Starbeams: Saddest Cities, Free Leawood, the KCSD & Ricky Martin to Glee

Men’s Health magazine just put out a list ranking the 100 biggest U.S. cities from saddest to happiest. 

It’s based on suicide rates, unemployment rates, surveys on depression, and the level of antidepressant usage.  The top 10 saddest cities, in order, are: 

St. Petersburg, Detroit, Memphis, Tampa, Louisville, St. Louis, Birmingham, Miami, Reno and Las Vegas.  Honolulu was happiest and Kansas City finished at number 73 on the list,  ahead of Phoenix, Atlanta, Washington, DC and our so-sad, big-brother city – St. Louis.  It’s about time for them to return Albert Pujols so we can wipe away his sadness.


The first 25 people who visited the traveling World War I Museum in Leawood Wednesday received free passes to a special screening of the new Spielberg movie, "War Horse." It’s nice to see the cash-strapped people in Leawood finally catch a break.


The state of Missouri might take over the Kansas City School District.  Apparently, Missouri is highly interested because they just formed a commission to monitor tweets from KC students.

******* broke the news that Ricky Martin is in talks to guest star on a "Glee" episode, which would air in January.  They’re calling it a last-ditch effort to make the show appeal to gay people.

Kelly Urich is the morning show host on 99.7 The Point
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