Glazer: Scribe Goes Undefeated in NFL Picks, Mourns This Year & Next Year’s Chiefs

First off, what a comeback by your humble scribe…

Perfect after Tim Tebow‘s comeback. Five for five so far in pros. What a year. Maybe more important with the Chiefs crushing loss to the Jets, your man is one game short of the Magic Number, 9 losses by KC to end the bet I made in September.

If you recall I flew to Las Vegas and put my money where my mouth is. I bet the Chiefs to have under 7 1/2 wins for the season. With 16 games, that means they have to lose at least 9. They are at 8 with three to go and Green Bay next week.

Bye, Bye Stink Farm.

Also Detroit won more than 6 and Cowboys are under 10, so that is up in the air. Wow, what a great, great season. Hope some of you followed in your pools or on-line bets etc…

Some people don’t understand what a tease bet is. Like whomever George is.

So here it is again.

First off all major sports books in Las Vegas take them. The bettor can add or subtract 6 points to the spread.For example if the Chiefs are a 10 1/2 point underdog to the Jets. You can take 6 points off the spread for the Jets, so now the Chiefs only get 4 1/2 points instead of 10 1/2. 

You must pick at least two games to do this with, not just one.

However, you can take the 6 off the over/under as well. So if the total points for a game is say 44, you can drop it to 38 and take the under and the favorite both with 6 off.

Get it? Good.

There are a few people who don’t understand that, but there it’s there. A very common bet.

Back to the Chiefs…

So we have a great defense? Really? I didn’t see one Sunday, did you? Four touchdowns in the first half to New York. One big run right over Derrick Johnson to start the game. Wow, a killer. Set the tone.

The Chiefs will now finish with maybe one more win over Oakland and be 6-10 and in last place. With no quarterback we have no upside. And no future for years to come.

Who will be the Chiefs coach next year? Who will be at quarterback? Who knows?

Doesn’t look good, huh? I will do live picks next year with the Mix. Our sports talk radio guys can’t take it. None of them can do what I do and they don’t want me on their shows showing them up.
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17 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Goes Undefeated in NFL Picks, Mourns This Year & Next Year’s Chiefs

  1. better pro says:

    dont throw a tantrum, just post proof
    1) stop saying “humble” you are not humble, you are far from it.

    2) The real spread on the Denver game was 3 1/2, you lost that bet.

    3) From now on please post a reference/link to where you get your spreads.

    4)Tell the logic of why you are picking game… if you have any.

    It is no wonder you are claiming such high win rates, it is easy when you make up your own spreads and habitually drop 1/2 off the spreads. Facts of the matter, local bookies DO NOT drop that 1/2 poiint and usuall they mark it up another 1/2.

    Now….. dont throw a temper tantrum, try to pick a fight after school or delete the truth…
    Just post proof of your claims, and stop being so insecure…… you are old, try acting with some maturity gramps.

  2. kcfred says:

    radio shows
    I don’t think “showing them up” is the reason you’re not asked to be on sports radio.

  3. Jorges says:

    come on man
    5 for 5? What the hell are you talking about . You made 4 bets

    Saints -3 over Tenn. Titans
    New England -2 over Washington (tease with Green Bay)
    Green Bay -4 over Oakland (tease with Pats above)
    Denver -3 over Bears
    New York Jets -4 over KC (tease with Pats)
    Pats – 2 over Redskins Yes, you can use them again as long as it’s two seperate picks…

    Why do you have to be full shit? THIS IS NOT TO MENTION
    1)The proper spread on the Denver game was 3 1/2 … YOU LOST
    2)Tennesee should have won against New Orleans…. but the QB made a mistake at
    the 5 yard line as time ran out…he didnt realzzie it..

    It juts makes you look silly to say stupid things like 5 for 5 …and to lie about spreads is heinous.

    We know how teasers work…… but you have to say the proper spread to start with.

    NEXT WEEK…… TELL US WHERE YOU GET YOU SPREADS.. or .. stop wasting out time.

  4. Jorges says:

    “”First off, what a comeback by your humble scribe…

    Perfect after Tim Tebow’s comeback. Five for five so far in pros. What a year.””



    Saints -3 over Tenn. Titans

    New England -2 over Washington (tease with Green Bay)

    Green Bay -4 over Oakland (tease with Pats above)

    Denver -3 over Bears

    New York Jets -4 over KC (tease with Pats)

    Pats – 2 over Redskins Yes, you can use them again as long as it’s two seperate picks…

    See you at Jardines…Happy Holiday””


    Once a liar…..once you tell a lie…. can you be trusted with anything?
    or is 4 just like 5…… is 3 1/2 points the same as 3??

    Dude, dont be full of shit…and dont delete the truth……
    and stop trying to get people who are telling the truth banned..

  5. Hearne Christopher says:

    I think Bet No. 5 was a push, Craig says. You sure do like using him for a punching bag though. Why not stop by and buy him a Diet Coke?

  6. Jorges says:

    Hearne, there was no 5th bet, only 4. I dont make thing up (except when I do)

    As much as he brags, he better be able to take the heat…. or exit the kitchen.

    Maybe if he did not speak so loudly……. niether would anyone else.

    Thanks for the invite, but I would not want to ruin your party.

  7. nero says:

    Bread and circuses
    Football is a child’s game.

  8. harley says:

    glaze being accused of stretching the truth…
    are you serious?
    no way…just can’t be. Never before…oh my gosh…
    good job glaze…whterh was 4 or 5…you hit it…but those were pretty obvious games and
    i doubt you put reall money on it..
    You and willard romney should get together… both high rollers.

  9. Laughing says:

    4… 5… 7… 3…. 3 1/2… all the same number… here
    Harley aka insane boy,
    What are you talikng about?… ” wether it was 4 or 5″”? Are you blind? can you read?
    SO that is now 2 posts by people giving him a pass on …4… 5… ah that the same thing, no big deal.

    UH….. as the Denver game shows, the spreads, including the 1/2 points are a precise art in Vegas.
    The difference in 1 pint… or even a 1/2 pint is the difeerence in winning or losoing. ANYONE who
    has REALLY placed bets on NFL and uses the CORRECT spreads will tell you, it is harded than it
    seems. The spreads are so accurate that it appears there may be collusion……. how much money is at stake again?

    SO when a bozo like glazer starts claiming crazy results it is worth looking at…
    and sure enough, whne you look closely he is fudging the numbers….he has
    been all season…i dont know why he feels the need to do that…… it is kind of nutty…

    ANYWAY harley, insane boy,
    4 or 5????
    It is easy if you try, open your eyes, go to the thread, read the words, try your
    best to use your brain to porcess the information…. ah never mind… you probably cant do it.

    The fact glazer repeatedly deleted the posts by someone, then mentions that seomeone by
    name, then does not even reply to questions, shows he is incorrect here. IF he was correct he
    would be all over this like stink on shit. If one is “really good” (as opposed to imaginary good)
    then one can back up the calims with facts without getting emotional.

  10. Jorges says:

    Take it from someone who does NOT lie… Betting on the NFL is a NET LOSING GAME. I repeat, it is a
    net losing game. I dont know why glazer would make these posts to
    make it seem like it is easy…… maybe he has a stake in an illegal
    bookingmaking operation or something….. other wise why would he
    be making thses posts?….why make up spreads? Why claim his fake
    high win results… when in fact his is not winning. Unless he …. ah…. why he is saying it?

    What is his objective? Why would hearne let him make thses posts? WHY?


    BOTTOM LINE- posted to help people out, not to make me look good.

    If you include the spread, and you go 8 for 8, pick 8 games correct,
    pick 8 games wrong…YOU STILL LOSE 10-20% of what you bet.
    Because when you place as bet, the bookie gets someone else to
    take the other side of that bet, the bookie has no risk. How does the
    bookie make money? The loser of the bet pays his bet amount plus 10-20%… this (juice) goes to the bookie.

    So if you bet $100.00 …16 times and win 8 times but lose 8 times ….
    You lose $80.00-$160.00… this is not to mention that local bookies
    usually add or subtract 1/2 point to a full point from the real spreads.
    When they do this, they can win both sides of the spread… both bettors lose.

    FOR INSTANCE in the Denver game on Sunday.
    THE REAL VEGAS SPREAD WAS 3 1/2 points.
    The local bookie would “local alter ” that to;
    IF you take Denver you give 3 1/2 points
    If you take the Bears you get 2 /12 points
    Ending score was Denver 13 Bears 10…. both bettors lose, both betters pays the bookie.

    If you pay attention weekly, it is unbelieveable how often the spread is EXACT,
    THE VEAGS SPREAD IS RIGHT ON THE MONEY…. but then again, of course it is, it is rigged.

    That is how it really work….dont let ANYONE tell you fanatsies about how they beat Vegas.
    Veags owns you. Vegas takes the juice/the commisons. Vegas takes no risk. Vegas can rig games,
    THAT is the truth

    TO BE FAIR, I asked glazer to to tell us beforehand where he is geting his spread info,
    and to link to it… and also to explain to us WHY… Why is he taking a side. If he does
    not do that….then it is his thread that should be delted and banned…. not good people sharing the truth.

  11. balbonis moleskine says:

    Its lame to do the teaser pics for a number of reasons, one of them being that we can’t compare your picks to other “experts” on tv and radio. That being said, we’ve all gone over that…and who isn’t going to take the Packers minus whatever in the super bowl this year?

    What I want to know is….when are you going to pick the bowl game action? I’d like to see what you think about some of these upcoming matchups.

  12. Jorges says:

    Man, how weak is glazer?

    He talks all this shit, acts like he something hot, but when he gets questioned, nothing…
    ……. not a creature was stirring not even a mouse(glazer)(same thing) fucking pussy boy.

    Go away glazer , you are all talk….

    Hearne, why would you allow this BS on your site? I am really asking.

  13. Craig Glazer says:

    Thank You All For The Praise. Cool
    Harley met Chuck at the party, very nice guy. Really, not fat in good shape really. His daughter was with him, nice young lady. Sharp and attractive. Good people. Wish more of the comment folks would have come. A good time, nice people.

    As for the bets, picks, right it was 5 not six, and I won four and tied on one, Denver. I go by the Vegas line which does change daily, hour to hour even. I use simple as that. You check it and see, ok all you genius brains. I am over 80% for the year in picks, the vig…has nothing to do with how many wins and loses. My record is online, right here go check out my picks on the past blogs…see…yeah baby….thats why I am loud about it….

    You can hate all you want but again in September the number one, no argument NFL guy in KC said …Chiefs under 7 1/2, Detroit over 6…Dallas under 10 all look correct….the fall of the “Dream Team” Eagles, Vick won’t last four games, he didn’t”…..the firing of Todd Haley this season, before it would end…happened…(remember ‘craig you can be sued for saying lies online..when they quit Woodside and I said Pioli and Todd disliked each other….all true)…Chiefs were one of the three worst teams in the NFL they are….on and on….so please haters find another way to hate…you can’t hate the Champ baby!!!! Even Harley gives me some credit….thank you.

  14. Craig Glazer says:

    P.S. Denver was -3 on Thursday the Day I picked
    One of you haters think Denver was 3 12 minus….maybe by Saturday or Sunday….pends on which line you used…local books may have had it there….mine was 3, thanks…happens…

  15. Jorges says:

    The vig is meaningless?… so says he who never really bets
    IF you cant even keep track of how many bets you made…. how can you be trusted to keep track of anything?

    here they are . your words…. count em.
    Saints -3 over Tenn. Titans
    New England -2 over Washington (tease with Green Bay)
    Green Bay -4 over Oakland (tease with Pats above)
    Denver -3 over Bears
    New York Jets -4 over KC (tease with Pats)
    Pats – 2 over Redskins Yes, you can use them again as long as it’s two seperate picks…


    As far as Denver was 3?…. NO IT WAS NOT 3 … IT OPENED AT 3 1/2 AND STAYED THERE… stop BSing.

    and fess up, you know damn well you wre lucky to win the N.O. game… you are no guru.


    I predicted (stated for a fact) ( right here on KCC) 4 games into Haley first seasson he would
    be a wash out and the Chiefs would never thrive under him…I said REAL NFL playerswould
    never respect a douchey golfer who never played football on any level and only got into football
    becasue of his daddy…and only promoted due to the peter principal….. ANY YOU GLAZER .. DISAGREED WITH THAT…. until it came true… then you jump on the bandwagon…of course….. you daddy’s boys, silver spoon douchebags are all alike. big mouths, full of shit…lie to make yourselves feel better because you pussy boys, daddy’s boys, cant handle the truth…. I laugh at you and your BS….wearing sunglasses to an indoor at night Christmas party… what a fucking douchebag

  16. Jorges says:

    OMG….AGAIN is where you get your spreads…
    OF COURSE you pick a website one must join to get the spreads.

    THERE ARE PLENTY OF FREE / NO JOIN UP / NO SIGN UP websites to get this info


    But no… pussy boy cant do that, he wont use a free, easy to see odds website..
    becasue then everyone could see the real spreads and he could not lie about them.

    WHAT A JOKE!!!!

    This week post a useable, free, NO SIGNING UP BS, link with your supposed odds,,,, or STFU.

    And if you pick 80-100% I will be first in line to say good work….. (btw that is a gauntlet I threw down)

  17. HARLEY says:

    he has done a great job on pick ythis year. He takes the obvious ones which is smart if you’re
    betting real money. I’ve not seen this done publicly before.
    The odds houses do one thing…giv e half their customers one team…give half their customers
    the other team. They have 50% oif their customers happy and paying and the other half they
    work on the phone to keep them paying.
    pretty neat way to do business.
    but glaze has done really really well.
    now pick the playoff teams and who advances (we know who wins)
    and doint forget…TEBOW

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