Glazer: Scribe Licks His Wounds & Bounces Back With NFL Picks

Had my first losing week last week…

I was under .500 first time this year on a week so I need to bounce back. There is no college ball this week, then there are line nine million bowl games. Joy.

The NFL is winding down. Will the Chiefs win another game and drop their draft pick even further down? Uh, maybe one more, Oakland, but I doubt it. Let’s see just how good the Chiefs defense really is this week. I say the Jets are a lock to beat KC, but might not cover. This is a real team that is not wounded and on the road. A Chiefs loss Sunday gets your humble scribe’s magic number to ONE!!!!!


Saints -3 over Tenn. Titans

New England -2 over Washington (tease with Green Bay)

Green Bay -4 over Oakland (tease with Pats above)

Denver -3 over Bears

New York Jets -4 over KC (tease with Pats)

Pats – 2 over Redskins Yes, you can use them again as long as it’s two seperate picks…

See you at Jardines…Happy Holiday
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18 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Licks His Wounds & Bounces Back With NFL Picks

  1. chuck says:

    The pick Nazi says, “No picks for you!”
    I was dead on the money last week.

    No commission, no love, no picks.


  2. chuck says:

    Here they are in case you don’t believe me.

    Baby need new shoes?

    I’m here for ya.

  3. George says:

    You are a moron glazer, you couldnt pick a winner in a one horse race.

  4. Pro Bet Man says:

    George The Moron Is U
    Teasers drop 6 points either way so those are the correct spreads you idiot. Don’t write anything else you are to stupid to live.

  5. KU Forever says:

    George Hearne Dumped You Cause You Are a DumpTruck
    Your comments are wrong and hateful. Glazer is outstanding on picks, nobody gets them all. You have no credibility at all, you are a fake name, no talent, loser George. Or whoever you might be. Hearne dumps you cause you are a fool. Readers like me laugh at your stupid comments. Really I do. I don’t really know Glazer or Hearne, but I think they would step on you like a frog.

  6. FACTS says:

    humble? insecure, child like, bragger yes…HUMBLE? NO
    If you go back and look at Galzers results and consider the real spreads,
    glazer is not even at 35% correct for the year… a coin flip will do better than that.

    Every time I see glazer post “humble” I feel like punching his nose through the back of his head.
    He is not humble, he is the worst bragging, self promoting blow hard POS ever.

  7. chuck says:

    Just a guess here,
    But drillin Glazer in the nose could get pretty dicey.

  8. Check says:

    As opposed to peanut gallerying
    How about check the spreads Chuck, let us know what you think

  9. Check says:

    And Chucky, are you telling us you are NOT sick of that fucking
    blow hard, bragging, self promoting, POS glazer using the term “humble”?

    “Dumbo scribe” is more like it.

  10. Hearne Christopher says:

    And for that, you wanna kill him? Nice!

  11. Hearne Christopher says:

    I’ll mention it to Craig. He might like it.

  12. Check says:

    LOL 🙂

  13. Pro bet says:

    Why would anyone keep deleting the correct spreads?

    If glazer is going to put on this charade he needs to refer/link to a website to back up his claims of the spread

    The spread on the greenbay game is 12, not 10…. look it up 2 is a lot… of course it looks like it wont matter, but a lie is a lie.

    He also routinely drops 1/2 points when he is close to an actual spread…. if you go back and calculate using correct spreads, glazer is at about 33.5% correct on the season, in other words he lost 6.5 games for every win… and he paid an additional 10-20 juice/commision on those loses…. so he is really at

  14. chuck says:

    Next week. 🙂

  15. better pro says:

    Well he went 3 of 4 today, which is not a failure, but it is not wizardry either.

    Just dont let him tell you he pushed (or won) the Denver game, he did not, the spread was 3 1/2. That is a loss.
    Still he went 3 of 4 with his parlor games .

  16. better pro says:

    and he was lucky to go 3/4…
    The boneheaded Tennessee QB blew it at the end of the Vs Saints game. N.O. should have lost

  17. Craig Glazer says:

    Here’s the deal on Teaser Bets
    The Spreads that I used for the teaser spreads means that you can add or subtract 6 points from the normal Vegas spread either way. So with the Jets, you can reduce the spread or add 6 points to the regular 10 1/2 point spread. But you have to bet on two games.

  18. hash back says:

    If you’re so fucking smart..
    why have you gone broke so many times…why were you in jail…and what happend to all the money?

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