Hearne: Vaunted Plaza Jazz Club Jardine’s Fires Staff, Closes for ‘Repairs’

This just in…

Kansas City’s premier jazz club Jardine’s has been closed since Tuesday’s Karrin Allyson concert there "for repairs." That’s what the sign says, anyway. But local musicians and Jardine’s staffers don’t seem to know exactly what’s going on.

"I regret to announce that my band WILL NOT be performing tonight at Jardine’s Jazz Club," musician Dave Stephens wrote on his Facebook page at 6:07 p.m. Thursday. "The owner of the club fired her entire staff yesterday and subsequently there would be no one there to work the show. My apologies to those of you who were planning on attending. I just found out about this a few minutes ago."

Musician Mark Lowrey took a kinder, gentler approach to hinting to fans why his Friday gig at Jardine’s didn’t go down.

"Tonight say a prayer for all the people in the live music service industry businesses in Kansas City," Lowery wrote on Facebook. "No negative comments please."

And at around 4:30 p.m. today, attorney / jazz musician Mike White emailed his followers the following:

"I’m sorry to have to report that Jardine’s is closed, so we WILL NOT be performing there tomorrow afternoon. ==============================================
Friends of Mike White Quartet"

Jardine’s owner Beena Raja could not be reached for this column, but texted the following:

"Like the sign reads, closed for repairs."

The flip side of that equation:

"It just sucks and people are pissed off," says one Jardine’s staffer. "It looks like madness."

Stay tuned.

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42 Responses to Hearne: Vaunted Plaza Jazz Club Jardine’s Fires Staff, Closes for ‘Repairs’

  1. chuck says:

    The recession grinch steals kcconfidential christmas
    Sorry to hear it.

  2. Hearne Christopher says:

    Sp we party at your house then?

  3. chuck says:


  4. Craig Glazer says:

    I Hope It Stays Open
    Beena is a hard working lady. Hope it all works out,she has always been kind to me and my family. I love her place, wish I could have gone more often. Beena call me If I can help in any way…all my love all the best. Craig and Stanfords

  5. smartman says:

    White Line Fever
    Forget about all the Don Harman speculation. Beena gives you lots more material to work with. Allegedly?

    What a crock of shit. The place was just “remodeled”. I can’t imagine what types of “repairs” are required? Deviated septum maybe? Roto-Rooter don’t do that I guess.

    Like Rick James said, “Cocaine is a helluva drug.”.

    Next dispatch you get will probably be from Mumbai, or maybe just a simple note that reads BEENA sleeps with the fishes.

    Think I’ll go put my boombox in the doorway and put Patsy Cline’s CRAZY on auto repeat.

    Maybe somebody will convert it into a Conveenyunsh Shtore with Shlurpeez!

  6. Kurt says:

    is glazers place is next? stay tuned
    Talking with law enforcement (cuz that is what passes for a source on this web site)
    A local LEO hinted that galzer’s place would be the next to close down due to….
    something about…
    well…. we cant say now…. but as the story unfolds we will keep you posted.

    Gotta love a web site that allows speculation and rumors .

  7. J. Angel says:

    I know for a fact that there is a certain bartender that kept a daily check on every possible repair in jardines. I can assure you that there are no repairs being done there. People should think about the staff who was treated like shit and let off without notice instead of a coke head who cant even run her own life let alone a restaurant…. LOVE YOU JARDINES STAFF!!!

  8. only a matter of time says:

    I feel bad for the victims, the musicians, who have had to deal with this crazy zaniness for years. Ugh!

  9. mermaid says:

    Where will our party be at Hearne?
    The only night I was planning on actually going out and not really sure I will even be able to make that. Hope we can reschedule somewhere else.

  10. balbonis moleskine says:

    I suggest BBs Lawnside BBQ! Nice atmosphere, cheap drinks, french fries that are just potatoes quartered, plus a parking lot large enough so Glazer can try to fight anyone who crosses him…

  11. Mr Swanson says:

    ew that glazer smell
    So glazer has a club which is good enough to hold “charity events” *(aka pay for his family funeral expenses) but
    it is not good enough to offer up for the KCC party? WTF? Again something stinks andas usual it comes from glazers direction.

  12. Merle Tagladucci says:

    Why don’t you all go to Chucky Cheese, they have a band.

  13. Hearne Christopher says:

    Guess what? Talking to law enforcement counts as a source in any news organization.

  14. Hearne Christopher says:

    Well, there’s Chuck’s. And don’t give up the ship yet on Jardine’s, Beena is a fighter. And there are some other options

  15. chuck says:

    Rick James did NOT die of Cocaine abuse.
    Autopsy Report for Rick James.

    “In addition to cocaine and crystal meth, the Los Angeles county coroner’s report noted the presence of seven other drugs found during the autopsy–specifically Xanax, Valium, Wellbutrin, Celexa, Digoxin, Chlorpheniramine and Vicodin. No single drug was found in quantities that would establish lethal quantities, hence the accidental death ruling.”

    Coke gets such a bad rap, jeeze…

    The Celexa killed his ass, just look at the side effects.

    “Common Side Effects: Delayed or total inability to have orgasm is the most frequent and bothersome of the side effects of the SSRIs in the experience of most prescribing physicians. Although the package labeling states this incidence is only about 6%, it certainly seems much higher in the experience of most clinicians. This is particularly a problem for females, but is also a common side effect for males. Orgasm during sexual intercourse may at times be so difficult or take so long that it just does becomes impractical or impossible for some SSRI users. This side effect usually doesn

  16. HARLEY says:

    Again…ace reporter hearne is late to the party…this was news last wednesday when i talked with some people
    who said jardines had closed down. Hearne is reporting again way way late. Shows his contacts have wilted
    since leaving the star.
    1. Wow hearne…you’ve got great friends. And to close 3 weeks before the
    holiday without any notice and firing all the employees and leaving the bands and people who probably
    counted on the money for christmas gifts…wow… Come on l…you’ve ruined many peoples holiday…be honest….
    . Old news…hearne while you were chasing dead leads and trashing those you knew nothing about you should
    have been reporting the news. After such wonderful artists like karin whats her name and 90 year old marilyn maye
    any business person could have seen this failure coming down the tracks. Except you. You were biased not to
    report anything negative when all this came down last week on tuesday. You failed again hearne…either you are
    off base and chasing bad stories or you “forgot” to report about this woman who killed a hundredchristmases.
    3. Jardines..too many white hairs. Stuck in jazz…come on jazz ain’t working and hasn’t worked
    well in kc for a decade.
    4. Great people you call friends…who else…..you need to find a
    different crowd to hang with. Someone with compassion…who cares about people….from this story
    and what the news media has reported…this so called friend is about as bad as theyu come…..
    rumors are now flying about other closings…vendors are stopping shipments…companies are cutting off
    their customers…I will report on the latest news as it happens…not waste time chasing dead leads
    and causing emotional pain to grieving families.
    As for the kcc party….you could have it in a phone booth. Or have it at glazers place.
    Or have robbbbberrrrrrtttttttttooooooeeeeeee have it in his beautiful taurus.


  17. Kurt says:

    hearne does a good job
    lmao at harley. After glazer, harley the stupisest fuck to post on this website.
    harley shut your stupid fucking mouth you dumbshit, hearne does a good job…

  18. Orphan of the Road says:

    chuck, et al
    The Record Bar would probably love a little business. Got to hit the shop’s party next Sat. Once set a Christmas record for, well it involved too much home-made wine, a technicolor rainbow and Truman Rd.

    RB is down with we older folks, even those in denial. Tim mixes the best in town too.

    Mark Lowery is the hardest working and has more class in his little finger than most folks have in their whole body. Maybe he and Shea would play a Christmas party.

    Or Glaze could open his doors for to help Hearne out.

  19. Philip S Lane says:

    glazer help out? not likely
    “”Or Glaze could open his doors for to help Hearne out””

    LMAO, Yeah, right!!! glazer help out another person? never going to heppen.
    That piece of shit glazer only helps himself, even when it look like he is helping
    another, he is really him helping himself. He is the greediest, most self serving POS in KC

  20. harley says:

    kurt…who are you/
    come on…if you had any brains (which you don’t) you’d agee this story is a week late and
    a lot short of what hearne can deo.
    Besides the story was about hearne and his late story but focused on the4 fact that
    some horrible person closed up…fired the entire staff…cancelled contracts….
    affect hundreds of christmasses by doing all this just 3 weeks before christmas.
    Read the article kurt…read my comments…obviously you are new to kcc so
    aqnd besides you’ve been the worst critic of hearne and glaze on here since you started
    recently. Obviously you’re a coward and low life who either is using a fake name or
    doesn’t have any fucking brains.
    anytime you want to intelligently discuss matters i am more than willing…now go
    back to bed and fuck your boyfriend up the a$$ again!

  21. chuck says:

    Orphan, never been there. 🙂

  22. harley says:

    mention was made of the owners private life…is it true…please use your new found
    csi and police connections to give us up to date…live late breaking follow up news.

  23. Kim says:

    harley?? judging others??? LMAO
    Fuck you harley…. who the fuck are you douchebag?
    How many times on this site has hearne asked for your identity? you did not…
    So now, shut your fucking face harley, stop asking for anyone’s identity….fuck off scum bag harley.

  24. former staffer says:

    things dont go better with coke!
    Its never a good idea for a club owner to pay their ‘cocacola’ supplier out of the main bar cash register when you owe staff and musicians! Club Karma!

  25. harley says:

    coke usage…
    seen it happen before. Business owners let their company go up their nose. “Former staffer” puts it out in the public.
    Sad. Was Breena that type of owner….wow….those poor former staffers now have no jobs right around the
    holidays. What a bad thing to happen. Hearne are you going to keep us “up” on this story as it developes.
    Know that you’ve gotten into in depth reporting lately and this story is right “up your alley “!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and with your new “nose” for stories that this should get at least 2 or 3 major headlines…..
    anxiously awaiting further late breaking up to the minute info on this closing.

  26. harley says:

    Hearne you could have the party @ Sidekicks. i’m a regular
    We would bend over backwards to make you all feel welcome. Glazer can take his shirt off there to. I’ll be the one under the table in the back every night from 5pm to close. I love to end my day at sidekicks. Nothing like sucking down a couple of buds to quench my thirst. Sometimes Ill even drink a beer or 2.
    Now if you’ll excuse me I need to go wax mothers mustache and then do my treatment for my prolapsed rectum.

  27. Hearne Christopher says:

    We were hoping we could just get you to sing 99 Bottle of Beer a few dozen times

  28. Hearne Christopher says:

    Just because you happened to find out something – probably without checking into it even – does not make it news. A handful or three of musicians do not make it news. Publishing it for a wide audience makes it news. You’re almost as confused as Greg Hall was when he said some dude who Tweeted and anonymous, unconfirmed rumor to 28 of his friends, that he’d broken the story.

  29. Hearne Christopher says:

    I’m sure Glaze would be happy to open his door but…

    Those doors are about 15 or 20 miles out of the way or more for most of our constituants

  30. Hearne Christopher says:

    Where’s the love, the holiday spirit. C’mon now, you know you wanna unleash it.

  31. Hearne Christopher says:

    You’re asking Kurt who he is? How about you give it up.

    Tony by the way had a Jardine’s story the same day that – as usual – he headlined a “TKC Exclusive”

    Hey, big guy – there’s lots of stuff that you know and I know and probably any number of people have an insight on unreported news. If it never gets reported and remains a mystery that makes it no news, not old news.

    If the Star’s not too shorthanded, it’s a pretty good bet that they’ll amble along in a day or three and let the John Knox Village set know what the story on Jardine’s is. Which by the way, remains in question.

    Since Beena’s not talking for now there are any number of possibilites for how the situation might be resolved. You might even know what’s gonna happen right now. But unless you spill the beans in a major way, your knowing is not news.

  32. Philip S Lane says:



  33. joe says:

    no suprise
    She’s done this before. Several times. It’s not her addictions/dependencies, she’s not a good person. She’s evil. She’s lied to and screwed over everyone she knows (husbands, friends, business partners, staff, musicians, customers, everyone) for years. Got to feel for staff & musicians who lost gigs, but if they didn’t expect this, they’re as crazy as she is.

  34. mermaid says:


  35. harley says:

    mermaid..i’m your biggest fan…
    written nice things about you and hoped that your personal situation would improve.
    I understand the anger and rage. I felt it too when my mom passed away from cancer.
    I too was mad…needed an outlet to express the emotions of watching mom die.
    That anger can create problems though. I learned first hand. Noone wants to see you
    hurt…but as I found out your anger and rage should be directed at what is hurting
    mom..not at people who understand what you’re going thru and have been
    very nice to you and your situation.
    I hope mom makes it. You only get one. I didn’t know your mom was in that condition.
    Accept appologies from me. I understand the stress and emotions that you are going
    thru right now…i’ve been there…i can feel your pain.
    Love ya and hope things make a turn for the better.
    p.s….in your comments you have sometimes been over the
    top with insults towards me. I brush them off and don’t take thempersonally. Again..this
    site is for fun and entertaiment…no feelings are to be hurt….hope things work out for you and
    your mom…

  36. mermaid says:

    She’s in hospice you fucking moron! She is not coming home. I have made it my second priority in life to find out exactly who the hell you are! FUCK OFF HARLEY!

  37. Robertoe says:

    There’s the brink of insanity..and then there’s the abyss
    Well this will be fun to watch. Not only Mermaid teeing off on dufus Harley but watching Beena trying to reopen. Word on the street is she’s gonna give it a shot. All I gots to say is no frigging way!

    If you screw up Nov and Dec in the bar biz there’s no way you’ll make it through Jan/Feb. She’s pissed off and owes too many. Who’s gonna patronize that joint now? Big Jim had been holding that place together. He left on the post Karrin show chaos. There’s a reason it all blew up then.Those big star shows are high risk. You basically have to sell every seat to fund Karrin’s asking price. No go on the last go round. splat!

    So I’d be looking for a plan B on the xmas gig, Hearne. If you stick with Jardines I’d change the format to BYOB. Make it some other place where dress codes are lax so Harley can wear a scuba suit or some sort of rain gear. tehehe.

    And Beena will bug out b4 year end. Hey girl, I’m not taking over your car lease this time!

    It might be a good time to regirgitate the old Beena business partner story, Hearne. Just like the Pletz deal, it’d be good to bring up a few ‘true character’ perspectives.

  38. Syncho Pation says:

    Holiday Blues for Harley et al
    The ‘ole bunch of ya midweturners need to go in together and hire an exorsist. Hire the Glaze, so he can be the secretary to the assistant to the producer of the upcomming movie that will naturally follow, before he gets too decrepid.No experience necessary.

    Y’all got about three plus weeks before the big cheese recalls him to hot-water hell. Boxing Day! Get on it!

    Last one to Furnace Creek buys the first round of piss,,,,,, Glasses are half empty, and woodbeck will do standup. Lot of Chucks runnin around wiyh tombstones in their I’s ……… Goddamn~!

  39. Mary Patton says:

    I worked for this woman and can state for a fact that she is totally whacked out… She can’t handle her drug and alcohol abusal, and her emotional state runs all across the board. She will go from “love you long time, will never fire you” to just losing it and blowing her cool in seconds flat. It’s a shame, really, but to those involved, a true tragedy. I worked at Jardine’s for 13 years and she fired me. She fired many other long-time, loyal employees, and she really did a number on her business partner. She can’t keep her act together… I’m surprised she’s held Jardine’s together for as long as she has…

  40. Guy says:

    Not good for so many…
    Here we are just a few weeks before Christmas, and alot of folks are out of a job/gig. I hope everyone has those people in their thoughts. Not only the staff, but the regular bands and performers that depend on gigs like Jardines to help pay their bills. I, for one, am in shock. I have gigs booked there, starting in January, 2 monday nights a month…..doing everything BUT jazz. Guess that isn’t gonna be happening. No big deal for me, because it didn’t start yet, but my boy Scotty and the others that play with people like Ida McBeth are gonna take a big hit in pay at an awful time of year.

  41. Johnny et.al. says:

    we miss you mermaid, sad to hear about your mom
    I wondered why we have not read any of your articles lately mermaid 🙁

    I am VERY sad to hear this news about your mom. I went through this
    several years ago, and although I thought (knew, dreamed, hoped) that I
    was braced for it all… Iwas not 🙁 am not…. it still hurts.

    My only advice is know it is going to hurt, brace your self, do what you can,
    while you can… and when…. well….. it will never stop hurting.

    Mom’s are the most special person in a person life….. Just do what you can

    Come on back when you feel like it.

  42. JPK says:

    who are you people?!!
    Reading most of these comments has been like reading some angry 15 year old girl’s text message conversations. And from people who represent businesses in Kansas City! From what I know Craig Glazer could have the same thing that has happened to Beena happen to him. It could happen to several crazy business owners we have here in KC.

    Beena has always mistreated everyone around her then loved them when it was convenient for her. Everyone who has ever worked there, from musicians to restaurant staff, have known what a wild card she is. Now it has come to a head, and we all know if you go there to play or work, you are asking for the possibility of being screwed.

    Too bad for all of those servers and musicians with canceled checks and tips owed to them…we have lost yet another great place to see some great live music-I know I’ll never be going in there again

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