Glazer: 610 Sports Nick Wright Call New KU Football Coach a “Big Prick”

The man said he had to move to Florida for family reasons…

Last season Charlie Weiss quit the Kansas City Chiefs because his daughter had special needs and his son was going to play college ball at Florida (wanting to be a coach-like dad), so he moved to take over the offensive coordinators job at Florida. They stunk.

Now Weis is being rewarded by being named head coach at KU.

Once again, I love Nick Wright. He may not love me – that’s OK – his show has a national ring to it that 810 and tired-sounding Soren Petro doesn’t have. And Nick crushed it yesterday.

"Let me just say this, Weis lied to me and the media after the season as to why he really left the Chiefs and KC…He lied." 

It gets better.

"Charlie and Todd Haley did not get along…hated each other…everyone on the team knew that – everyone. It may be Haley’s fault as well, but I have to say it…CHARLIE WEIS IS A PRICK!"

Wow, wow! Guts football Nick.

You have set up the hate game with Charlie for years to come. Or until after he goes 4 and 7 twice and is fired.

I don’t know Charlie Weis, never met him. Wright has and calls him a BIG PRICK. Good one. I love it.

I met Haley, liked him, so does Nick. I hope Todd is not fired. He has, in my mind, earned one more shot. Weis has not. He has been below .500 since 2005. He sucked at Notre Dame and as Nick pointed out, "What 18 year old knows anything about Weis? He’s yesterdays good news." 

Charlie hasn’t been relevant since he was the Offensive coordinator at New England and they won the Super Bowl almost 10 years ago. Since then, he’s kinda sucked.

Just something I noticed; Weis is 55, younger than me. But he looks 25 years older than me! Enough said.

Nick, you are on it, brother. Well done again.
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18 Responses to Glazer: 610 Sports Nick Wright Call New KU Football Coach a “Big Prick”

  1. Scott says:

    Below .500 since 2005?
    Counting the Chiefs and Florida he’s 42-36 since 2005. Pretty sure that’s over .500. He was 35-27 during his time at Notre Dame with only one losing season and appearances in both the Fiesta and Sugar Bowls. Pretty sure anyone at KU would be thrilled with that. And what the hell do you mean he’s old news? He’s been ALL OVER the national media. It’s not necessarily good publicity at this point but it’s publicity nonetheless.

  2. David says:

    Big Prick?
    yawn, EXACTLY the type of comments we have come to expect from you.

    You are a child.

  3. oldman says:

    Who the hell is Nick Wright?
    Is he that little twerp that used to be on the Chiefs report on channel five? He looks & acts like a small prick. Haley probably likes him because he can say whatever he wants & Wright eats it up. Let’s see….Haley sems to have major problems with EVERYONE that has ever been an offensive coordinator.

    If you go from the Chieks/Bills overtime game last year, then look at the improvement between the two teams since then, it’s really obvious that Chan is a better coach that Haley. Now, let’s check Haley’s offensive coordinator skills. With Weiss as the OC, the Chiefs were a solid winning team. When Weiss left & Haley took over, the Chiefs sucked. Now, this year with Haley telling Muir what to do, the Chiefs continue to suck.

    Wright says Weiss is the prick? I’m thinking he shows what he knows, which seems to be nothing

  4. xxMillerTimexx says:

    Nick better than Soren?
    I am no fan of Soren, but Nick is horrible. His ratings are not “national”, so I don’t know where you are coming from. Plus, it is not exactly a secret that Weiss is a prick. That rep has been with him for a while in the media. So Nick saying that was not a earth shattering statement, but he can say whatever he wants too. Because, no one is listening to his show anyways.

  5. bschloz says:

    How Do I get back to 435?
    LOL…shocked he is 55…looks like altacocker..thought he was mid 60’s.
    Can’t believe we went this route…I would of gone for Tressel or Jack Del Rio.
    I doubt kids in TX and OK really know who this guy is….

    You don’t mess with the Sheaon

  6. PB says:

    Tough Guy?
    Or pussy? So, Nick retaliates to a perceived slight by calling Coach Weis a name on the air, wow, that’s really cutting edge radio. I can see why you like him, Craig, that’s right up your alley with your pissing matches in this room. If Nick weren’t a private school punk, he’d have been shoved in lockers or worse by the urbanites he tries so hard to emulate.

    Look, I like Nick for the most part as he’s somewhat of a fresh alternative to KK’s tired act, but the only national ring his show has to it, is the occasional beer ad that his station may run.

  7. harley says:

    there is a god…
    i thought when mangino left all the fat boy jokes couldn’t be used again. Well i was wrong. There is a god.
    all those mangino jokes about buffets and tacos and fat men are all gonna come back bigger and better
    than ever….
    And now cap it off…please please let there be a mu/ku game every year so we can watch this
    fat pig/obese/obnoxious pos have a cardiac arrest on the field when mu beats ku again..and again..
    and again…please god…make this happen.

  8. Lance the Intern says:

    Nick Wright = Jock Sniffer. I’m surprised you’re a fan.

  9. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    KU hires Coach Front Butt!
    Let the hilarity ensue!

  10. Jayhawk Fan says:

    This is big 12 business harley, no sec opinions needed
    This is none of your concern harley, you are not a Big 12 member anymore… you need to go post on SEC boards, no one here needs or wants to hear mu’s opinion on anything anymore. it is meaningless… you are no longer a brother in the Big 12…. go away. Go find a nice SEC board. we dont care about mu anymore. bu-bye

    mu killed the rvialry…. big wigs may get some money.. but YOU lose the fun of the KU mu thing… it is over

    Love is not the oppsite of hate…. hate and love are very similar…

    Apathy is the opposite of love….and the Big 12 is now and forever apathetic about mu.
    evetually we wont even bother with post like this…. juts letting you..

  11. kcfred says:

    KU killed it, not MU
    It would be sweet of MU did one last thing before leaving.
    It would be so awesome if MU waltzed through the Big 12, took the conference championship and THEN won the tourney.
    So long suckers, see you in the Mtn West conference playing Utah or someone.
    Look at the rankings, Mizzou slips quite nicely behind Kentucky in the SEC.
    Eat it, KU

  12. Merle Tagladucci says:

    Somebody get Nick a hanky. You could write a book 10 feet thick filled with all the lies that have been vomited out of coaches’ mouths over the years. They all lie. Urban Meyer lied when he said he was retiring to spend time with his family. Nick Saban lied to the Dolphins. Roy lied when he said he wasn’t leaving KU. Mike Anderson lied to MU. Frank Martin got fired for lying when he was a high school coach. Todd Haley lies every time he says he doesn’t call plays. Belichick will stand in the rain and tell you it’s sunny. The list is endless.

    Thin-skinned media hacks like Nick get their feelings hurt far too easily. Anytime a caller calls up and disagrees with one of these know-it-all, always right local sports mouths, they interrupt, cut the caller off or talk over them so the listeners don’t hear them get taken to school.

    Is Charlie Weis a good fit at KU? Will he win games? Will he be there more than 3 years? Who knows. It’s already entertaining though, is it not? That fat bastard hasn’t coached a single game and the media is already slobbering. So what if he’s a prick. Bear Bryant was an asshole, how’d that work out? Mangino was a prick and that moose won games. Hell, Pinkel is a lush and he wins games. Coaches don’t need to be perfect. They just have to win. And even if Weis doesn’t win, it’ll at least be entertaining.

  13. Jayhawk Fan says:

    yawn fred,
    you are even less worthy to speak of the Big 12 than harley,
    you are a never was… versus a has been

    oh and boy…
    try to have some respect for the 8 times in a row Big 12 Champion, although I doubt you can grasp the concept.

  14. bschloz says:

    Big 12 Hoops
    #1 KU
    #2 KSU
    #3 Baylor
    #4 MU
    #5 TX
    Should be fun season…all of these teams will win at Home.
    KU may have T-Rob but KSU has a player in this T-Gip Wow what a stud

  15. Noneya says:

    Can’t stop laughing every time I read
    Craig commenting on how much younger he thinks he looks than his peers.

  16. bob says:

    he ought to comment
    on how much smaller his penis is compared to peers or pears.

  17. Rainbow Man says:

    Merle wins this debate.

  18. Pedagog says:

    The last time Weis was under 500
    was when he was born!

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