Glazer: It’s The End Of The World As We Know It and We Feel…

Black Friday has gone from a very busy shopping day to THE SUPER BOWL OF SHOPPING DAYS…

Addto that Cyber Monday, where Americans spend close to 20 billion on stuff they mostly don’t need or will ever use. Most of the crap we buy is for gifts, largely for ourselves. Gifts for ME, YEAH THATS GREAT! After all we earned them.

The stock market is back up over 12,000. Unemployment is around 9% most of the time. And we keep hearing things are better, but are they? The fast answer is NO, they’re just different. The world has been rocked by iPhones, iPads, computers and online madness. Everyone is on Facebook and too busy screwing with it daily. Everyone surfs the net for God knows what, and if you shop, go to a movie or restaurant, it seems everyone is sitting around texting about nothing.

My theory is simple: we’re in a modern depression-recession for one reason mostly, THE INTERNET AND SOCIAL MEDIA…

It has taken our jobs away. Just like in that movie 2001 long ago, the robots are here and they’re winning.

We don’t need your kid to work for extra money at Macy’s this Xmas because we have ONLINE SALES and ONLINE DEALS. The stores have not been that busy except for BLACK FRIDAY and maybe a day ot two before Christmas. Car salesmen have felt it as well. Many people go online to buy their next car. Who really needs to lock horns with a sales guy? Moving to LA, Miami or Chicago? The dream home you desire is right there online.

There are few really big name bands in rock or anywhere else anymore.

All the big concerts are mostly older bands and singers from the 80’s and 90’s, before the robots and social media took its toll on that industry. With over 1,000 TV channels, who knows who anyone is anymore, except for Snookie?

And the reality TV Shows, boy are they well done, huh?

They’re cheap to make and fast – no acting required. Kinda like YouTube where anyone and everyone is a star…for a minute. Who needs real actors or singers, they’ve got them on Reality TV for next to nothing?

Hollywood is fighting to stay alive against the robots they helped build to kill themselves with. For example THERE ARE NO BIG NAME NEW MOVIE STARS. No new Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Ben Stiller, Adam Sandler or Eddie Murphy. Ain’t happening.

Sure, there are some new names, new baby stars, but their paydays are way lower than the superstars of the past. It’s over. Notice I didn’t mention women stars, because outside of Brad’s wife, Angelina, there are none. And she’s only a biggy in action films anymore.

It’s sad, those were the days. Before Bush, Obama and Wall Street set us back to brokesville.

But face it, it’s the computers that are the real villains.

Here’s some good news; most of us are still working and living our lives – those that read kcconfidential. But what about the kids coming out of or still in college?  The future looks to be a cube office, with computers, tech support, tech advice, tech whatever. How boring. The money isn’t as good either.

A boring, lame world lies ahead, created by that invention I’ve just spoken about.

Thank God we can text and tell each other just how much food we ate at Taco Bell. We really need that.
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11 Responses to Glazer: It’s The End Of The World As We Know It and We Feel…

  1. Thomas says:

    captain obvious to the rescue with his herp derp
    Did you have a point?… or did you just snort a big line and felt like blathering out some BS?
    Here is a tip bozo boy, no one cares about any theory an idiot like you has about anything.

    Allow me to summerize your balthering

  2. Andrew says:

    Kind of
    bouncing around alittle there. From shopping to stars. You are such a jackoff!!!!

  3. Doormat says:

    Really Thomas, I Do
    I hadn’t heard it was the social network that put us under? Where did you read that Thomas. Herp Derp, what? The only fool on here is you sir. You write hate notes on every Glazer post. We as readers are aware that you and a pal or two are all on this “hate Glaze” campaign. What have you offered us to read and wonder about? Just Glazer hating, thats all. It’s been done Thomas. We got your messege sir, move on wise one. Your messege is Craig Glazer is a loser jerk, we get it, funny he sure has done a bunch for such a dubious honor. What may I ask you have you done? Anything but spew hate mail? I thought so, not much to brag about Thomas? Please find something for us to read about YOU. Thank you sir.

  4. Dog says:

    Used To Find Glazer Hatin Funny Now Boring
    You fellas write the same crap over and over and over and over. Don’t read or comment on the guy anymore. We’d love that, you people are kinda worthless. All you do is bitch about the Glazer. Like this man said, WE GET IT. Enough. Show us something more.

  5. Harlow says:

    Yeah I’m Not The Only One Who Is Tired Of These Dorks
    Don’t know or care who you are. You have worn your welcome out with me and most readers, it seems. If you want to attack Craig, be a bit sharper with your points than, “Your mommy hates you” stuff. Are you six?

  6. chuck says:

    Yeah, I would agree.
    If your gonna bag on Glaze till your fingers bleed on the keyboard, at least come up with something original.

    Glazer did coke, Glazer does roids, Glazer is a jerk,Glazer this….Glazer that…

    You guys are fuckin queer for Glazer. Your obsessed with him.

    Its gettin creepy.

    Say something funny or get the fuck out.

  7. kcfred says:

    The Dumbing Down of America
    Is in full evidence by the tripe written here. Glazer, what’s your point? What point are you trying to make? I can’t follow this ADD riddled “story”. Here’s a tip. Start with an opening statement (it’s called a thesis), use facts to support your claim, then go back and revisit the thesis and then make your final summation. I taught this to 7th graders. I’ve read this “story” twice now and I’ve yet to make heads nor tails of it. Yeesh, he stoops lower with every post. What fun.

  8. Glen says:

    for once I agree with fred
    and as the first comment asked ….. what was the poiint of this glazer driivel.?
    Does he try to be this stupid and lame just to get us to comment how pathetic he is? is that the objective?

    Is the only way to get rid of idiot boy glazer to stop commenting?…everyone stop commenting?
    Will that do the trick?
    Treat him like his meth addict hookers treat their teeth? ignore him and he will go away??

    I would rather there be fewer articles on KCC than have this glazer filler drivel

  9. Beena says:


  10. harley says:

    Can i stop by your club and will you give me something?
    1. glaze…go by and get something something…bring jessica….might be more fun to watch than
    2. stop bagging on glaze…don’t read his stories…use some new lines…he is what he is..
    3. never was atrracted to women who worked in bars…especially owners…usually nothing but
    trouble…give my something to rrrrooobbbbbeeeeerrrrrtttttoooooo (he really needs some!)

  11. RickM says:

    Are you being ironic?
    Writing an Internet column about how the Internet is ruining everything is the height of … something.

    Bruce Springsteen recorded “57 Channels (And Nothin’ On)” in 1992 at the dawn of the World Wide Web and nearly two decades before your astute observation. But then, he’s one of those “old” guys who still manages to fill arenas.

    There are plenty of great bands out there. Some of them are even locals. You just have to work a little to find them. Whatachore!

    And personally, if given the choice, I’d rather work in a cubicle than than behind a cash register uttering the phrase “and change makes twenty” 100 times a day.

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