Today: Jardine’s Owner Vows to Open Plaza Jazz Club for KCC Xmas Bash & More

This just in…

Jardine’s owner Beena Raja says she will open the popular Plaza area jazz club on December 12th for the KC Confidential holiday wilding and remain open for specific engagements such as the upcoming Julia Othmer and Ida McBeth shows.

Raja stopped short of saying exactly why she fired the staff last week and shuttered the club after Karrin Allyson‘s shows Tuesday. Something about feeling that some staffers were taking advantage of the club. So she changed the locks and cleaned house.

The club is slated to be open on Monday, December 12th at 5:30 p.m. for the KC Confidential bash and be open on a case-by-case basis for the time being. Including for Othmer’s 7:30 p.m. show December 14, Othmer’s two shows at 7 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. December 16, the Burns & McDonnell holiday party December 20 and McBeth’s New Year’s Eve shows December 31. Check Jardine’s calendar for upcoming shows.

"I’m looking forward to 2012," Raja says. "It’s a brand new year. Beena Raja is my name but I’m no king like the name says. But I’m still the queen. Come and see my new chandeliers."

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78 Responses to Today: Jardine’s Owner Vows to Open Plaza Jazz Club for KCC Xmas Bash & More

  1. Robertoe says:

    open intermittently!
    Yeah! She’ll be open intermittently. That’ll sure work!

    How many times have we seen it? When the closed for repairs sign goes up the only repairing that gets done is out with the old and in with the new ownership.

    The KC Confidential holiday extraveganza takes on a whole new entertainment dimension!

    Hey Hearne, You’d better come up with a pre-established Plan B. Harlings Upstairs would be a good one. It sounds like Harley’s and we could throw drinks on him there with little recourse. It’d be a great spot for a holiday wilding!

  2. smartman says:

    No Repairs?
    So the whole repairs thing was a LIE? No leaky toilets or faulty wiring? No threats to place or persons?

    As Ray Davies so eloquently wrote PARANOIA WILL DESTROY YA!

    Maybe a name change is in order. How about SNORTING KC?

    The money quote of the day comes from a liquor distributor who described Beena as a female Jack Hanrahan going through menopause.

  3. Craig Glazer says:

    Maybe Her Staff Was Stealing!
    I don’t know if Beena parties or not, but if she found her staff stealing at a high level, and she did, well she has a point. Lets see what happens before we all judge her as the ‘bad guy.’She has run a nice jazz/blues club for years with some big names who seem to love her, give her some credit. I hope for all those who love Jardines she keeps it going. I think she learned some lessons on this one.

  4. harley says:

    If you thought the comments were wild last week
    wait til the employees/vendors etc. get wind of this stuff.
    Hearne…tony took you to the wood shed this morning with his comments about your
    comments. He bitch slapped you and the rest of us. I can’t wait to hear your
    Now…that the jardines real story got out…and after her former emplyees…some of
    14 years were fired…i can hardly wait for the shit to hit the fan with her comments.
    keep the faith.
    Also…i will be attending the kcc spitfest and drink throwing palooza.
    don’t be surprised when you see who i am….yeeeehaaaaaaaa…..
    I will be giving you my items i will require for the kcc pow a palooza….and bring the
    glazew…..always a good party when he’s got his possee riding bareback.
    I will not bring my girlfriend….she could probably beat the hell out of all the girls
    there (former fitness model) and i might even give her odds against the pussified
    robertoe…maybe we can arrange a date for robbbeeeerrrrrtttttooooooo….he can’t get one
    on his own….

  5. Hearne Christopher says:

    She says did add the chandeliers

  6. Hearne Christopher says:

    Don’t hold your breath!

  7. Boje says:

    Jardines on Auto Pilot
    Is this a case of an absentee owner finding out that the place wont run itself? I reluctantly make this comment because I really hope Jardines lives on. I have see so many great shows there, and nearly all of them were local musicians. What I did notice though was that I rarely saw Beena there.

  8. so sad says:

    Speaking as a former employee of Jardine’s, I have NEVER worked with a more loyal and honest staff. Everyone that worked there was very close to each other. It is the only restaurant I’ve worked at where every single member of the staff genuinely cared for each other. Everyone watched each other’s backs. We were in it together. Our strongest bond was helping each other survive through all of Beena’s OUTRAGEOUS rants. I heard that woman say some of the most insulting and hurtful things I have EVER heard anyone say to another person. Her sole managerial plan was to constantly tell the employee’s that she is the fucking boss and she doesn’t give a fuck what you think. If you tried to simply agree with her by saying you “understand” (even though she hardly ever made sense), she would say, “I don’t fucking care if you understand! You don’t have to fucking understand! I am Beena and I say, you do, I SAY, you DO! She randomly screamed at one employee insulting his parenting skills, after she so incoherently stated that she had some three unheard of children of her own that no one had ever known about. Jardine’s is a wonderful place and it is so terribly unfortunate that she is ruining something so pure and beautiful. As for the stealing, well, any performer that knew the staff knows for a fact that that is not true. Everyone that worked there pitched in so much extra time doing different advertising ideas on our own time without getting paid including making several fliers and passing them out all around town. Beena never appreciated any of this. She is incapable of appreciating anything. She is the first person I have ever met that I truly believe has no heart. She was the only one who openly fished out of the register before AND after the night to continue to maintain her “habits”. She realized a few months ago that she had a problem and only caused a volatile work environment and stayed out for awhile, but recently, things have gotten bad and she just went nuts. Simply nuts. REHAB, then take a shot at reopening.

  9. so sad says:

    Also, if anyone is ever capable of reaching Beena, (that is, if she ever wakes up from her nap from such a long binge) please let her know that her employees would really enjoy to at least be paid for the last MONTH of work. Not to mention, she doesn’t give us our credit card tips. She calls them “negatives”, has us write them on our time cards and takes months to pay them back. Poor Jim who was her whipping boy for several years is still owed a large sum of money that she refuses to pay. She tells us she’ll send a check and then disappears. Several different performers have expressed to me that their checks are being flagged at the bank because the account has written too many bad checks. The employees are not afraid to speak out because we have nothing to hide. However, ol’ Beena is in strict hiding, who is the liar here? Not 14 against 1 that’s for damn sure. She should’ve just stayed out for another month, let us rock it out for the Christmas season and we all would’ve quit after that with a slight cushion to get us through. I guess we just don’t have that option now. Also, she spent this whole year trying to hide from the truth that she physically assaulted a female employee last new years eve by repeatedly hitting her with all that ridiculous jewelry she wears with SEVERAL witnesses standing around. She prides herself on the fact that she thinks she has all these great connections that can get her out of whatever ridiculous shenanigans her lack of sobriety gets her into. You want the real story? This is it.

  10. Robertoe says:

    No wait! What ‘so sad’ is saying can’t be true. Hearne says its chandeliers! Yeah that’s it. Beena shut down for 2 weeks of the busiest Plaza neighborhood time of year and then is only gonna be open when the mood suits because of chandeliers.

    And Glaze. Let me tell ya. Beena has made these stealing allegations b4. She’s gone apeshit and fired nearly the whole staff on stealing allegations. Then dropped the whole mess in her business partners lap and bugged out to India. Then locked him out on more stealing allegations. Yeah there was stealing going on between Beena and her business partner all right. A biz partner guy got taken to the raja cleaners and ended up with nothing.

    I have seen lots of cohesiveness and a real sense of family at Jardines. I know because I was a part of it. I used to do her website. Loved the Jardines staff. Beena was a part of it too. As an employee she worked her ass off and was respected and liked. Pretty soon Beena was the only person that the Halsteads wanted to sell to. But there’s 2 different Beena’s. They are dichotomous night and day opposites. The former Beena who worked for the Halsteads and the one’so sad’ depicts. Beena’s got some vices. She needs help. Its all gonna work out for the better. Beena will bug out. I hope she gets the help she needs. Owning a jazz club is NOT good for her. The Halsteads will take back over. We’ll get the Jardines of old back. You watch.

    Meanwhile, I’d book Harlings or some place similar for next Monday. You think Burns and Mac are gonna xmas party there? no way. And who’s gonna plan on New Years Eve there? Check out her Dec calendar: Shit! Beena’s not even counting on your xmas shindig, Hearne. Its yet to be announced! Like nearly the whole month. Yeah this’ll work!

  11. bob says:

    “Is this a case of an absentee owner finding out that the place wont run itself?”

    Probably. But all the commenters that claim that she is a coke whore is fun to read.

    Ahem, Hearne used to date her.

  12. the magical fruit says:

    Good lord she’s fugly.
    Hopefully it’s not too late to revoker her H1B and send her back wherever she came from.

  13. chuck says:

    It could be, that everyone is missing the point.

    Hearne, your the best!! We’re gonna have coke !?!?!?!?!?!?

    Disgruntled employees!! Booze and people that hate each other and have never met!! CRAIG FUCKIN GLAZER!!!

    Did I mention RAILS!!!

    Outta control egos!

    Scores to settle!! Christmas music!! Grouchy bill collectors!!

    Is Puffy gonna be there??

    The “Bitchy Black and White kcconfidential Ball!!!!”

    I’m bringin Lindsey fuckin Lohan!!

  14. 1 of the 15 says:

    I love the picture Hearne picked out for the story. Really depicts the real fucked up Beena. It’s hilarious that it has taken everyone this long to know the truth. Around Jardine’s, Beena’s drug use is common knowledge. If she ever actually opens up, just swing on into that back bathroom oh every half hour or so. She’ll be getting re-upped. By ten o’clock (at the latest) she’s a complete shit show. Speaking as one of the 15 fired, it really sucks losing my job right before Christmas. We had Karrin’s shows as planned Mon and Tues, she made everyone clean and move furniture into strange places all day Wednesday such as trying to make them put a couch at the bottom of the already tiny stairs. Also, she made them put a couch in her office stating “well, I have to sleep her now”. She continued binging alone for another 36 hours then the fireworks began. Everyone that went in slowly got fired for ridiculous reasons. One 3 year employee told her he wouldn’t let leave and let her drug use run it into the ground, so she called the cops on him. She asked me if I was on the fucking team, I said yes I would like to be on the team, I just don’t want to be screamed at. (very loud volume) “I DON’T SCREAM AT MY FUCKING EMPLOYEES!!” She should be thanking me for not sharing the vicious videos I took on my cell phone of her. Karma’s a bitch.

  15. chuck says:

    Wow. Just wow.
    This is fuckin priceless.


    What a party!!!

    Are all of the ex employees gonna weigh in?

    Awesome, just fuckin awesome.

    I hope Beena is bulletproof (Metaphorically, well, I guess literally too…) and doesn’t let this get her down.

    Her motto, should be based on untrammeled id.

    Beena, get a tattoo!!! Own it!!! “UNTRAMMELLED ID”.

  16. chuck says:

    If this party is going to turn into an intervention,
    I hope everyone has the good sense to wait until the end of the night.

    (I think that is a quote from Dr. Drew, or maybe Dr. GG Allin, I can’t remember.)

  17. chuck says:

    I am goin to Coaches and warm up.
    Game face baby!!

  18. Robertoe says:

    Plan B! Plan B!
    These poor ex-Jardines staffers. Pick another venue and let’s do the KCConfidential/Jardines It-wasn’t-confidential-enough holiday extravaganza. These poor ex-Jardines folks are probably suffering from warzone Post Traumatic Stress disorder. They need our charity, sympathy and xmas party support.

    Xmas is supposed to be the season of giving. Lets throw a party for them. I’d sponsor one of them and buy their drinks. I’d love to watch some Batshit crazy Beena videos!

    Yeah Hearne did date Beena for what? a year-plus? In fact I suspect he was ‘dating her’ b4 he was officially dating her. Do you remember when he ran a Jardines article in his KCStar column about every other week? I suspect he’s withholding some juicy tidbits! Maybe on Monday if we liquor him up and pay for his cab ride home….

  19. mark smith says:

    I’m going to go way out on a limb here…..
    and say, If the location was iffy before, after the comment section gets done, you can most definetely look for another venue. And if this Beena woman is as viscious and wigged out as folks are saying, you might want to lay low Hearne. I’ve got a feeling she is gonna be none to happy once she gets passed around here in the KCC comment bukake.

    good times.

  20. ex-Jardiner says:

    Yes! Totally have a party for us! Being extremely broke and still not getting our money or tips from the last month, we’re not exactly splurging on going out these days. No one’s really planning on getting their money since all the people we know that have left in the past never have. Actually, I haven’t met one person that was let off on a zero balance. Better business bureau, HELLOOO!!!

  21. HARLEY says:

    i KNEW AFTER glaze broke the comment on employee theft shit would hit the proverbial fan. I got my popcorn…my
    smokes…my jack and coke (coca cola..not beenies stuff)…and am laughing at this entire situation.
    I thought hearne popped the big one with the murders and suicicdes…but now he’s gone and gone to the next level
    leveling incredible allegations against the 15 as they’re called.
    and now the entire city reads about jardines and the employees are spilling the beans and all hell is breaking
    I can’t wait (like chuck) for the kccholiday smack a palooza. With explosive personalities like glaze…johnny….mark…
    kc fred….the former jardine employees and their families and kids…bring in the hotties glaze has insulted over the last
    year…add that to kellys guy….all glazes exes….the women who are pissed at the site…chuck…smartman….
    the kid who was at galzes house…..add in some highly flamable alcohol like tequila…rum….robertoes odouls….
    add in some of beenies private stash…the unpaid debts to jardines employees….add in a night of festive debauchery…
    and of course add a fence around the entire joint AND A MOVIE PROJECTOR TO PLAY THE JARDINES EMPLOYEES
    VIDEO OF THEIR BOSS …. and you have RAGE IN THE CAGE 2….the biggest all out brawl/
    f fest and night of sordid sex this town has ever seen.
    I woldnt miss it for all the tea in china..BE THERE….its gonna be a good good night as black eyed peas always say!

  22. Orphan of the Road says:

    Better Business Bureau? ROFLMAO
    IF the employees were not paid their tips and wages then she is in violation of many federal laws. Perhaps she hasn’t paid taxes either? A call to the federal wages & practices board by an employee(s) who has wages or tips owed will launch an investigation. The IRS will join in too.

    IF she is truly coked out then her record keeping is going to be abysmal.

    But it could be nothing but a little remodeling during the down season for bars and restaurants.

    The only quote with a name on it is saying now is not the time to speak out, say a little prayer for those involved. EDIT the only quote not from the owner.

    This party is starting to look better than a week at Disney World when the Leather & Lace bunch book the same as Sawtooth, Alabama Baptist Church.

    Well I

  23. David Hayden says:

    Let me get this straight Mr Glazer
    So will you go on the record Mr Glazer that Beena told you that she found her “staff stealing from her at high levels?” That would be a great piece of evidence to be heard in the 15 separate unemployment hearings that I hope she faces soon. Or is it just you openly slandering a group of people you have never met in order to protect a friend?

    I don’t think she knew the pandora’s box she was opening. I have heard the stories for years, but no one was willing to go on the record because they didn’t want to jeopardize the jobs of their friends that were still there. She has taken away their reason to be silent. I have a feeling that she is going to have a number of issues to answer for.

    To the former employees writing here, I would love to hear from any of you and include your stories. You are not alone and I intend to make sure you have a voice in this situation. I would recommend that all of you file for unemployment immediately and then work to contact a lawyer collectively. If you are owed back pay, you should get it.

    To anyone considering taking one of these jobs at Jardines, please reconsider. You will be a scab of the highest degree. Taking a job from someone who was fired under these circumstances will serve as a scarlet letter on your chest for any future serving jobs. We need to stick together as a profession to not allow these things to happen. When she does it to you, there will be few serving staffs in town willing to embrace you. I assure you that the high end serving community in KC is tight and we will make sure that no one forgets that anyone who starts at Jardines after this affair is a scab and a traitor to the serving community.

  24. mermaid says:

    A good time will be had by all except you if you even have the kahunas to show. You are nothing but a nobody blogger who sits around and repeats everything anyone has said and you act like you are so cool like you know all of us. You don’t know anything except the art of taking someone’s words and turning them around like you are somehow involved or know something about the person. You are a scam and I have decided you are a complete idiot to boot. You might show but I guarantee it will be in a car 50 ft from anywhere we are. Have a good time spying on us you frickin LOSER!

  25. chuck says:

    @Jack Henry
    I fuckin hate this shirt, can I bring it back?

  26. bschloz says:

    Lets Party
    BYOPS Bring Your Own Pepper Spray.

    Harley, funny stuff— Hearne should listen to you and make this a JCC…bring that party out to the Activities center @ Lifetime Fitness , heard First Family might be doing a few Holiday Parties on a limited basis. You know you don’t have to be in Missouri to get Pinkeled.

    Chuck , have you been to the new Coaches in OP…nice Sports Bar.

  27. chuck says:

    No bschloz, sorry.
    It is dangerous in Kansas. 🙂

  28. chuck says:

    @Mark Spalding
    No diss, but what the fuck has Glazer got to do with Jardines closing??


    Seriously, some times I think I am gonna read that Glaze took down the economy in 2008 on this blog.

    I gotta go now, I am meeting with Larry Sells. He says if ya freeze frame number 38 on the Zapruder film, Glaze is on the grassy knoll behind E Howard Hunt.

  29. harley says:

    bshloz….its gonna be a great time
    last night on the phone talking with a friend who said jardines had closed. He loved jazz and had been a musician
    for years. He somtimes plays at sullivans. He wasn’t surprised to hear all the scuttlbut about jardines and said
    he had heard that for years. He played the phoenix and said that place was first class.
    He went on and on about the place and the info he had gotten from other musicians who played there.
    I never really had much to do with the place…from the reviews on the internet the staff
    treated customers bad. I read the google reviews and was surprised to see what was going on.
    will have to wait for tony to break the news on the place.

  30. Jack Hanrahan says:

    Smartman at the KCC Party?
    Hey Smartman, after you get off your shift at 7-11, stop by the KCC Party.. love to say “Hello” to you…
    I’ll buy you your favorite beverage…it’s called a shot of courage. Nah, you’ll be a no show!! Very Best to you over the holidays…. Jack

  31. chuck says:

    “Snorting Kansas City”
    I just saw that.

    LMAO. 🙂

  32. Robertoe says:

    New Raja Queen picture!
    You know who else is still catering to the Queen? Hearne. First he writes this fluff piece and seems to believe Jardines is gonna reopen. There’s no skepticism imbued. He goes merrily along with her cockamamie ‘we’ll be open intermittently’ scheme. He seems to think a KCC xmas party is viable there. Retorts it was closed for new chandeliers. Notice he changed the less-then-flattering lead pic of the Raja queen. She must have requested this. He complied! But don’t malign Lonnie in all this. He’s a class act that would not want to be associated with this deranged mismanagement National Enquirer sinking ship soap opera!

    In fact over the years there’s probably been no one who has bestowed so much misplaced exposure, praise and support to the venomous ‘hired help are here to bow down and worship the Raja Queen’ style of management. This was not only unfortunate for the former business partner and staff, it was unfortunate for Beena. She needed and still needs help. Of all people, Hearne has known she has needed help for a long time. Hearne the enabler.

    Raja Queen (screaming): “Change that picture Hearne and tell everyone I’m still the Queen and I’m going to reopen.”
    Hearne: “Yes. darling! Anything you say darling. Just don’t yell at me. I’ll put a pic of you and Lonnie up. .Maybe folks will somehow associate you with his stellar character. Yeah that’ll work. And tell me what other rosy stuff do you want me to write about you again. I’ll jump through any of your royal raja hoops, darling”

    Stay tuned, Including former staff. Remember what I predicted. “Closed for repairs” =Out with the Raja Queen, in with the new (older) ownership- who still holds the hammer and knows how to recify. Story at 10PM.

  33. Bdogg says:

    I’ve never been…
    Never been to Jardine’s but from everything I have read and heard I don’t know why anyone would want to support this crazy woman. I work in the restaurant industry and find it despicable that she treats her staff this way.
    Is this the way you treat your staff Glazer?

  34. joe says:

    down hill
    This place has gone straight to hell after Pat left. First it was run by the suicide girls then the wacko coke whore came back. Somebody find him. Bring him back.

  35. joe says:

    Just looked at her updated events calendar… who’s TBA. Is this a new Stan Kessler group?

  36. chuck says:

    “I hope Beena chokes on her own vomit in a ditch.”

    HEARNE: “Will you guys take Barabas?!?!????”


    HEARNE: “Goddamn! How ’bout Aileen Wuornos!”



    Just wow…

  37. chuck says:

    Glaze just can’t get a break.
    I’ve never been…
    Bdogg 09:58:03 AM – Tue. Dec 6. 2011

    Never been to Jardine’s but from everything I have read and heard I don’t know why anyone would want to support this crazy woman. I work in the restaurant industry and find it despicable that she treats her staff this way.
    Is this the way you treat your staff Glazer?


    If Glaze woulda been on the Hindenburg, the guy would have screamed, “OH THE LACK OF HUMANITY!!!”

  38. objective observer says:

    bat-shit crazy
    apparently the death of this club is one suicide hearne just can’t write about

  39. wow says:

    I’ll just say this:
    Which seems more likely? That the entire 15-person staff was stealing, or that one person has a drug and alcohol problem?

  40. harley says:

    I would not feel comfortable supporting a business like this. I have employed many people and would have never
    done this to another person under any circumstances.
    I will not be there. It’s become a joke. I will take my patronage and my money and spend it with upstanding/honorable/
    humane and loving business owners in this town. There are plenty of places to hold your party.
    Count me out. Don’t want any part of the situation that I’ve read about. Maybe consider gran falloon
    or odowds…both locally owned and honorable places of business.
    Merry Christmas! Hope others on this site willagree with me and not show up.
    Hearne will have fun with his frat boy toys!

  41. Caroline says:

    You’re absolutely crazy if you think any of us would step foot in that madhouse. Instead, I’ll be attending the benefit that’s being discussed for the wrongfully terminated employees.

  42. harley says:

    great idea caroline…
    that sound much better to me,. I won’t step foot in that p.o.s….I don’t like the story..don’t like what it has done to
    innocent people during the holidays…
    please post an address where i can send a “tip” to the former employees. I would love to help them out this holiday.
    Hopefully they can all find other work in kc. I know there are several large bar/restaurant operations opeing
    up out south….i ‘m sure they were exclent people and will have no problem finding work.
    God bless you all.

  43. ex-Jardiner says:

    wow! no one could have said it better than that Merle Tagladucci!!!! That is so incredibly accurate that I’m afraid you must be hiding outside of Beena’s window right now! Don’t let her discover you, apparently she told the cops she has lots of knives…

  44. mermaid says:

    As much as I can’t stand Harley he is making some good points about this party. How fun is this going to be- probably no liquor – no wait staff – no music- I am just not seeing this. Are we doing this party there so we can witness the train wreck at the cost of us having a good time? I think we should move it. JJ’s could use the business right now with the street closed down. So many other places where it could be nice and not awkward and depressing. PLEASE think this one through Hearne. I know she’s having some rough times but I think we all know where any money is going to go from this party- it just doesn’t seem right. Personally I would like to drink something besides Bacardi or Barton’s vodka leftovers.

  45. Mary says:

    As a former Jardine’s employee from 1995 to 2008, I can vouch for the accuracy of the situations being described. She fired me over the phone from India because she knew I sympathized with her business partner that she ran through the ringer. She said it was because “I wasn’t working out” (after 13 years?) and that I “had a drinking problem”. Yeah, right, whatever, Beena. It is so nice to finally see Karma at work. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. It’s about time for her to own up for her actions.

  46. Helping Out says:

    Help the Jardine’s 15 Have a Good Christmas
    After reading all the responses I gathered that some of you would like to help the former staff. Here is a way to help them individually it is a facebook page that will let you send them money individually. It is a gift, not a donation, it is not tax deductible. It is done by using pay pal.

  47. Hearne Christopher says:

    Dream on. Like Roger Naber at the Grand Emporium and Greg Halstead at Jardine’s before Beena, I covered the movers and shakers of KC. Your every other week though is a joke. As would be every other month.

    When she was in the news, she was in the news.

    You think she liked me covering her divorce trial in which she lost miserably?

    C’mon man, thinking cap

  48. Hearne Christopher says:

    Know what, my friend Robertoe? I’m thinking you have too much time on your hands. It’s making you light-headed.

    You think Beena enjoyed my breaking that she was closed with all the negative quotes from bands who found out the hard way the club was closed? I guess that’s why all I could (barely) get was a very brief text after two days of no returned calls.

    You’re the one who is in overdrive. Dab that foam off your chin and let’s move forward. You’re the one here with the giant hard on. To me it’s news. Although I’ll admit doing plenty of nail biting about Monday’s party.

  49. Hearne Christopher says:

    She’s assured me there will be food, beverages, a staff and a band.

    I’m going over things tomo to finalize (knock on wood) the details, so stay tuned.

  50. Hearne Christopher says:

    Reducing this to an either / or proposition in not exactly enlightening

  51. Hearne Christopher says:

    Ya think? I’ve already done so twice, dude

  52. Caroline says:

    If any of you are interested in giving a gift to the employees, a Facebook Group called “Help the Jardine’s 15 Have a Merry Christmas” has been set up. You can contribute directly to specific employees using Paypal. Think of it as a tip without having to give any business to that crazy Ms. Raja.

    I don’t know any of the servers personally or by name, but I’m sure they’re all deserving of your funds.

  53. harley says:

    i’m not coming…hopefully we boycott the party
    i won’t come if its at the place you mentioned. It may just be hearne…mermaid and glaze trying to figure
    out what happened…i spend my money with good business people only.
    and as far as a band..based on the past lineup…should be a great band if you’re old and gray.
    move it to jjs…the guys good…great employees and will have enough space to handle glaze
    and his bevy of bodacious beauties.
    glaze…please bring jessica….and bring your cleaning lady for robertoe….he needs date for
    new years…

  54. laid back loon says:

    picking up waiter shifts and performance space
    call Ken @ Californos about shifts, 531-7878, Call Aaron @ Californos 531-1097 or email him. about performance dates thanks Terry

  55. harley says:

    move to californos
    good people…excellent reputation and they take care of people….
    if hearne won’t move the party…we’ll have our ownl….details to follow
    merry christmass

  56. Dr. Phil says:

    Lonely Harley
    Replying to every post like you’re one of the gang.

  57. On behalf of the 15 says:

    Tune in to Fox 4’s nightly news at 5 or 6 Tonight! Beena’s emotional, verbal and especially PHYSICAL abuse will be brought to public attention. Again, we urge you not to support this establishment as long as Beena is involved.

  58. harley says:

    wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow
    hopefully people with problems get help. I’m not sure tv coverage does that. We’ve all made mistakes and
    life can sometimes be tough…but i hope if someone needs help that they go get it.
    i know the stress and problems that come with being a company
    president. It can be overrwhelming! So i hope that good comes out of this bad situation for
    everyone specially during the holidays. good luck to everyone.
    I can’t do pay pal…how do i get money tothe 15 people…post an address thanks…

  59. Dr. Phil says:

    Good idea
    Harley needs help too. Let’s get the Jardine’s 15 a few bucks and get Harley an appointment with a good psychologist. This is the season of giving.

  60. Beena's a whore. says:

    New Year’s Party 2009
    I’ve only been to Jardine’s once. Beena gave me a bj in the women’s bathroom on new year’s after the restaurant was “closed’ for the night. Just a bunch of drunks and coke heads drinking free booze. Then she started fighting with me about not paying for drinks even though my friends and I were asked to stay. Obviously won’t be going back. Thanks Beena.

  61. Aghast says:

    music theft
    Hearne will post anonymous hearsay about a decreased TV personality who did no one any harm yet he wont follow this juice about his former girlfriend: Dave Stephens says on hisFB page that Beena stopped payment on his band’s check for its Nov. 23 show

  62. Robertoe says:

    Hearne the enabler!
    Plan B! Plan B!

    You somehow think you are helping your friend Beena by having your KCC xmas party at Jardines. It is just the opposite. You are an enabler. When you do this you are enabling deranged Beena to think that everything is OK and she can persist in running the club and persist with her current problematic behavior. She needs help. She needs to call Greg and Kathy and facilitate a smooth ownership transition. Beena! I know you are reading this. Call them. We want to help u!

    This is a cut and paste from Dave Stephens FB page:

    “Dave Stephens
    More Shocking and Sad news in the unfolding tragedy that IS Jardines Jazz Club: I just got word from my bank today that Beena, current owner of Jardines, had put a stop payment on my band’s check for services previously rendered. Not from the cancelled show on December 2nd, mind you, but from our prior performance at the club on November 23rd. This sort of behavior on her behalf is outrageous and completely UNACCEPTABLE!”

    Hearne needs to quit enabling and Benna needs to call Greg & Kathy!

  63. Carrie says:

    Harley if you are serious about helping
    I’m hoping you are serious and not just messing around. I’m going to trust that you are being genuine in this offer. The group has elected Kyle Pattison to accept your gift and share with the rest. You can verify that he is one of the 15 on this page Please contact him directly.

  64. Robertoe says:

    We’ll see
    Carrie and Kyle, We all think Harley is totally full of shit around here so please let me know what he ends up doing. Carrie knows how to reach me. Good luck!

    Also I’ve been associated with the Californos crew for +15 years. The same Burns family ownership there for 23 years. Good folks! Great spot for weddings, private parties (like xmas hint, hint) or just dinning / hanging out,

  65. harley says:

    is the party still at jardines?
    havent heard word. After the stories on 4 and 41 I think they’ll be there with cameras and crews and probably
    ex employees.
    Please advise us as to what is being done. I won’t go to jardines because of the bad blood between
    the people…too much drama.
    how about californos or jj’s…but both of those places probably wouldn’t want the .
    Merry christmas.

  66. Hearne Christopher says:

    Don’t be silly, Robertoe.

    Secret ownership? Nonsense. Makes about as much sense as your wanting me to turn over the Web site to some kid you know in South America. Why don’t you try keeping it in your pants instead of trying to inflame things and acting like a fool all over the place?

  67. Hearne Christopher says:

    I’m not trying to do anything of the sort, just trying to complete an advertising trade agreement owed to KCC.

    You know, when you spout off about something you know absolutely nothing about you can look a little foolish.

  68. Hearne Christopher says:

    I know Mary. How are you? Still down on the Plaza?

  69. David Hayden says:

    This is what it has come to
    Before I read this story, I really had no intentions of writing about it on the tipsfortips blog. I figured those in the jazz and serving community had heard the same stories I had for years and knew what the story was. If it weren’t for Hearne and Craig publishing blatantly misleading stories, I probably would have stayed out of it.

    I did not intend to villify Beena. I tried to use discretion in my posts. I had the alledged (although I dont remember “alledged” being used when employees were accused of theft) assault story and was offered the pictures. I did not get into the allegations of substance abuse. All of this clouds the issue. By all accounts she is capable of being a very kind person at times. I truly hope she seeks help for whatever is preventing her from being so all of the time.

    My issue here is that Hearne and others are trying to paint a happy face on an owner that fired 15 people during the holiday season with no explanation. That he refuses to report anything but spin on the story. Fails to acknowledge that a musician who performed there had a stop payment placed on his check. That servers who in some cases are parents are owed the tips that patrons left for them. That Hearne still stands by her and defends her instead of reporting the facts as they stand in the case.

    You got this one wrong Hearne. Step up and admit it.

  70. VantageBlues says:

    Stunned disbelief
    If Hearne STILL chooses to have the party at Jardine

  71. paulwilsonkc says:

    Hearne, this is just my opinion…..
    …worth no more or less than the next persons, but I think you

  72. Robertoe says:

    come on hearne. You know you’re on the wrong side of this
    “You got this one wrong Hearne. Step up and admit it.”

  73. Hearne Christopher says:

    I’m not on any side of it. Just standing back and watching things shake out like everybody else.

  74. Hearne Christopher says:

    Interesting thoughts and points, Paul.

    But I did break thru this morning and she says everybody will get paid. let’s not over dramatize this though. We’re talking about a dozen or so people owed – by Beena’s estimate and she keeps some pretty strong books – maybe $800. That’s like $60 and change per person on average.

    It’s only been a week for crying out loud and it’s money she vows they will all get.

  75. Jeff Eiberger says:

    Jardines Groupon
    Kinda funny that Groupon has an ACTIVE deal for Jardines running. 430+ bought so far!!!

    How ironic.

  76. a Player says:

    IF she can re-open. the performers can fix this.
    Supposedly people will get paid? It would be nice if the talent now scheduled would support their fellow entertainers and refuse to play there under current ownership unless all employees and musicians have received the money owed them. Playing there under any other circumstances is a slap in the face to the members of the service and entertainment community. Without the headliners scheduled, there is no product —– then perhaps things can be fixed for good.

    I certainly feel terrible for all the Jardine’s employees and suppliers out money and jobs, especially at this time. Best wishes to you all.

  77. HARLEY says:

    Is lonnie doing this woman?
    or is she just acting like she s having an orgasm.
    I mean lonnie is cool as cool can be…but he looks like he’s enjoying the
    butt erfly. Lonnie is cool as cool can be….did he steal your woman hearne.
    when are the former employees getting paid? interesting to find that out.
    I’d love to see some of the female former employees bitch slap the girl when she
    tells them she ain’t got the money.

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