Hearne: And Now, The Rest Of The Jardine’s Story…

It’s hard to be fair and balanced when you’ve only heard one side of the story…

Impossible, in fact. That said, there’s been no shortage of piling on in the soap opera surrounding vaunted Plaza jazz club Jardine’s going dark this past week. Especially with employees flooding the blogosphere with tales of being fired, wronged and any number of other sensational crimes against humanity.

And to a certain extent, that’s only fair.

People have every right to air their grievances and readers and television viewers have every right to draw whatever conclusions they want having heard those complaints. Unfortunately, in the absence of Jardine’s side of the story, clearly there’s been a rush to judgement based on but a single side side of the story having been told.

"There’s always more to a story than there appears to be," says Westport businessman Bill Nigro. "And nobody’s heard Beena’s side of it yet – there’s always two sides to every story. I just wish everybody luck on getting back in control of their future – everybody – both sides."

And so now, the rest of the story…

Let me start by saying that for most of the past week I’ve been pretty much as in the dark as anybody. I was able to speak at length with Jardine’s head bartender prior to my first post reporting that the club had closed. And in that conversation, many of the details that he gave me match those I got today after finally talking at length with Jardine’s owner Beena Raja.

My interest obviously – apart from the news – was and continues to be that KC Confidential had made a business deal to hold our Christmas party at Jardine’s, an event that was paid for up front. And while we can afford to take the hit, I wanted to know in advance, so we could move the party somewhere else if we had to.

While I was able to get those assurances, under the circumstances it was hardly comforting.

Now on with the story.

Without directly quoting the Jardine’s staffer or owner, here’s the way things went down.

For the past couple months, Jardine’s owner had decided to stay away from the club at night while she sorted out personal issues, away from the temptations that come with owning a nightclub. Working by day, Raja left things in the hands of the staff at night. However she began to notice certain irregularities such as larger than normal quantities of staff-ordered liquors like Jameson Irish Whiskey and Maker’s Mark Kentucky bourbon being taken into inventory then disappearing.

On the night before Thanksgiving – after Dave Stephens show earlier – Raja returned to the club at 4 a.m. with her stylist to retieve his car and discovered three members of Jardine’s serving staff locked in the club, drinking after hours. That’s 4 a.m. Thanksgiving morning, to be clear. This I also confirmed with Jardine’s bartender.

On top of that, Raja noticed that no money had been placed in the jar at the bar where employees are supposed to pay cash for their drinks.

As none of the servers were entrusted with door keys to lock up, she could only conclude that someone in management had given them the keys since they unlocked the door to let her in. Later that same day, on Thanksgiving, she quietly changed the locks without letting any of Jardine’s keyed employees know or giving them new keys.

That same day, Jardine’s manager/chef resigned as manager and asked to remain on as chef.

From that point on, Raja had trust issues.

Business continued as usual, except she started working nights again and keeping a closer watch on things and requiring the staff to leave at the end of their shift instead of allowing them to stay at the club for their customary free after work drink.

The storm clouds had begun to gather. The club continued on, business as usual through the weekend and the Karrin Allyson shows on Monday and Tuesday. Which brings us to D Day, Wednesday, November 30th.

That’s the day all heck broke out and Raja decided to call a spade a spade.

That’s also the day the former manager/chef turned in his letter of resignation. Raja then decided to close that night and have the some of the senior staff clean and organize the kitchen and bar. She cancelled the band that was to have played that night earlier that day.

The next day, Thursday, the Sons of Brasil were scheduled to play and Raja had hired a new cook to replace the now-former chef/manager. Three other Jardine’s staffers who’d been hired by the former manager came in  and were asked where their loyalties lay. Based upon their answers, two of them were fired and the third quit.

That left Raja, her new cook and a server applicant to run the show. When another Jardine’s server showed up later, he was asked to train the new server but he refused. He then informed Raja that he would not leave the premises – even though he had not been asked to – and invited her to call the police. Which she did, but before the police could arrive, he walked out the back door.

From that point on nobody else was fired at Jardine’s – just the two staffers – a cook and a bartender.

When the Sons of Brasil arrived, Raja told them what had happened, including that one of the bandmembers’s son, the server, had just stormed out. She asked them what they wanted to do and offered to stay open with Raja tending the bar. They went outside to discuss matters and decided not to play that night.

Jardine’s remained open until 11 p.m. offering customers dinner and drinks but no customers elected to stay. That was the night Raja put the closed for repairs sign up before she went home.

Raja planned to be open for Dave Stephens holiday show the next day, Friday. The sound man was at the club and ready to put the show on. But when none of the servers showed up for work, she had no choice but to cancel Stephens show.

From there things spun wildly out of control with Raja unwisely chosing not to speak with any media, including KC Confidential. Her plan was to hire a new staff, reopen and move forward the following week if possible.

Unfortunately for the club, that’s when disgruntled staffers unloaded on local television news and sites like KC Confidential and dropped the hammer on her.

The rest is history. Almost.

At this stage of the game – Raja’s reputation smeared and her side of the story nowhere to be found – she was more-or-less hung out to dry. She freely admits, the wiser course would have been to speak to the press and try to straighten things out. But it was already too late – far too late.

The latest?

Raja has hired a new staff, which are being trained and she’s going about the task of mending fences with musicians shell shocked by the uncertainty and the stories being circulated on the Internet by unnamed sources.

"I do feel bad for the musicians," Raja says. "They didn’t do anything. With luck we’ll be back on track and open for business by sometime next week."

It won’t be easy losing 10 days revenue.

But Raja says that the staffers that were fired along with those who  resigned, walked out or failed to show up for work will be paid in full including tips. As will Dave Stephens’ $1,500 fee for his band’s two shows the night before Thanksgiving. Stephens check failed to clear – not because it was cancelled – but because Jardine’s account was restricted to avoid the possibility of checks being written by the former general manager.

Raja says she has since assured Stephens that he will be reissued a new check.

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92 Responses to Hearne: And Now, The Rest Of The Jardine’s Story…

  1. bjayhawk says:

    Ya, sorry your pal had a hard time of it
    So what….this is what constitutes “news” on this blog? Infighting at a bar? Give me a break and a reason to ever come back. Hearne, you are getting old.

  2. propaganda says:

    nothing here folks; move on
    too bad hearne hasn’t followed this story with the vigilance he mustered to deliver all the lies and misinformation about a deceased weatherman. where’s the corroboration? where’s the reporting? did you talk to dave stephens? jim dennis? the former GM? the 4 A.M. “stylist”? this is a one-source, one-sided story, like all the shit on this blog. pathetic. oh, and PS: “for a long time I used to sleep with beena.”

  3. chuck says:

    Good Morning Mr. and Mrs. America from border to border,
    coast to coast and all the ships at sea! Lets go to press!

    This report does not constitute a “wrap”, but it brings we many readers (25,000 unique hits a day, Jesus, this blog has aquired some serious wheels.) closer to the truth, or, the gossip about the truth.

    Winchell is as good as anyone to quote with regard to Beena, her employees and Jardines. “Gossip, is the art of saying nothing, and yet leaving practically nothing unsaid.”

    The second side of this story, from Beena, less than exculpatory, is none the less, penitential and sad. Day to day lives have been disrupted, revenue squandered, dreams shattered, while antipathy and acrimony are this story’s lingua franca.

    The character assasination from all quarters, accompanied with opinions from those of us, who were in no way in attendenance during the time period in question only add to the general misanthropic slog that this episode has degenerated into.

    Sorry we all are, no doubt, that these events have over taken the staff and owner of a well known and respected establishment in Kansas City. To those of you, who are surprised and shocked by this story, don’t forget to leave out cookies and milk on the fireplace mantle for Santa. Now, run off to bed, we grown ups have to talk.

    Just an uneducated guess, but I am thinking there are dozens, if not dozens of dozens of business’, many if not most, bars and restaurants, who are laboring through these same problems as we speak.

    Yep, I think Winchell has it right on this one, “…leaving practically nothing unsaid.”

    I am again guessing, that all of us, at one time or another, have seen people go down hard from drugs and alcohol. I am usually lubricated enough to start the engines on the Lusitania, so no bricks outta this glass house.

    Hearne is friends with Beena now, and has a business arrangement with her on this blog.

    Fealty and fiduciary motives are, in this story, personal and relevant for him. He is standing by his friend, and working with what he has to work with.

    Here is hoping that there is a reasonable resolution coming soon for all parties concerned and as happy a holiday as can be expected, considering the circumstances.

  4. chuck says:

    BTW Hearne
    Roberto stopped in at Coaches last night and we shot the breeze.

    He was very cordial and seemed like a very nice guy.

    Knows a bunch of stuff about oil.

    He is looking forward to seeing you Monday night.

  5. Hearne Christopher says:

    That’s your best shot?

  6. Hearne Christopher says:

    You wrote a headline to describe your comment?

  7. RickyRic says:

    The REST??? of the story???
    Umm, that sounds a little, “Beena’d” to me. Let’s get this straight, she needs professional help. I was a former employee there and she is crazy. I walked out after she, drunkenly, told me to take off a vest that I had worn to work. When I asked, “Might I ask why?” She flipped out and jumped in my face saying, “You don’t ask me f-ing questions! I am the f-ing boss!” And so on. A TYPICAL Raja Rant, if you will.

    In fact, the first thing I was told about her when I got there, was to stay away from her. That she is crazy. She will fire you on the spot if you don’t answer the phone correctly, or if your paperwork is off. No warning. Just fired on the spot. That’s not good leadership when the FIRST thing you are told about your boss is to stay away because she is crazy. THAT’S THE FIRST THING I WAS TOLD BY EVERYBODY THAT WORKED THERE!!! No body likes her there. Nobody wanted to work for HER. Let’s be honest, and call a spade a spade; that place only stayed open BECAUSE of the employees. It ran In-Spite of Beena, not because of Beena.

    True, there were times that employees did drink too much after hours. But that’s not like it happened every night all night. On a holiday, well after hours. If you give an inch… So there was a managerial screw up there. Ok. But her instability makes her an awful boss. Cussing out employees, on the reg, and affecting your ENTIRE staff negatively by just a simple phone call to Jim warning him that she is coming in. Not good. That was the norm for Beena. She’s horrible.

    If you want to call a “Spade a Spade,” then let’s do that. Beena’s unstable psychological state, coupled with her affinity for a white powdery substance… (How did you put it??? “Jardine’s owner had decided to stay away from the club at night while she sorted out personal issues, away from the temptations that come with owning a nightclub.” Yeah, that’ll do for an explanation of what you meant by that…) Mixed with alcohol, that she would come into the club and take home with her, it was a recipe for failure. Why did she have to stay away? So the club could run. She can’t lead people. And she can’t run a Jazz Club. Jim told her to stay away after 2 more incidents after mine, or else he would leave and then NOBODY would stay. The staffers made that place run. That’s a spade.

    She wouldn’t talk to the media because she was in the wrong and she knows it. That’s a spade too!

    Someone needs to buy it outright and make some actual money with that place. It’s a Gold Mine.

    Beena needs to go seek clinical help for her “issues.” Once she gets her personal life in order, maybe it will help with everything else.

  8. Super Dave says:

    When in doubt tell the truth
    If one seeks the truth long enough after a period of time a truth of some sort will at last come out that is meant for all to believe.

    As I read this extended post that sings along with all the other posts about Jardine

  9. Hearne Christopher says:

    I won’t disagree that Beena has some serious issues – hey, I’ve seen it too.

    But there’s a difference between being fired and walking out.

  10. harley says:

    Why are you defending this poor excuse. Why are you even printing this garbage on your site.
    Truth is noone cares. According ot every employee the lady is crazy. They all got ripped off.
    The money thing is just to make sure your party goes off because you paid in advance for it.
    And now she’s probably told you she can’t repay the money now and you’re stuck with a party that
    few people are going to atytend in the xmas spirit.
    As the offical spokesman…as trhe first person to say that this entire episode would blow up in yourface..
    as the first person to tell you to stay away from this deal and move your fraternity party..my suggestion
    is get you money back and then get as far away from this woman as possible.
    I understand your perversion now that you’re divorced to “overseas” women and i don’t fault you for that.
    If you like the dot heads and slants thats okay with me…but the day your daugher get impregnated by a
    full blooded non eurpoean guy is the day that all changes.
    No party…the tensions are too intense and besides hearne you need to make sure theres more people
    there than just you …glaze..and roooobbbbbeeeeerrrrrttttttooooeeee (who is still looking for a date to the
    party on seniorsinglematch.com) and all of glazes little young possee memebers.
    stay away from fire.you’re betting burned and this city is ready to pour more gas on you…..stay safe..
    stay cool…and avoid drama where you csan…DIDNT YOU LEARN THAT FROM YOUR FIRST MARRIAGE?
    be like glaze…have 5 or 6 19 years olds in every part of town…save yourself the headaches.

  11. Orphan of the Road says:

    And the beat goes on
    Accusations as wild as Palko’s passing, past experiences in the life of after=hours at clubs and biblical-knowing of author and subject make this a train wreck from which no one can turn their heads.

    There are a million stories in the naked city, good percentage involve Jardine’s. Sounds as if a good example was set by management and if you managed to dodge the fire-breathing dragon lady you might get paid. Or not, bookkeeping seems to be a little lax if it doesn’t show where the money went or who was responsible for what.

    I’d like to hear both sides of this story, Monday presents the opportunity to do so first hand. If Robertoe is going to show up and chuck thinks the perimeter is safe and secure I’ll stop by before the other event at The Point.

    Remember attendees, wear a cup and protect yourself at all times.

  12. ex-Jardine's says:

    Many forgotten details…
    You’re forgetting to mention the fact that Beena stayed at Jardine’s all day Wednesday thru Thursday evening doing blow and drinking wine and was so fucked up Thursday that she fired anyone that said a word. I don’t blame Sons of Brazil for not wanting to play a show in a club where the only employee is coked out of her mind and stumbling everywhere with a rats nest of hair holding her little, ridiculous dog behind the bar. She usually forgets a lot of things that occur during these little episodes, so that makes sense that she only remembers firing two people. Actually, pretty funny if you ask me.

  13. Merle Tagladucci says:

    If your staff is in your club at 4am throwing back your own bar’s booze, they think you’re an idiot.

    Period. End of story.

  14. harley says:

    I’m not going
    wouldnt set foot in there. The drugs will be flowing. P*ssy will be popping. the girls will be
    doing it…the owner will be dogging it…the food will be spiked…drinks for glaze and
    heanre will be spiked….tensions will be high (like the beeeeeeeni)…people will be
    looking over their shoulder…..lots of people packing heat….security will be there…
    who’s gonna play music? It will be like a powder keg and a small match will set it off.
    I pity the poor people in that joint when all haell break loose. I imkaGINE OLD EMPLOYEES
    WILL BE WATCHING WHAT EVERYONE DRIVES…watch for damaged cars…
    i would love to be there in person but I’m not a picket buster and i am siding with the
    employees on this one. Its too bad…would have loved to see jessica and maureen
    but too much drama there…
    have fun hearne….hope you take one of your daughters to test every food item and
    drink to make sure it’s not POISONED> I look forward to complete twitter updates
    frpom the party…….i’ ll also be anxiosly awaiting the in depth report and an update
    of the fights at the joint…..
    its gonna be a good good nite…black eyed peas baby.

  15. Hearne Christopher says:

    Both sides of the story? Have you not been paying attention to the 8 million Naked City stories with everybody’s side but the owners?

  16. Hearne Christopher says:

    Nobody ever thought you were going in the first place. The odds of your outing yourself: zero

  17. Hearne Christopher says:

    Now, Ted…

    The Sons of Brasil wasn’t about to play after the head guy’s son just ran out the door to escape the police which he requested be called

  18. mad c. says:

    Who Cares?
    Someone else (who knows how to run a business) should open a jazz club in KC. All these acts could play there. What’s with all the wailing and gnashing of teeth? Enough with the trashy drug drama.

  19. harley says:

    hernia..I .wouldnt stand close to you…
    you’ve got too many enemies. Too many people are pisseed at you right now.
    I wouldnt want to have anything ricochet off you and catch me…no way…
    But i am glad to know that everyone is thinking of me…nice to know that i am still
    the topic of conversation.
    But really hearne…i would bring my own booze and food. Its safer that way because
    it would not surprise me if someone spiked your intake. I hope it doesnt happen bt
    you have made lots of enemies in the last 2 weeks that it might just be safe for all
    involved for you to go to sleep early on monday or bring some body uards.
    I know one thing…you’d never show at the former employees -party…and if you

  20. chuck says:

    See ya there Orphan.

  21. Tehra says:

    Get a life, people!
    Why would anyone go to this party? Or the benefit party on the 15th for the “15”. To get super hammered and cry in your booze about how Beena mistreated you personally? It’s pretty obvious that Beena mistreated EVERYBODY. So Carrie Brockman can relieve her guilt for helping Beena f*ck over all of the old ex-employees by helping the new ex-employees? The only person who really deserves any sympathy in my opinion is Pat Hanrahan, her old business partner, whom she screwed out of money to the tune of six digits. Whether or not he stood up for himself is irrelevant. She still f*cked him purposely. No one had a benefit party for him. Let me tell you something. If you had to wait more than a week to get paid by her, KNOWING HER CHARACTER, then you were an idiot to keep working for her as slave labor. And if you were one of the employees she caught drinking at 4:00 a.m., she had every right to fire you. You won’t win. Don’t you understand, people? If she doesn’t remember the details of what really happened on any of these said events because she was f*cked up, then she can’t be held accountable because they didn’t happen IN HER MIND.

    Oh, and one more thing: Robertoe, you don’t have a clue.

  22. Hearne Christopher says:


    The reason people go to Christmas parties is to hang with fun, interesting people and have a good time. As for going to the Weep Fest or Pissed Off Fest, whatever it is, they have their reasons.

    The KCC bash has nothing to do with the Civil War at Jardine’s

  23. Hearne says:

    The comments section here is not a place to ask servers to tamper with Craig’s food, slander people or use ridiculously crude language with no redeeming value or message.

    Just like most halfway legit sites, if you cross the line, your comment will be deleted.

    Sorry, but we’ve got a business to run and if you have something wildly disgusting to say – hey – start a blog. You might like it.

  24. Nadia says:

    Brilliantly done by Tehra

  25. bob says:

    come on
    Ok well when younger staff members are forced to stay so she has someone to party withis pretty sad and then tell people that’s theft come on that’s just twisted and tell me why will she only talk with you hern mabe cause you and her had your fling come on give me a break

  26. rick says:

    Really dude ok with all the comments make about this I don’t think the few posted by former employees new and or old matter with the amount of customers that have posted it doesn’t matter

  27. rick says:

    Ok think what you want forget the employees ask the regular musicians how Beena treated them

  28. "Old Employee" says:

    Love You, Tehra!
    Nobody says it like you!! Way to go, my friend!!!! And, IOU, I’d suggest you address your inquiry directly to the IRS.. I’m sure they could help you…. 😉

  29. one says:

    stepping back to survey
    The owner’s explanation or defense of her actions is more damning than having previously remained mute.

    And to publicize this turd of an explanation! Passive aggressive one may wonder, since airing this defense only makes the business owner appear self destructive, flippant, unqualified, unbalanced and now running scared. The explanation causes one to conclude she was out of her head, whether on drugs or because of mental instability, makes no difference.

    Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, drug addict or lap dog than to speak out and remove all doubt.

    This blog is not meant to replace real reporting. It’s apparently a last ditch vehicle by a troll to remain delusionally relevant. Shame on her and shame on you.

  30. Nadia says:

    Mad C has a point. someone should contact Beena and take it over.

  31. Nadia says:

    one : you should be quiet. lets not get into any drug habits therapy. its all medication like yoga. a fool you are !!! you should check it out

  32. Nadia says:

    Rick, you should have some brain to play the blues.

  33. Nadia says:

    Dumb and Dumber does not know the coca cola pictures of them

  34. Nadia says:

    Bob, word of advice. you should try it some time!

  35. one says:

    Thank you Nadia, I will make an attempt at an education. Hopefully I can live down to the current standards.

  36. Hearne Christopher says:

    I don’t blame you, man. A beloved guy like you. Good thing nobody knows who you really are. Do you ever wonder even?

  37. Hearne Christopher says:

    She didn’t get rhere until 4 a.m. You think the younger staff members where waiting and drinking for free because they were forced?

  38. flaw in your story. says:

    so she put up the “closed for repairs” sign on thursday but didn’t cancel the dave show until “no one showed up friday”??? Hm, interesting, Thursday comes before Friday Hearne! What’s her excuse for not answering ANY of Dave Stephens’ calls all day wondering what was going on? And if she only fired two people, why did she tell Dave she fired everyone? Hm. Facts never quite line up all the way when you’re trying to cover up a lie,plain and simple. This story was so obviously scrambled together. I’d love to hear the conversation you guys had on this one. I think we can probably go ahead and move onto the next question, how much longer till Beena just gives up and realizes everyone hates her and Jardine’s will never work with her involved whatsoever?

  39. Hearne Christopher says:

    Dave never called me. In fact, he has yet to return my calls.

  40. chuck says:

    Comparing Hearne’s coverage of the Jardines
    brouhaha, to the sick twisted tale of Penn Stae and Jerry Sandusky is border line fuckin insane.

    The two fired employees, thats right, 2 were fired and the rest of the folks who worked there certainly have a just cause for relief of some sort.

    But this shit is getting ridiculous.

    Christ, there is more hyperbole and bullshit drama over this story than you see on “Days of Our LIves” during sweeps week.

    “Hearne does not care about the victims.”

    Jesus Christ, no one got shot and at this point it looks like recourse is being sought and will be attained for those folks wronged.

    If ya didn’t know any better, you would think Heane Musa Hilal and riding with the Janjaweed and were gonna burn Lawrence too!!!

    This outta control, over the top, whack job criticism, diminishes your cause dramatically.

  41. paulwilsonkc says:

    Fact; Two Buyers Stand at the Ready
    Ones the musicians trust. Ones the staff would return for. Ones that would work with Beena on a sensible transition, but this really has become beating a dead horse to death. The repayment promises came with no time frame of commitment. Daves last request for payment was yesterday to no apparent avail. This all needs to stop and let POSITIVE energy go into supporting this group Monday night AND into figuring out how to return this iconic venue to its past and rightful place. That needs to be done by people with a heart for the business and staff. People who want to be affect a change in breaking down the racial and geographic lines between musicians and venues. People who see this as a TEAM effort between Jardines, The Phoenix, Mutual Musicians and any other supportive venue. It all needs to be “coopetition”, not competition. There’s room for everyone. If approached as such, EVERYONE, and I mean everyone wins. That’s 10% of MY business plan. It’s your vote that counts. Let’s get positive.

  42. Weltern says:

    Well…. yeah chuck…. was that too over dramatic?
    What about the China comparison?… did you like that one?

    I was going to throw in a Chiefs reference…. but I didnt want to go over board

  43. Hearne Christopher says:

    Read closer, she said repayment within two weeks

  44. Tehra says:

    Get a life, people!
    Hearne, I feel so honored that you replied to me, but my questions were rhetorical, of course. I’m not interested in your either your Christmas party or its sure to be pompous, vacuous and vapid attendees. (Bet you can’t wait to see Chuck and Robertoe!) As for the other party, I’m sure they do have their reasons, as we all did when Beena fired us unfairly, but the point is moot.

    I’m here for one reason only. To expose Beena for what she did to her business partner Pat Hanrahan back in 2007. As well as working at Jardine’s, I also worked for the attorney who represented her. Of course, I can’t tell the details, but I know everything about that case. Here is what I can say: Falsely accusing people of theft seems to work well for her. Unfortunately for her, Hanrahan had proof that her accusations were untrue. Had she been here, backing up her word, things would not have gone well for her. Instead, she hid out in India like a coward.

    If social networking had been as prominent then as it is now, things would probably have gone a little differently. Pat Hanrahan cared for Jardine’s immensely, and gave everything he had to keep it alive. Customers and musicians both should have given him more respect and loyalty. There were three employees who stood by his side and did not back down. Mary, myself, and Mark. We were all fired for standing up for what was right. Many said they would back him, but they all turned their backs in the end.

    Beena is like a trick candle. She’ll be back and she’ll do well and you will all follow her erratic behavior avidly, while gossiping pointlessly about it on your stupid blogs. Well, except you, Super Dave! Because you have a life.

  45. Hearne Christopher says:

    Actually, think many, if not most of your points are valid. Especially the one about a certain person leading the Facebook charge for Monday. Crockodile tears, anyone?

  46. Super Dave says:

    Ok Hearne I am lost here

    Just exactly where does it say payment in 2 weeks?

    None of the copy I have says that or is you quoting Beena saying that.

  47. Tehra says:

    Oops, I stand corrected.
    One final comment, as I have wasted far too much time on here. Pat also had many other ex-employees who stayed loyal to him. They had all already left Jardines by that time. However, they continue to stay loyal, and most have not set foot in that place since she changed the locks on him.

  48. chuck says:

    I must be quite vexing for you to post that I am “vapid and vacuous.”

    I find your comment, venal and vicious.

  49. Hearne Christopher says:

    OK Super Dave, go back and read the item where she says everyone will get paid.

    Now read it super slow this time and you’ll see the following sentence, a quote from Raja:

    “I’ll make everything right and within the next two weeks all of the employees will be paid.”

  50. one last try says:

    read it again Hearne
    Hearne, go read the story as posted on this site, not the one that is on your computer. There is no reference to being paid within 2 weeks. Really, go look.

  51. Chris says:

    Chuck, having read all your comments, I would have to say that your overuse of 50 cent words is probably the reason Thera called you those names in the first place, (the word “pompous” being the forerunner. So…your last comment just proved her point. (Snort). See you at the party!

  52. harley says:

    everyone please excuse chuck
    he is a complete drunk loser. He’s the epitome of loser…posting at 1 am…5am…a guy with no life
    posting like the loser he is.
    H’es not pompous. He 100% loser. Read his crap at tonys and kcc and see thee guy is a
    low rent loser who’s drowns his life in booze.

  53. Super Dave says:

    Hearne you are very wrong!
    Sorry dude but what you think it says and what it says are two different things.

    So don’t try and act like I am stupid and can’t read.

  54. chuck says:

    Christmas at Harley’s House.
    On the couch, watching Oprah.

    HARLEY’S WIFE: “I love this show, but it makes me feel happy and sad at the same time, I have mixed emotions.”

    HARLEY: “Girls are stupid losers. How can you have mixed emotions. I am a man. I am 40. I never have mixed emotions, I am either happy or sad. I hardly everr have mood swings and I certainly know the difference between being sad, and being happy, and you CAN’T be both at the same time!”

    HARLEY’S WIFE: “Honey, between you and your brother and your dad, you have the biggest cock.”

  55. Hearne Christopher says:

    I did. You go look

  56. chuck says:

    Your interest in my oeurve is flattering.

  57. Hearne Christopher says:
  58. Super Dave says:

    OK I see what you have done here
    In your post you said you talked at length with Beena about things and were in this post reporting on the latest that was taking place. Also I as well as others was lead from reading this to believe what you was saying here was the latest straight from Beena herself and the gospel as for what was to happen.

    When you claimed all would be paid in two weeks you wasn

  59. Nadia says:

    Jim Dennis , General Manager who was in charge of all payments to employees( tips and wages)should post on this site how much is owed to each employee and let Beena settle. I heard she settled up 436 dollars to an ex employee Jacki

  60. Benjamin Meade says:

    My Beef With Jardine’s
    All of this talk is very interesting and amusing. I could really care less if Beena should have talked to the press or not, who claims to have been intimate with her (my experience has shown me that guys that talk about who they are getting it from usually are not getting it all) or what the godforsaken issue of the day is. I am probably in the minority, but I always ignore this kind of tommy-rot and focus on serious issues, like service and food quality. The only good service I remember having at Jardine’s (over several years mind you) was by sitting at the bar. Table servers were consistently slow, reminiscent of a herd of turtles on a National Geographic documentary. When I did sit at a table (a couple of times with Hearne as I recall) my food did come, but it was usually a bit on the cool side, like dying a natural death. I always enjoyed the music, that is if you got there early enough to find a seat not occluded by a vertical beam or a woman with a bee-hive. One time I received an order of mashed potatoes which for some odd reason had red wine mixed in with the gravy. Someone must have “bumped”. Another time I asked for more bread and the server told me that I had had enough for the length of time of my stay. She cut me off. Not from booze…..but from bread which was a good thing because I had to drive home.

    I don’t know, I just think the place was and still is a great idea but the execution leaves a lot to be desired. I am not that picky either, I mean I used to frequent Ross’s Grill, Meiehoff’s, and I still hit Chubby’s if I need some help with my regularity. I wish the owner luck and will always do my best to support a local player over plastic corporate food. Enough said-

  61. Jardines says:

    Hasn’t served bread for over a year.
    That must have been a few years ago. Jardine’s hasn’t had bread for non-bruchetta purposes since at least last October (2010) when I started working there.

  62. Courtney S says:

    Ok, this was fun for awhile but…
    As this situation is very real to those of you who are directly involved, but for most the Jardine’s story is a terrific new season of The Real World: Jardine’s KC. It is an intriguing news story that has been very fun to follow since it involves all of the key elements; sex, drugs, (jazz and not rock and roll, but close enough) and of course corruption. We can’t help ourselves. Our site is blogging on it too – hell, doubling our web traffic in one short week can’t hurt business. But I hope that now we will refocus this energy that we all suddenly have on some issues that are REALLY screwing Kansas City and our frail notoriety and tradition.

    When Raglan Road got booted from the P&L District they barely got a blurb. The Power and Light District is a mindless, slobbering beast that is sucking money out of Kansas City and funneling it into Baltimore, MD for fok’s sake, we should be blogging about how there is no one driving THAT bus. I know for a fact that Liverpool and several other bands didn’t get paid from the Power and Light for MONTHS after they performed, no phone calls returned, and drunken talent agents at the helm. Cordish is the devil, make no mistake about it, they don’t give a rat’s ass about Kansas City. Let’s bash on them for awhile since they are actually taking money OUT of our city – at least Jardine’s with all of their faults are true to their home and roots in jazz.

    I have shared drinks and a table with our friend Hearne and have enjoyed great nights at Jardine’s and I would hate to see anything change over there. Yes, the staff and owner are a tad eccentric, but I have to agree with Benjamin above and say that I am going to side with an eccentric establishment with a few quirks and faults and “support a local player over plastic corporate food”. I think this entire situation is taking up WAY too much blog space when we could be out there looking for REAL corruption like the P&L District, or the fact that no matter how shitty the 18th and Vine District club owners fail the city bails them out i.e. The Red Vine, now Jukehouse, the owners are clueless fools but the city just keeps pouring money in that bottomless pit.

    As for Jardine’s, they are going to reopen and continue to prosper, despite their faults, Hearne’s drinks will not be tainted, and everyone is just going to have to get used to that and embrace one of the only venues left in Kansas City that actually supports local jazz musicians carries one small torch for Kansas City tradition, which, in case you haven’t noticed, we are VERY short on.

  63. Nadia says:

    The city we call Kansas city is after all a town. The bashing of Beena proofs it. She came from another country, a minority,worked hard and made the institution called Jardines that the city loved.The local media tried to destroy the institution. dont know why. Kathy Quinns daughter works for Beena? Dont know. There are good people like Joel Nichols that interwied her. you can watch the interview. its positive.

    TheLocal tv stations that talked, did not even know her yet potrayed to this town she was the most horrible person.Sex drugs and Jazz. Please, give her a break! Everyone that said all they said did it with her including the daughter.

    Lets now focus on America and not on Beenas drug and alcohol problems and the way she leads her team. Its the only way. Hard work. Try it out and then if you can do it, be proud. The land of oppourtunities. if you could get the hatred out of your soul and embrace people like Beena that made it happen with her habits and style, I say do it. I would like more Beenas that can make it happen and she is opening tomorrow.

    Lets work harder and make America better.

    I will go and have a drink at Jardines

  64. chuck says:

    Benjamine, Nadia and especially Courtney make some good points.

    If Beena can get some free cash from the city, ala 18th and Vine, problem solved!

    She could re name the place “TIFs”, it would be on the ground floor at the “West Edge”.

    I hear Kay Barnes can really belt out a tune.

    By the way, for all you Jardines folks, I don’t know if you remember him, but my buddy James “Ham” Strawn, who used to play at Jardines with his lovely wife Lori, had a stroke. He is recovering and in rehab over at 110th and Nall. I have seen him regularly over the last 3 weeks (Including yesterday.) and he is doing much better.

    He sends his best for the holidays to you all, including Beena.

  65. Dennis Gress says:

    I am Harley. I am bringing my dog to the party.

    Her name is Madison, and I have trained her to “roll over.”

    Bring some doggie treats and some plastic bags, she is not house broken.

    See ya there!!

  66. Benjamin says:

    YEA, let’s drop this and talk P and L
    Thanks Courtney. Let’s all support local and support Hearne if he will go after the no goods at the Power & Light district. What a travesty for our city, setting us back decades. See you all later today.

  67. chuck says:

    Heh, heh… Thats it?? You suck…
    Your so easy Harley.

    Harley won’t be coming to the party, he is hunting wolverines in Alaska with his uncle. He is using a 12 guage.


    Eat your ham Harley!!

  68. Hearne Christopher says:

    Well, if you’re following the story, have a question about people getting paid, and the headline to the story is about getting paid, you might want to read that item first, before you insist that I never wrote it.

    Hey look, we all make mistakes. Just wanted to set the record straight.

  69. Hearne Christopher says:

    Why should Jim do that?

    If there are widespread disputes, maybe. But things of this nature are pretty mundane and should be easily sorted out in short order.

  70. Hearne Christopher says:

    Hey, I haven’t even gone to Jardine’s in the last year and a half except to drop something off or make a pickup. And let’s get this straight, it’s Craig’s drinks that were supposed to be tainted not mine.

    Speaking of classy ways to represent the service industry

  71. Hollister says:

    I think Nadia is Beena.

  72. Hearne Christopher says:

    Doubt it

  73. E_flat_Boogie says:

    Uh…so where’s the party?
    I am just a lover of jazz and a resident of Kansas City,It is sad what has happend to the Jazz vibe n this city.But, what is even more sad is what is happening on this site.
    I get the fact that blogs are for rants,opinions and just plain talk.And I respect that something happened at Jardines as do all businesses. But,what I don’t see is the understanding that many people come to visit this city this time of year and they want to enjoy themselves.They seek out websites for clubs,bars,entertainment in general, to spend money and have a great time.
    With that in mind,think about what others may see and perceive. Not that I am on one side of the other because I am clueless as to what happened and have no ties to employer or employees. I just want to take my out of state friends to a great jazz club to have a good time with great service and great food.
    So,where’s the party at tonight???

  74. Hearne Christopher says:

    BTW, sound man John Story was there to do Stephens sound mix, new cook, bartender and owner. When the wait staff no showed, she put up a new sign with dates the club would be open for. The Repairs sign was already down

  75. Mike says:

    Lets play
    Hey Beena, I mean Nadia. So lets play. We should all work harder to make America better! Right. Well just a heads up. As a former under the table paid employee I have already reported all my wages to the irs and reported what you have been up too. Good luck explaining how you told me I couldn’t be on the books because you didn’t want to pay the taxes on my $$! If I were you I would cut my losses and get out of the country now… Because I know that I am not the only on to do so. Work hard to make america better, maybe you should start by following the rules and paying what you owe! Just try to worm your way out of an audit from the irs. I dare you!

  76. joe says:

    nadia = beena?
    I doubt it too… but isn’t that the name she took when she converted to Islam?

  77. Hearne Christopher says:

    Only Nadia I know is the one who left the Pitch recently. But I seriously doubt it’s her.

  78. Mary says:

    Boogie, Go To The Phoenix
    I suggest you take your friends to” The Phoenix”, 8th and Central, in the heart of downtown KC. Great jazz and good times.

  79. Mary says:

    Hey, Boogie!
    “The Majestic Steakhouse” is also a good choice as a high-end establishment with regular jazz performances and delicious dry-aged Kansas City steaks… yummy!

  80. Shelby says:

    You know what they say, If it smells like shit….
    Ok this is my understanding of the situation. Staff wants their hard earned money, boss with “personal problems” can’t be present to run her business, so she puts someone else in charge. Things aren’t being done her way, because staff isn’t being compensated for their work, they lose respect and loyalty for a boss who steaks from their hard earned income. Boss lady goes nuts and fires everyone. Then takes her sweet time to finally come up with enough excuses to kind of explain her side of the story, with out admitting any real wring doing. Beena, you still owe your staff money! Paying them back would be a big step in the direction of changing people’s opinion of you.

  81. Horn Player says:

    Enough Already
    Jardine’s is a business that has closed the doors at an awful time. Beena is quite possibly the worst sort of abusive harridan, berates staff and is a horrible witch. We get that. I’ve had to argue endlessly to get my band paid…but was always paid, and, frankly, that’s par for the game.

    It’s just an 80 seat club, with a couple amazing bartenders and a mediocre kitchen. (Although, I must admit, the hummus was pretty damn good).

    Oh, and since I was asked, in a snarky way, by “BEFORE”, “what are you doing to find work for the musicians, and servers?”. I’ve found three of the servers employment in other venues, and have booked 5 holiday gigs in alternate venues. Since I live in Tulsa now, and my band mostly tours, I think that’s pretty decent.

    What have you done, “BEFORE”?

    And again, none of this matters. Beena may be batshit crazy and drug-addled, but she’s smart, and educated. When it counts, she can pull it together, dress in a business suit, stand in court, and you’re doomed.

    You’re fighting the devil. You’ll lose — the devil is smarter.

    The sooner you get new jobs, the better. I’m an old-school musician, and this is just how life works: Club owners suck, you fight for every cent, rinse…wash…repeat….

  82. E_flat_Boogie says:

    Hey Mary….
    I hit the Phoenis last night and it was outstanding!I will be going back for sure maybe again tonight.Thanks for the hookup.
    Now I think I will also hit the Majestic.
    Thanks for the info…..you represent the city well !!

  83. Mary says:

    Thanks, Boogie!!!
    Glad to help out!!!

  84. nadia says:

    Mary, You eat all the steak andthe scraps out of bustubs, you will look as you do.

    let it go. golds gym still will let u in

  85. Nadia says:

    Like to entertain everyone.

    I am Nadia

    Nadia does not = Beena

    Beena is Beena

    Flat booble, please the piano at phoenix is not a piano. Do you listen to jazz? Beena had Karrin Allyson 3 Time grammy nominated pianist play the 2 nights before she closed for repairs. want to buy her 27,000 dollar piano. Its up for sale

  86. Mike says:

    Dont know what you are talking about regarding hiring and pay . You agreed to Beena.

    Quit being a bitch and can we make this country better?

    Make sure you pay your taxes!!!!!!!

    they will get u

  87. Piano says:

    Nadia, which piano is for sale?
    Which piano is for sale, Nadia? Karrin Allyson’s?
    Did the piano need repairs?

  88. Piano says:

    What kind of piano does Jardine’s have? I’ve heard good things about it from local artists.

  89. Nadia says:


    i could call Beena and let you see her Baldwin. heard she paid 27,000 dollars. Let me know when? the viewing can cost money

  90. Piano says:

    Costs money?
    Ouch. Why would the viewing cost money if someone were interested in purchasing the piano?

  91. Hearne Christopher says:

    Hmmm, I hadn’t heard that. Not sure if that’s true. I know all the jazz pianists talk about how bad the Phoenix piano was (and maybe still is) and how super expensive it was gonna be to repair or replace.

  92. Mary says:

    Hmmmmmm, Interesting….
    Dear “Nadia” (who does not = Beena)…. What’s gotten you so angry that you must resort to taking childish pot-shots at me? All I did was to suggest a few nice places for “Boogie” to take his friends….. I don’t see that bus tubs, Gold’s Gym, or Karrin’s piano have anything to do with this….

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