Glazer: Uh, Make That Professor Scribe if You Don’t Mind, Son

It was an honor yesterday to be asked to speak to a History Class at California State University, Fresno…

Professor Rice contacted me last week and set up the event. It would have been nice to be there in person, but with such short notice and the long distance a speaker phone speech was the best I could manage. It worked out fine.

The professor explained that each semester his class is given a book to read and review. When they are finished he tries to get the author to speak to the class. In this case the book was THE KING OF STING and I was the author. Professor Rice explained that several well known authors had spoken to his classes over the years including Walter Cronkite.

So yes I was honored to follow Cronkite.

I asked him how he picked my book. The Henry Madden Library on campus has over one million books, and it turns out the King of Sting was one of them. He said the cover caught his eye. The professor explained he had once worked in Wichita, Kansas as a reporter for the Wichita Eagle from 1970-73. He followed the career of then Attorney General Vern Miller, my boss when I was an agent in 1974. So when he saw the back of the book, he noticed the articles from the Kansas City Star. The subject matter attracted his interest, he read the book, enjoyed it and thus it became the class project. Kinda cool.

I asked him if his class had many women, as I felt they wouldn’t have been as excited as the young men. He told me it was over half women and they loved the book. So we set up a speech and question/answer period on the King of Sting yesterday afternoon. I did it from my office at Stanford’s.

Lots of good questions:

"Did your relationship with your father cause much of this to happen?"  My abreviated answer: "Yes, of course, but its no excuse to my actions. My Dad and I had our moments but we love each other. It was harder on my younger brothers. Today, most of the past is forgiven."

Did movies and books push you in the direction of becoming an OUTLAW? "Of course. I dreamed of a life similar to John Dillinger, Jesse James, Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday. And boy, did that come true. Of course, I explained that this was not a great choice in life. Today my chances of survival would be even worse. Laws have changed and getting an outlaw like me convicted for my actions in Arizona in the 70’s would be a lot easier today. The Feds don’t need any real evidence anymore, just someone saying…..THATS HIM!

End of game.

I didn’t get deep into all the why it happened, just that people like me and my partner Don Woodbeck effectively played a modern day version of a role in part of what built America….the gunslinger or outlaw. The ingredients of which were, romance, a sense of adventure and guts – that’s all.

There was a time when our adventures would have been front-page news daily instead of once in while. Those days are gone. Today it’s about guys in the NFL and Reality TV. They laughed. Again, I stressed what I did was wrong. I was lucky to survive and many of my friends, including Woodbeck were shot and killed. Others got long prison sentences, and it took a great toll on my friends and family over the years.

For me it ended with a seven-year prison sentence, that in a way saved my life. I did a pretty rare thing, I quit.

Most outlaws never do. So if that’s a win, I got one.

We had a ton of fun. They had some more great questions, like "What’s your favorite movie and why?" I said, "Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid," of course….Then I said you do know who Robert Redford and Paul Newman are?  Silence.

It was fun, it was an honor. I hope to do more of these over the years.

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12 Responses to Glazer: Uh, Make That Professor Scribe if You Don’t Mind, Son

  1. tiad says:

    Everyday Is…
    …a new trainwreck here at KCC. I guess you just can’t make this shit up!

  2. kcfred says:

    Wait a minute…
    …did I pull up The Onion by mistake? I just spit up all over my monitor. The dumbing down of America is now complete. You are free to leave the country.

  3. Harlow says:

    Very Cool Mr. Glazer
    Congrats Craig. Sounds like you enjoyed the talk, bet the students did too. You go big guy. I loved the book too.

  4. I'ze know better -I'wz there! says:

    There’s a sucker born ……..
    So did you lie to them about being a Hollywood Producer when you repeated all the lies in your book?

  5. Jeff Spero says:

    Know Craig, He Has Done Very Well Yes He Produces Films
    This is my second comment on this site. Known Craig Glazer since we were 14 at Jr. High, then at SME and was his roomate for a year at ASU. The guy never stops achieving, never. This person who wrote “lied about being a Hollywood Producer” what a jerk and a liar this guy is. Craig has produced several films, mostly the Champions Foreve series, which like many Kansas Citians I own three of today. Just visited my son in school at Sand Diego, was in Target, they had two of Glazer’s films for sale one on Ali and one on middle weights like Ray Leonard, with a big poster. Craig’s name is all over those. If you were educated and clearly you are just a jealous fool, you could go on IMDB.COM and put in Craig’s name, lots of things come up including movies he’s produced. So how is he a liar? The man wrote at least one big book,produced several films, sold his own life story to the movies,was an executive at Universal( I visited him there at his office with Dan York), owns one of Americas most storied comedy clubs, the guys on every radio show in KC, what the fuck do you want from him?

    I think my friend has done better in the media world than almost any of us from that era. He even dated our schools and our cities only Golden Globe winner, Bergman. People are just jealous I guess. I like Craig very much. He has always helped those less fortunate than himself, yeah he was a wild guy, but still a good guy. None of us are perfecct. Craig cool that you got to speak to those young people. See you over the holdiays.

  6. Joe Cornia says:

    Nobody Quite Like The Glazer
    Let me just make a statement of fact readers: I worked Stanfords for years, I know all the Glazers. They are all unique and entertaining in their own way. I read the papers and watch the news: Fact: NOBODY IN OUR CITIES MODERN HISTORY HAS RECEIVED THE PUBLICITY THAT CRAIG GLAZER HAS ON SO MANY FRONTS. Thats a fact. Movies, books,crime,entertainment, sports, Westport, political, charities, Chiefs Red Fridays, Royals Events, the list is nearly endless. Craig Glazer is Kansas Cities top news story for like thrity years. It’s that simple. He is. Oh yeah there is George Brett and lots of political names, but they tend to be mentioned in one area only. Craig is all over the road. I enjoy the guy.

  7. Radio Man says:

    Glaze Haven’t You Learned Yet?
    Most people, in fact almost none, live a life like you do, they are unkown except to family and a few friends at most, they accomplish little outside their quiet workplace. A big thing is employee of the month or something like that. You light up the sky my friend. Books, movies, TV, Radio, it never stops. Whats also odd is your age. You are what 55 or 57 thats on the older side for a man who makes the news almost monthly about something kinda young like.

    These posters of hatered aren’t mad at you Craig. They are mad at themselves, their lives were too quiet, you make them seem unimportant and they resent you for it, thats all. Like these old farts are doiong threesomew with 20 year olds, please, come on. Craig you live a kinda young rock star life brother. Not a crime. So people will always hate you for it. Nothing you do will please them Craig. Nothing. So sit back, live your life, enjoy, write, talk and most of us get it, we like the ride brother. Remember most of us don’t somment on everything you write. I am not a sports guy so I dont care about the Chiefs much.

    Don’t let the hate get to you. It’s not real. As a life long KC guy, I admit I admire much of what you have done and do, even the bad stuff, its all kinda sexy boy. You enjoy hear me. Cool that you got to speak to the college people.

  8. Westport Lover says:

    Who Is The New Girl?
    Was that redhead yours? Who is the new ‘queen of sting?’ We want to know!

  9. Black Barbie says:

    Hire Me Johnny
    My Momma told me you fired Chocolate Becky today, um huh. Bout time. She was a ghetto bitch dumb ass. I want that job Johnny. I will be nice to you and Craig. He doesn’t want to date me anyways. I called him about a month ago and offered to come back, he said no. So I will be good and ready for your show. Please. I love you Johnny Dare.

  10. Yarmo says:

    Already Had Morgans Whore Why Not You Barbie
    I came down to meet you about a month back. You are gorgeous. Too good for the Glazer. i’d put you in a nice Johnson County Apartment and more. Interested?

  11. Jessie says:

    Yarmo You Are A Worm
    Go back into your hole asshole.

  12. Tiger Tail says:

    Any New Photos of Black Barbie Hearne?
    She was a looker Hearne. Glazer you might want to revisit that one.

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