Hearne: Win Second Row Seats to Brian Setzer @ The Uptown Wednesday

Here’s the deal…

KC Confidential is looking for a few good stories about former Stray Cats front man Brian Setzer. And we’ve got a pair of second row seats to tomorrow night’s show at the Uptown Theater for the best one.

It’s wide open.

From memories of the Stray Cats at Memorial Hall from a million years ago to Setzer’s big band holiday blowout at the Uptown. It’s a little murky now, but local entertainment sources recall Setzer being involved with former Westport watering hole and concert club Guitars & Cadillacs. And that he was married at one point to a Kansas City grrrl.

Weigh in with your Setzer flashback in the comments section or to hearne@kcconfidential and win a pair of second row seats to Setzer’s Rockabilly Riot at the Uptown tomorrow night!

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11 Responses to Hearne: Win Second Row Seats to Brian Setzer @ The Uptown Wednesday

  1. annie willnerd says:

    Six Degrees of Setzer…
    So here is my Six Degrees (who is counting…) of Setzer – My step sister Michelle Venable was married tro Greg Morgan who’s sister – Deanna Morgan WAS married to Brian Setzer. The former Mrs. Setzer then married Michael Madsen and as of the mid 90’s was residing in California with her husband and family. We were very close with the Morgan family – Virigina Morgan my step-cousin (Greg’s daughter) went to Oak Park and the family lived in the area for years. My step-sister and Greg divorced and the family has dispersed. Not a thrilling tale, but I’ll give ya what I got!

  2. Dave McQuitty says:

    Brian married Deanna Morgan from KC, and divorced. She is now married to
    Actor Michael Madsen.

    JT and I took him to the I-70 World Series. Brian took his glove, but
    people kept bugging him asking if he was Brian Setzer?

    He wanted to drive my 1967 Jaguar XKE, but kept grinding the gears. I was
    about to wet my pants because to change the clutch you had to pull THE VERY

  3. Hearne says:

    Dave is retired from show biz now (I think)…
    And has ramped up his cred as an artist – or should I say, “abstract expressionist”?

    Check out the former Lone Star, Hurricane & Guitars & Cadillacs owners portfolio at http://mcquittyart.com/

    (I’d give you a live link but Robertoe keeps messing me up)

  4. Jack Hanrahan says:

    Corrrection on Brian Setzer….
    Hearne, small correction… Brian Setzer was not a partner in Guitars & Cadillacs but was a partner in London’s, the upscale dance /live music nightclub that we opened in 1987 at 510 Westport Road. Opening nite show was The Rainmakers….top of their game. A very weird evening was having Michael Bolton sing at London’s in 1988 as part of a radio package and then walking with Michael Bolton and Brian Setzer over to Guitars & Cadillacs so they could see the line dancers do their thing…. everyone got along just fine, no fights over Rockabilly vs. Top 40….. We morphed London’s into The Shadow in late 1989… Thanks, Jack

  5. PB says:

    Rainmakers @ London’s
    As I recall that oepning night show was an invite only, record release-type deal with radio station people, record execs and a collection of other hanger ons like myself. Got my invite thru KY since my company printed all the promotional materials/invitations and it was pretty damn epic. Open bar and as said, The Rainmakers at their absolute peak. Actually a pretty cool bar when it was London’s. Also saw Barrence Whitfield & the Savages, one of the best live acts of the 80s, at that club. Carried his little fat ass around the club on my shoulders during their set…very memorable. Well, that part anyway.

  6. @ Jack Hanrahan says:

    I used to LOVE The Shadow. Was too young when it was London’s but went to many kick-ass shows at The Shadow. It was amazing how many awesome bands used to play Westport back in the day.

  7. annie willnerd says:

    Who gets the tix…we are all very busy people. My schedule is just filling up…

  8. Hearne Christopher says:

    And the winner is…
    The Grand Prize winner is Jack Hanrahan, the former co-owner of the Lone Star, Hurricane, Guitars & Cadillacs and the Shadow.

    But wait!

    Annie, get you gun. There’ll be a pair of tix in your stage name at will-call tonight

  9. annie willnerd says:

    Hearne…you are alright.

  10. randyraley says:

    saw him last night. whatever you think of him, he is a real fine player. tore the place up.

  11. Hearne Christopher says:

    Heard the show was excellent

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