences to mermaid on the lose of her mother, that is very very sad.

    Mermaid, I know that no words can help at this time.

    I will only say…
    Only time heals.
    Mothers are special, more special than anyone else in our lives, and it is natural to feel
    terrible and cry… and feel lost ,esp at this time year, it is waaaaay OK to lean on your friends

    “We all need someone we can lean on……and if you want to, you can lean on me.”
    I dedicate this song to Mermaid and her Mom…

    Take time… take years… take the rest of your life to deal with this lose… it is hard, maybe the
    hardest thing you will ever deal with……. but know your feelings are natural, it is part of being human….
    and if you buried your mother then you are the best daughter you ever could be,
    because to have the other way around ……… well….. a parent should never bury a child, so God bless you.

    Mermaid, you are the best…. you are a success….. we look forward to reading your next
    column when you are ready to post it…. in the short term, vodka shots do help. peace be with you.

  10. Hearne Christopher says:

    Huh. Don’t remember inviting you

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