Sounds Good: The Noise FM, Cowboy Indian Bear, and Hawley @ Bottleneck

So I got invited to a porch warming party that’s going down this weekend.

Not a house warming mind you, a porch warming.

And I think it might be a little chilly, but no matter, I’m going to rock it. I’m going to rock it in preparation for the wilding that is the KCC Christmas Party at Jardine’s on Monday.

What in the hell is a wilding you ask? Well… I don’t really know, but it will feature Glazer, Hearne, some controversy, some (a lot of) booze, and a live band. And me and Leftridge drinking quietly in a corner.

And despite all the venom and speculation that’s been circulating around here lately, trust me, it’ll be a good time that all of you should come out and experience. Don’t believe the hype, people.

So for this weekend, I’m putting all my stock into one show that’s happening in Lawrence Saturday night. It’s a Toys for Tots benefit. It’ll feature some truly kick ass performances from a couple local bands and a couple of former local bands that now take up shop in the Windy City and are likely about to bust through to the national scene.

If you’re a hipster (and I know that most of you reading this are) it’ll be a must see.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s some good local and smaller acts playing around this weekend, but if you have to focus your energies somewhere, focus them in Lawrence at the Bottleneck this Saturday, and bring your ugly holiday best…

Saturday, December 10th


The Noise FM, Cowboy Indian Bear, and others at the Bottleneck in Lawrence


The Noise boys are back in town again for their annual Toys for Tots benefit at the Bottleneck.  Last year they moved from Lawrence to Chicago for more musical opportunities, and they’ve been doing pretty well so far.  Their music is guitar heavy, but in a dancey pop kind of way, always reminding me a little bit of Muse

Second on the bill is Cowboy Indian Bear, and if you don’t know these guys (and gal) yet, then that’s on you because they play all over all the time.  Their sound is certainly pop, with a hint of a disco beat and floaty vocals.  They just got done playing the first night of 96.5 the Buzz’s XXX-Mas with Florence and the Machine, and word is they did a nice job in front of the sold out Midland crowd. 

Also performing is Making Movies, and there will be DJs courtesy of Team Bear Club.  Oh, and also local cutester (now Chicagoan) Hawley will be performing her brand of bedroom folk that is cuter than you’ll ever be.  Seriously, Google her and you’ll be impressed and maybe fall in love. 

Bring an unopened toy to donate and they’ll knock a few bucks off the cover, which is $6. And of course, as if it’s still funny and hasn’t been beaten to death by the ironic hipster crowd already, wear an ugly Christmas sweater, OK? 

It’s for the kids.

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