Glazer: Scribe Drowns His Sorrows in Chiefs’ Win Over Chicago

The stink farm known as the Kansas City Chiefs were smart enough to steal Kyle Orton…

From two teams that wanted him badly – Texas and Chicago – teams that have a real shot at the playoffs while the Chiefs are totally out of the playoffs picture. Then Orton threw a single pass, hurt his hand and is likely out for the season. Great way to blow $2 million.

Orton was meaningless to one of the NFL’s worst teams.

And once again today the Chiefs were gifted a game. From a team with a wounded quarterback, like us. Chiefs QB Tyler Palko is brave and tries very hard, but he’s not a legitimate NFL quarterback, as evidenced by zero touchdowns in three games.

Yes, we had a playground TD at the end of the first half. Palko just threw it up and the Chiefs got lucky when it was batted down and into their hands.

Impressive, what talent!

Palko did nothing the rest of the game. The Bears gave us the game, with bounce-off TD at the end, non-existent penalties and missed field goals. You can see we really suck.

You will hear now how wonderful our defense is, right? NOT REALLY. We do well against wounded teams like Oakland was and the Bears, but nobody else, save the one good performance against a bored Steelers team.

Our D makes no big plays, really. Or very few. And it can be had with a good anything. The Jets and Packers both will remind us of how bad the Chiefs really are.

Then we will be 5-9 with no decent draft pick.

The best example of how bad these Chiefs are was Kyle Orton’s one play career for KC at two million bucks. He stunk and was hurt on his first play. Let’s fire general manager Scott Piolli and make coach Todd Haley GM and head coach – that makes more sense.

Again, sorry Chumps fans. Like me, you need to find another team to root for over the next few years. Without a decent quarterback in the NFL you are just cannon fodder. We will be a team in name only with the Matt‘s, the Tyler’s, the Kyles, etc. So we will be awful next year too – with our without Haley. That’s just the way it is.

No talent, no quarterback, not worth backing in my book.

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6 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Drowns His Sorrows in Chiefs’ Win Over Chicago

  1. harley says:

    glaze you need some good p______y!
    bad attitude. No poontang this weekend?. Sure you hit up the girls at jardines. Now its gone.
    chiefs needed a break and they got it.
    You can’t say this defense isn’t playing well…even against pitt they played well…according to
    every nfl analyst that i heard talk about the team….
    sometimes everyone needs a break in life.
    now wheres jessica? waiting for those names.

  2. Jimmy says:

    Let Me Quote You
    “the Chiefs are totally out of the playoffs picture.”

    They are not totally out of the playoff picture. I would be surprised to see them make it. But, technically, they still mathematically could win the division.

    “Then we will be 5-9 with no decent draft pick.”

    If they finish 5-9 where will they draft? Maybe 13, 14 or 15? What spot did Aaron Rodgers get drafted? Dan Marino? Tom Brady?

    I was kind of unsure about the Chiefs before the season and the way it’s going at times doesn’t surprise me. But, I still think you’re full of shit or that you tend to exaggerate often. Part of the reason why I think your stories of “ripping off” drug dealers is fiction.

  3. chuck says:

    Did ya see RGIII Last night?
    The Chiefs needed to LOSE this game bad.

    What a fuckin snake bit organization.

    God hates the Chiefs.

  4. chuck says:

    The radio guys need the Chiefs and Royals bad,
    so, tomorrow you will hear about Ruan Leaf and David Carr and how the Chiefs can get a QB at #12.

    Total fuckin bullshit.

    Your percentages of getting a quality QB are way fuckin higher in the first 5, than in the bottom 27.

    Yes, I watched the draft where Arron Rodgers stayed in the green room, and sukced eggs until #24. It was embarrassing. They kept showing him every pick. I get it.

    Then again, Pioli sucks so bad at the draft, it might sting less if he fucks up the number 12 pick on the draft instead of turning a perfectly good college QB taken in the first 5 into Andre Ware.

    Pioli takes Leaf, not Manning.

    By the way Glaze, my picks are dead on the money. My game predictions are even dead on.

    Look at your Dec 2, 2011 post—-I even predicted the way the games would be played and called the scores close.

    Just sayin…

  5. Kerouac says:

    Cue David Gates & Bread
    ‘If’ the clock runs out and God has outscored both teams 7-6, is there really victory nee victor? Providence won the game, fates huge hand moving as William Conrad narrated on ‘The Fugitive’. Chicago lost it, kcindy merely tied the Bears 3 points.

    ‘If’ Hanie could hit the side of a barn (overthrown wide open WR heading the end zone), ‘if ‘WR Williams hadn’t trained with Duhwayne ‘Buttafangers’ Bowe (just outside the end zone), and ‘if’ the Bears RB Bell hadn’t eaten that extra ding dong and got tripped up at the 5, well… 24-3 by any other. kcindy manages not to lose for the 8th time in 12 games the best backhanded compliment I can deliver. The entire Bears team should go out to Lake Michigan – weighted – and plunge in, unison.

    Oh, and see this is what happens/why cleRk hunT dOesN’t like to spend hi$ – talk about good money that could have bought several new cans of green paint for Arrowhead Stadium’s barren dirt gridiron or a new offensive co-ordinator for the 4th time in 4 years…what a waste.

  6. Yoda says:

    Much stupity glazer writes. worthless dumbshit he is.
    Him starts talking about Orton, never mentiuons injury on Orton’s first play……hmmmm?

    wonder if a doped up glazer even watches game, me does wonder

    bad weekend the degenerate gambler had, lost BIG this weekend, he must have.

    never good, bragging is….

    biggest douche in KC, glazer is.

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