Glazer: Scribe Defends, Marvels, Then Worships at the Alter of Tim Tebow

Denver’s Tim Tebow is 6 and 1 and the man has won five straight games since taking over for Kyle Orton

Orton, who threw only one pass for KC at a cost of 2 million bucks, is likely done for the year. Good move, KC. Oh yeah, the pass was incomplete.

Meanwhile, Tebow’s now the talk of the league and the sports world. Yesterday he beat the Vikings with his arm, not his legs. Tim threw for more than 200 yards. Plus two touchdowns and in the third quarter to beat the Vikes 35-32.  The Denver Broncos are now 7-5 and will likely win the AFC West.

The Chumps are 5-7 and to say we are in it is stupid – we’re the worst team in the division by far.

Denver may clinch its title by beating the Chiefs there in a few weeks.

Tebow was put down by the entire media as a ‘joke’ for being placed on any NFL team, even as a back-up quarterback. But he was a strong runner and game manager at Florida where he won two titles. And Tebow today is one of the most dangerous quarterbacks in football period.

He’s a man who just knows how to win.


Tebow is going to be an all-AFC quarterback and will go to the Pro Bowl because he’s earned it.

Many people don’t like Tim cause he’s a big time God Lover. And he talks about it too much. I find that odd, since this is a right wing, Christian, God-fearing nation. Tim should be everybody’s heroe but he’s not.

In real life maybe 50 % of America no longer believes in God, at least not in the conventional way we once did.

Then there are those who find the entire idea really stupid. Like me and a guy named Einstein. What does he know? I like Tim Tebow and the fact he is a God’s team guy matters not.

He’s good, he wins, it’s football.

And this Denver team could go deep in these playoffs. There is no dominent team in the AFC. We don’t have the Packers or Saints to worry about. New England has a horrible defense so who knows?

A Denver vs. Saints Super Bowl?

Wheres the Pack? They better find a defense or they won’t get to the big dance. The Packers, who I love, have a terrible defense, so does New England.

All Tebow needs is Tom Laundry (Dallas) as head Coach, Kurt Warner (Arizona) as General Manager and – bam! – God’s Team!

You go Tim.
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10 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Defends, Marvels, Then Worships at the Alter of Tim Tebow

  1. sammy says:

    yards in the 3rd quarter??? Where did I miss those yards?

  2. kcfred says:

    hey hearne
    I’ll write for you. Really. Anything I write would be Pullitzer stuff compared to this tripe. Denver in the Super Bowl? You are high.

  3. smartman says:

    Alter Ego
    Good God man, your ignorance is really, really showing. Try ALTAR as opposed to ALTER. Some very simple research would show based on a number of polls conducted in the last 12 months from Time-CNN, Pugh Research, WSJ, Heritage Foundation, USA Today, etc show that well over 80% of Americans believe in a “GOD”. Additionally, church attendance is going UP, with non denominational churches holding a slight edge over the traditional “fire and brimstone” guys.

    Last time I checked, more unexplained “miracles” that occur every day around the world are not the result of science.

    What science cannot explain FAITH can.

    Way before Tim Tebow was ever born Gayle Sayers gave us, “The Lord is FIRST, My friends are SECOND and I AM THIRD.

  4. bschloz says:

    “New England has a horrible defense so who knows?”
    Did you tease the Pats yesterday?

    Thought Haley coached a nice game yesterday!

  5. Hot Carl says:

    “Tim threw for more than 300 yards and two touchdowns in the third quarter”

    Shit like this is one of the main reasons people give you such a hard time. You come across as a fucking moron.

  6. Craig Glazer says:

    I Know More About The NFL Than You Forgot…
    but I have to say sorry for Hearne…he is NOT a sports guy. He edits me and ten others and sometimes screws up. The number I gave was plus 200 yards for the GAME,not the third quarter..not 300 yards, he missed that…I again am sorry for the error and it makes me look foolish. Again, Hearne means well, he just doesn’t see these issues as issues. Numbers matter, so in a way you guys are right. However, I don’t do sports cause I don’t know. I do know, and I know a ton. I can’t win every week, but 11 out of 12 is very strong. Thats not luck, its talent. End of story.

  7. Downtown Davey says:

    Glazer Makes A Strong Point
    I’m sure mistakes get made on both sides. I follow Craig’s post on pic’s. He has done very well. I agree it can’t be luck, the guy knows his stuff. Glazer mentioned pro picks on TV, hey they are wrong way too much. Ever seen that fool “Hammerin Hank” that dork is wrong more than half the time, Glazer is right at least 75% of the time, not bad.

    I am a Tim Tebow fan, he is a guy who knows how to win. God has little to do with it.

  8. devil's advocate says:

    glazer…no more $2,000,000 comments please
    glazer, i like your column, i look forward to it every time one comes out. as much as some of these posters complain, at least they can’t say that they don’t read it or look forward to it, because they obviously can’t wait to jump on top of you about it. in the media business, readers and impressions are what you are looking for so i say good job.

    but…i take issue with your take on the orton get. the chiefs only paid $2,000,000 and that is a good price. here is a few seasons old list of back-up qb salaries, and orton is/was a steal.

    Hill, Shaun 49ers $ 4,800,000
    O’Sullivan, J.T. 49ers $ 651,000
    Martin, Jamie 49ers $ 830,000

    Grossman, Rex Bears $ 4,500,000
    Hanie, Caleb Bears $ 300,000

    Fitzpatrick, Ryan Bengals $ 932,520
    Palmer, Jordan Bengals $ 300,640

    Losman, J.P. Bills $ 3,068,730
    Hamdan, Gibran Bills $ 524,560
    Baker, Matt Bills $ 202,520

    Ramsey, Patrick Broncos $ 2,500,000

    Quinn, Brady Browns $ 4,323,040
    Dorsey, Ken Browns $ 785,000

    Griese, Brian Buccaneers $ 4,250,000
    McCown, Luke Buccaneers $ 1,011,240
    Johnson, Josh Buccaneers $ 492,667

    Leinart, Matt Cardinals $ 6,175,280
    Pierre, Brian Cardinals $ 629,320

    Volek, Billy Chargers $ 3,754,800
    Whitehurst, Charlie Chargers $ 451,120

    Huard, Damon Chiefs $ 2,631,120
    Thigpen, Tyler Chiefs $ 375,640
    Martin, Ingle Chiefs $ 370,000

    Sorgi, Jim Colts $ 1,635,000

    Johnson, Brad Cowboys $ 3,003,840
    Bollinger, Brooks Cowboys $ 645,000
    Stanback, Isaiah Cowboys $ 376,720

    Beck, John Dolphins $ 796,540
    Henne, Chad Dolphins $ 1,461,000

    Feeley, A.J. Eagles $ 2,404,680
    Kolb, Kevin Eagles $ 1,105,625

    Redman, Chris Falcons $ 3,755,400
    Shockley, D.J. Falcons $ 450,280

    Wright, Anthony Giants $ 1,000,000
    Carr, David Giants $ 1,500,000

    Lemon, Cleo Jaguars $ 4,311,240

    Clemens, Kellen Jets $ 451,000
    Ainge, Erik Jets $ 460,000
    Ratliff, Brett Jets $ 301,000

    Orlovsky, Dan Lions $ 933,240
    Stanton, Drew Lions $ 890,620

    Brohm, Brian Packers $ 2,105,000
    Flynn, Matt Packers$ 359,175

    McCown, Josh Panthers $ 4,500,000
    Moore, Matt Panthers $ 376,240

    Cassel, Matt Patriots $ 525,640
    O’Connell, Kevin Patriots $ 923,000
    Gutierrez, Matt Patriots $ 370,000

    Walter, Andrew Raiders $ 1,361,560
    Tuiasosopo, Marques Raiders $ 731,200

    Green, Trent Rams $ 4,002,520
    Berlin, Brock Rams $ 375,160

    Boller, Kyle Ravens $ 2,005,640
    Bouman, Todd Ravens $ 830,000
    Smith, Troy Ravens $ 375,640

    Collins, Todd Steven Redskins $ 4,000,000
    Brennan, Colt Redskins $ 391,800

    Brunell, Mark Saints $ 4,745,000

    Wallace, Seneca Seahawks $ 1,009,200
    Frye, Charlie Seahawks $ 1,755,160

    Batch, Charlie Steelers $ 3,036,720
    Leftwich, Byron Steelers $ 645,000
    Dixon, Dennis Steelers $ 425,000

    Rosenfels, Sage Texans $ 1,356,720

    Collins, Kerry Titans $ 2,051,800
    Simms, Chris Titans $ 1,005,000

    Frerotte, Gus Vikings $ 2,903,360
    Booty, John D Vikings $ 501,000

    obviously it didn’t work out, but the asking price is par for the course. now the cheifs will get a draft pick for orton, so it isn’t a bad acquisition in that respect….

    now if we look at the chiefs track record in drafting and personnel acquisition, then yes you make a good point

    keep up the good work

  9. Craig Glazer says:

    Devil’s Advocate Good Job
    Boy you did your homework.

  10. Packers Nation says:

    Denver vs. Pakc
    Love that one, bring it on. We will destroy their God.

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