Hearne: Jardine’s Owner Goes Public, Says Everyone Will Be Paid

I doubt Kansas City Jazz has seen this kinda media feeding frenzy since Prohibition bought the farm…

At this point you all probably know what I’m talking about; the sudden and unexpected housecleaning at Jardine’s jazz club just off the Plaza. Suspicious of improprieties, owner Beena Raja changed the locks two weeks ago, then let the entire staff go after Karrin Allyson‘s shows early last week. The club’s been dark since.

And to date, for the most part, mum’s been the word.

Which of course didn’t stop local television news channels from lining up nameless ex-staffers to air their beefs.

That KC Confidential was scheduled to have its Christmas Party there this coming Monday only added to the circus-like atmosphere. And to be honest, I’ve been as up in the air as anybody as to how things might or might not go down.

Meanwhile all throughout this Jazz Soap Opera, Raja has remained mostly silent. Until now.

For starters, she offers her assurances that all of the wait staff that are owed money will get paid.

And for TV dudes milking the story, Raja thinks it’s probably in the neighborhood of only $700 to $800 total.

"I’m going to make this right with everybody, the money aspect," Raja says. "All of the employees will get paid what’s owed them."

Then there’s the matter of certain bounced checks, including one for Jardine’s regular Dave Stephens

Not a problem, Raja says.

"All of the checks coming into the account have to be reissued," she explains. "I had to put a restriction on my account because I had another employee authorized to write checks and I couldn’t hold just one check. I had to put a restriction on the entire account. I’ll make everything right and within the next two weeks all of the employees will be paid."

That’s all folks! See you Monday at Jardine’s for the KC Confidential holiday wilding.

Meanwhile, cross those fingers and keep thinking those good thoughts!

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43 Responses to Hearne: Jardine’s Owner Goes Public, Says Everyone Will Be Paid

  1. A Realist says:

    More Than Skeptical
    Will believe it when it happens. Talk is cheap.

  2. Hollister says:

    It would be more credible if she made things right, THEN made an announcement.

  3. Hearne Christopher says:

    So’s 800 bucks when compared at the very least to the hassle with regulators and individuals. She’s been running this show for a long time, regardless of what happens she’s not going down over chump change

  4. Hearne Christopher says:

    That’s true, but it’s barely been a week. Most people get paid every two. How about we let her deal with her issues and we try to get thru ours? That’s my plan. See ya Monday

  5. Ed says:

    And to be honest…
    …means “I’m gonna lie to your face in the next second.”

  6. TOby says:

    Awesome. Thanks for bringing us up to speed and assuring us all the past employees’ claims are baseless! I knew that if there was one publication I could trust to give me the straight dope on Jardine’s, it would definitely be the one that has a secret advertorial deal that involves promoting their shows several times a week! Tres-cool!

  7. viceroy says:

    sheer brilliance
    This is some sound methodology. Take issue with people expecting answers too quickly and show total trust and confidence in Beena

  8. mark smith says:

    selective speculation
    What about the news spot I caught this morning on fox? They had a former employee showing pics of a scratched up ARM. What’s the story on that? Judging from the vitrial and complaints of former staff beene was a meanie. Even if you toss in the disgruntled employee factor, where there’s that much smoke, there’s usually some fire. If I have one complaint with your gonzo journalism its how you pick and choose which rumors are just rumors and which are near fact. You repeat rumor from cops, but seemingly discount numerous accusations cod her former employees. So it calls in to question your credibility when reporting on your friends. IMHO.
    Also, when are you going to get a smart phone friendly version of this site? I’ve got a 4 g phone that runs like an old IBM on modem , but only on your site. It’s taking too much time to read or comment on this site over a smart phone.

  9. D.J. Sweeney says:

    Not Going There
    Just because she pays everyone back does not negate the fact that she needs an exorcist. I will never step another foot in that club until she gets some mental help. What people don’t understand is that the performers and staff are scared to death of her taking away their place to perform and make a living. She can do and say anything to them and they all just take the abuse. I have been there and I have seen it and I too have had my share of mental abuse from her. Everyone is afraid to say what they feel/think of her because it means, “no jazz for you.” There are other places to play and jazz will always have a place in K.C. When she does open back up, she’ll be nice for a while and then she’ll start to turn on people. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. If she is a big alcoholic, like people say, I hope she goes to rehab and gets sober. Some people just shouldn’t drink. She’s like a Dr. Jekyl and Mrs Hyde, man! Totally! NAMASTE!

  10. smartman says:

    What Would Roger Naber Do?
    I dunno maybe CALL Dave Stephens and tell him you wrote him some HOT PAPER, explain the situation and get him the money he’s owed muy pronto instead of dragging your Silpada laced knuckles on the ground jonesing for BLOW. Hell, why not just pay him the CASH you took in at the door. That’s how most bands get paid. They sign a receipt, you send them or their agent a 1099, ladi-fuckin-dah!

    Beena’s clearly in need of REAL HELP and all she’s getting is lip service. With friends like that who needs enemies?

  11. 1 of the 15 says:

    Lying bitch.
    Hearne, I thought you have actually met and dated Beena? Then you should know that she’s completely full of shit. I know for a fact that the money she owes to Jim, the head chef, alone is over one thousand dollars. The point that I think many people are missing is yes, we were paid tips, but if our cash drop was less than our credit card tips (which it usually is because everyone pays for dinner with credit cards) Beena would call them negatives, have us write them on our time cards and not give them to us for weeks to months at a time. It makes me cringe to think of the amount of times I have heard her say you will get your money. We were supposed to be paid Monday, Monday she told everyone “I don’t have it, wait till Karrin is done then I will have it Weds.” Weds, she wouldn’t give anyone money just got messed up from the first thing in the morning and ordered people around to clean and reorganize things that completely didn’t make sense just so she could prove that she is tough. She is a liar and a cheat and I do not believe one single word that comes out of that crazy bitch’s mouth. Jardine’s would be perfect, WITHOUT HER. No one ever stole from Jardine’s because 1, we loved it there and 2, she made sure there was never any damn cash in the restaurant so that would’ve been impossible!! BEENA STOLE FROM JARDINE’S, musicians, employees, anyone she could. Every night when we were finished taking cover, she would roll in and collect the cover bag and no one ever knew what happened with the money. The bartenders kept a piece of paper in the register solely to keep track of all the money Beena would take to go get fucked up. She OWES us our damn tips!! DON’T YOU GET IT, WE ALL WORKED THE LAST MONTH FOR THREE DOLLARS AN HOUR!!!!!! So, Hearne fuck you and your judgmental fake bs attitude. It’s so obvious by just the way you’re writing that you know it’s total bullshit and are chuckling as you write it. I guess the only way it makes sense is that you must not have a soul either. That must be the case if you actually dated her.

  12. Hearne Christopher says:

    I didn’t say baseless, I said she says the employees will be paid off. Sounds like good news to me.

  13. Hearne Christopher says:

    Working on it

  14. Hearne Christopher says:

    No chuckling here. Just trying to get to the bottom of things and reporting on what I was told

  15. Robertoe says:

    Good. A step in the right direction is better than no step at all.

    If the sum is as small as she claims it would sure be nice to get them paid before xmas.

    Its good to see a musician DJ Sweeney posting here. She is right. Beena really does have a Jerkl & then go Hide deal going. Beena still needs to get help. I’d still sure like to see her communicate with Greg and Kathy. Maybe she already is. Hope so!

    I don’t think we’re gonna see many musicians booking gigs there. Intermittent scheduling isnt going to work. I’ve heard Burns & Mac and Julia are both gonna cancel. That mystery ‘TBA’ group is going to be busy! I’m also anxious to see what Dave Stephens says and how she treats him on that last minute Friday night cancel.

    Hearne, I wanted to see this. I’ll quit banging on you. Peace out and Happy Holidays!

  16. TipsForTips says:

    Two simple questions
    Since you are the only one she is talking to and you want to “get to the bottom of things” here are two simple questions to ask.

    1) The longer this drags on the more stories are being told. Why hasn’t she just given the people the money that is owed them?

    2) Since she recieved all the revenue from the restaurant, the cover charges, and the employees tips (since at least on musician and 15 employees have not been paid), what happened to the money?

    This is simple, give the people the money that is owed them (and it is more than $800) and make this story go away. The longer she waits the worse this seems to get for her. I am almost feeling sympathy for her because there is obviously an issue causing this behavior. It is tough to feel sympathy though when she refuses to do the right thing.

  17. Hearne Christopher says:

    Not sure who she has or hasn’t called

  18. djsweeney says:

    gig is a gig
    The musicians will still gig there. They are
    in the biz b/c they love the music and just want
    to play. She doesn’t pay well. We just play there b/c it is considered a high profile gig.

  19. anon says:

    KC Correspondance
    Hearne, I’m having trouble figuring out what your blog is all about. I assume by the title that it’s “hard hitting, local, investigative journalism”, but if that were the case, wouldn’t you be inspired to at least question the dollar amounts reportedly owed before claiming that the staff had been promised to be paid in full? If what another commenter (and 1 of the 15) said is true, then Beena has actually vowed to pay the staff less than 80% of what she owes to one single employee. You mention the relentless media coverage in the beginning of your post, so you should be aware of the numerous other employees who are available for public comment on the matter. So if your blog doesn’t persue all easily available avenues for facts surrounding this media blitzkreig, is it safe to assume that you’re just acting as a mouthpiece for a friend/romantic partner in an attempt to obfuscate the fact that she’s violating serious labor laws with no attempt to rectify the situation to the degree that the law demands? and what about the assault charges? If you’re trying to protect her, stop legitimizing her destructive actions, and suggest she get help before it’s too late.

  20. Hearne Christopher says:

    Gee thanks

  21. Hearne Christopher says:

    Look, right now I’m the only one she’s talking to. And that’s only after nearly a week.

    I’ve talked to other bar and restaurant owners and she’s not violating anything yet. That remains to be seen. When somebody says they’ll do something – on the record – that’s significant. I don’t know what your point is but I’m not the Wizard of Oz. I can only ask questions, pursue leads and report on my findings.

    I’ll leave it to anonymous types in the comments section and blurry, off-camera faces and voices to slander, sling mud and insinuate. Knock yourself out!

  22. ex-Jardiner says:

    Reply From: Hearne Christopher
    03:42:01 PM – Thu. Dec 8. 2011

    “No chuckling here. Just trying to get to the bottom of things and reporting on what I was told”

    Hearne, you dated Beena, you already KNOW the bottom of things.

    Hey there Beena!! Just wanted to say that you definitely shouldn’t worry about any undercover cops stopping in on your KCC party Monday night and finding all your guys’ stash! No really, don’t worry. That totally won’t happen.

  23. chuck says:

    To all ex Jardiners
    No diss, no kidding.

    I apologize for my stupidity. I have tried, and I can’t understand the specifics of the Credit card charges. Sorry.

    Here is a quote from “1 of the 15” —

    “The point that I think many people are missing is yes, we were paid tips, but if our cash drop was less than our credit card tips (which it usually is because everyone pays for dinner with credit cards) Beena would call them negatives, have us write them on our time cards and not give them to us for weeks to months at a time. It makes me cringe to think of the amount of times I have heard her say you will get your money.”

    Ok, thats cool, but I don’t understand the mechanics of this complaint.

    My apologies. Hold my hand thru this deal, and give me a real time example, an old man can understand.

    Did you pump all the cash into the till? Was it minus the tip or not? What is the straight line reference, to the tips and take, that were cash, to the credit card take and tips?

    Sorry. Most, or many of us folks, here, don’t understand the specific complait, the time line, or the pecuniary implications.

    The nomenclature is mysterious by way of history and application.

    Is it true, that there is only $800.00 owed to 15 employees?

    No disrespect, I lived in my car for almost a year 10 years ago, so I get the pain.

    Me personally, I am just looking for clarification and assignment.

    Thanks, and God Bless.

    Merry Christmas!

  24. chuck says:

    Just for the record-
    A friend of mine, says that Beena has been asking for help on an on going basis.

    He plays some kind on hand drums. Don’t ask me, I have never been there. He hits drums with his hands.

    He says she is overwhelmed by circumstance and is a bitch because of her constant fear. No, I do not know what she is afraid of, but my friend’s impression is, that, she is afaid of life, and very insecure.

    With all due respect, no kidding, to the former employees of Jardines, we have all been afraid of life.

    It will kill ya.

    Lemme ask ya, if Beena pays back the money, will you guys, who sound and write so elequently, forgive her?

  25. harley says:

    major story coming out about hearne…its going to get hot hot hot.
    If you thought this whole couple of weeks were wild…wait.
    Tv station interviewing people right now. Live…late breaking and
    ball busting. Pay back i guess are hell when you take on the
    top news people…..

  26. harley says:

    what I”m not gonna do…
    1. ever go to that crappy club. I will tell everyone the truth about owners and management. Watch the
    reveiws on the place…should be interesting.
    2. I’ll never ever have dinner in a restaurant or bar with hearne or glze. Their food should be shall we say
    spiked. Hopefully they have someone check their food before they eat it. It be best if the two frat boys
    eat lean cuisines at home because i’m sure no service people in kc will let the food go
    3. never walk in a dark alley with the 2 frat boys. Too dangerous. I warned them. They didn’t listen and
    now i’m sure the heat will be turned up.
    Glaze…putting yourself in the middle of this huge fight and taking the side of the bar owner who apparently
    has serious problems is not good for your business. I’m sure the
    wrath of the sservice industry and threir family and friends might have an adverse effect on your
    business. And you’ll probably be shut out of many media gigs real soon. Too bad…you were
    on a roll and doing well.

  27. BEFORE says:

    Stop whining; you’re embarrassing yourselves.
    Here’s the thing that cracks me up. I worked at Jardine’s for a very, very long time. It was a part of me, and I LOVED that place. Towards the end, I warned all of you involved with placating her and brown-nosing her (mostly out of fear), that you would get screwed by her in the end. No one listened and you all rolled your eyes and acted like I was CRAZY because I was so angry at the way she treated all of us, especially my good friend who had the misfortune to put his trust in her as a friend and a business partner. Then, out of the blue, she fired me FROM INDIA with no reason whatsoever. She had fired me several times before, in the heat of her tantrums, but always begged for me to come back and told me repeatedly that I ‘WAS Jardine’s, that she couldn’t run the place without me’. But not this time. I wonder why. Could it be that some of you told on me for bad mouthing her, when I was only trying to look out for the welfare of Jardine’s and its employees and musicians? You were fools, just like I told you. You got what you deserved. Not all of you, of course, but some of you. You know who you are. You could have stopped this. And some of you musicians are included in my derision as well. Grow a pair and start promoting yourselves. There are other places to play. Stop wh*ring yourselves out for a pimp like her!!!

  28. Mary says:

    Couldn’t say it better myself!
    Hey BEFORE, I know I must know you!! Thanks for speaking out! Right on the money!!!! My story is nearly the same, except I only got fired once. That was enough for me.

  29. BEFORE says:

    Stop embarrassing yourselves.
    Well my full name was “BEFORE ‘1 of the 15’. I was one of the (very) few who actually stood up for what was right. I just don’t get why everyone let her behave like a nazi tyrant. We could have made it right as as a team, but most of you were all too chicken$#!%. So suck it up, I say!

  30. Horn Player says:

    This Serves Nobody
    I don’t know how many of the “15” posts are authentic, but I suspect there are a few ringers. Have no idea why Glazer keeps getting mentioned in this continuing story, or some party for KCC (who fucking cares about your party?)… or why Hearne, who has only posted what he can attribute, is the object of such scorn (near as I can tell, he’s just putting it out there as it’s available to him, whether he dated Beena or not).

    That said: Beena has issues — lots of issues. I can’t walk in her shoes, because I don’t know her history, but she’s certainly troubled, and erratic. Working for her is/was hell at times, and to any of us who played there, there was nothing amusing about the disappearing cash tips, and issues. But we put up with it, because, frankly, it’s a great venue.

    Well, not all of us.

    Mark Southerland must be some kind of psychic, because months ago he cancelled all his gigs at Jardine’s. “Really weird vibe…something’s not right” was all he had to say. Should have listened to him, dammit.

    So here we are. I’ve lost a few gigs, at an important time of the year, and it sucks. IT SUCKS. And I truly want to hate Beena, because I never really liked her in the first place…. But you know what? That’s how it goes. You play a horn for a living, and you’ll get hosed by a club owner more than once in your life.

    And I’m an old timer. Beena was a waitress when I first started playing in Jardine’s, and she was charming, smart, and delightful. What a difference the years can make….

    All of that doesn’t matter, though. There are 15 people who need work. There are countless bands who need venues for their gigs. Let’s work on that, instead of continuing to kick somebody who is already down.

  31. chuck says:

    Well said,
    Mr. Horn Player.

  32. Busboy says:

    Damage is done
    Little people got hurt on this deal. Good, honest service industry folks are hurting.
    Posting unfounded accusations on a public forum about regular working people who
    are now looking for work is not correct. It is wrong. KCC made a mistake here, should back peddle now.

  33. Johnson says:

    I agree with harley, this time time only
    Harley’s above commet is correct. for once. he nailed it.

  34. Hearne Christopher says:

    Interesting point / question. Because – and I could be wrong – I think she intends to pay all monies owed. Why else would she go on the record as saying that?

  35. balbonis moleskine says:

    go to party, accidentally drop some glasses.
    hangin’ from the rafters hearne said:

    I didn’t say baseless, I said she says the employees will be paid off. Sounds like good news to me.

    Sounds like the bare minimum she is required to do under state and federal labor laws?

  36. robertoe says:

    I’ve been banished from the kingdom!
    Just one more departing post, Hearne.

    It is with a great deal of pride that I report that I am now officially IP address banned! Banished! Vanquished! ‘Rail’roaded out!

    Of course, IP addresses are pretty easy to change but I’m done here. King Christopher has spoken. Enjoy the journey without me!

    Happy Holidays and Best of Luck to all including this batshit crazy derranged website community. Its been a real hoot!

    A’dios all!

  37. paulwilsonkc says:

    “All of the employees will get paid what’s owed them.”
    15 ex employees. She thinks its $7-800 max. If you do the math, considering its more or less equal, she owes each person $53.33. Does that sound right? I wouldnt get out of bed and walk across the street for $53.33. And, do you think these 15 people would be SO invested in the issue…… if all they lost was $53.33? I hardly think so. No, I dont have “the books”, but since one is owed in excess of $1000 by his/her own account, it doesnt add up. I have a pretty good handle on what I’m owed by my company, I bet he/she does too.

    And I notice its “all the employees”. What about Dave? He’s counting on a couple thousand more than $53.33, I think.

    Hearne, if you’re taking applications for “friend” I’d like to be one. You exhibit an amazing level of loyalty. have to admit, I’ve never had a friend like that.

  38. BEFORE says:

    Really, Mr. Horn player?
    Years ago when she ditched her partner & skipped out to India…HE was the one who kept all of you in business, playing for that venue. He was there, day & night, not eating, not sleeping, working his ass off to keep that place open, while she took her money in India & didn’t do a thing to help. It was hard to watch. We could have turned it around then, when she was thousands of miles away, but almost all of you turned your backs on him. Some of the employees joined her side to oust him. She took all of his money & hard work, then accused him of stealing & changed the locks. I told the people who helped her that she would screw them too, when she was done using them, & shocker, it happened. Now you say WE should work on getting these musicians jobs. What are YOU going to do? Not a thing. Here’s my prediction: There is no bad publicity. People are like sheep. They will flock to see the sideshow, & all of you musicians will return to playing for very little money, because “it’s a prominent jazz venue”…pathetic. Shame on you.

  39. Whatever says:

    Why have a party there?
    Why would you support her the way she’s treated her employees? This place should be boycotted as long as she’s running the show.

  40. BEFORE says:

    To Whatever
    Thank you, whoever you are. Years ago, when she was screwing over her partner from another land, some of the employees made a last ditch effort in loyalty to him, to ask the musicians to boycott her until she let him come back. HE is the one who gave them jobs in that establishment while she was cavorting around in India. Many promised they would, but honestly, I can’t think of any who kept their word. If you are a musician who did, I thank you. She stayed in India so the law couldn’t touch her, until it was all over. Unbelievable betrayal by someone he used to call his best friend.

    The end.

  41. Mary says:

    I Love You, “Before”
    Everybody, I was also there in “Before’s” time. ” Before” is dead-on accurate. She screwed over a person who was a very good friend of hers and did everything to help her, including keeping her club running while she was out sowing wild oats with an old boyfriend in India. If she would screw over a friend, how do you expect she would treat anyone else? If you think this person is your “friend”, better think twice…your turn is coming….

  42. Hearne Christopher says:

    Hey, we paid for this in advance and they are delivering as promised.

  43. Hearne Christopher says:

    Loyalty? Did you read my first report?

    It’s not loyalty allowing the other side of a story to be told. The untold side. I haven’t partied at Jardine’s or hung with Beena for well over a year. As current Jardine’s employees (or now former) all know.

    I don’t even know how many new ones there are but I suspect I know less than half.

    The latest figure she gave me – it wasn’t calculated yet – was maybe a couple thousand. Dave’s band gets $1,500 for a two-show night. She bumped that in the past year or so from what he had getting, which was $500 a night.

    I honestly think she will pay everyone, like she said, in two weeks.

    Unless this thing careens out of control and she has to shut it down. Then all bets are off.

    Myself, other than having a party on the line, I don’t have a dog in this fight. I do know enough to know that the truth lies somewhere in between. Beena can be and at times was a very difficult person to be around. Key Jardine’s staff members know that I know that all too well.

    How difficult she became the last year and a half, I don’t know. Wasn’t there.

    But I wonder how many halos there were among her accusers.

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