Matt & Katie: Matt & Kim @ The Buzz Christmas Show at The Midland 12/7/11

Having just two people in their band has served Matt & Kim pretty well thus far…

There are lots of benefits if you think about it.

First off, you only have to split the gig check with one other person. Second, less is more.  So the band’s stripped down dance punk doesn’t have to try and be complex or anything.

Which kinda takes the pressure off.

And in fact, this band seems to eschew any delusions of grandeur.  They are simply two people, one named Matt and one named Kim.  I know what you’re thinking, maybe their real names aren’t actually Matt and Kim. So their choice of moniker is actually an ironic hipster trick, ala Ben Folds Five (they only had three members, hahahahaha).

Well, you’re wrong – those are their real names.

Similarly, the duo’s music is simple, with Kim hammering the drum set and Matt synthing his skinny ass off and singing.

On Wednesday, they got bumped into the headliner slot for the final night of 96.5 the Buzz’s XXX-Mas show at the Midland after Flogging Molly canceled for personal reasons.  The Buzz did a pretty cool thing too, by making the show free for anyone to attend and refunding all the ticket money for tickets that were already sold.

KC Confidential photographer Katie Grogan seems like she might be into this sort of deal, so we dropped her off downtown with a camera, some Chuck Taylors, and enough cab money to get her halfway home. 

Hey, times are tough, even here at KCC…
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4 Responses to Matt & Katie: Matt & Kim @ The Buzz Christmas Show at The Midland 12/7/11

  1. balbonis moleskine says:

    Did Katie Grogan murder a hobo outside of the midland?
    hey, its just a question

  2. Caroline says:

    Is this a review? I can’t tell.

  3. Matt says:

    no it’s not a review
    Just a little taste with some of the sights from the show. We’re tweaking the format a bit as we go though, so in future articles of this kind you just might get a peak into the twisted mind of one Katie Grogan. Don’t say I didn’t warn you..

  4. Rick says:

    I was at the Lazer Show in lawrence
    with Voice winner and Idol finalist. Good stuff, nice place, not the crowd u would think.

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